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Guide to Top 10 GST Certification Course Online and Offline

Guide to Top 10 GST Certification Course Online and Offline


If you are looking for a top GST certification course, then you have set foot at the right place. This article is all about GST certification courses which are available online and offline. Also, know-how can you tread the path of being a GST practitioner. 


A new aesthetically indirect tax stormed India on 1st July 2017. With that being done, almost everyone in India was affected by it in some way or the other. While some appreciated the new law, there were others who criticized it.


However, at the end of the day, everyone had to bow down to the new tax and accept it as a part of their lives. Consequently, willing or unwilling takers of it have to fill GST or Goods and Services Tax. Thus, GST has opened a new avenue to career prospects in the fiscal tax.


Anyone and everyone interested in finances can take up a GST certification course to become a GST practitioner. They can also open up their own consultancy. On the other hand, Chartered Accountants or finance professionals seeking to up-notch their career can also opt for this particular course.


Now, before diving into the pool of GST certification courses online and offline, let’s walk-through what GST is, the benefits of GST practitioners, and more!


What is GST?


GST stands for Goods and Services Tax in India. Substituting the erstwhile taxes such as VAT, excise duty- GST throned the crown of taxes. More comprehensibly, GST is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services.


Take, for example, buying a Television. In former or pre-GST times, one had to pay multifarious taxes such as excise duty, VAT, octroi(which was levied in some places and not in others). Thus, the rates of Television depended upon the place of purchase as well.


However, in the contemporary GST era, there is just one ubiquitous GST tax applicable. As a result, wherever you go to buy a Television, you have to pay 28% GST on that! And that’s it!


Here is a guide to top 10 GST certification course online and offline


What do GST practitioners do?


GST practitioner, a central or state-appointed government person, who takes hold of the tax-related actions for the taxpayer. GST practitioner drives the taxable exercises while the taxpayer takes a back seat.


Digging deep, what is the role of a GST practitioner? Some of the roles and responsibilities of GST practitioners are:


  • File up client’s GST forms
  • Exemplify clients in front of authorities
  • Deposits of e-ledger for credit
  • Equip items of inward and outward supplies
  • Fill up for reimbursement claims
  • File up amendments or cancellations in the name of the clients.
  • File monthly, quarterly, and yearly returns for clientele


Eligibility for GST practitioner 


Who is eligible to become a GST practitioner? Here is the checklist, of which you have to tick all of the boxes.


  1. Be a citizen of India
  2. Not be reported as insolvent
  3. Should not have been convicted for imprisonment for more than two years.
  4. Criteria for educational background or word experience, any one of them will do:
  • A retired officer from Commercial Tax dept. of State, central, or custom excise duty. One should have served nothing less than a Group-B gazetted officer for no less than two years.
  • Having a graduate or postgraduate degree in Commerce, Banking, Law, Business Administration- from a recognized Indian university or equivalent.
  • Passed examination notified by the Government for GST practitioners.
  • passed final examinations of Chartered Accountants
  • passed final examinations of Cost Accountants of India
  • passed final examinations of Company Secretaries of India


Top 5 Online GST Certitifcation Course


1.IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the most prevalent one-stop-shop of ed-tech training across India. In the relentless pursuit of training students proficiently, consummate -experts assure inculcating hot and trending topics in their courses.


Post-plying stellar education in content writing course and digital marketing course, IIM Skills launched GST course. Akin to other courses, the blueprint of this course is also developed by highly qualified professionals. 


An overview of the course:


  • Origin of GST and impact on business
  • Cadre of GST
  • invoicing in GST
  • Input Tax credit 
  • Payment in GST
  • Gst return filing
  • Composition scheme under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • E-way bill
  • Registration under GST


The course curriculum streams in-line with the industry-standards. Yet, what makes it the most coveted course is the 100% practical training. Moreover, it empowers you to handle hassle-free 100+clients with several invoicing tools and software. If that is not enough to blow up your mind, then IIM Skills has more up its sleeves.


