Top 10 Prominent GST Certification Courses in Bhopal

There has been a rising demand for GST certification courses since the country brought its taxation system under a single system called GST. These courses teach you about different concepts of taxes on goods and services under the new law. The concepts are necessary for financial professionals or consultants or anyone who is looking for career opportunities in this field. The courses help you in getting the required skills and would also help increase the salary. Taking a GST certification course is a must and also a need. So here are the top GST certification courses in Bhopal. Before moving into further discussion about GST certification courses in Bhopal, we should first accustom ourselves to GST.


What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST)?


GST, as it is called is an indirect tax. It subsumed multiple taxes that existed before the single taxation system brought in the country. It came into effect on 1st July 2017 after the Parliament of India passed 101st Constitutional Amendment Act. Before this tax law, multiple taxes were levied by central and state governments.


It created a lot of burden on the business and taxpayers. Due to its cascading effect, GST replaced these taxes. Since GST came into force it relieved the taxpayers from complicated tax calculations and tax payments. It is regarded as one of the milestones in the Indian economy because it created a conducive environment for the business to thrive and helped ease of business.


Classification of GST :


GST is further classified into 4 types.


  • Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST)

It is levied by the Central Government on the intra-supply of goods and services and is also collected by the Central government. 


  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)

It is levied by the State Government also on the intra-supply of goods and services and is collected by the State government.


  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)

It is levied when the transaction is taken between the states. The revenue from the tax is divided between the central government as well as the state government.


  • Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)

It is levied by the respective governments of Union Territories if the transaction takes place within the union territory. It is similar to SGST.


What is GST Certification Course?


GST certification courses are one of the best ways to gain in-depth knowledge about GST laws. The certification course provides a bird’s-eye view of all the GST laws that are must to know. The duration of certification courses is short. There is no need to invest a lot of time in it.


The short duration is not a matter of worry as the GST topics are comprehensively covered. A certificate is awarded to you when you are done with the course. A certificate is of great value.


What are the Advantages of the GST certification courses in Bhopal?


GST certification courses have become a new norm. The demand for this certificate course has risen because of its numerous advantages. Following are the advantages :


1. Salary Hike

This is one of the biggest advantages of taking the GST certification courses in Bhopal. The course adds more value to your profile and there would be a salary hike. There would be an average 10% to 15% salary hike if you take the GST certification course. Companies are constantly searching for employees who possess good knowledge about the GST.


2. Job Opportunities

Once you complete the GST certification course and get the certificate there would be several job opportunities open for you. As the filing of GST is an essential component of all types of businesses, hence there is no dearth of job opportunities. 


3. Provide Consultancy Services

If you are one who already has some knowledge about taxes and finances and is now a certified GST candidate then you can start your consultancy services. GST is a complicated procedure and many business persons don’t have enough time to look after the tax calculation, they turn up to consultancy services for this. By providing consultancy service you can run your business independently without working under anyone. 


4. Enhance Your Taxation Abilities

GST certification course is not only about learning basic concepts of taxation. It is more than that. You will learn skills for tax assessment and analyze various factors in different ways. Thus the course would enhance your taxation abilities and other financing capabilities. This would be helpful for you in the long run. 


Who can take the GST certification courses in Bhopal?


The GST certification course offers good career opportunities who are looking for a bright career in the taxation domain. GST certification course can be taken by the following individuals or entities:


  • Individuals from any background who want to seek a career in the taxation domain.
  • Accountants, CA professionals, Company Secretaries, Tax Practitioners, etc can also opt for this course
  • Students who have pursued B.Com/M.Com can take up the GST certification course


Anyone can opt for the GST Certification Course. There is no restriction on it.


List of GST certification courses in Bhopal


If you are looking for taking GST certification courses in Bhopal below are the names of the institutes and further details.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a prominent institute offering GST certification courses in Bhopal. It’s because of its exhaustive syllabus and interactive sessions that comprehensively cover every GST topic, it is preferred by the majority. It is an ed-tech institution offering a variety of courses to upscale your skills and the GST certification course is one of them. 


Course Name: GST Certification Course



  • 16 hrs course duration
  • Online classes
  • Weekly Assessments to check your progress and assess yourself
  • Practical Assignments to help hone practical skills
  • The course is recognized by the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Ministry, Government of India
  • The faculties who teach the course are experts and have rich experience in this field.
  • Course Fee Rs 2900 including GST


The institute provides a dedicated placement cell to help you get placed in the companies. Apart from this, the staffs are extremely helpful and are available 24*7. Through this course, you will come to know about the various tools and software used by tax practitioners in the country. They also provide the certificate of the course once you complete it which will help to build your profile immensely. 


