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Top 8 Finest GST Certification Courses in Gujarat

With the implementation of the GST act in 2017, some people became happy, and many became unhappy. While some people eagerly started searching for GST certification courses in Gujarat and all over India. GST falls under the category of value-added tax(VAT). It is levied at every stage, from producing a product to its distribution to the final consumer. So, businesses need to keep track of the GST amount applied to the products and services they offer. It carries so much importance.  


So, in this article today, we will try to understand the meaning of GST, its types, and how it is implemented all over India. And the students who are passionate about learning the GST and want to make a living out of it will get huge benefits. Because the article will also reveal some of the best institutes that are highly capable of delivering excellent material in a way that is easily understandable by all kinds of students.


And we can see how the demand for GST-certified employees has grown since the GST act was implemented. GST is the tax imposed on products and services from the production stage until distribution to the final consumer.  That’s why every business needs GST-certified professionals who can help the companies keep a record of all the GST amounts applied to all the products or services produced in a company or a business.


What Is Tax?


Before understanding the meaning of GST, we must know what tax is and why we pay it. So, tax is the money paid by the private entity to the government so that the government can use the funds for the nation’s welfare. The private entities can be individuals, small organizations, or large businesses. The tax that we pay to the government is basically of two types. Based on the mode of payment, the tax is classified as direct and indirect tax.


Direct Tax

Direct tax is the tax amount that we pay to the government directly to the government body. Examples of direct taxes are property tax, income tax, business tax, wealth tax, etc.


Indirect Tax

Here we pay the tax amount to the government through indirect methods. An example of indirect tax is when we buy a product from the market, automatically some amount of cash is taken by the government. And GST(Goods and Services Tax) falls under the indirect tax.


What is GST?


GST is an abbreviation of goods and services tax. As we have discussed earlier, it is the indirect tax paid by the citizens of a country to its government. GST system was first implemented in India on 1st July 2017. And it is the tax that is the same for every individual in India, unlike other taxes where people pay taxes depending on their property, income, and various other factors. The registration of the GST can be done on the government of India’s authorized website.


There are four categories of GST, as listed below:



CGST is the abbreviation of central goods and services tax. The central government of India decided this. This tax applies to the transaction of goods and services between different states.


2. GST

SGST is the shortened form of state goods and services tax. It is imposed on the supply or transaction of goods and services carried out within a state.



UTGST stands for Union Territory Goods and Services Tax. Whenever the supply of goods and services happens in the union territories of India, then this type of tax is levied.



IGST is the abbreviation for Inter-state goods and services tax. This is imposed on the transaction of goods and services within a state.


Why Pursue GST Certification Courses in Gujarat?


Since GST was implemented and brought into effect on 1st July 2017, we pay an extra amount to the government without even knowing the amount. But, it is ok even if we are unaware of the tax that we spend on each small and big product and service that we purchase. But, a business must keep a record of the tax amount they will pay the government.


So, here they need someone who is an expert in this field. And suppose you compare this field with other career options. In that case, you will find it interesting that the competition in this field is comparatively low. People are less aware of this field. And the demand for GST certified employees is increasing day by day. So this is the exact time to consider GST as your gateway to the bright future.


And people from any background can take this course. If you are a GST-certified candidate, your possibility of landing a high-paying job in the firm will automatically increase. Suppose you are an office employee who has to work with financial documents. In that case, this course can help you to perceive financial knowledge in a better way.


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Career Opportunities In This Field


Whenever you are heading for a job interview, most candidates will have the normal qualification required for the job profile. But this will not draw the attention of the interviewer towards you. But, if you pursue one of the many GST certification courses in Gujarat, then the chances are high that the interviewer will not be able to ignore you.


And your likelihood of getting a dream job will increase. Many reputed job profiles are suitable for GST-certified candidates. Some of the popular profiles are listed below.


  1. SAP Accountant
  2. Tax Accountant
  3. Tax consultant
  4. Accounts Executive
  5. Accounts Manager


Best GST Certification Courses In Gujarat


When we talk about GST certification courses in Gujarat, we find many courses that provide GST certification. So, we get confused and cannot choose the right institute. To solve this confusion, we have provided a list of some best GST courses in Gujarat. Nowadays, every course provides a certification. But it’s important to know what other features and facilities the course offers to gain the maximum benefit.


