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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses With Placements

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, staying updated with advanced knowledge in every field is crucial. To remain competitive, one should consider enrolling in different certificate courses to boost their skills. This article provides a definitive list of the Best investment banking courses with placements. You can rest assured that these courses will equip you with the knowledge and training you need to succeed in the investment banking industry.


All about Investment Banking:

Investment banking is a type of banking that deals with assisting individuals, corporations, and governments in raising capital by underwriting and/or acting as an intermediary in the issuance of securities. It also engages in mergers and acquisitions and provides other financial services such as market making, trading of derivatives and commodities, and asset management.

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills and pursue a promising career in the banking sector, you’ve landed in the right place.


Career as an Investment Banker:

The career as an investment banker progresses along a reasonably conventional path from an intern level (junior) to a key position (senior level). The career might have to witness many milestones in between, from an Analyst (Starting) position to a Managing Director position.

An Analyst position is typically an entry-level professional in investment banking, with financial analysis, market research, valuation modeling, and preparing presentations as a few of the many other roles in the job.

The next position after the Analyst position is the Associate position. Associates are responsible for managing projects and transactions, analyzing the financial aspects, developing the financial models, conducting due diligence by interacting with clients, and ultimately contributing to the deal execution by acting as a bridge between the analysts and senior bankers.

An associate can further be promoted into more senior positions like the Vice President, followed by Director/Senior Vice President, and then ultimately the Managing Director position, which is a dream role of almost every employee, no matter what position one joins an organization.


Apart from these core positions, there may be specialized roles or teams within investment banking organizations, such as:

Industry Specialists: These professionals focus on specific industry sectors like energy, healthcare, technology, etc. They usually provide expertise and insights related to those sectors in deal evaluation and execution.

Capital Market Experts: They are experts in subjects like debt and equity capital market activities. Underwriting securities offerings, initial public offerings (IPOs), bond issuances, and other fundraising initiatives are a few other major roles of a capital market expert.

Risk Management and Compliance: These professionals ensure that the organization adheres to the regulatory needs of the organization. They also manage financial risks and maintain compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

Research Analysts: Research analysts provide in-depth analysis of companies, industries, and market trends to support investment decisions and recommendations.


Additional Insights:

It is noteworthy that the specific positions and roles discussed above may vary across organizations, and there can also be additional positions in between depending upon the structure and the size of the investment banking firm.

Once a career is started as an analyst, it might take three years of hard work to get promoted to the role of associate in most firms. Nevertheless, there might be a slight difference in the number of years in some exceptional cases.

Some firms may directly recruit candidates as investment banking associates from MBA college campus recruitment, instead of promoting analysts to associates.

By getting trained as an investment banker in one of the best investment banking courses with placements, you can become adept in negotiations, acting as a bridge between the firm and clients, and also develop excellent presentation skills and communication.


Salary Scope and Structure of an Investment Banker in India: The salary scope and structure of an investment Banker in India may vary from organization to organization based on various factors such as the level of experience of the candidate, the location of the job, the size and reputation of the firm, and Market conditions, etc.

All the below-mentioned salary figures are approximate and are calculated on average. They may not be exact. For entry-level Positions like Analyst or Associate, the salaries in India may range from 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

As professionals progress to more senior roles like Vice Presidents and Directors leading a team in India, the salary base may range from 25 lakhs to 80 lakhs per annum. This range depends on the size of the firm and its location.

Managing Directors and Partners, being top-level executives, can earn substantial salaries. Salaries for managing directors and partners in India can range from INR 80 lakhs to several crores per annum, depending on the firm, location, and performance.

Similar to other regions, bonuses also play a significant role in compensation for investment bankers in India. These bonuses are often based on individual and firm performance. The bonus amounts can vary and are typically a percentage of the base salary, often ranging from 50% to 200% or more of the base salary, depending on the level and performance of the firm and the employee.


List of Best Investment Banking Courses With Placements:

Following are some well-regarded Investment Banking courses in India.


1. Post-Graduation Course in Investment Banking by National Stock Exchange (NSE) Academy:

IMS Proschool, an official learning provider jointly started by CFA Institute & National Stock Exchange (NSE) offers this course in Investment Banking. It is a post-graduation course in Investment Banking and Capital markets to transform you into an investment banking professional.

Are you a student looking to enroll in a finance post-graduation course or are you a working professional trying to enhance your skills further? This course is perfectly designed for you in three flexible modules:


  1. Full-time classroom sessions
  2. Weekend sessions
  3. Live online


Duration of the Course: 10 months Post-graduation course

Core Topics: Credit Analysis, advanced level macros, Visual Basic Analysis (VBA), Investment Banking, M&A, financing projects, Research on equity, etc.

Fee: Rs. 99,000 /- for 640 Hours.

Placements: 100% assistance in placements after the course.

Course Location: Regular classes are available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.



A new batch starts every quarter.

Lectures are given by highly experienced Professionals from IIMs/CFA.


What you gain during and after the course:

Post-Graduation certificate by NSE Academy in Investment Banking. In addition a Financial Modelling certificate by NSE Academy. Assistance in CFA Level 1 exam preparation. Supportive placement assistance.


