Top 10 Must-Read Tally Course Books For Beginners

For anyone who wants to learn tally, tally course books are of great help as all of us are aware that Tally is an accounting software, that helps businesses in handling their financial affairs. Tally provides accounting and financial solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startups to established companies. This software uses the double-entry accounting system which helps to identify and correct any potential errors.


Tally is an easy-to-use software designed to simplify many complex financial activities in any organization. Tally offers complete solutions for inventory, data integrity, payroll, and accounting principles. Tally has a user-friendly interface that makes things simpler and straightforward.

There is no wonder that all these features make you curious to learn Tally. If you are in Finance/Accounting stream, knowledge of Tally software would add weightage to your profile.

There are many informative Tally course books available in the market that will aid you in self-learning the software. To help you with your learning, this article gives you an introduction to Tally, its features, usage, and benefits, and also some Tally Course books.


Introduction to Tally

Tally is a powerful and versatile accounting software that helps organizations maintain day-to-day accounts and perform other accounting and analytical operations. Tally software provides a lot of features for all types of business organizations.

Additionally, it contains updates regarding the GST’s new features (Goods & Services Tax). With integrated functions, control, and customizability capabilities, the software provides a complete business management solution and GST software.


Features of Tally

  • Tally provides a solution for an organization’s inventory management, stock management, invoicing, purchase order management, discounting, stock valuation technique, etc.
  • It supports simple account classification, general ledger maintenance, accounts payable and receivable management, bank reconciliation, etc.
  • Tally uses technology to safely and reliably produce data. All of the main categories of file transfer protocols are supported by Tally software. This facilitates the connection of files between various office locations.
  • Financial management and analysis can be done using Tally accounting software. It offers data on cash flow, activity consolidation, receivables turnover, and even branch accounting.
  • The accounting software Tally is easy to set up and navigate. Multiple people can share a connection. It is simple to use in conjunction with the Internet, enabling the publication of international financial reports conceivable.
  • Tally connects easily with all Microsoft applications.
  • Tally is a multi-lingual software that supports 9 Indian languages. The software allows users to easily read transaction data in various languages while maintaining accounts in a single language.
  • A user can create numerous companies up to 99,999 and maintain multiple accounts and Tally can manage single or multiple groups as well.
  • Tally is considered to be the best accounting software owing to its easy-to-use operations, no codes used, performs in real-time, strong, running quickly, and offers efficient online support.


Usage of Tally

Simplifies Accounts:

Tally gives business owners the ability to easily and simply execute all accounting tasks and adhere to regulatory requirements while spending little in the way of training expenses.


Saves cost:

Tally automates the majority of fundamental computations and administrative tasks thus taking control of the revenue structure and eliminating the need for firms to outsource financial management to a third-party specialist.


Data Security: Data relating to a company’s financial operations is the most valuable information, and it must be kept confidential. Hence, Tally includes passwords, administrator IDs, and settings for who can read what to protect accounts from being compromised by theft for their users.


Ensures Transparency:

In any business, calculating incorrect totals or failing to present data on time can result in a disaster. Tally enables automating calculations which play a crucial role in financial transparency audits.


Accurate Forecast: Tally provides accounting solutions to the management in determining where to cut costs or increase investment. The ideal accounting system aids in resource allocation and the creation of clever strategies.


Productivity: By providing correct data, Tally increases the efficiency of reporting requirements and makes better use of the resources that are already at their disposal, allowing management to make more informed decisions.


Maintaining Customer Relationships: Usage of Tally ensures efficient billing and invoicing thereby avoiding all kinds of delays and misunderstandings which in turn improves the professionalism and credibility of businesses operations. With the help of Tally software, the companies send information to the clients about their products or wishes and greetings thus building a strong customer relationship.


Adapting to Tax laws: Tally provides all details needed to abide by tax rules, such as Tally’s TDS compliance. The activation of ERP 9 at the statutory information screen is all that is required, and Tally handles the compliance portion automatically.


Benefits of Using Tally Software

People who run a business are aware of the significance of keeping accurate books of accounts. By following this procedure, the company’s finances are always in order and are accurate at all times. The company should be constantly informed of its financial standings.

In the past, the majority of firms kept their accounting records manually. However, accounting software can now complete this duty thanks to the development of modern information technology. One such potent accounting program is Tally. Tally offers a solution to every issue that actual businesses face.

All enterprise administration tasks are handled by a single piece of software. Tally simplifies accounting tasks like record keeping, managing accounts payable and receivable, and bank reconciliation. Tally software also makes financial management easier.

The software enables the management of funds across numerous locations and can handle transactions involving multiple currencies, manage cash flow, and pay interest. Tally software is hence adaptable, trustworthy, safe, simple to use, and reasonably priced.

