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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhopal With Placements

Digital marketing is the need of the hour in today’s world of technological advancement as more and more time is spent by people on online channels.


Thus, this post catalogs the best digital marketing courses in Bhopal to help you select the right place to learn a course that has taken the world by storm!


To put it simply, digital marketing is marketing done through online means. This includes various social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. etc and other means like email, websites. etc.


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Importance of Digital Marketing


According to a survey, 4.2 billion people were active internet users. Of this, almost 3.8 billion are users of various forms of social media for an average time of two hours per day.


With the advent of the digital age, we are living in a time where smartphones and internet connections have been added to essential items in the life of an average human being.


This is understandable as these gadgets make our lives easier. As society evolves, the ways of reaching out to that society must evolve too. Here comes the relevance of digital marketing, which, when used effectively can target customers, highlight the use of a product in a way that is appealing and increase sales.


Companies and digital marketing agencies often need creative minds to develop strategies based on what customers like and are bound to like and demand. They study the market and the patterns in which people browse and choose what to buy and what to skip.


The key is to engage the customers long enough with your product and highlight it in a way that grabs their attention. There are various techniques used to analyze customer experience based on which companies create advertisements to market their products and services.


This is why digital marketing courses have become immensely popular and necessary in today’s times as they train people in this art of digital marketing that has become the key to success in many companies and services.


They have a sector entirely dedicated to understanding and implementing marketing techniques to remain relevant to consumers who are the intended audience of any product or service.


Why Choose an Institute to Learn?


Anything can be learned on our own when a person has enough passion and, of course, Google! Why then choose an institute?


Here are Some Reasons:


  • Specialization: As knowledgeable as Google is, it is ultimately a repository of knowledge from which we may or may not gain the ultimate truth of what a field consists of.


There are things that only a real mentor with experience in the field can impart to a student. This is why it is important to choose an institute offering digital marketing courses in Bhopal to experience learning the nuances of this field from those who belong to it.


  • All-in-One Experience: These institutes offer the course as a whole package from basic to the most complex parts along with support in entering the field of digital marketing, which can be vast without guidance.


Thus, it is easier for students to focus on the learning part alone without anxieties over factors like a job opportunity or counsel over whether they are going in the right direction. These courses offer a personalized way of learning in both online and offline style to help students and learners find it easy to focus on the concepts.



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Below is a List of Major Institutes Offering Digital Marketing Courses in Bhopal.


List of the best digital marketing courses in Bhopal


P.S.: The list of digital marketing courses in Bhopal is in no order of ranking.


1.    IIM Skills 


One of the leading names in the field, IIM skills are one of the best options for doing a digital marketing course in Bhopal. This 3- month online program covers topics in the area of digital marketing in extensive detail, with its syllabus structure sprawling over 40 modules that cover every detail related to the subject, which adds up to 180 hours of training on a whole.

Along with gaining a prestigious certificate from the institute itself, they equip their students to be able to undertake almost 13 certifications exams with the most prominent ones being Google, Facebook, and Hubspot.


The students get lifetime access to all the material that makes up the course including class recordings to help them stay in touch with the field and be better acquainted with the marketing community.


Their comprehensive syllabus structure makes sure that students are exposed to the nuances in digital marketing as can be in concepts like web development, social media marketing, micro-video marketing, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, email marketing, SEO, and content writing.



Through the duration of the course, participants will be creating their WordPress website, Youtube studio and running their affiliate and email marketing campaigns as part of task works which will be aided and reviewed by their assigned trainers.


This is to make sure that the participants get support and guidance during their introductory stages to digital marketing and help them gain a strong foothold in the field.


Course Fee : ₹34,900 + 18% GST

Course Duration : 5 Months including 2 months Paid Internship


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2.    KVCH


Considered to be one of the best institutes for digital marketing courses in Bhopal, KVCH describes its course as designed to meet the demand that is the need of the hour in the digital marketing field. Their focus is on enhancing the conceptual understanding of their students about this vast idea and the potential of technology in targeting the right audience and increasing product value.


Priding themselves over an experience of 25 years in the field, the alumni of the institute heap praise on the impact the course had on their careers. With a dedicated placement cell and campus drives, they guarantee maximum support to aspiring digital marketers.


