IIM Skills GST Course Review- A Detailed Analysis

IIM Skills GST Course Review- A Detailed Analysis



The modern world and modern people rely on reviews before making or breaking a deal. Honestly, reviews are the window-opener, which helps you analyze the true worth of any goods, services, or products. In that light, here, this article critiques a meticulous and detailed IIM Skills GST Course review.


The taxation system has seen tremendous changes over the years, and why not! The easier it has become to purchase goods and services, the better the taxation system must be! Consequently, the government had to devise a unified tax for the nation to keep things under their girdle.


Initially, this new much-organized tax regime created a hassle as people were unaware of its benefits. Anyhow, three years and counting, GST tax administration has befitted in the nation as one tax, one nation management.


Now, before digging into the IIM Skills GST Course review, let’s take a rollover on why should one enroll for a GST course.


What is a GST course? 


GST course is a condensed program incorporating all the nuances and norms of the GST tax regime. From elementary to pro levels of information regarding goods and services, processes under GST, and other provisions add up to make you manage GST activities for a wide variety of clientele.


Check out this Guide to GST Practitioner Course to get more insights about the course and its syllabus.


Why enroll in a GST Course? 


All the people can’t be a jack of all trades, and that’s why there is a growing need for GST practitioners by various small, medium, and large enterprises. Now, GST is a small but significant aspect of the accountancy and finance field. You don’t need to get a degree or diploma for that; a short-term certification course suffices the needs to make you GST-ready.


Taking up a GST certification is a value-added skill that students, accountants, and finance experts can flaunt in their resumes. Moreover, being GST certified puts you in a befitting position to launch your own agency or grab a job in an A-rated business or work for big-shot solopreneurs.


Alongside, the course helps you beef up your analytical, logical, and decision-making skills, which are the core skills required by an accountant or finance professional.


Weighing the importance of enrolling in a certification course over a free internet knowledge-the scale tilts towards the certification course. Why? Certification course empowers you with consolidated knowledge in a step-by-step manner in comparison to willy-nilly internet knowledge. Indeed, incredible programs make you proficient in every aspect of the GST domain with a special focus on practical training, which you might evade in free knowledge. Last but not the least, recognized certification works its magic when you apply to any company.


Altogether, enrolling in an affordable, educational and competent course is not a bad bargain at all!


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IIM Skills as an Institute at length


Headquartered in New Delhi, IIM Skills is a pre-eminent ed-tech institution striving for excellence since its inception. This leading online education institution aims to provide World-class education at affordable prices to bridge the gap of skilled human resources in the booming industries.


What started as an educational blog panned out as a top player in the online training provider sector. As more and more students thronged the institute for self-paced, simplified, and skill-based learning- the institute gained its worthwhile prominence.


The image depicts IIM Skills GST Course Review.


Highlights of the IIM Skills Institute


Are you wondering what makes this institute an excellent and valuable study destination? Check out these highlights and specialties of this institute:


  • Highly qualified and expert faculties


The professional faculty at IIM Skills is a perfect blend of knowledge and companion. Travel back to the school days- how concepts became crystal clear when the friends taught you the same things (which the teacher taught) in a more simplified manner. How did it happen? Simply because of the amicable attitude.


Learning at IIM Skills is similar to learning from a comrade because the expert mentors here are your facilitator as well as a friend. In addition, their wide knowledge spectrum and 12+ years of experience make them the reservoir of knowledge.


Have a glance at the Top 10 GST Certification Courses in Delhi


  • Virtual Interactive Class


A true believer of the digital prevalence, IIM Skills embrace virtual interactive sessions for learning. How is that helpful? Busy schedules, long commutations, and imposed lockdowns make it an overhauling process to step out of the home to reach the education center.


With a flexible online-based approach, you get the benefit of flex-time and place. That is, you can access and learn anytime and from anywhere. Whatsoever, don’t think you are going to miss the brick-and-mortar classrooms- know why? At IIM Skills, the virtual classrooms are engaging, interactive, and deliberative. Moreover, case studies, assignments, and brainstorming ideas makes the sessions fun and exciting.


  • Lifetime Access


The odyssey with IIM Skills doesn’t end with the course completion. It’s a lifelong journey where you can keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements of the market. Now, that’s something that most of the institutes are not willing to offer. Thus, with this lifetime-access feature, IIM Skills gets an edge over its counterparts.


Through the systemized Learning Management System (LMS), you can refresh yourself with the training material, class recordings, presentations, assignments, and more! If this was not enough, the institute also renders you post-course support. That is to say, you can reach up to them for updates and guidance. Well! that’s a good bargain- once paid, free services for a lifetime!