These Are Some of the Most Trusted GSTCertification Courses in Gujarat.


1. IIM Skills


This course provides everything that one can expect. They offer more than 16 hours of lectures and practical assignments to ensure that the students can implement what they have learned during the live session. Do you know that freelancing is becoming more popular nowadays? By using the freelancing platforms, an individual can work in his comfort.


So, the institute also provides freelance opportunities for the students. The institute also has a very good placement cell that prepares students for the job. The GST Certification Course fee is around 9900₹. The trainers have adopted a unique way of teaching that enables students to understand everything without any place for confusion.


Some of the Other Attractive Features Offered by the Course Are;

  • Lifetime access to the recordings and lectures
  • Master certification
  • Access to various tools and software
  • 24/7 support
  • On the spot doubt resolution
  • Training from experts


Other Courses


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


2. Institute of Accounts and Taxation Training (IATT)


Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, this institute has two GST courses for you. The first one is the Basic Level program, and the other is called the Advanced Level program. Depending on your knowledge, you can choose either of them.


Let’s Take a Quick Look at the Outline of These Two Courses.


Basic Level

  • Introduction To GST
  • Registration Of GST Along With Its Applicability
  • E-Way Bill
  • Issuing Voucher And Invoice In GST
  • Case Study
  • Import And Export Under GST
  • Record-Keeping
  • GST Payment Process
  • Stock Transfer And Job Work Process


Advanced level

  • Overview Of Basic Level
  • GST Administration
  • Annual Return, Final Return
  • Self Assessment, Scrutiny Of Returns, Assessment Of Non-Filers Of Returns, Provisional Assessment
  • Refund Of Tax
  • Audit And Special Audit
  • RCM(Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • RCM(Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Discovery And Demands
  • Advance Ruling
  • Appeals And Revisions Process
  • Inspection, Searching, Seizure, And Arrest Process
  • Deemed Registration
  • Penalties And Offences Under GST


And the course will take two months to complete. The price of the basic level course is 7500₹, and that of the advanced level course is 9000₹. Apart from this course, this institute offers many other courses.


3. Super 20 Training Institute


This is among the best GST certification courses in Gujarat. And the reason is quite simple; their entire teaching is based on practical aspects. They started in 2015 with the motto “No books….only practicals”. They offer GST courses and other accounting, finance, and taxation courses.


The faculty members are professional CA’s, and their years of experience will be valuable for the students. And they provide 100% job placement assistance. But the condition is students must attend the regular classes and perform the daily tasks given by the lecturers.


Here at SUPER 20, they make sure that students enjoy learning because they believe learning cannot happen in a tense environment. So, this is what makes them unique.


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4. ICA


They have more than 20 years of experience in providing high-quality teaching to the students and have trained more than 5 lakh students till today. Their offices are located in 23 different states in India and more than 30 placement offices.


Some of the Unique Features Provided by Ica Are

  • 100% Job assurance
  • Three certificates on completion of one course
  • CA faculty
  • Mock interviews
  • E-classes
  • More practicals than theory


The course is named as Goods and Services Tax(GST) course. This course from ICA is a short-duration course that will take around 27 hours to complete.




It is impossible to ignore this precious institute when talking about GST certification courses in Gujarat. HI-TECH is an ISO-certified institute that was established in 2015. And the institute has gained success and popularity since then. The duration of this program is three months, and the best part of this institute is that they provide the teaching in three different languages, namely English, Gujarati, and Hindi. So, the students who cannot understand English can also pursue this course without extra effort.