Students are made to engage in basic and professional level live projects to get a taste of what the industry demands.


Their curriculum includes website creation, on and off-page optimization, PPC advertising, Facebook and LinkedIn marketing, Twitter advertising, Google Analytics, Online Reputation Management, and much more that is designed to keep the students updated and thorough in an ever-growing industry.


They boast a wide range of placement tie-ups with well-known names like Dell, HCL, Samsung, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Citibank, Tata Consultancy services..etc to make sure that the student’s first venture into the world of digital marketing is a professional and eventful occurrence.


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3.    TechGaze Edu Skills


A “skill development organization” by their description, this institute is dedicated to training people, especially freshers to contribute and make up the wide world of digital marketing. Known to be one of the most reputed institutions out of the digital marketing courses in Bhopal, it is built on and supported by TechGaze Solutions Private Limited – a leading IT company based in Bhopal.


Offering both online and offline classes, this institute has given its candidates the option to choose their mode of learning. This is in line with their aim to train students and freshers who are available to devote their time to learn completely and professionals who wish to improve upon their existing profile and could be benefitted from the online nature of classes.


Their syllabus is comprehensive and is regularly updated to stay in focus with the fast-growing pace of the industry as well as other digital marketing courses in Bhopal. They also offer training on interview handling as an added advantage to help out students in the aspects of a placement that go beyond domain knowledge.


They have also bought into the trend of offering live projects to students in training as this enables them to get their first taste of real-world experience in the field while still under guidance from mentors. With well-known names like Byjus’s The Learning App, Infosys, SAM Global University, ITSC Technologies Pvt Ltd as their placement partners, the institute proves itself capable of offering assistance to its students in getting placed in top corporations and startups.


Course Fee: 18,000


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4.    SEO Aimpoint


Considered to be leaders in the industry of digital marketing, SEO Aim Point Web Solution Private Limited offers digital marketing courses in Bhopal that are described as “all-inclusive” to the students to introduce them into the constantly evolving world of digital marketing.


With a focus on in-depth learning and a result-oriented approach, which they cite as the reason why they are chosen by students over the other institutes offering digital marketing courses in Bhopal, the institute strives to use real-world and practical approaches in their teaching process.


Titled as Advanced Digital Marketing Course, it covers the basics that introduce the students to the world of digital marketing like, web designing and hosting, SEO, SEO Optimisation, Keywords, etc. As the course progresses, they also focus on the professional and much-sought-after concepts like affiliate marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media optimization, and freelancing.


They offer a wide range of training such as PPC training, SEO and SMO training, ASP Dot Net Training, etc. and this proves their expertise as leading service providers as well as trainers in different aspects of what creates and drives the Digital world as a whole today.


Along with training students in various elements that make up the digital world, they offer training for students aspiring to take up the Google certifications in digital marketing-related fields like Google Analytics and Google AdWords.


They guarantee that their students would find it easy to pass these exams after training for a minimum time frame with their digital marketing training that will help their students become Google certified professionals.


5.    Lydzen Learning and Teaching


This institute offers a Digital Marketing Masters Training and internship program that aims to help their students develop familiarity with overall digital marketing aspects like managing a marketing activity of any firm, setting up endeavors in marketing platforms, and being job-ready for digital marketing positions in best marketing firms of your choice or freelancing.


Comprehensive classroom training offers both weekend and weekday batches of learning so that both working professionals and students can benefit from the course.


They guarantee 100 % job assistance with lifetime access to reference letters and recommendation programs that would ensure their students get support at all their future endeavors in the field of digital marketing. They also offer lifetime access to their doubt clearance sessions which take place on Saturdays.


Their course curriculum starts from scratch as it introduces to its students the world of digital marketing, its relevance, and its benefits in today’s world. This is an approach designed to make the students understand the importance of what they have chosen to study as well as the gravity of how lucrative their field of study is.


After establishing this, the syllabus moves towards tackling generic topics like website designing and development, algorithms, SEO, Search Engine Marketing and focuses on specifics like optimizing return on investment, Google ads and analytics, remarketing campaigns, social media automation, and influencer marketing.


