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Top 11 Practical Oriented SEO Courses in the UK

Have you come across the word ‘SEO’ being thrown about very often? If yes, it’s probably because Search Engine Optimisation is a professional skill growing in demand. Businesses and organizations need SEO to drive web traffic, which leads to an increase in sales. SEO courses in the UK can help you comprehend the technicalities of the term in a simple manner and how to adopt the skill through practice. Having this skill on your resume is advantageous in the sphere of digital marketing. If you wish to familiarise yourself with SEO and find an apt course, keep reading on further.


What Does The Concept of SEO Entail?


The acronym “SEO” basically stands for “Search Engine Optimisation.” To put it in simple terms, SEO enhances the visibility of your site on search engines organically. Have you ever found yourself looking past Google’s first page of search results? You’d have to be in an awful desperate need if there’d ever come a time you’ve had to do that! 


We all want to find what we need instantly. Hence, the goal is to ensure that the search engine’s algorithm displays your brand’s valuable content on the first page of search results. It is essential for your website that offers products and services to be found easily.


It enables a brand to draw traffic that may get its business potential leads and customers. With brands going digital, having an online presence plays a crucial aspect in generating sales and revenue. Marketing your brand requires visibility, credibility, and reach, but how do you achieve this feat?


Here is where SEO best practice methods play a pivotal role in launching your business growth by boosting your virtual presence. Many people believe that SEO is highly technical and should only be carried out by professionals. Even if there are several layers of SEO, from the most basic to the most complex, everyone in the business can master the fundamentals.


To know how SEO can plummet lead generation, it is important to be able to gain in-depth insights into its functionality. Enrolling in any of these SEO courses in the UK of your choice may prove to be worth the investment when it comes to knowledgeable returns. 


Who Should Consider Learning SEO Techniques?


In general terms, anyone seeking career prospects in digital marketing can look into the possibility of learning SEO. While learning SEO may seem overwhelming to some, you may find relief in knowing that there are no prerequisites to learning this sought-after skill. You may take this as a cue, to just leap, if you intend to pursue SEO for your professional development.


All you need is some guidance, direction and the drive to hone a new skill. However, having basic knowledge of how the internet functions could aid in your learning process. The upside of registering yourself in any of these SEO courses in the UK makes it advantageous to learn in a formal, structured manner with the help of industry experts. The following consists of groups and categories of people who should consider developing SEO skills:


  • Professionals in Digital Marketing


To excel in Digital Marketing, it is crucial to be found via means of your online presence. Having expertise in SEO is a core skill that is fundamental to any form of digital marketing. Hence, learning SEO is vital for digital marketing professionals to amplify your brand’s reach to your target audience. Signing up for SEO courses in the UK can help you learn brilliant tactics from industry experts. 


  • Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses


When starting with any small or medium business as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, it is crucial to gain recognition and establish yourself in your market. How are you to build awareness of your brand and heighten its visibility? Learning and working with the principles of SEO can help you build a strong foundation for your marketing strategy. This is essential to get you traffic and lead conversions to upscale your brand. 


  • Freelancers and Marketers


In 2020, the pandemic saw a rise in the opportunity for building a freelance career with a 63% increase in freelancer registrations compared to the previous year. Whether you are a freelance content writer, social media marketer, copywriter, or marketing professional, knowing SEO plays a key role in attracting high-paying clients.


Knowing how to help your client realize their goals through SEO, places you in a favorable position. If freelancing and marketing is the path you wish to take, then SEO will take your strategy a long way. Enroll yourself in any of these SEO courses in the UK to upscale and master the skill. 


  • Bloggers


With a sea of blogs flooding the internet out there, how do you set your blogs apart and stand out? You may have a whole lot of quality content to offer your core audience, but what is the point of it if it never reaches them? That is when you need to rely on SEO techniques to bring your content to the forefront by ranking on search engines. Studying how SEO techniques work and integrating them into your blogs, can help enhance your online visibility and bring in organic traffic. 


  • Students


If you’re a student looking for productive ways to utilize your time to upskill and bring in a little bit of side income, you might want to consider learning SEO. With young people being exposed to the age of the internet, why not put it to good use? This poses a great opportunity to propel your career or side hustle with the added incentive of flexibility. SEO is a skill that can be picked up through consistent training and practice. With courses now available online as well, it is quite accessible to get hands-on experience. 