The Course Will Be as Follows

  • User Interface and Company Management
  • Master – Groups
  • Processing of Purchase Order
  • Master: Inventory
  • Calculation of Interest
  • Pre-Allocation of Bills
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal and Contra Voucher
  • Master – Ledgers
  • Printing of Cheques
  • Master – Bill wise Debtors and Creditors Ledgers
  • Stock Transfers
  • Level of Re-Order
  • Reconciliation of Bank
  • Sales
  • Cost Centers with their Classes
  • Analyzing Party Ledger
  • Day Book
  • Types and Classes of Voucher
  • Purchasing and Reporting
  • Search, Filter, and Sorting
  • Finance Reports
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Debit and Credit Notes
  • Multi-Language
  • Cash and Bank Reports
  • Export, Import, Backup, and Restore
  • TDS
  • Analyzing Reports and Stock
  • Payroll and Accounting
  • Finalization of Entries
  • Printing Reports
  • Price List
  • Miscellaneous Exercises
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • TCS
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Advanced Formulas in Excel




It is the abbreviation for Advanced Institute of Accounts and Taxation. Their course provides everything that a student can expect. They continuously update their syllabus so that the students don’t miss important updates. The duration of this valuable course is 3 to 4 months. And they conduct daily 1 hour of online lecture. After completing the course, an industry-recognized certificate will be provided by the institute, which will improve your chances of getting a good job.


The Important Modules That They Cover in This Course Are

  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Account Writing
  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • TCS
  • E-Banking and Finance
  • Payroll
  • PDP
  • Job interview assistance


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


The teaching faculty members are friendly, and they make sure that all the students’ doubts are resolved. And they have kept batch sizes small so that each student gets a considerable amount of time to solve their queries.


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7. National Institute of Financial market


It is popularly abbreviated as NIFM. This is a two-month certification program, and they charge around 25000 + GST. The program is suitable for students, homemakers, working professionals, entrepreneurs, freelance accountants, etc. And there are many other courses related to this field that can be of great help to the students. The institute has achieved excellence, especially when it comes to teaching GST-related concepts.


The Course Will Provide the Following Facilities

  • GST Certified Course
  • Brief knowledge of GST Laws, their applications, and different concepts.
  • Unlimited Practical hours
  • Understanding the effect of GST on various organizations
  • Curriculum that focuses more on practical training
  • Changes in the business procedures are required to comply with the new law.
  • Guidance from industry experts
  • Well-equipped classrooms.
  • Different procedures required under GST Act
  • Faculties with 10+ years of industrial experience
  • Placement Assistance
  • GST software
  • Consolidated learning along with daily home assignments
  • Supportive management systems and good infrastructure
  • Attention to every student
  • Lifetime support from faculties
  • Weekend batches available


8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is indeed one of the most popular and trusted institutes for digital learning platforms. They have dominated the market for the last seven years. And have trained more than 3 lakh students till today. They are headquartered in Noida and San Francisco(USA). So, whether you want to pursue GST certification courses in Gujarat or anywhere around the world, Henry Harvin is ready to cater to your needs.


They have more than 180 corporate partners, which shows how trusted they are in the industry. And apart from these 180 companies, they also have a partnership with more than 110 colleges. And they conduct 5000 classes in a month.


Now, let’s see the facilities provided by this course. Upon completing the course, they honouree students with industry-recognized certification. This certification is very useful for the student during the interview or when they are asked to show what skills they possess.


Some Other Features That This Institute Provides Are:

  • Guidance from industry experts
  • 1-year gold membership
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Job assistance




1.    What are some of the leading GST certification courses in Gujarat?

There are many great GST certification courses in Gujarat; you can choose one based on your knowledge of GST and your budget.


2.    What is taught in the GST certification courses in Gujarat?

GST certification courses in Gujarat mainly teach TDS, TCS, Registration of GST, GST software, Payrolls, and PDP.


3.    How much do GST certification courses in Gujarat cost?

The program fees of the GST certification range anywhere from 10,000₹ to 20,000₹.


4.    Can we get a job after completing a GST course?

Yes. Some GST courses offer placement assistance to aspiring students. But, they put only one condition. The condition is the students should complete all their academic assignments that the faculties gave.




So, we have discussed GST, its types, and the best courses one should choose if one is planning to seek a career in GST. So, now it is up to you to choose the best course. Because different people decide what is best for them based on several factors, some prefer the highly-priced courses. In contrast, some others like courses that have low fees. And they are not able to decide the best route. So, after reading the whole article today, you will ultimately become capable of choosing the best course. Thank you for reading. We hope that you have learned many things from this article. Best of luck

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