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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad With Placement

Investment Banking is the most trending career option. Investment banking is coveted by young financial professionals to upskill their career game. With 4000+ job opportunities in investment banking, it is a highly lucrative and successful career option for finance aficionados. Investment banking entails much more than simply buying and selling company equities. Before going into the nitty-gritty of investment banking courses in Hyderabad, let us take a look at investment banking as a career option.


Who doesn’t want to be the Arjun from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? That’s what a career as an Investment Banker gives you. This article sheds light on valuable insights into the field of Investment banking as a career in India and popular investment banking courses.

The institutes offer the industry-needed foundational skills to young finance professionals who are looking for a gratifying career in this fascinating field of investment banking in the world of finance. Before going into the nitty-gritty of investment banking courses in Hyderabad, let us take a look at investment banking as a career option.


Table of Contents

  1. What is investment banking?
  2. Who is an investment banker?
  3. Culture of investment banking in India.
  4. Future of investment banking in India.
  5. Investment banking courses in Hyderabad.
  6. FAQs
  7. Final Thoughts.


What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a special segment in the field of banking operations. It is a type of financial service that concerns with large and complex financial transactions like Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), underwriting Initial Public Offer (IPO); capital raising, risk & wealth management, investment advice, and other financial solutions.

The services of investment banking are provided by investment banks. Investment banks serve as an intermediary between businesses or governments and investors, taking on all associated risks and serving as a safety net for all parties. These banks also guide their clients and advice the best solutions.

The investment banks hire investment bankers who incorporate financial services industry expertise, their analytical and quantitative abilities, and effective persuasive communication skills to support their clients in financial activities like underwriting debt, trading of securities, M&A, restructuring the companies, etc to make businesses more proficient and provide financial guidance.

Ever pondered the size of India’s investment banking market? There are more than 300 investment banking firms operating in India today. Avendus Capital, Axis Capital Limited, Edelweiss Financial Services, ICICI Securities Limited, and IDBI Capital are some of the top investment banks in India. These top investment banking courses in Hyderabad give a clear view and thorough understanding of how the investment banking industry works in India.


Who is an Investment Banker?

  • Investment bankers are professionals who with their expertise help their clients to build & raise capital through various financial transactions and activities that include structuring Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), selling for clients, issuing & selling debt and securities, and drafting & supervising Initial Public Offer (IPO).
  • These individuals manage the financial facet of large projects of corporations, governments, and other groups.
  • Investment bankers predominantly work with financial institutions and investment banks.
  • These professionals with their high quantitative and analytical skills save the client time and capital by analyzing the risks that are correlated to a particular project and advising the best-suited investment plan and opportunities before moving forward.
  • Investment bankers are also known as investment banking analysts, they additionally have a career in the field of venture capital, private equity, and wealth management as well.
  • Moreover, a hierarchy of positions exists in the career of an investment banker: (from junior/entry-level to senior level) analyst, associate, vice president, senior vice president, and then managing director.
  • Investment bankers are crucial planners in the financial growth and development of a corporation, government, or any other organization.

Seems too much of responsibilities? Don’t worry; the investment banking courses are best in training and upskilling young money-makers to take this highly fantasized Investment banker as their career.


Culture in Investment Banking in India

As every coin has two faces, the same is with the investment banking industry in India. The culture of investment banking in India is not like USA or UK. In India, one can only survive in this industry if they dare to take risks. Let’s take a further look into it-


Competition– this industry is all about competition that who is the best pitcher and who can make more money with their industry expertise. Investment bankers have to face extremely competitive situations every day. Working in this industry involves high-pressure and stressful situations (Competing deadlines).


Work-Life Balance- there is no work-life balance in this industry, the investment bankers work 15-16 hours a day as the investment banks demand such working hours. But the salaries that are paid pile up in the salary accounts. This industry doesn’t give you a day off, you work on weekends too.


Salary- Investment bankers in India take huge money home. This Wall Street career has a reputation for rewarding compensation. According to the average salary of an investment banker is INR 10 lakhs per annum ranging up to INR 1 crore per annum, as per the experience and reputation of an investment banker. So, an investment banker, within a few years, earns a significant sum of money.

The investment banking courses in Hyderabad equip applicants for the workaholic industrial atmosphere and hard working conditions.


Future of Investment Banking in India

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for financial services agents is anticipated to increase by 4% by 2029. A worldwide employment rise of 17,400 is expected during this period. In keeping with the nation’s present patterns in economic activity, an increase is predicted for the investment banking sector in India.

The coming years are anticipated to be exciting for the corporations adopting investment banking in India, therefore making various employment opportunities. Hyderabad is experiencing fast digitization in the sphere of business services, which is currently experiencing a record-high demand for investment banking specialists, resulting in an upward career trajectory and attractive remuneration from corporations.

Hyderabad is the second-largest hub in the world for investment banking. In 2021, there were nearly 90,000+ open positions in investment banking in Hyderabad. 70% of these vacancies were for roles requiring less than five years of experience. Making the switch to investment banking is wise because the returns are significantly larger than other options.

