Top 7 Online Tally Courses in India With Placements

‘Tally’ is a term we are all familiar with but have we ever stopped considering what it actually means or how important it is? We often come across the term ‘Tally’ while calculating large sums of data or in the classroom while learning how to use a tally table to solve math problems. Many people are unaware that Tally is an acronym for “Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yard.” This article will walk you through the top online tally courses in India to refine your skills and improve your chances of finding a better job, a higher salary, and new career options.


This acronym aptly conveys the idea of simplifying financial records, accounting processes, and other bookkeeping tasks. Tally is the name of the accounting and stock management software that is widely used by small, medium, and large businesses. It is currently the most in-demand software, providing complete business solutions to all.

The Goenkas revolutionized the accounting world in India by introducing Tally Solutions in 1986, making it easier for people to do calculations and improve accuracy in financial transactions. The multi-lingual accelerated technology engine is the technology on which the Tally software is built. It makes Tally more user-friendly and efficient while enabling it to carry out complex tasks.


Why is Tally Important?

When it comes to financial applications and accounting software, Tally makes it easy for you to organize and retrieve all of your data as needed. On the basis of the following details, it may be stated more accurately.


  • Tally is a program used in point-of-sale systems specifically to handle computations and everyday financial transactions. You may drill out each and every answer to your problem to its in-depth perfection with the aid of Tally.


  • Tally is a versatile tool that may be used in a wide range of monetary and inventory-related operations. Workgroups, worker categories, pay heads, payroll, attendance, employee records, and of course, employee records are all things that may be done with it.


  • Tally is also useful in banking solutions. Tally makes it simple to make deposit slips, print cheques, keep a checkbook register, and much more. Tally has, overall, greatly facilitated and commoditized labor, and it is quite simple to use. The creation of bank reconciliation is, nevertheless, the most time-consuming process in any organization. Tally can assist you with these. Tally is a program that makes it simple and easy to prepare bank reconciliation statements.


Benefits of Using Tally

  • Data Security: Tally accepts only reliable and secure data. Once the information has been put into the program, it cannot be modified or altered in any manner.


  • Payroll management – A few calculations need to be completed when paying representatives’ salaries. Tally aids in maintaining the organization’s financial records, which include net deductions, bonuses, payments, and taxes.


  • Remote Access: Employees can access financial data by signing in using a user ID and password. This ought to be doable when seated at home or work.


  • Tally stores all invoices, receipts, and vouchers in its document or archive folder for quick access. Any recently stored archive may be quickly accessed using it. You may immediately get any papers relating to charging and billing.


  • Many Language Support: Tally is the most dependable integrated corporate accounting software that simultaneously supports multiple languages. We are free to invent our own names in our own language for our accounting data. The advantages of this multilingual support extend beyond enterprises to private users of Tally who use it for personal accounting.


Tally.ERP 9

Tally.ERP9 is one of the most widely used accounting software systems in India. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. So Tally.ERP keeps track of all the daily company data and resources. It is the ultimate business management solution organization or company’s GST software, integrating control, function, and internal customizability in the best possible way.

Tally ERP 9 permits business owners and associates to interact more in account-related discussions. While maintaining its essential simplicity, it supports a wide range of company functions, including accounting, finance, inventory, sales, buying, point of sale, manufacturing, costing, job costing, and branch administration.



Released in November 2020, the most recent version of Tally in TallyPrime. Tally products are known for their simplicity, speed, flexibility, and dependability, and with TallyPrime, you’ll experience them at a new level. You can multitask without losing your place in the process, explore and find what you’re looking for, an invoice easily, and do many more things. TallyPrime has incorporated the best features of its predecessors and taken them to the next level.


Online Tally Courses in India


Rank #1. Online Tally Courses in India

1. TEPL (Tally Education Pvt Ltd)

The skills of a specialist or expert are always enhanced by them. They continually explore, acquire, and discover new ideas and thoughts. TEPL is certain that they are a part of this unending journey, thanks to their Tally courses and Tally certifications. Students receive a well-rounded educational experience and platform from elementary to professional courses.

TEPL is the one that came up with Tally, the most accessible and widely used business software in the nation. Your ability will be improved by the in-demand Tally Certifications and Tally Courses, increasing your chances of finding employment with greater benefits, higher salary, and new career options.