2. Datatrained:

Datatrained, in collaboration with London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA), offers post-graduate certificate programs in Investment Banking. This course is considered one of the best Investment Banking courses with placements.

The course is designed to provide extensive training on all the important tools and techniques that make you adept in the realm of Investment Banking. With 400+ hiring partners, it is a great place to get placements assessment after completion of the course.

They are well-known for their 91% of placements with an average salary of 6.5lakh per annum, after completion of the course. The course module and duration are quite flexible and have been designed keeping in mind the busy schedule of working professionals.


Flexible Classes: Weekend and Weekday, online and offline both.

Duration of the Course: 6 months

Fee: Rs. 90,000 /- +GST for 640 Hours.

Placements: 100% placement guarantee after completion of the course.

Course Location: Both Live online and offline classes and 100+ hours of pre-recorded lessons.



This program offers a certificate from Datatrained and London Governance and Compliance Academy.

The lectures are delivered by leading industry experts.

Career guidance in every step of your transformation into an investment banking professional.


What you get during and after the course:

Industry-recognized certification from Datatrained and London Governance and compliance academy.

Real-world scenarios case studies

Upon completion of the course, placements are guaranteed. Strengthened upskilling.


3. Investment Banking Course by Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning offers a well-knitted program that covers various aspects of investment banking operation and financial modeling. They claim to offer placement support through their extensive network of industry partners and relationships.

If you are looking to build your career in investment banking then, Imarticus Learning is definitely one of the best investment banking courses with placements and is a good choice.

This program is called CIBOP, which stands for “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional Program.” It is designed specifically for individuals with no experience or up to 3 years of work experience in the finance sector.

With 500+ hiring companies and an 80% placement track record, Imarticus guarantees you a 100% placement after completion of the course.


Flexible Classes: Weekend and Weekday classes along with online and offline facilities.

Duration of the Course: 2 months if enrolled for weekday classes and 3 months for weekend classes.

Core Topics Covered: This course covers the topics like fundamentals of financial markets, trade life cycle, risk management, regulation, etc.

Placements: 100% placement guarantee after completion of the course.

Course Location: Both Live online and offline classes with 180+ hours of pre-recorded lessons.



Placement support: Placement preparation assistance, resume building, mock interviews, etc.

Real-scenario case studies, problem-solving, and experiential learning. Industry expertise guidance.

Training modules that will allow you to interact with instructors in real-time and

get hands-on experience.


What you get during and after the course: Industry-recognized certification from Imarticus. Practical, real-life case studies.

100% placement guarantee.


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4. Investment Banking Course offered by the Wall Street School:

The Investment Banking course, developed by financial experts from the Wall Street School, provides both theoretical and real-world scenarios to enhance your knowledge and skills in investment banking operations. This course is designed to keep up with the advancing financial industry.

Experienced professionals who have worked in reputed banks lead the training sessions. One of the course’s unique features is the opportunity for candidates to directly interact with alumni for career guidance.

The course is designed to incorporate practical teaching methods, with industry professionals bringing their real-world experiences into the classrooms. It is considered to be one of the best investment banking courses in India, with a high placement rate.

The Wall Street School offers flexible fee payment options. You only need to pay 40% of the fee initially, while the remaining balance can be paid after placements, with a grace period of 90 days in between. This pattern has been carefully created to distribute the pressure and responsibility of placements between both the students and management equally.


Classes Conducted: They provide Full-time classes, Weekend classes, and also flexible self-paced classes.

Duration of the Course: 6 weeks for Full-time classes, 2.5 months for the weekend classes, and 80+ hours for the self-paced classes.

Course Pricing: Rs. 45000 +GST for the full-time course, Rs.42000 + GST for the weekend course.

Placements: 100% placement assistance after completion of the course.



Candidates are allowed to enroll in the Full-time course only after an Interview, which consists of mostly general aptitude questions.

Most of the completed batches have an exceptionally high percentage of students from backgrounds other than finance.

Other backgrounds students include Engineering backgrounds, Graduates and MBA students from other streams, and other working professionals.

The Wall Street School has a unique success-oriented placement module that is a “placement success fee” of Rs. 75000 charged if the candidate gets selected and offered a job in the campus placements.


What you get during and after the course :

Special placement guidance to succeed in the campus interviews. Practical case studies by senior-Investment banking professionals.


5. Advanced Certification Course in Investment Banking by Edubridge:

This is an advanced-level course created intact with the fast-paced changes in the Financial and Banking sectors. This course helps you dive deeper into various concepts in finance and banking areas. A plethora of topics are covered to enable you to learn and gain in-depth knowledge on the investment banking subject.

Elements like financial modeling concepts, bonds vs equity investment, merchant banking, over-the-counter (OTC) products, Anti-money laundering (AML), and Know- your-customer (KYL) are a few of the myriad topics taught in the course.

With a wide range of complex chapters embossed in the course, Edubridge undoubtedly stands as one of the Best Investment Banking courses with placements. They possess a job portal facility for all those who completed the course and could assist 32% of students to start a new career.


