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Top 5 SEO Training in Jaipur With Placement Assistance

As the use of the internet for business promotion has picked up the pace, careers in Search Engine Optimization and content marketing which involve creating and marketing content online have seen a steep increase in demand by companies due to neck-to-neck competition in the digital space. Companies are now looking for SEO experts, digital marketers, web designers, and content managers for different tasks related to running and marketing a business in the internet space. In this article, we will see what SEO is, the career prospects it offers, and the institutes providing SEO training in Jaipur.


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is famously called one of the most important tools at the hands of digital marketers to improve the page rankings of their website. Internet and digital marketing have undergone massive change in the last 15 years. The SEO techniques are aimed at optimizing a web page such that it is easily found by the search engines and indexed which helps improve the visibility of the page to targeted online visitors.


In short, SEO improves the rank of a website which helps the website to receive more traffic. The more unique visitors to a website, the more are the chances of the website selling products and services listed on the website. SEO also depends on the search engine you are targeting. Different types of search engines such as Google, yahoo search, Bing, Baidu, AOL, etc. are in use today.


Of them, google is the most famous and highly used search engine with a market share of approximately 92%. The engineers at Google have designed automatic bots which crawl through the new and existing web pages on the web on a continuous basis. This bot using a typical algorithm grades a particular web page based on the quality of content, and keywords used many such factors.


Web pages with higher grades are indexed at a higher rank which pops up in the search results when the reader searches for a specific keyword present on the web page. The algorithm of the bot undergoes upgrades and changes every few years which also changes the rules of SEO used for improving page rankings.


With the help of SEO, the digital marketer can optimize the web page such that it would be easily indexed and made available to the reader. Hence SEO is more of a skill that requires the digital marketer to use his knowledge and experience of using certain tools to optimize the web page to rank better in the search results.


Why Should You Learn SEO?


There are more than a billion websites that are always competing with each other for visibility and traffic. As we have already seen, Google has designed an algorithm that consistently goes through the web pages and sorts them to find the best search result for the reader searching in google.


Based on the search term used by the reader, the Google algorithm has already made a list of websites to show the reader the best answers for his or her query. This algorithm google uses is a secret and undergoes upgrades so that only the most relevant results are shown to the user at any given time.


So with the help of SEO, you can acquire the necessary skills and understand the various steps you can use to make the content on the website more relevant to selected search terms also known as keywords. SEO can be pretty basic like inserting the right keywords in the content to be highly complicated and advanced which needs years of experience and knowledge to implement.


Any level of SEO knowledge can be very useful, even if you are a student and want to promote your post, an employee creating more value among his peers, an entrepreneur managing his business promotion, or even if you are an SEO expert providing freelancer services to your clients. Knowing how to use SEO for personal and business purposes has become a very important skill in today’s world where people and businesses are digitally connected.


It ultimately makes you a step above your competition and establishes your value in the digital world. A lot of institutes have started courses that teach this valuable skill. We would focus this article on the courses based on SEO training in Jaipur which can boost your brand online as a professional and start your career towards a successful career as an SEO expert.


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What are the Major Components of SEO Training in Jaipur?


As an SEO professional, you will study the major steps or parts which would help you to improve the SEO of any particular website or webpage. SEO is a highly technical skill with main or core concepts like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. There is no single rule or process which ensures a great SEO for your or your client’s website.


In this article, we have touched upon the basic aspects of SEO that are relevant to students, business owners, and even SEO professionals targeting Google to improve their website SEO. As an SEO professional, you have to keep track of the website on a continuous basis and keep making those relevant changes to ensure that the website has a really good SEO which continuously boosts its traffic.


The SEO Training Includes but Is Not Limited to These Three Major Aspects:


  • ON Page SEO: ON Page SEO refers to the content that you have added to the website, its quality, and relevance to the search term for which you want the website to rank. Google algorithm crawls through the content on the website and then based on its technical aspects such as keywords, grammatical errors and content quality decides to either index it or ignore it altogether.