Modules of the Course are :

  • The Genesis And Concept of GST and its Impact on Businesses
  • The Framework and Structure of GST
  • Registration under GST: Criteria and Processes Explained
  • Invoicing in GST
  • GST Returns Filing
  • E-way bills
  • Composition Scheme under GST
  • Input tax credit
  • etc


Other Courses


2. CA Club India


CA Club India is another leading institute offering GST certification courses in Bhopal. The institute is renowned in training accounts and finance topics. The GST topics are thoroughly covered by the course offered by this institute and are in line with the union budget and GST council updates.


Name of the Course: Advanced GST Training and Certification Course


Other Details:

  • Online classes with 61 hours of duration
  • You can avail e-book on GST
  • E-certificate after completion of the course
  • Course fee Rs 6599 inclusive of all taxes


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Modules of the Course:

  • Levy and supply under GST
  • Taxable Person and Registration, Threshold Limits, etc
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Place of Supply for Goods and Services
  • Zero-rated supply
  • Tax Invoice,
  • E-Invoicing under GST
  • E-Way Bill
  • Filing of GST Annual Return and GST Audit Report etc


You will get the opportunity to learn the principle concept of GST and also the most recent updates of GST. You will gain a broad theoretical as well as a practical knowledge base of GST with this course.




It is the body of the chartered accounts professionals. The institute is famous for providing accounting and financial training. Along with this, ICAI is also offering GST certification courses in Bhopal. Following are the details :


Name of the Course: Certification course on GST


Other Details:

  • Online classes
  • 10-day course. You can choose either weekend or weekday classes.
  • Certificate on completion of the course
  • Course fee in Bhopal city is Rs 12,600 plus GST 


Modules of the Course:

  • Definition and Concept under GST, 
  • Levy, Time of Supply, Place of Supply, 
  • Input Tax Credit, Transitional issues, 
  • Valuation, Registration, Returns, Payment, Refund, Assessment, 
  • Offenses, Penalties, 
  • Advance Ruling,
  •  FTP, Customs Duty, 
  • Ethical Practice
  • Overview of GST 
  • Exemption List of goods and Services
  • Miscellaneous Provision, etc


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The Institute of Legal and Management Studies is an exclusive educational institute. It provides skill training for various job roles. And is well-known for offering a GST Certification course in the city of Bhopal. The courses are designed by professional experts hence giving you real-world insights during training.


Name of the Course: Certified GST Professional Course


Other Details:


  • 1-month course duration
  • 8 hours plus video lectures
  • Online certificate
  • Two-stage examination
  • Course fee Rs 3000


Modules of the course are :

  • Introduction to GST
  • How to apply GST at multiple levels
  • Availing Input GST Credit
  • GST, import, export entries
  • Managing Payrolls
  • Compute TDS
  • GST Computation and Reports etc


The course would enhance your chances of employability as it is prepared by professionals and you will master the practical knowledge of the GST. Besides the course provides you with longtime access to various features. 


5. Tax Guru and MSME


It is another top institute in Bhopal for the GST Certification course. It is popular for tax courses. Its courses are designed by experts. 


Course Name: Online GST Certification Course


Details of the Course are as follows:

  • Online courses with live streaming to get students real-world experience
  • 30 hours course duration
  • Classes would be on weekends
  • Recording would be available for a fixed period
  • Certificate from the institute 
  • Study material in e-format
  • Course fee Rs10,000 plus 18% GST


There would be 9 sessions covering the following modules :

  • Basic Concepts of GST laws
  • GST Return Filing Procedure
  • Levy and Collection of GST
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Comprehensive coverage of GST laws


The course can be taken by any professionals or students who wanted to enhance their knowledge base about the GST.


6.  Career Flite


Career Flite is a recognized education partner and is known for providing training and coaching. It is one of the most sought for GST Certification courses in Bhopal. The course faculties are industry experts hence you will get the best of the certification courses.