As mentioned, we have listed down the benefits and uses of using accounting software like Tally. Learning Tally would be beneficial to those who own businesses so that they can keep track of their accounting and finance operations

. It indeed proves beneficial to others who don’t run their business, because a well-versed Tally professional has more job opportunities. This article further provides you details of some popular Tally Course books which would help you to learn tally on your own. However, you can improve your skill through practice.


Top 10 Tally Course Books


1. Official Guide to Financial Accounting (Using Tally. Erp 9 With Gst) – Book by Tally Education Pvt.ltd

This is one of the best Tally course books, developed by Tally Education Pvt.Ltd which is the education team and subsidiary of Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Over the years, Tally as software has become hugely successful and this has created a demand for skilled Tally professionals.

This book is written by the Tally education team themselves to cater to the raising demand of Tally professionals. This has been written as an official guide to the UGC curriculum of financial accounting. This official guide explains the basics of financial accounting using Tally.ERP 9 with various business scenarios so that the learners can get a clear picture of real business situations.

This would help the learners to experience the real-life implementation of their theoretical knowledge. This book also helps the candidates to easily understand the technicalities of business operations and nuances of financial accounting and thus prepares them to efficiently handle business transactions in the day-to-day work environment.


The Book Provides Instructions for:

  • Tally software Installation
  • Creating company
  • Configuring lectures
  • Stock Journal Entry
  • Credit/Debit Notes Purchase
  • Printing A/c statement
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • GST Concepts
  • Payroll Processing


Cost of the Book: INR 999


2. Tally.ERP 9 with GST (in Simple Steps) – Book by DT Editorial Services

Tally. Erp 9 with GST in simple Steps is one of the popular Tally course books which is a comprehensive manual for college students and working professionals who want to learn Tally. ERP 9 in-depth. It covers every aspect of Tally.ERP 9 is intended to give students a comprehensive manual for self-learning, based on commercial considerations for goods and services and empirical instances.

This book is a whole package that covers all the important Tally.ERP 9 related subjects. This book can be described as an all-inclusive book to teach learners about Tally.ERP 9 with GST in an easy, effective, and reliable way. This book guides learning in simple steps and is hence considered the most preferred choice of Tally course books worldwide for learning Tally.ERP 9 with GST.


Cost of the Book: INR 399


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3. Tally.ERP 9 Training Guide by Asok K.Nadhani

This is one of the best-selling Tally Course books and it is best suited for people who wish to learn how to use Tally.ERP 9. It instructs users on how to use the program to carry out invoicing, inventory, and accounting tasks and covers the methods and complexities related to Tally.ERP 9.

The book is written by Asok K.Nadhani in an approachable style that makes it perfect for anybody using this software for the first time. The book has numerous images and examples scattered throughout, which further contribute to the book’s understandability.

An FAQ section with a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and their answers can be found in the book. Also presented are real-world issues and their resolutions. They were ideally introduced to encourage students to learn on their own.

The Tally ERP 9 Training Guide covers objective-type questions to aid students in getting ready for various Tally-related certification courses. ERP 9. This is one of the most searched Tally course books in India.


Cost of the Book: INR 270


4. Comdex Tally.ERP 9 Course Kit by Dr.Namrata Agrawal

This book Tally Comdex. Erp 9 Course Kit is a comprehensive manual for college students and working adults who want to have a deep understanding of Tally. Erp 9 program. It covers all of Tally’s functionalities and attempts to give the learners detailed guidance for self-learning and is based on practical examples and business aspects for both goods and services. This book is an all-inclusive product that covers all the key subjects connected to using Tally. Erp 9.


Features of the Book:

  • It caters to the requirements of both professionals and beginners.
  • It provides basic information about manual accounting.
  • It has a lot of examples, illustrations, tables, and flowcharts.
  • It also discusses the different types of reports available in Tally.
  • It has explanations on Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and Goods and Services Tax(GST) in detail.
  • It explains Payroll concepts.


Cost of the Book: INR 399


5. Learn Tally.ERP 9 (with GST and E-Way Bill) -Book by Rajesh Chheda

As we know Tally is a powerful accounting software renowned for its ease of use. The topics covered in this book will be helpful for any company looking to transition from a manual to an automated system utilizing Tally.ERP9 or from another automated environment to Tally.ERP9.

The chapters are created in such a way that understanding Tally.ERP9 at the user level, intermediate level, and expert level could be achieved. For quick and precise understanding, the new edition of the book is presented systematically with charts, diagrams, tabular presentations, and screen pictures of the software.

It includes examples like real-world business accounting and tax transactions, which expands its applicability. Users will benefit from learning how to enter data into Tally.ERP9 step-by-step and also learn about the different reports that Tally.ERP 9 can provide.

This book will be very helpful to all sorts of users like students and professionals, businessmen, and tally trainers. It is the most current publication available because it includes the most recent GST and E-WAY BILL entries and reports.

The recent development of GST and E-WAY BILL entries and reports are included in this book thus making it the most relevant publication currently. All these features make this book one of the best Tally course books available.