The thing which no other institution promises to its learners, IIM skills bestows lifetime access and 24*7 online support. What this means is that your journey with IIM Skills doesn’t end with the course, it stretches for a lifetime. You get access to all new updates through live and recorded lectures and that too free of cost. That is nothing less of a blessing, isn’t it? Go for it!


Join IIM SKILLS Free Demo GST Practitioner Course online and offline course




ICSI, or The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, is a premier government institution set up under the Company Secretaries Act. Since its inception in 1968, it has been providing superior quality education to CS students.


Walking hand-in-hand with the government expeditions, the institute launched a GST certification course. Apparently, the course- is named as Certificate Course in Goods and Services Tax. Indeed, ICSI members and professional program students are the eligible ones.


The admission process goes with the online tradition. As for the fee structure holds at INR7500/- plus GST. In the name of online culture, one pays reasonable fees online.


Talking about the educational course, it addresses the facts and principles pertinent to GST. Moreover, it covers up the notions of the indirect tax regime and its processing. Not only does the course provide insights into GST conceptualizations, but also notify about its execution.


Being an online GST certification course, one receives study material in soft copy format. In the 5 weeks course duration, 6-hour web-based classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays.


Factitiously, there is an MCQ assessment followed up by the course. Those of you who accomplish the desired results get an approved certificate.


Contact Details


Ph. No.- 011-45341052/80

E-mail: [email protected]


3. TaxGuru Edu


As a result of a steadfast conviction in the digital platform, TaxGuru Edu is an ambitious ed-tech institution. Following a self-learning approach, they focus on rational facilitation in Taxation, Audit, Finance, Audit, Accounting, and Corporate Law.


Besides two other courses on income tax and import-export, TaxGuru Edu offers a self-learning GST certification course. As far as the facilitator is concerned, CA Raman Singla is the training-transcender. He is a connoisseur in the domain who has authored the best-seller book- Complete Analysis on GST.


Plunge into the course, one can acquire GST principles from fundamental to advanced levels. It is all-inclusive of filing GST returns, e-voicing, precautionary steps to elude conflicts, and more! Side-by-side, one delves deeper into the practical world with the help of case studies.


The Professional Development Course on GST extends up to 9 sessions. Each session covers few modules. Lastly, the fee structure closes down at INR8000/- plus GST. Quite reasonable, huh?


Contact details

Ph. No.-1800 103 0344, +91-120-4814600


4. ICT Academy


Chennai-based ICT Academy is a GOI institution with the sole objective of bridging the gap between skill development. Started as a government venture in 2009, they sought to disseminate ICT knowledge and prepare the upcoming generation.


Chasing down their vision, they launched a 90-min super capsule GST certification course for the aspiring candidature. This course walks you through the Goods and Services tax, its benefits, and more. Eloquently, it also embraces the leading thought of industry experts, CA’s, tax professionals, and corporate executives.


Additionally, there is an advanced online GST certification course at ICT Academy. Talking of which, unfolds the overall concepts of GST law- implementation, compliance, and enforcement.


With explicit sermons from some of the top finance professionals, this course is useful for the following:

  • CA aspirants
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Finance and tax practitioners
  • Legal consultants
  • Business heads and entrepreneurs
  • Commerce background students


Now, let us delve deeper into the course. After a detailed-overview of GST, course facilitators take up the step-by-step approach for each topic. Here are the bullet points on which course curriculum balances:


  • Levy and exemptions
  • Registration, filing, payment, and returns
  • Input tax credit
  • E-commerce
  • Assessment and audit
  • Offense and penalities
  • Transitional and miscellaneous provisions
  • GSTN and administration


Contact Details

Ph. No.- +91 44 4290 6800

E-mail: [email protected]


5. VSkills


Another online institutional connoisseur in the educational domain, VSkills is undoubtedly India’s substantial professional certification body. What makes them coveted certification provider is their value and recognition in the professional market as skills certification.


If one is endeavoring to become a GST-certified professional, then VSkills is the one-stop-shop platform. To take the plunge, all one has to do is register and select GST online certification course. Once, you seize the course and pay INR 3,499; you get access to LMS and hard-copy material.