  • Side Hustlers


Do you already have a job, but you’re looking for a side hustle? Then, opting to learn SEO techniques may be a lucrative choice for you. The growing demand for SEO specialists can help you generate a reasonable side income. These SEO courses in the UK may prove to be useful to you. If you learn all the tricks and trades of SEO and develop this professional skill, then who knows? You could make a full-time career out of it, that you may very well be interested in!


  • Homemakers


As a homemaker, you may often find yourself wanting to find a means of earning that is within your capacity. Learning the skill of SEO through any of these SEO courses in the UK could provide the possibility of helping you find balance. All you need is internet connectivity and a laptop to help get you started. Acquiring knowledge in SEO could open a window of opportunities for you to explore further. What’s great about this is that this option could be well within your reach!


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List of Top 11 SEO Courses in the Uk That May Interest You


1. IIM Skills 


IIM Skills is a highly reputed institute providing online education services, making it easily accessible to the masses. Their goal is to offer a world-class education that is affordable through live online and self-paced learning programs. They offer an intensive course in SEO that provides students with live lectures and real-world hands-on experience.


There will be lifetime access to their training material and resources at no additional cost. You will receive online support and guidance. The duration of the course is for about 4 weeks along with 8 weeks of paid internship and placement support. You will obtain certification and will be learning from experts in the field. They have achieved the milestone of training 25000+ happy students since 2015. 


Course Name: SEO Course

Course Fee: 154.98 Pound Sterling


Other Courses


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2. Market Motive 


Market Motive is a leading internet marketing training provider. They aim to help individuals and groups in marketing advance their lives, careers, and business by offering comprehensive training. Higher education institutions such as Duke University, Penn State, and Polk State College use their courses to complement their in-class instruction and improve their community education catalogs.


They focus on providing education by partnering with industry professionals and keeping an updated, structured curriculum. Their course is taught by Matt Bailey, an SEO professional. It consists of more than 30 hours of self-paced, on-demand training and 15 hours of instructor-led live training. Upon the completion of projects, you will receive certification. 


Course Name: Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Training

Course Fee: 369.66 Pound


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3. London Marketing Academy


London Marketing Academy offers courses in digital marketing conducted by certified trainers in the industry. They mainly operate in London and also offer courses internationally. They impart contemporary strategies in an interactive, hands-on approach that is easy to comprehend and simple to implement.


You will learn how to structure sites and create content that will optimize your search engine ranking position in this course. It demonstrates how to gain and maintain high-quality links, how to avoid Google penalties, how to thoroughly research your competition, and how to come up with excellent ideas for brand-new articles.


Their class strength is limited to a small handful of students to provide them with the best learning experience. You can avail of their SEO courses in the UK in a class or online. You will receive a graduation certificate upon completion of the course. 


Course Name: SEO Course

Course Fee: Early bird price – 500 pounds (in class), 350 pounds (live, online)


4. College of Media and Publishing


In 2003, what started as a small family business was rebranded in 2015, to reflect what they did more accurately as the “College of Media and Publishing”. They have quickly become a successful online college in the UK ever since. They provide a variety of professional courses which are government-registered and have accreditation. 


What sets them apart is that they wish to offer the individual personal attention. They aim to aid several individuals to cultivate new skills, switch careers and work with organizations such as Vodafone, Arsenal Football Club, Disney, etc. You will be given endorsed certifications and constructive personal feedback with expert career advice. By registering in SEO courses in the UK such as this, you can learn at your own pace without the pressure of meeting deadlines.


Course Name: Online SEO Content Writing Course

Course Fee: 494.50 Pound


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5. Hubspot Academy


Hubspot Academy is the most well-known academy for free online training. Through their online training, they primarily want to educate people while also assisting them in achieving success in their enterprises. They provide a range of courses and offer students online access to videos, lessons, and learning resources. 


Their SEO courses in the UK are a great start for beginners, as they have managed to pack a ton of practical information within the 6 lessons. You will finish the course in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Their certified courses aid writers and marketers with digital marketing.


Course Name: SEO Certification Course

Course Fee: Free


6. Moz Academy


Moz is a big name that has dominated the world of SEO. They deliver some of the best knowledge about SEO that you can find online. Their main aim is to ensure that SEO education is made easily accessible. They offer a course series that is a six-part, instructor-led, on-demand course.


It combines in-depth instruction in the fundamentals of SEO with practical ways for putting your newly acquired knowledge to use with Moz Pro. Your instructors will lead you through six hours of content, and you’ll be able to assess your knowledge with exams after each of the five sections. You will gain certification at the end of it. 