Cost of the Book: INR 499


6. Learn Tally Prime (with GST) – Book by Gaurav Agrawal

This book is one of the best seller Tally course books. This is available in Hindi as well as English editions. This acts as a complete guide to learning Tally Prime which also imparts practical knowledge on the topics. Even if you are a beginner with little or no knowledge of Tally, this book will guide you to become an expert.

It’s a complete collection of Tally Prime which gives a step-by-step explanation on all the topics like GST, Accounting, Payroll, and so on with screenshots.


Cost of the Book: INR 620


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7. Tally ERP 9(with CD) by Shraddha Singh

This book Tally ERP 9 comes with a CD that has 25 high-quality video tutorials of Tally ERP. It gives you a complete knowledge of Tally ERP 9 and its working in a clear and easily understandable way with several examples and illustrations. This book starts with the fundamental concepts of accounting to make it easier for beginners to get the required knowledge before getting into Tally ERP 9.

Every topic is explained in detail with examples, including how to create a company, add Godowns, stock items, ledger accounts, journal entries, and more. The Payroll Inventory System and its related entries are also covered in the book in simple language, and at the end, the fundamentals of Tally.NET are covered.

Consequently, the book is a required read for anyone who wants to master the most recent version of Tally. It is especially beneficial for students with a background in commerce.


Cost of the Book: INR 295


8. Learn Tally.ERP 9 (in 30 days) – Book by Soumya Ranjan Behera

This book by Soumya Ranjan Behera is a handbook that teaches you everything about Tally.ERP 9 in 30 days. This book helps in quick and easy learning as the contents are explained in simple steps. This book is also considered one of the most effective and reliable Tally course books by most users.

It gives in-depth knowledge on how to work with Tally.ERP 9. The contents are explained in detail and easily understandable language with real-time examples and a lot of graphics. The ideas of accounting and financial management are explained such that both Tally professionals as well as beginners can be benefitted.

This book also includes the remote access feature called Tally.Net which is introduced in Tally.ERP 9. Tally.Net allows remote login features to the users and data sharing among systems that are located in different parts of the world. Because of this, users can manage and process many business transactions easily and quickly.


Cost of the Book: INR 165


9. Tally Prime with GST – A Complete Training Guide with Assignment by T Balaji Publication

This is one of the best seller’s books that explains Tally Prime with GST and has practical assignments for one’s evaluation. This book covers contents like Basics of accounting, introduction to Tally prime, Creation and Customization of Company, Master and Accounting Masters, Vouchers, Cost centers and cost category, GST, TDS, TCS, and so on. At the end of all the chapters, comes the practical assignments which would give them a hands-on experience with what they have learned from the book.


Cost of the Book: INR 260


10. Learning Tally Prime book by Mr. Ragesh Patel

This book by Mr.Ragesh Patel has step-by-step instructions for all the concepts like company creation to voucher level, generating financial reports, and advanced features. This book also includes the installation process.

This book contains lots of screenshots, solved examples along with practice exercises to give the users the experience of working with Tally Prime. This book helps to handle all the transactions in the daily work environment with ease and simplicity.


Cost of the Book: INR 450




1. How is Tally useful in a business environment?

Tally is an accounting software used by companies/businesses to manage a variety of tasks, including billing, accounting, inventory management, banking, payroll, and tax compliance for things like GST, TDS, and TCS.


2. What is Tally Prime?

Tally Prime is a complete business management software that is designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Tally Prime assists you in managing accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, banking, payroll, and many other tasks so that you may eliminate complications and concentrate on business expansion.


3. What is Tally. ERP 9?

Tally. ERP 9 is the ultimate business management tool and GST software, which combines function, control, and internal customizability in the best possible way. It is considered one of the most popular accounting software suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.


4. Where do I get the books mentioned above in the article?

All the above-mentioned Tally Course books are available on the e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can google the name of the desired books and find them on the sites. Some books might be available at a discounted price at these sites.


5. Can I master Tally with the help of these books?

Any book would give you the required knowledge and in-depth understanding of the concepts. So are these books. However, to become a professional you need constant practice and apply the concepts in the working environment.



Tally software makes it easier for you to make business decisions by delivering insightful reports that streamline your company processes. These are several reasons Tally is the best accounting program for your company. As an accounting tool, Tally ERP systems are concentrated on giving complete workflow automation to relieve accountants and financial experts by lifting the weight of their enormous workloads. Also considering the GST, Tally ERP 9 not only made the return filing modules of GST easier, but it also regularly updated its software as modifications were made to the GST law.

We believe this article has given you an insight into using Tally software for business and the benefits of the same. It’s obvious that knowledge of Tally would help you manage your own business or would be a skill that adds weight to your profile. We have listed down the top 10 Tally course books covering different and latest versions of Tally. All these books are available on e-commerce sites and you can get them according to your requirements.

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