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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur With Placements

The many institutions- available for digital marketing courses in Jaipur– one of the most popular cities of India, also known as the Pink city in the World, draw out opportunities for many knowledge-seekers. 

The courses ensure apt training on web techniques useful for everyone starting a start-up or getting into content writing/marketing jobs. The practical work with known brands and reputed certifications enables learners to grab the benefits of experience as well as direction.


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Why Learn Digital Marketing?


With the internet becoming a beehive filled with each and every source needed by users, a web marketer is no less than a bee surrounding the hive. The content brimming on the internet is nothing but words incapable of reaching the correct readers if not being modulated by digital marketers.


With the sudden and huge advancement in technology, everything including business has set its firm foot on clickable destinations to reach and target customers. The proportion of people reading and getting affected is also much more than the conventional leaflets or papers.


It is easier to type your queries and choices and get the result rather than searching for it through neighbors, and that is why digital marketing is a building job at the moment. Though the high demand does not mean an easy selection. You still need to be skilled in the business.


You can write good content with having inbuilt skills of language and knowledge, but the correct techniques to pursue regulating the insights of your content needs a correct direction through experienced teachers from digital marketing courses. There are many top digital marketing courses to pursue learning everything required.


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Broadly, Digital Marketing can be Categorized into these 7 Forms:


  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay-Per-Click
  3. Marketing Analytics
  4. Email marketing
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Mobile marketing
  7. Content marketing


The above skills require experienced experts’ guidance in every stage. Working as a digital marketer, you need to learn about SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. All these components or different types together is called digital marketing.


In simple words, brand marketing through the medium of the web and internet is called digital marketing. There are many good digital marketing courses with a good curriculum and certification.


Why do you need certification? It’s no secret that while working with other brands, there will be a difference between merely having the skills and having authentication. Companies require well-experienced people with authenticated certificates so that they can trust you with a perfect job before hiring you. Therefore, attending a known institute is preferable.  Following are some of the top digital marketing courses in Jaipur to pursue.


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The List is in no Defined Sequence. There are Merely Some of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur to Pursue:


List of the best digital marketing courses in Jaipur 


#1: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

IIM Skills (4.9)


IIM Skills is one of the leading institutes not only in India but globally. Having approached globally, IIM Skills creates courses that compete with the global requirements. They have trained 14300+ professionals from 30+ countries with 2500+ training programs.


All their courses are designed and taught by well-experienced marketers and industry experts. The certification provided gives authentication worldwide and a chance to be recognized in the wide world. With it, comes a preferable option- you can get enrolled in the courses from anywhere!


Course: Digital Marketing Master Course

Duration: 5 Months

Cost: Rs 34,900 (+ 18% GST)


Key Features

  • 180 Hours of Comprehensive Live Training
  • 15+ Live Projects
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • 3 Months Program
  • Tools Worth INR 79000+
  • Master 40 Digital Marketing Modules


Course Breakdown (Total: 120 Hours)


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Web Development – 2 Modules
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 4 Modules
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – 6 Modules
  • Email Marketing – 4 Modules
  • Inbound Marketing – 3 Modules
  • Social Media Marketing – 6 Modules
  • Web Analytics – 3 Modules
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy -1 Modules
  • Online Reputation Management– 3 Modules
  • Content Writing and Blogging -3 Modules
  • Media Buying – 1 Module
  • Affiliate Marketing – 1 Module
  • Video Marketing -1 Module
  • Digital Infographics Resume Preparation- 1 Module





IIM Skills is known worldwide for its benefits and their courses can be enrolled from anywhere. It has physical institutions in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata and can be benefited by enrolling online from anywhere you might wish to.


The well-experienced mentors interact and follow you with each step to clarify any doubt. IIM Skills understands the running requirements in the field of marketing and thus teaches accordingly. Whether it is social media marketing or SEO, everything is included in the course.


All the material and video session recordings are provided to you with lifetime access! And more, you can moderate the timings for the classes as per your will. Get live assignments, practical tool usages, interactive classes, weekly assignments, and full-time guidance. The course ensures 120+ hours of hands-on assignment and 60+ hours of live training.


The tools you will learn about from the course are Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Ads, Semrush, Moz, Google Ads, Ubersuggest, etc.


It provides master IIM Skills certification along with 15 more well-known important certificates like HubSpot, Google, etc. The IIM Skills certification cost is included in the fees of the course.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


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#2: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

Quibus Trainings (4.8) Digital Marketing Institute


Quibus is one of the best digital marketing courses in Jaipur to pursue in order to gain the required tools’ studies and marketing values. Quibus training has online as well as offline modes of courses available. They have trained 1000+ successful students, professions as well as entrepreneurs. Quibus Trainings is available in both- offline as well online courses. They are the first set up institute to provide digital marketing courses in Jaipur.