  • Student Satisfaction


Prime focus on student satisfaction forms the core strength of the institute. With assiduous support and hand-holding like none other, the institute assures personal attention to each aspirant.


Plus one to lifetime access, candidates are endowed with career counseling by institute connoisseurs. Resume writing, interview tips, and job assistance are a few of the added benefits, which students can savor.


  • Certifications


Post the course completion and assessments, you achieve a globally recognized Master Certification, which you can add to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Going that extra mile, they also aid you to acquire other globally significant certifications.



  • No. 1 Ranking


Not to overlook, many educational blogs such as Career360, AdvisorUncle, CourseReport, and CourseDekho rank the programs at IIM Skills at the apex position.


Putting together the highlighting pieces, the institute withholds a pretty well ranking and reputation. With more than 15000 trained professionals, the institute has capitalized as a perfect skill acquisition hub center. Moreover, with brand trust from top companies such as IBM, KPMG, BMW, HTC, Amazon, and more- the institute has a top-class brand value.


Moving ahead, let’s march through the GST course before jumping onto IIM Skills GST Course Review.


GST Course at IIM Skills


IIM Skills’ GST Course is an all-encompassing, rigorous didactic program open to customary changes of the dynamic society. With the precise compound of theoretical and practical training, the course covers all the critical and relevant concepts pertinent to GST and the taxation regime in India.


The comprehensive course curriculum is devised meticulously by industry experts with the utmost consideration for the industry standards. While bearing in mind the industry benchmarks, the professionals didn’t let the students’ comprehension get out of hand. That means that the course curriculum is designed to fit in the understanding spectrum of the students.


Beginning with an overview and implementation of the GST, the course rides through fundamentals of the GST regime to arrive at the destination of practical implementation and applications of GST. To get you better acquainted with the course content, here are the nine modules that the course covers in a span of 4 weeks:


  1. Origin and concept of GST with its impact on business
  2. Framework and Structure of GST
  3. GST Registration
  4. Invoicing rules and regulations in GST
  5. GST return filing
  6. Composition scheme
  7. Reverse Charge Mechanism
  8. E-way bill under GST
  9. Input Tax Credit and Payment


The detailed and distinctive course intends to resolve the growing demands for GST practitioners. Students and graduates wanting to kick-start their career or working professionals tending to up-skill themselves for career growth- all can benefit from this informative program.


The 16-hours lectures spread across four weeks- with classes every Sunday. The fee structure stands at an affordable pricing of INR11,900+18%GST. Not to overlook, there is a good 10% group discount on the combined registration of 3 or more people.


Learning Outcomes of GST Course at IIM Skills


Riding all along the basic to advance levels, you are dilated with the requisite skills to make you GST-ready. The significant skillset constitutes the following:


  • Acquisition of absolute understanding of GST, inception, registration, compliance, and execution.
  • Sound knowledge of GST provisions and application in real-time projects.
  • Cognition of how GST impacts and casts its effects on business so as to wrap your pricing strategies along that line.
  • The practical applicability of GST registration, refunds, returns, filling forms, etc.
  • Job-oriented training to be able to fit in in a top MNC or startup your private agency services.


Key Features of GST Course at IIM Skills


Looking at the key features of the course are the preliminary requisite before doing the IIM Skills GST Course review. Here comes all the salient features:


  • Online Live Interactive Sessions


At IIM Skills, online training is imparted through live Zoom sessions- giving it a classroom view. Heading along, post the class-you also receive the class recordings, which ensures you don’t miss out on anything important. With that being said, there is no chance that you boot any lecture.


For even if you get caught up in matters, you at least have the recording to keep you aligned with the course. Moreover, there is no prohibition as to how many times you can watch the recording.


  • Well-researched techniques


Not only the curriculum is well-researched in sync with GST, but also the training methods are well-advanced. They provide reliable, in-depth training with hands-on experience through case studies, assignments, and projects.


The immersive learning experience is enhanced with hands-on practical training to enable you to fit in the pragmatic world. After all, people are looking for online certification courses to aim at job-oriented goals and dreams.


  • Expert trainers


You get trained under the guidance and facilitation of professional and experienced coaches with high qualifications. The training you receive is correspondent to the latest GST standards-nothing more, nothing less.


  • The perfect combo of Theoretical and Practical Knowledge


Theoretical knowledge forms the foundation of the practical aspect to conquer the world with work-orientated concepts. Becoming proficient in one and discarding the other will land you nowhere, and this is the thing that industry experts are well-aware of!