  • OFF Page SEO: OFF Page SEO refers to things that are not directly concerned with your website. It has more to do with the authority of the website in general. This authority is based on the number of other websites which link yours for the rich content it has. These links of your website on other websites are called backlinks and hold high value in terms of Google’s perception of a website. The more backlinks you can generate for a website organically the better your authority is as per google and the higher would be the rank of your website.


  • Technical SEO: A technical SEO contains website features like its architecture, mobile-friendliness, site map, internal links, and page loading speed. The easier you make the Google algorithm crawl over your website and understand it, the quicker it will be processed and indexed by google.


What Are the Earning Opportunities?


There are three major ways you can earn income after successfully completing your SEO training from any of the reputable SEO training institutes in Jaipur.


  • Job Opportunities: As an SEO professional, you would be an in-demand commodity in the hiring market as companies are always looking for skilled SEO experts who could boost their web presence. Hence working for a company is a good opportunity backed by decent pay.


  • Freelancing: With more confidence in your skillset and small capital, you could start your own consulting company offering SEO services to your clients. This type of work pays well in the long run but requires a lot of hard work and consistency to set up the business.


  • Training: You can also set up a training center and offer SEO training services to interested candidates. Although to provide training, you need to first build credibility in the market with your work which would help you attract prospective students to your training institute.


Top 5 Institutes Providing SEO Training in Jaipur


1)   IIM Skills:


IIM skills is a leading online education platform offering courses in the field of digital marketing, content writing, and SEO. The founder of the organization Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and is considered to be a pioneer in developing an online education system for students and professionals who are trying to build their careers in the digital world.


The institute offers all its professional courses online with flexibility encompassing the needs of students as well as working professionals. The SEO course offered by the organization is a master certification with a practical learning approach, access to SEO tools, and online support for the participants to solve their problems.


With experienced faculty which consist of industry professionals, participants can learn the correct approach for upskilling and providing solution to their clients in the future. This is one of the best options for students looking for SEO training in Jaipur as the students can sit in the comfort of their homes and get professional training and industrial experience. The fee charged by the institute is 14900 plus the GST.


Some of the Main Features of SEO Course Are

  • Live classes for 16 hours
  • Classes for 4 weeks
  • Paid internship of 8 weeks duration
  • Practical and weekly assignments
  • Free tools worth 20k
  • Placement assistance
  • Course recognition by the Indian government.


Other Courses


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2)   SEO Engineers Academy:


SEO Engineers Academy is one of the best providers of SEO training in Jaipur and is a leading organization offering digital marketing courses for beginner-level to advanced-level candidates. The courses offered by the institute are relevant for all types of candidates, be they students, entrepreneurs, or even job seekers.


The courses are designed in such a way that they suit the needs of entry-level to expert candidates. All the courses are offered in both online and offline formats. They also have a special course designed especially for job seekers. The institute offers an introductory course of 7 days at INR 99.


The Different Types of Major Courses Offered by the Institute Are:


  • Course for Job Seekers: This is a 4 monthly course having more than 66 advanced modules. Candidates selecting this course would be entitled to an appreciation certificate and would be able to attend live practical classes. The course is designed by industry veterans having more than 9 years of experience and the institute offers 100% placement assistance to all candidates. The fees for this course are 16500 for an online class and 21500 for offline classes.


  • Beginners Course: This is a 2-month course with more than 34 modules covered during the period. This course offers a solid foundation for candidates who have just entered this field and want to get their basics right before proceeding. Students with basic graduation or even who have completed their 10+2 are allowed entry into the course. The course fee for both the online and offline classes is INR 8900 only.


  • Advanced Course: This course which the institute recognized as its master’s course is of 5 months duration and has more than 86 advanced modules in both online and offline formats. Candidates completing this course find themselves with multiple opportunities in jobs as Digital Marketing Manager, Sr SEO Analyst or they can start their freelance journey by starting blogging or as an influencer. The fee for the online format of the course is INR 25700 and for offline courses is INR 29700.