Investment banks have grown significantly in prominence as an increasing number of businesses are eager to use bonds and stocks to secure financing in the twenty-first century. The presumption is that digitization and industry competitiveness won’t pose a danger to this future. In response to the high need for investment bankers in Hyderabad, numerous institutes are offering broad and very lucrative investment banking courses in Hyderabad.


Other best courses in Hyderabad:


Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad

Let us now take a look at the top institutes in Hyderabad that provide online and offline investment banking courses. These investment banking courses in Hyderabad offer the best skill set and learning experience through their extensive curriculum as per the industry needs. Also, their experienced teachers polish you to make you industry ready. Investment banking courses in Hyderabad enhance your employability and your career growth by 10x.


  • Imarticus learning
  • EduBridge India
  • Data Trained
  • NSE
  • Intellipaat


1. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning offers an industry-approved program in investment banking. The course is tailored to upskill your financial knowledge and transform you into an investment agent expert. If you are looking for a classroom course then this course is for you.


Course- Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP)

Mode- Classroom & Live Online

Course Fee- INR 1, 40,000/- (inclusive of all taxes)

Duration- Full-time 2-month program (weekdays) & Part-time 3-month program (weekends)

Eligibility- 0-3 years of work experience in commerce, finance, or business management stream.


This Course Curriculum is Divided Into 3 Modules-

  • Introduction to Financial Markets– under this module, students understand the basics, landscape, and typical elements of the financial market and also learn about different financial market instruments.
  • Trade Life Cycle– this module covers, the fundamentals of a trade life cycle, various frameworks related to KYC and anti-money laundering in India, introduction to ISDA, and processes of settlement & reconciliation.
  • Risk Management– this module revolves around the understanding and implications of regulatory framework relevant to the investment banking industry and how to manage risk.


Key Takeaways:-

  • Provides in-depth knowledge of the subject with practical training through real industry problems and projects and case studies.
  • Imarticus Learning has over 500+ hiring partners including companies like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.
  • Extensive career support services after completion of the course like resume building, interview preparation, and profile enhancement.
  • This course comes with an industry-recognized certificate on the completion of the course and a 100% job guarantee.
  • This institute has an 80% successful placement rate.


2. EduBridge India

At EduBridge, youth fill their skill gap by understanding their key interests and strengths and creating awareness about the investment banking industry. This institute offers an investment banking course that is focused on building tomorrow’s skills that are needed by investment banking industry recruiters.

This institute is incorporated by IIM-B alumnus Girish Singhania in 2009 and has a decade of experience in investment banking courses in Hyderabad.


Course- Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations

Mode- Online

Course Fee- INR 69,000/-

Duration- 326 hours

Eligibility- Any business or commerce degree graduate, with good communication in English.


The course curriculum is not provided on their website. The applicant has to contact them for syllabus details.


Key Takeaways:-

  • Develop pivotal job-related skills, time management skills, and investment banking know-how.
  • Brush up your employability skills by learning teamwork and networking skills.
  • Get digital certification of completion.
  • Job Assistance is provided through EduBridge’s job portal.
  • 110% Job Guarantee


3. Data Trained

The investment banking course offered by Data Trained is one of the best and most recognized worldwide investment banking courses in Hyderabad. This course bridges the gap between theoretical concepts taught during college and the on-the-job application of those concepts.

This course is designed by investment bankers and industry specialists as well as taught by them. The course helps you to learn how to use tools, processes, and technology for investment banking that are currently high in demand and used worldwide. For applicants with 0–3 years of experience and no graduate degree in business or commerce, this course is ideal.


Course- PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modelling in Hyderabad

Mode- online and offline

Duration- 6 months

Fees- INR 90,000/- + GST

Eligibility- passed 12th grade in commerce.


The Course Curriculum is Divided Into 13 Modules-

  • Three modules cover the topics regarding the basics of finance and economics.
  • Two modules cover technical knowledge which includes Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Rest eight modules covers the topics regarding investment banking, financial valuation of corporation and start-ups, and merger & acquisition.
  • In addition, the course curriculum includes 8 practical industry-based case studies and projects.


Key Takeaways-

  • Extensive investment banking certification course in Hyderabad.
  • Develop job-relevant skills taught by industry experts.
  • Data Trained Education awards course and project completion certificates.
  • Virtual internships with certificates at J.P. Morgan and Citi Bank APAC.
  • Data Trained is considered as best investment banking course by 400+ hiring partners and provides a 100% placement guarantee.
  • The Employability Enhancement program by Data Trained Education assists with profile enhancement, resume building, and interview prep.


4. National Stock Exchange (NSE) Academy

The coursework prepares you for higher compensation by increasing your capacity to exhibit superior subject knowledge to your peers and set you apart from the crowd in the investment banking market. The investment banking course involves understanding complex securities pricing and negotiating between corporate titans. This investment banking course can greatly assist candidates with or without any finance industry knowledge.


Course- Post-Graduate Certificate in Management

Mode- online and classroom

Duration- 12 months course + 3 months internship

Fees- INR 5, 90, 000/-

Eligibility- Graduates from any discipline, Must have obtained at least 50% marks in graduation.