Course Name: Integrated Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

Duration: 4 months

Regular Fees: 40,000 (offline), 33,000 (online).


Course Curriculum:

  • Understanding digital marketing
  • Domain and hosting management
  • WordPress
  • Instagram and Facebook marketing
  • Google App marketing
  • Google analytics
  • Search engine optimization (2)
  • LP design for lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google my business
  • Real-time problem solving
  • Google search console
  • Web Analytics
  • Google search ads, display ads, and video ads
  • Digital marketing strategy plan




The integrated digital marketing course provided by Quibus Training is available offline as well online. The 4-month course has 30+ modules, case studies, 60+ assignments, 20+ marketing tools, and is a 100% practical advanced course. The classes are interactive, with step-by-step guidance by experts on every move.


The course grants 10+ certificates and an internship opportunity as well. They provide placement assistance to the trainees. From around 10 years from the beginning of Quibus Training, they have successfully trained 1000+ entrepreneurs, professionals, and students. It is one of the most suitable digital marketing courses in Jaipur to pursue.


#3: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

DigiLearnings (4.8)


DigiLearnings has a team of 10+ years experienced teachers on desks for high-level training. They have successfully taught 10,000+ people looking for online marketing guidance. DigiLearnings course is apt for professionals, freshers, housewives, as well as business owners. They provide well authentic certification as Google, HubSpot, and Facebook, etc.


The course schedules throughout 12 weeks, covering 48 necessary modules in 120+ hours, with the additional internship. DigiLearnings provides 15 certifications including Google, Hubspot, and Facebook.


Course Name: Masters in Digital Marketing

Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: 25,000 Rs


Course Modules:

  • Overview on Digital Marketing
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Plannings
  • WordPress Development
  • Lead generation for marketing/business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Online display advertisements
  • Money making tools
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital marketing strategies


These include a total of 48 modules in the above main topics covering all the Google tools important for marketing as well.




DigiLearnings is well-reputed in their field of education and is one of the best digital marketing courses in Jaipur to pursue. Their courses are designed for from freshers to professionals accessorized with well-experienced trainers. The fully practical digital marketing course schedules throughout 12 weeks, covering 48 necessary modules in 120+ hours, with the additional internship.


Every alphabet used in digital marketing is covered in the course, let it be SEO, SMO, social media marketing, website development, marketing tools and hacks, display ads, or e-commerce. DigiLearnings provides 15+ certifications including Google, Hubspot, and Facebook. 


#4: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

DigiPerform Digital Marketing Training (4.7)


DigiPerform is one of the most reputed and well-adjusted training institutes not only in India but it is awarded as the most trusted brand in digital education in Asia. They have 40+ centers as their institute’s branch. Digiperform has trained 24,000+ kids, undergraduates, graduates, working professionals, freelancers, housewives, and entrepreneurs.


Course Name: DigiPerform Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 321+ hours



  • Essentials for digital marketing (12 modules)
  • Online advertising (10modules)
  • Social media marketing (8 modules)
  • Search engine optimization (8 modules)
  • Sales optimization (6 modules)
  • Online earning (5 modules)




DigiPerform is a leading institute in Asia, having 40 centers in India. Their courses are 100% practical and are shined with hands-on live assignments. They have trained 24,000+ people successfully. Their online course can be attended from anywhere.


The digital marketing course is brimmed with all the required knowledge about online marketing like SEO, sales marketing, social media marketing, advertisements, etc. DigiPerform allows everyone with a wide variety of options, whether it is about location choices or course types.


You can choose master courses as well as starter courses of low level. The course is grouped into 50+ modules, which are covered in 321+ hours. DigiPerform provides 15+ reputed certifications as well.


#5: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

EIIM (4.9)

Edusolutions Institute of Internet Marketing


EIIM is known as a leading digital marketing and website developer institute in Jaipur. It is known for developing industry-ready professionals in digital marketing. EIIM provides some great exclusive options no other institution provides.