Classes Conducted: Both Classroom and Online Training modules

Duration of the Course: 326 hours

Course Pricing: Rs.69000/-

Placements: 110% placement guarantee after completion of the course.


Highlights of the investment banking courses with placements:

Candidates have a special opportunity to earn a scholarship of Rs.24000/- for 4 months through their popular “Learn & Earn” scheme.

In order to help students, they have come up with a “No-Cost EMI” option to pay the fee in 15 convenient EMIs.

Edubrige’s “110% money back guarantee scheme” challenges the candidates that there will be a 110% of fee refund if they did not land a job after completion of the course.

They have a dedicated job portal to make it easy to search for a job after the course.

Career guidance by industrial experts along with LinkedIn profile building and review assistance.


What you get during and after the investment banking courses with placements:

A dedicated placement Manager to guide you through the placement process after the course.

Practical case studies by senior-Investment banking professionals. Industry-valued certificate.

Guaranteed job placement.


6. Post-Graduate program in Investment Banking by Indian Institute of Management, Indore:

The Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Investment Banking (PGCPIB) by the Indian Institute of Management, Indore is one of the best investment banking courses in India. This course has been designed by industry professionals to impart the necessary skills to transform candidates into investment banking professionals.

The course aims to cover the operational and functional areas of investment banking, such as investment advisory services to high-net-worth individuals, corporates, and institutions.

The program is intended to equip graduates, whether with commerce or non-commerce backgrounds, with the necessary skills for investment banking and related fields, such as equity research, credit analysis, financial analysis, project finance, portfolio management, capital markets, and other specialized finance jobs.


Classes Conducted: Both Classroom and Online Training modules Duration of the Course: 12 months, 150 hours, 100 online sessions. Course Pricing: Rs.4, 55,100/-

Eligibility Criteria: Diploma / Graduation/ any equivalent from a reputed University in any discipline with minimum 50% aggregate marks for all the years.



Lectures conducted by highly experienced, industry experts. Case discussions.

Proper assessment and guidance of Project works, assignments, term papers, etc.


What you get during and after the course:

Compendious knowledge of all the topics required for an Investment Banker. Practical real-world case studies and solutions discussions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Investment Banking Courses With Placements


1. How can investment banking courses with placements benefit my career prospects?

Enrolling in Investment Banking courses with placements can benefit you in many ways, especially when choosing one of the Best Investment Banking Courses in India. These courses are designed to provide a strong foundation in investment banking concepts relevant to the industry. Acquiring these skills enhances your knowledge and expertise, making you adept in the job market.

With hands-on experience, you can apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios, giving you a practical understanding of the investment banking industry.

These courses often provide networking events, guest lectures, or alumni interactions that allow you to connect with professionals already working in the investment banking field. Building a strong network can open doors to job opportunities, referrals, and mentorship, increasing your chances of securing a role in the industry.

The investment banking industry is highly competitive, and having a recognized qualification from a reputable institution can give you a competitive edge over other candidates.


2. What are the eligibility criteria and admission process for investment banking courses with placements?

Institutions offering investment banking courses typically have a selection process that may involve multiple stages. The above list of best investment banking courses in India requires the applicants to have a minimum educational qualification like a bachelor’s degree. Some of them accept applications from any stream while others are particular about candidates being minimum graduates with financial degrees.

Some investment banking courses may prefer or require applicants to have prior work experience, especially for advanced or executive-level programs. The required work experience can vary, but it is typically in the fields of finance, accounting, or related areas. Some courses may require applicants to take entrance exams as part of the admission process. These exams may test quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and English language proficiency.


3. What criteria should I consider when evaluating investment banking courses with placements?

  • When selecting one of the best investment banking courses with placements, consider the following criteria to make an informed decision:
  • Look for the institution’s reputation and accreditation.
  • Ensure that the curriculum and course content covers all essential topics to become an expert in investment banking.
  • Keep in mind the qualification and experience of the faculty before enrolling in the course.
  • Evaluate the placement track record of previous course cohorts.
  • Evaluate the course’s industry connections and check if they have strong ties with financial institutions, banks, consulting firms, or corporate organizations.
  • Evaluate the level of placement support offered by the course, such as portfolio-building assistance, interview preparation, career counseling, access to job postings or portals, etc.
  • Check if the institute has any job guarantee policy.
  • Compare the course’s cost and duration and compare its return on investment in terms of career advancement and salary prospects.
  • Seek feedback from current or past students who have completed the course. Their testimonials and reviews can provide insights into the quality of education, placement assistance, and overall course experience.


The Conclusion: Investment Banking Courses With Placements

Nowadays, investment banking has become one of the very important areas of expertise to be improvised by aspiring youngsters to cope with the high level of competition in the corporate world. It is pre-eminent that one has to choose the best career options to further grow and to be influential in their career and society. Upgrading your skill set and knowledge by enrolling in different courses relevant to your field plays a vital role in your career advancement and reaching great heights in the corporate world. This article has been contrived to present you with the best investment banking courses with placements to enhance your knowledge of the finest available options.

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