The purpose of the online GST certification course is to make you GST-ready. It equips you with the theoretical and practical aspects of GST training. But that’s not it! Post-acquisition of the tax knowledge, you get to assess and appear for the an-hour long examination. The exam constitutes 50 marks with 25 as the passing marks, without any negative marking.


On clearing the exam, you can call yourself professionally GST certified. This is the key to ply in the finance world and enhance your employability options. Moreover, you get tagged as VSkills certified at and two of the enthusiast job providing sites.


Nonetheless, the affirmative certification as well as e-learning access, are lifelong-valid.


Contact details

Ph. No.- 011-47344723

E-mail: info@vskills


Join IIM SKILLS Free Demo GST Practitioner Course online and offline course


Offline GST certification courses




Established in 1944, ICMAI or Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India is a GOI-backed statutory body. Since its conception, they have strived to surpass the set boundaries, by and large. Correspondingly, they aim to meet the proficiency level of international standards for their accounting professionals.


Following up with the GST upheavals, they offer a range of courses in that domain. First and foremost beckons the Certificate course on GST. For the 72-hour course, you have to pay INR 10,000 plus GST. Also, note down that for the examination, you have to shed an extra INR 1000+GST.


Now, who all come under the eligibility banner? Of course, the members of ICMAI, and other tax professionals such as Ca, Cs, MBA,, CMA, or lawyers. In fact, CMA pursuing aspirants can also apply. On registration, you get hold of study material and mock test papers.


As said, it gives you the authority to choose between the online or offline mode of a classroom. The course curriculum is at par with the industry standards, which includes:


  • GST background
  • Input Tax credit
  • Records, payment, returns, and refunds
  • Prosecutions and penalties
  • import and exports
  • Application of TDS and TCS
  • Time and place of supply
  • Valuation rule under GST
  • Registration, invoice, etc.


Moving a step further, you may wish to take up the Advanced Certificate Course on GST. The thing about it is that it is available in online mode only. However, that’s the latest trend.


Contact Details:

Ph. No- 91 33 40364777, +91 11 24666100

E-mail: [email protected] (Delhi branch)


For other branches, please check their website.


2. Edu Pristine


Founded in 2008, Edu Pristine is a premier finance training institution across the globe. Admittedly, year after year, the company extended its gamut from one to five verticals- finance, Accounting, Marketing, Analytics, and Healthcare.


Some stand-out features involve:

  • exam-oriented content
  • Adept and qualified training professionals
  • Mock test for pre-evaluation
  • 24*7 devoted discussion forum
  • after course engagement
  • soft skill training
  •  Bespoke career guidance
  • Placement assistance


Speaking of the GST certification course, professionals walk you through the terminologies and concepts of GST. Alongside, it incorporates the practical aspects of Goods and Services Tax. In-depth practices of registration, invoice, accounting, and GST transactions are some of the impartations.


An overview of the course:

  • fundamentals of tax
  • The taxation system of India
  • GST structure
  • GST application
  • Time and place of supply
  • Valuation
  • Invoice
  • ITC composition scheme
  • Registration, refunds, payments, and more


Indeed, the 32-hour duration program is conducted on Weekdays as well as Weekends in four cities. These metropolitan cities are Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Moreover, niche-experienced Chartered Accountants administer the facilitation process.


Complimentary material access to Advance Excel and GST e-book accounts for additional benefits. Above all, you get 24*7 online support all-inclusive of program material such as presentations, recordings, files, and more!


Contact Details:

Ph. No- 1800 200 5835

E-mail: [email protected]


3. IPA


Situated in Delhi, The Institute of Professional Accountants(IPA) steers practical and job-oriented courses. The institution is remarkably committed to inculcating employable skills in graduates and other aspirants.


As a leading professional course provider in finance and taxation, it offers a GST Practitioner certification course. Who can join this course? Commerce graduates, CAs, tax practitioners, accountants, law practitioners, MBA, and retired people can also apply for it.


The 20-30 hours duration course spreads over 2 months. Classes are held on Sundays for the convenience of working people. IPA focuses on the employability factor and valorizes practical skill development in its students.