The Course Curriculum is Divided Into Four Terms-

  • Term 1 includes topics such as financial reporting and analysis, marketing management, human resource management, business data analysis, and the essentials of business analytics.
  • Term 2 includes topics such as corporate finance, costing for decision-making, marketing research tools, economics (micro and macro), business in global markets, and introduction to financial markets
  • Term 3 includes investment banking, merger and acquisitions, capital market operations, mutual fund and fixed-income securities, investment advisory, and equity research.
  • Term 4 includes technical and practical areas of investment banking like technical analysis, taxation, money laundering, and quantitative techniques of investment banking.


Key Takeaways-

  • One-year full-time program followed by 3 months of corporate internships.
  • NSE Academy subject matter experts will develop your skills in the capital markets and some core concepts of investment banking.
  • PGCM is a government-approved program designed by NSE experts for candidates aspiring for a career in investment banking.
  • After completion of the program students receive a coveted NSE certification in investment banking.
  • Candidates are prepared to lead organizations and/or prepare for the corporate world after completing Socially Relevant Projects (SRP), Live Projects, and Dissertation Work.


5. Intellipaat-

This advanced certification course was designed in collaboration with Intellipaat by the E&ICT Academy at IIT Guwahati. This program is one of the best investment banking courses in Hyderabad. It is a comprehensive course that guarantees to deliver an industry-level skill set for pursuing a successful career as an investment banker.

The course aims to give candidates a thorough understanding of a variety of tasks and duties in the financial industry, such as security valuation, asset management, equity instruments, debt instruments, and other derivative instruments.


Course- Investment Banking course

Mode- Online

Duration- 5 months

Fees- INR 98,000/-

Eligibility- Graduates in any discipline.


The curriculum is divided into 15 modules that cover a wide spectrum of topics related to Excel, Fundamentals of Investment Banking, Cash Equities, FOREX Markets, Derivative Markets, Corporate Actions, Asset management, ISDA, Stock Borrow & Lending, M&As, Trade life Cycle, Legal Aspects, Customer and Anti-Money laundering.


Key Takeaways-

  • Interactions with mentors on a one-to-one basis.
  • Intellipaat has 300+ hiring partners.
  • Provides job assistance, essential training for soft skills, and interviews.
  • One industry-based project which gives real-world competence.
  • Certification provided by E&ICT and IIT Guwahati.
  • Intellipaat has a record for 11000+ career transitions.
  • Lifetime access to the batches and LMS




Q1. What are the benefits of investment banking courses in Hyderabad?

Ans1. As an investment banking center, Hyderabad enables numerous institutes to have investment banking experts as mentors. As a result, applicants are taught by domain experts, gain in-depth knowledge of industry skills, and work on real-world problems.


Q2. Do these courses offer internships?

Ans3. Yes, all these courses offer internships by giving the applicants real-world projects from investment bank firms.


Q3. Do the investment banking courses in Hyderabad guarantee a job to the applicants?

Ans4. Except for the NSE, all of the institutes offer applicants a job. The institutes have 400+ employment partners and 300+ career transition records. Furthermore, the institutes are trusted by the industry’s major corporations.


Q4. Can I do investment banking courses after B.Com?

Ans5. A three- or four-year bachelor’s degree is required for entry-level work in the investment banking industry. As a fresher,, BBA, B.A. in finance, and B.A. in economics are excellent options for launching a career in investment banking. Also, if you have a finance background, taking the investment banking course would help you improve your résumé.


Q5. Can I pursue a career as an investment banker after my MBA?

Ans6. Of course, being an investment banker is a popular job path for MBA grads.


Q6. Can I do an investment banking course without any degree in finance or economics discipline?

Ans7. Applicants for a career in investment banking do not need to have a finance background. Indeed, several investment banking courses in Hyderabad provide in-depth education about the fundamentals of finance and economics while keeping beginners in mind.


Q7. How much salary hike is expected after completing the course?

Ans8 After completing the course, the typical income boost is 50-60%.


Q8. Is investment banking a good career option in India?

Ans9. Investment banking in India is an excellent career option for people seeking to make a difference in the financial sector. It provides a competitive salary, career security, and the opportunity to work with fascinating customers and earn bonuses.


Q9. What are the role and responsibilities offered to an investment banker in India?

Ans10. The roles include wealth management, asset management, company valuations, and security valuations such as stocks and bonds to match investors’ projected investment goals. Investment Bankers also develop financial models, perform due diligence, and create pitch books. They also supervise the corporation’s IPOs and M&A transactions. With this, they also work as legal advisors and recommend the best possible solutions.


Final Thoughts-

Looking ahead to the future the investment banking business in India is quite rewarding in terms of being a certified investment banker, which improves your resume and offers you the finest prospects in the market. For finance enthusiasts, Hyderabad is a center with numerous professional opportunities. The listed courses have the potential to turn a novice, with or without prior experience, into an expert in the field of investment banking in India.

However, it is strongly encouraged that you select the best path based on your considerations. Though it is a tough job, an investment banker enjoys the benefits of the profession after he becomes an expert. Furthermore, investment banking courses are designed to prepare individuals to function in difficult situations and have successful careers afterward.

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