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3)    BR Brains:


This is another well-established SEO training institute in Jaipur. Its main focus is on digital marketing and offers a host of courses for interested candidates such as Digital Marketing Training, Software Training, SEO training, PHP, and Android training. The course module designed for SEO at BR Brains is well researched and offers live projects, career counseling, the latest syllabus, and 100% placement.


The course offers SEO Introduction, SEO analysis, website designing using SEO techniques, and analytical methods used for traffic planning along with on-page and off-page SEO. The key features of the SEO training in Jaipur offered by this institute are:


  • Career Counseling
  • 100% placement
  • Latest techniques
  • Live Projects
  • Industry Experts as faculty


4)   Ventureheap Academy:


Venture heap Academy is one of the leading names in the industry providing SEO training in Jaipur. The institute offers separate courses for Digital marketing, website designing, PPC, and SEO training. The institute has designed the SEO course based on a hands-on approach, where the candidate is provided with enough practical training and experience to provide the best SEO services to his or her clients.


The duration of the course is 6 weeks and offers both online as well as offline classes. The SEO course also offers live projects, case studies, and free internship opportunities. The faculty have experience of more than 10 years and the course curriculum is very detailed as it expertly covers all the basic as well as advanced aspects of SEO. The fee for the course is 9500 with a 2-hour class each day from Monday to Friday.


The Major Features of This Institute Offering Seo Training in Jaipur Are:

  • Free internship
  • Affordable fees
  • Placement assistance
  • Faculty with industry experience
  • Online and offline modes of learning


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5)   Sunshine Software:


Sunshine software is a 15-year-old company providing many different courses along with SEO training in Jaipur. It is primarily a software company providing web solutions to prospective clients. They also provide training in Java, PHP, Android, Web designing and digital marketing, and SEO. They also provide industrial and summer internships to Btech students and offer 100% placement assistance for the courses they offer.


The course content is highly detailed with on-page and off-page SEO, webmaster tools training, keyword research tools, and SEO tools and algorithms. The institute also offers a 100% money-back guarantee which is unique for a company in this sector.


The Major Course Features of the Seo Course Are

  • Live Projects
  • Free Tools
  • 3 months internship free with the course
  • Practical Experience
  • Support for freelancers
  • Highly experienced Faculty


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the entry criteria set by institutes for SEO training in Jaipur?

The institutes offer different types of courses for people with different experience levels. There are no fixed entry criteria for any of the institutes mentioned here. The only major requirement is the drive and zeal to work harder is very important as this course is highly technical and would need 100% commitment from the candidates.


2. What would be the expected CTC for an SEO professional?

The CTC for an SEO specialist in India with no experience is in the range of 1.5-2.5 Lacs. The range may increase depending on the profile and relevant experience of the candidate.


3. What are the various roles for which jobs are available as an SEO professional?

As an SEO professional, you would be hired as an SEO consultant, Sr SEO Analyst, SEO executive, and SEO manager. You could also be hired as a web developer or digital marketing manager depending on the array of skills you master in the field.


4. Is there any government institute providing SEO training in Jaipur?

As of now, there are no GOI institutes providing SEO training in Jaipur. There are mostly privately owned institutes and training centers offering excellent exposure and training opportunities to your aspirants interested in SEO training in Jaipur.




AS an SEO professional the most important thing you have to keep in mind is to make the site as relevant as possible for the probable visitor that google or any other search engine you are targeting would want it to be displayed to their users at the highest possible rank. The more relevant the content of the website, the easier it becomes for the search engine to list you as the best answer to their user’s search phrase.


Moreover, high-quality content combined with other SEO tactics such as linking, keywords, and meta tags help the website to be easily found and indexed at a higher rank. AS an SEO professional it would be your job not only to ensure that the website is ranked higher but also that it stays at the same rank or higher and receives higher traffic with each passing day.


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