They also have a separate module allocated for personality development and other skills outside technical knowledge to help in interviews and aspects of job assistance.

This includes training in decision making, negotiations, group discussions, corporate grooming, business communication, leadership, and presentation skills as the institute leaves no stone unturned in helping its students to establish a career in the digital marketing industry.


Course Fee: ₹10,000

Course Duration – 2 Months


6.    IIDE


Awarded by World Education Congress as the #1 digital marketing institute, this one-of-a-kind organization, focuses solely on digital marketing and offers training in three levels depending upon the student’s aim towards the field of digital marketing.


Quoted by their website to be a question-oriented format of teaching, this course is taught by some of the best experts in the industry.


With a carefully curated syllabus structure that is crafted by subject-matter experts, they focus on training students with 70+ hours of training and 40+ hours of video learning with elements like a self-paced lecture, animation, live dashboard simulations, etc.


Personalized mentor sessions are also available to facilitate doubt clearance and guidance that gets more clarity in one on one sessions. Following the industry trend, they offer their students opportunities to work on live projects with famous brands like Domino’s, Starbucks, OYO Rooms, and L’Oreal.


Their alumni get recruited by well-renowned brands and agencies like Amazon, Zomato. Forbes, OnePlus, Johnson and Johnson. etc is a testimonial to the quality of training that IIDE offers which qualifies them as one of the best institutes offering digital marketing courses in Bhopal.


Course Duration : 3 Months


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7.    TechJogi Bhopal


TechJogi Bhopal is one of the most well-renowned institutes among those that offer digital marketing courses. Their focus lies more on innovation and result-driven ways of going about their endeavors both in their training as well as their successful stint as the Best digital marketing company in Bhopal.


They focus on sharpening the skills of their students in various aspects of digital marketing starting from the basics of SEO, SEO optimization, web development towards topics that are an industry demand of current times like PPC advertising, app development, and Social Media Marketing.


With their trainers being Google certified experts with experience in the field of digital marketing, TechJogi as an institute, believe in practical training to understand the basic and integral parts that build up this vast world of marketing using digital means.


By familiarising the students with various tools and offering internships and opportunities to master them, the institute makes sure that their students – regardless of whether they are professionals willing to expand their career or students and homemakers looking for lucrative earning options – get the best idea of the huge world of digital marketing.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1.     What is the average fee for choosing one of the digital marketing courses in Bhopal?

The average fee can be around 10,000 – 15,000 and it largely depends on the quality of training provided, the resourcefulness of the mentors involved, and job assistance or internship opportunities that can be suitably arranged.

The rate also varies or becomes comparatively higher when metro city-based online institutes operate in Bhopal. This is due to the large awareness and competition in metro cities which is slightly less in a city like Bhopal which comes as an immediate next to a metro city.


2.     Who is eligible for learning digital marketing?

In short, anyone who wishes to learn is eligible to learn digital marketing! There is no requirement of any kind of prior knowledge in the field as most of the institutes mentioned in the above list of digital marketing courses in Bhopal start to teach their students the basics of digital marketing. A keen interest to learn and grasp the concepts are the only requirements to learn this course.


3.     Is there a scope for digital marketing?

Absolutely. The course and this skill is the need of the hour, especially in a time that has discovered the various avenues of online marketing during the pandemic where all other options were out.

We are nowhere close to abandoning social media and other digital platforms and as long as their hold on people exists, this industry will flourish. Thus we will always be in need of digital marketers.


4.     How do I get a job after doing one of the digital marketing courses in Bhopal?

Most of the institutes that offer this course set up the transition for their students. It goes from student to intern to working professional. If they possess passion and develop skills along the way, they could even become industry experts.

Institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Bhopal as mentioned in the above list are often in tie-ups with corporations and agencies to provide internship and job opportunities for their students. With most of them offering lifetime assistance in recommendations and remaining in the field, students do not have to worry about having enough job options when they opt for this field.




Overall, digital marketing is a lucrative field that is fast growing and in constant demand for people who can contribute the best to it.

Thus, I hope the above list of digital marketing courses in Bhopal will help you make an informed choice in selecting an institute that will help you learn the art best within the comfort of your beautiful city!

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