Course Name: SEO Essentials Certification (Series)

Course Fee: 499.18 Pound


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7. Yoast SEO Academy


The Yoast SEO academy wishes to dispense its knowledge of SEO and offers an outstanding selection of courses on a variety of subjects. The academy has so far assisted over 300,000 people in mastering SEO and enhancing their websites. They offer you two courses, one of which is free and the other premium.


The free course provides you with basic foundational concepts and learning of SEO. Whereas, on the other hand, the premium version provides you with the knowledge of core concepts along with technical support. They cover topics from beginner to advanced based on the course you choose. 


Course Name: Online SEO Training

Course Fee: Free, Premium – 83.16 Pound/annually


Here is a compilation of the best Digital Marketing Courses in The UK for you to bolster your skillsets and explore newer job avenues. 


8. ClickMinded


ClickMinded is a website that offers digital marketing courses to students, entrepreneurs, startups, and agencies. Their SEO course teaches you how to incorporate comprehensive SEO tactics to improve the rankings of your website as quickly as possible. They teach you the fundamentals of marketing and directly apply them to SEO.


It immediately builds on this by giving you a simple SEO framework to apply to whichever niche you are working with. After completing the final exam, you will receive a certificate with unlimited lifetime access to learning resources.


Course Name: ClickMinded SEO Course

Course Fee: 834.83 Pound


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


9. Media Training Ltd


Media Training is the largest creative training company with Adobe Authorization in the UK. You can choose between live online lessons or classroom sessions in London. They provide an SEO course taught by UK industry experts. Their course provides insights into an effective way to boost your ranking. You will gain practical, applicable SEO knowledge that will help you build traffic to your website.


The course offered introduces you to SEO and teaches you to produce SEO-friendly copy. What’s great about this institute is that you can pursue SEO courses in the UK in offline and online mode as per your needs. This course also provides certification.


Course Name: SEO Intro, SEO Adv (online and offline)

Course Fee: varies based on the selection of course


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10. The Chartered Institute of Marketing


The Chartered Institute of Marketing endeavors to educate business leaders and opinion formers about the positive influence that professional marketing can provide on businesses, the economy, and society at large. They enable modern marketers to succeed in their professions and provide long-term business success attributable to their extensive selection of training programs and internationally recognized credentials.


Their SEO course is a one-day intermediate-level course. This hands-on SEO training course demonstrates how to pick up SEO skills that will raise your conversion rate and boost Google SEO traffic. Delegates will learn how to use free SEO tools and search engine optimization strategies to attract new clients and build lucrative and long-lasting online businesses.


Course Name: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Course Fee: 475 Pound


11. Semrush 


Semrush’s SEO course is a great start to learning the basics of SEO and brushing up on it. It is an in-depth course by Greg Gifford, a popular speaker known in the SEO industry. Anyone can benefit from taking this free course. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a better comprehension of SEO and how to increase website traffic and sales. It consists of 31 video lessons and all SEO essentials will be covered over 4 hours. You will earn your certificate upon exam completion. 


Course Name: SEO Fundamentals Course

Course Fee: Free


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. Is taking up an SEO course worth it? 

Learning SEO could be lucrative to add to your kitty of professional skills. If you are a beginner, registering for a course that suits your needs might be a good decision. Enrolling in a course allows you to learn in a structured manner by training under experts in the field. With the high demand for SEO professionals in digital marketing doing a course in SEO is worth it. Most SEO courses in the UK offer you a certification that can add to your credibility. 


Q2. What is the best way to become SEO certified? 

After completion, several SEO courses and programs award certificates. Selecting a top-notch program from a reputable institute that other professionals will recognize is the best approach to becoming certified in SEO. In this manner, you acquire the necessary SEO skills and earn a certificate that others will value. Most SEO courses in the UK mentioned in this article offer you a certification. 


Q3. How is SEO beneficial?

The smartest and most economical marketing strategy for increasing sales and generating significant ROI for any organization or business is search engine optimization. Online businesses cannot succeed without a solid SEO foundation in place. Websites can gain a lot and have the potential to develop exponentially over time. It helps brands establish credibility and earn their audience’s trust.




With the digital space constantly evolving it directly influences digital marketing strategies. Small online businesses and organizations face heavy competition when it comes to keeping their brand name in the limelight. This is why search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in keeping businesses afloat by amplifying their visibility and garnering attention. Learning and adopting the techniques and strategies of SEO through training can make you a valuable asset in demand. Enrolling yourself in any of these SEO courses in the UK listed above could help enable you to master the skill of SEO. 

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