With a highly dedicated and subject-matter expert staff, they blossom the professional evolution of the students. Moreover, these experienced Ca’s use their technical expertise to provide for industrial training in Delhi. More than theory, they focus on live projects of GST features such as return filing.


For the record, the institute is a government registered. After the course, IPA conducts the GST practitioner exam, and those candidates who achieve good results become worthy of the certificate. These certifications are sent to the well-performed candidates by post.


Receive certification, and many doors of opportunities open up for students. One can work in MNC, taxation, bank, accountant, or even open up their own consultancy.


Contact Details:

Ph. No.- 011-22041221, 92138-55555

E-Email: [email protected]




NIIT is the world’s leading skills and talent development corporation. For years, it is gushing forth its part to build up the manpower for industry requirements. None of this is to say that it is famous as a leading training company for its array of programs offered.


Through its various centers in Delhi and other parts of the country, NIIT sets classroom training in GST. The concept-based GST program unravels in the ambiance of the taxation system in India.


Much ingenuity is shown in implanting intensive learning by stimulating Veteran faculty. Along with study material, the students also get hands-on experience on Tally software. A few takeaways from the course would be:


  • GST concept clearance
  • Comprehension of input tax credit and invoice mechanism
  • Tax refund structure
  • Sound knowledge of GSTN and GSP
  • Input Service Distribution mechanism
  • How to prepare return and payments
  • Compliance rating


Launched in partnership with Tally, the course embraces Tally certification, which further helps you in the employability race. Till now, there are over 17,000+ plus learners who have already enrolled for the course.


Contact Details

Ph. no.- +1 800 200 4758

E-mail: [email protected]


5. BSE Insititute Limited


Based out of Delhi, BSE institute claims to give students an edge over other industry experts. Streaming in-line with the revolving trends of the world, BSE institute strives to develop superior capabilities. Thus, enabling students to pilot performance ahead of the bandwagon.


The GST certification course is designed to incorporate specialized and updated knowledge of the GST domain. Not only, does the course provide an overview of GST but also exemplify knowledge in core aspects of the invoice, taxation, payment of tax, refunds, and more.


Considering the target audience are the new entrants in the finance field or the already working professionals. Within 4 days, they vow to instill the extensive learning concepts on GST.


The curriculum goes like this:

  • GST intro
  • Deciphering nature of supply
  • Time and value of supply
  • Place of supply
  • ITC
  • Registration
  • An online demo of registration
  • Tax invoice, credit, debit
  • Accounts
  • Returns
  • Payment of tax
  • Refunds
  • Assessment


Later on, the certification is carried down by Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd.


Contact details

Ph. No.- 011- 2578 2116 – 18

E-mail: [email protected]


Join IIM SKILLS Free Demo GST Practitioner Course online and offline course


Career Prospects after GST Certification Course


In the realm of finance and accounting, GST has inaugurated new job opportunities for both freshers as well as experienced candidates. While freshers or graduates can embark on a finance vocation, experienced ambitious aspirants can up-scale their career to a whole new level.


Also, bear in mind that a GST certification can ratchet up an average salary up to 15-25%. In addition to that, being GST-qualified provides you more exposure to nascent avenues. For instance, you may even wish to start your own consultancy.


If you think, there won’t be enough job opportunities, then smell the coffee. Ponder over the thought that irrespective of the industry type, everyone has to maintain accountancy records. Isn’t it? Moreover, with Make in India initiatives, and subsidies to MSME industries, the business is churning at a rapid rate.



For these very reasons, they need Accounts and finance professionals. And, here, GST certification becomes the icing on the cake for you to bag that job. Hence, can’t agree more that GST-knowledge has surged your worth and your demand in the market exponentially.




Eliminating all the other indirect taxes, GST has taken an upbeat central seat. Every other industry, small, medium, big enterprises rely on GST practitioners to sail them through tax servilities. Making the most out of it, you can feed on the benefits of the GST.


This blog post enumerates the best GST certification course available online and offline. From short to the long-duration, online to offline- there are ample roads to tread. Choose the one that befits your criteria and signals your career forward.


Hope this article helps you open the right door of opportunity.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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