Course Name: GST Expert


Course Highlights :

  • It would be a Live Online Course
  • There are around 30 to 35 sessions
  • Course Fee Rs 6500
  • A certificate is awarded


You will learn the following topics from the course :

  • Types of taxes
  • Introduction to GST
  • GST returns and their forms
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Output Tax
  • GST cycles
  • Business cycles
  • Types of Dealers
  • Tax Invoices and their types
  • E-way billing
  • Return Filing
  • Accounting of Goods
  • Assets and Liabilities in GST
  • How to pay GST


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7. V Skills


V Skills offers reliable and affordable GST certification courses in Bhopal. The course can be pursued by a tax consultant, finance professionals, or students. There are no minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing this course.


Course Name: Certified GST Professional


Course Highlights 

  • Online course
  • You can avail yourself lifetime access to the LMS
  • The duration of the course is 28 hours
  • Course come up with exam 
  • The course is taught by industry experts
  • Course Fee Rs 3,499
  • The government recognized certification is awarded


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Modules of the course are :

  • GST Concepts and Basics
  • GST Invoicing
  • Input Tax credit
  • GST Legal Provisions
  • Taxation and GST Basics
  • GST Registration
  • GST Returns
  • GST Valuation etc


8. Udemy


Another popular choice for the GST certification training program is Udemy. It is one of the most affordable platforms to pursue a GST certification course. Udemy offers many GST certification courses at very low prices. Some of the courses you can opt for are :


  • GST Certification Program
  • Practical GST with Latest Updates
  • GST: The complete Goods and Service Tax Certificate Course
  • Master in GST
  • Basic of GST in India


Udemy is a great option for gaining an in-depth understanding of GST. The courses offered are online only. Some of the courses cost below Rs 500. The faculties who teach are experts. 


9. Clear Tax


Clear Tax is a popular platform for tax and other financial topics. It offers a good choice in Bhopal for the GST certification course.  The course duration spans over 8 hours. The lecturers are industry experts. The certificate awarded by Clear Tax is worth it. The course fee is Rs 3600.


Name of the Course: Comprehensive e-Learning Certification on New GST Returns


The modules of the course are divided under 3 headings called: Basics of GST Returns, New GST Return System, Transition from Old to New System. Under the modules you will learn:


  • GST Basics and composition
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Payments and refunds
  • Assessment Procedure
  • Invoice Management
  • Live case study on new GST Returns etc


10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is an educational company that offers courses in various fields. It is a leading name in the educational training field. It is also one of the leading names for GST certification courses in Bhopal. 


Course Name: GST Practitioner Course


Course Highlights

  • Online classes of 32 hours duration
  • Internship opportunity to gain practical experience
  • Certificate of completion
  • Institute offers 100% placement guarantee on completion of the course till 1 year
  • You can have access to tools and software 
  • One-year Gold membership
  • The Course Fee for a Self-paced course is Rs 11,250 and for a Live Online classroom is Rs 12,500
  • The modules are designed to provide a 360-degree view of GST.


Following are the Topics of the Course :

  • Supply or Levy
  • Export or Import
  • E-way Bills
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Transitional Provisions
  • Accounts and Records
  • Invoice
  • Audit and Assessments
  • Offenses and Penalties


There are two complementary modules given with this course, one is Soft Skills Development and the second is Resume Writing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can students from any background take a GST certification course?

Yes. Students from any background can take GST certification courses if they are interested in the tax profession in the future. There are no rigid criteria for taking up these certification courses.


2. Are online courses in Bhopal worth it?

Yes. Online courses are worth of money and time invested. The online courses are offered by top ed-tech companies of India and faculties teaching the courses are industry experts, few are tax professionals. 


3. What are the job roles who have taken GST certification courses or GST certified person?

There are many job roles open for persons after receiving GST certification like GST practitioner, GST consultant, GST trainer, Tax Manager, Tax Accountant, Tax planner, etc.


4. Does GST practitioner offer a good career option for financial stability?

GST practitioners earn a good amount of remuneration. Their salary is somewhere between Rs 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs in a year. So yes it offers good remuneration.


5. Which are some of the top institutes in Bhopal offering GST certification courses?

IIM SKills, CA Club India, Career Flite, ILMS are some of the top institutes in Bhopal offering GST certification courses.


Conclusion :


The list includes the best institutes offering GST certification courses. Each institute is unique in its way. You can choose any institute’s course that you like. Institutes like IIM Skills provide demo classes, you can choose after attending the classes. The courses would help you in getting a strong foundational base along with practical skills. 


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