As a result, expert trainers at this institute strengthen your base with theoretical concepts of GST. Then, only they climb you up the ladder of practical application concept of each topic. Experts show how it’s done!


  • Immediate doubt resolution


As already reiterated, the learning is through interactive sessions, which allows you to clear your doubt at the drop of a hat. Moreover, even if later you come across any doubts or inquisitions- you can always reach up to the mentors for assistance and guidance.


Put in simpler words- you get to clear your doubt immediately or even at any given point in time later.


  • Recognized Certifications


So, this is how it goes! Once you culminate the course, you appear for an online assessment examination comprising of 20 objective-type questions. The exam carries 50 marks with a time-ticker of 30 minutes. Clearing the exam makes you eligible for a globally recognized Master Certificate.


  • Absolute money-back guarantee


Hold your breath- as this is something you don’t get to witness in every other institute. They claim to return 100% money back if you don’t like the course after the first live session. Without a doubt, this is an explicit replication of the confidence level of the expert trainers in their training and course endowment. Indeed, this is a vital point pertinent to the IIM Skills GST Course review.


  • Placement Assistance


With a dedicated placement cell, the candidates are provided with end-to-end placement assistance. Putting in efforts for scheduling interviews, resume screening, and profile shortlisting- the placement cell does all that it can to get you on job run.


Furthermore, institutes’ partnered job consultants continuously seek GST practitioners for both Work from home and freelance opportunities. Altogether, your chances of getting hired or starting with a startup or freelance are reasonably high.


IIM Skills GST Course Review


Here comes the central question about the IIM Skills GST Course review-is it worth the price? I would say, at such an affordable price, GST Certification Course by IIM Skills institute- ticks all the boxes for an excellent course. Let’s unravel each of the boxes one by one as we proceed with the IIM Skills GST Course review.


Firstly, the inclusive course curriculum meets the criterion of the industry with enough room for the latest updates. Can’t agree more that it apprises the candidates with A to Z of GST mechanisms and processings- including practical applicability of registration, refunds, returns, and TDS compliance.


Secondly, self-paced and interactive sessions cater to the needs of the students and working professionals. Sunday batches make it susceptible for the working professionals to learn new things without having to comprise on the Workfront. As a result, every desirable candidate gets a piece of it.


Thirdly, features like lifetime accessibility and placement support affirm that the institute is concerned about the welfare of the students. They are ready to provide facilitation and counseling for a lifetime at such an affordable price.


The career graph and success of the students determine the success of an institute. At IIM Skills, they reinforce, guide, and help you all along the process of employment- and that makes all the difference!


Hold on, there is more to the IIM Skills GST Course review.


Next, learning under the guidance of expert trainers and the curriculum driven by practical acquisitions adds to the aesthetic value of the course. Doubt resolution and remaining up-to-date with the changing dynamics of the industry through LMS support leaves little space for deniability.


Lastly, the money-back guarantee offer validates the desire to at least give this course a shot! Who would give such an offer if they aren’t confident about their methods and mechanisms?


Overall, the IIM Skills GST Course review has all the points you must consider before enrolling in a course. This job-oriented course unravels the concepts of Goods and Services Tax that can install you on your career path in such a short duration of time.


After this IIM Skills GST Course review, let us navigate the career prospects that you can examine.


Career Prospects


GST implementation has stormed an influx of opportunities for commerce graduates and finance professionals. Whether it is a manufacturing industry or a service industry- every industry has to manage account books and taxes. This creates a surplus demand for chartered accountants, account managers, and account executives.


Witnessing the boom of digitalization, the demand for e-accountants with thorough knowledge of GST and software is aplenty. Advanced learning can open up the doors to GST compliances, Consultancies, litigation, or GST content writer or a course trainer as well!


Certification course with experience is the perfect combo for reaping the benefits of a new career or promising career growth graph. What more motivation do you need to break the path to a lucrative career ahead? I believe none!




Learning new things is never a waste, and grabbing the lucrative opportunities that this GST regime has untethered is a disposition of a sane person.


As someone who has an eye for numbers, details, and finances- the GST course is a breakthrough to unveil numerous career avenues. You can become an e-accountant, accounts executive, senior accountant, accounts manager, e-filing expert, or start up your own tax consultancy.


Choices are plenty- all you have to do is just take a small step and see the difference! Considering the GST Course, I hope this inclusive IIM Skills GST Course review helps you make the right choice for your career.

Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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