Features no other Intuitive Provides:


●      CIMP-Web Marketing Programme: Rs 24,000

  • Website development
  • Website management
  • 28 digital marketing modules
  • Soft skills training
  • Marketing and branding
  • Certification
  • Live projects
  • Free Softwares
  • Client website for practical
  • Job assistance


●      EBSP – E-Business Programme: Rs 27,000

  • Website development
  • Website management
  • 28 digital marketing modules
  • Soft skills training
  • Marketing and branding
  • Certification
  • Live projects
  • Free Softwares
  • Client website for practical
  • Own e-business web portal
  • Project assistance
  • E-Business skills
  • Corporate communication
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Startup business classes
  • Business startup assistance


Course Name: Internet Marketing Professional Programme


Module: (28 modules)

  • Local and organic SEO
  • Display ads
  • SMO
  • SMM
  • E-marketing
  • Google analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Web management
  • Referral marketing
  • Banner ads
  • Earning from youtube
  • Freelancing
  • Ecommerce
  • E-business




EIIM digital marketing course wraps all the major topics- SEO, SMM, SMO, display ads, e-marketing, capital from youtube, web development, freelancing, google analytics, social media marketing, etc.  All of this topped with online classes and assignments.


They compose 100% job assistance for students to complete the program successfully. EIIM hosts one of the top digital marketing in Jaipur. It covers all 28 major aspects of digital marketing. The first choice for developers searching for is creating their own blog and optimizing it. Helps to start new business or freelancing projects.


#6: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

DAAC (4.9)

Doomshell Academy of Advance Computing


Established in 2006, DAAC is a private training center owned and managed in Jaipur by Doomshell Softwares Pvt. Limited. DAAC is extremely popular in Jaipur due to the wide variety of courses offered by it, that too with excellence.


The institute has professional SEO experts who train and provide the students with guidance. Talking about range, DAAC has 3 courses options for digital marketing itself: basic, intermediate, and professional. Each has a different duration and curriculum. The basic structure itself is vast and perfect to begin your online knowledge.


Course Name: DAAC Digital Marketing Basic Course

Duration: 1.5 months


Course Curriculum:

  • Digital marketing overview
  • Digital marketing campaign
  • Online marketing growth
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Keyword planning and values
  • Content ideas and content for business
  • Google analytics and tools
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Email marketing and guest posting
  • Quora marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Article theory
  • Media monitoring
  • Backlinks
  • Blog writing and press release
  • Classified theory and practicals




Doomshell Academy of Advance Computing (DAAC) has a reputed name among the many trusted institutions. The institution is trustworthy for students as well as it allows a full refund should the trainee feel the course did not provide as advertised. The well revolved part of website programming and graphic arts has shaped today’s look of the institute in Jaipur. There is a vast range of courses available at DAAC.


DAAC has 3 courses for digital marketing, each with a varied level so you can adopt the one suitable to you. The basic course covers important milestones like SEO, SMM, web researching, google analytics and tools, advertisements, guest posting, and minor exams and projects.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


#7: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya has been training students, professionals, and freshers with excellence for the past 11 years. They have touched their works in 55+ countries throughout the world. They have trained 38,000+ students successfully with good reviews.


Course Name: Certified Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 months (Offline), 4-7 months (Online)



  • 44 modules
  • 100 hours classes
  • 140 hours of hands-on assignment
  • 2 internships
  • 250+ placements partners
  • 10+ trainers/batches
  • Rs 72k worth of tools
  • 15 certificates
  • 38,000+ trained successfully


Course Curriculum:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 4 modules
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords) – 5 modules
  • Social media marketing –5 modules
  • Email marketing – 3 modules
  • Inbound marketing – 4 modules
  • Web analytics – 5 modules
  • Facebook marketing – 2 modules
  • Other digital marketing topics – 15 modules



Digital Vidya is an experienced institute that has trained over 38,000 students successfully. The digital marketing course provided by them has well grouped 44 modules that are taught by experts of the field. The course includes- 44 modules, 100+ hours of classes, 140+ hours of hands-on assignment composed with engaging mediums. The course results in 15+ certifications as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How long does it take to be a successful digital marketer?

After beginning the actual work of posting and making online appearances, it takes around 6 to 12 months to get recognized as a visible digital marketer. The times vary from one’s hard work and luck to others though.


2.    Is it worth getting a digital marketing certificate?

Yes. huge brands, like Google, need something solid to look upon on your resume before hiring you. A good certification makes an impactful difference.


3.    Is digital marketing hard to learn?

It can’t be scaled like this. It, like any other thing, depends on your hard work and eventual understanding of the subject. You have to evolve your understanding and knowledge with the web and audience, if it is easy for you, so is digital marketing.


4.    What is the fee for the course?

Generally, a course of 3 months duration will cost between Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000. Further, it varies from difficulty level and duration of the course.


5.    What degree is needed to be a digital marketer?

No such degree is needed.



So here is a list of the 7 best digital marketing courses in Jaipur to pursue. These institutes are some of the best and reputed for digital marketing, providing the required topics as well as involving it with authentic certificates.

Choose and get the work done!

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