Key Features of the Course

  • The product’s creators and industry experts curate the courses and certificates.
  • In order to give applicants better access and support, they have a robust network of partners spread throughout India.
  • Course modules are meticulously created to ensure an optimal and orderly online learning environment.
  • Online assessment is available with this course.
  • Courses are accessible through the Tally Education Content App.
  • Sessions that are carefully prepared and facilitated to help you develop the ability to conduct job interviews can assist you in gaining the job you deserve.


TEPL offers courses on TellyPrime Basics and TellyPrime with GST. These require five hours of class time, self-study videos, six months of access across devices, lifetime access to the Tally Job Portal, and an industry-recognized Tally Certificate upon completion. These courses allow you to learn at your own pace while receiving professional assistance. As a certified learner, you get an edge in the job market.


Course Duration: TEPL provides a variety of tally courses, each with a different duration.


Contact Details:

Rating: 4.4/5

‘’First impressions are the best impressions, and we guarantee it!’’.Tally is the best skill to acquire, thanks to TEPL’s focus on quality, years of experience, and subject expertise, which allow them to stand out from the competition and make Tally the most important skill to master. They ensure outcomes by closely monitoring industry developments and standards.


Other best courses in India:


Rank #2. Online Tally Courses in India

2. TallyTraining.in

The Tally ERP 9 Expert Training Course from TallyTraining.in provides comprehensive knowledge to meet the industry’s accounting standards. With the help of real-world examples from the Tally accounting software, they not only instruct the candidates on the concepts but also assist them in applying them to their accounting procedures. The online course for Tally covers accounting, inventory, taxation, GST, return filing, completion of books of accounts, MIS reporting, and auditing in Tally.


Key Features of the Course

  • Step-by-step instructions and straightforward language are used to describe different topics in a way that is easy for students to understand and learn.
  • A download link will be given within 24 hours of the payment being completed. It will include an eBook and eLearning videos (PDF material). Depending on the location, they will additionally courier the DVD to the candidates’ registered addresses within 7–15 days.
  • TallyTraining.in offers soft copies (PDF eBooks) rather than paper books since frequent modifications to GST allow applicants to access up-to-date study and practice materials.
  • The complete Tally Online Course was created with industry needs in mind and has received approval from CAs and business professionals.
  • Passing the online examinations (passing marks of 60% and three attempts) in the MCQ format will grant students a Tally expert certificate, which is an industry-recognized credential that employers look for.
  • TallyTraining.in provides their candidates with Tally practice companies so they can focus on the topic they want to learn more nearly.


Course Fees: Rs.1800

Course Duration: The whole Tally course is usually completed in 30 to 45 days. However, you have a year to access the entire course.

Contact Number: +91 9081211174 (10 AM to 6 PM only)


Rating: 4/5


Businesses, accountants, teachers, and students may all benefit from TallyTraining assistance in effectively mastering the Tally ERP 9 accounting software. They do study the most recent Tally. ERP9 software advancements and offer online Tally courses via video lessons, eBooks, and blogs. They constantly look forward to providing Tally ERP9 Software with their knowledge and competence in the area of bookkeeping.


Rank #3. Online Tally Courses in India

3. FITA (Training/Placement)

The Online Tally Course Program at FITA Academy enables applicants to master the Tally ERP9 under the guidance of real-time experts. Their Tally professionals provide you with practical instruction in utilizing Tally ERP for accounting, bank reconciliation, handling TDS, inventory, TCS, taxation, return filing, GST, reporting, and auditing tools so you may become an expert in Tally.


Key Features of the Course 

  • The FITA Academy’s Tally Training Program offers a robust placement support system and a network of more than 1500 recruiters.
  • Thorough knowledge of Tally ERP and its applications in accounting.
  • Complete understanding of creating reports for the Funds Flow and Cash Flow, Trading Account, and Balance Sheet using Tally ERP.
  • Complete hands-on implementation of tax entries using Tally ERP, including GST, TDS, TCS, and return filing.
  • FITA Academy’s Tally Online Trainers are working professionals with a minimum of 8+ years of experience in the accounting field, and they also provide personalized mentorship and career guidance.
  • Bypass the FITA Academy to become certified. Develop your skills so you may pass international certifications. Global certification exams are taken by 72% of FITA Academy students, and they are all passed.
  • In addition to being reasonably priced at FITA Academy, course fees also come with the choice of being paid in installments.
  • FITA has agreements with more than 1500 small and medium-sized businesses to provide opportunities to launch and advance your career.


Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Rating: 4.6/5


Contact Details:

For more information, visit their website, as they have several branches throughout India.


The Tally Certification Course offered by FITA Academy proves your increased technical proficiency since beginning the training program. You will have a thorough understanding and hands-on experience with the Tally program and its applications once you have finished the Tally online course at FITA Academy. You will be able to pass the Tally certification test offered by the Tally Company to become a Tally Certified Professional once you have successfully completed the course.


Rank #4. Online Tally Courses in India

4. Idea Computers Tally Academy

Idea Computers Tally Academy, one of the best online tally courses in India, provides computer education and training to students, professionals, and individuals who wish to improve their skills in using Tally accounting software. By Learning in IDEA Computers, Tally Academy offers an advanced level of Learning Tally.Erp9.

The academy offers courses designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals from various backgrounds and industries. The course topics include basic accounting concepts, bookkeeping, financial management, taxation, and payroll management.


Key Features of the Online Tally Courses in India:

  • The academy uses a combination of classroom lectures, practical exercises, and hands-on training to give students an in-depth understanding of Tally software.
  • The institution employs seasoned financial experts as instructors with extensive experience in using Tally and imparting education in this field.
  • Students may monitor their progress and ensure they are on the correct road to mastering Tally by taking frequent evaluations and tests administered by the academy.
  • The institution allows students to work on real-world projects after course completion. Learners will receive certificates with a performance-based grading system when the project has been successfully reviewed.


Course Duration: 60 days (daily 2 hours)

Course Fees: 7000 rupees with project material and 4500 rupees without project material

Rating: 4.7/5


Contact Details:

Contact Number: +91 99638 99449


In conclusion, “Idea Computers Tally Academy” is a one-stop destination for all Tally-related education and training. The academy will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to excel in their careers.


Rank #5.Online Tally Courses in India

5. Udemy

Udemy is on a mission to improve the life of every knowledge seeker by providing them with the correct information, tools, and guidance. Ranked as one of the leading online learning and teaching marketplace with over 155,000 courses, it holds the trust of millions of students across India.

In the domain of online Tally courses in India, they offer the TallyPrime courses, where students from both accounting and non-accounting backgrounds can learn. The course also teaches about advanced accounting with GST using Tally.


Key Features of the Online Tally Courses in India:

  • Enrollers can learn in detail how to manage any company’s accounting with GST.
  • The course will provide complete knowledge of banking.
  • Students can learn about the process of computing GST and reports in Tally.
  • Comprehensive learning about  RCM in Tally.
  • In-detailed guidance on payroll management with PF, EPF, and ESI.
  • Students can learn how to manage manufacturing firms’ accounting and GTAs.
  • Enrollers will also understand the basics of import and export entries under regulations set by GST.
  • Certificate after successful completion.
  • On-demand video of 16 hours.


Course duration: 6 lectures in 49 minutes

Course fees: 449 rupees


Contact Details:

Rating: 4.6/5


Tally enthusiasts who will enroll in Udemy’s course will not only understand the theoretical concepts of accounting, but Udemy’s efficient tally experts will help them navigate the entire Tally world with practical lessons and prepare them for professional positions in top MNCs.


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Rank #6.Online Tally Courses in India

6. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies, a tally training institute in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, provides one of the easiest and most important courses: online tally training and certification. Their curriculum covers everything from the fundamentals of accounting to more complex topics like the accounting circle and its components, the introduction to tally and compaction, the creation of groups, ledger accounts, voucher entry, closing entries, and adjustments, debit notes, and credit notes, bank reconciliation statements, memorandum, and postdated vouchers, as well as how to display and print books. They constantly make an effort to provide all of the material practically.


Key Features of the Online Tally Courses in India:

  • This course covers tally topics, including financial accounting overview, preparation of reports, standard tax study, TDS methods, FBT process, CST value study, TDS overview, budgets study, tally software ledger creating methods, tax entry, data backup and recovery and so on.
  • With more than ten years of expertise, instructors are well-renowned industry experts.
  • This tally course is designed to help students crack exams like accounts executive, junior accountant, tally operator, and accountant trainee.
  • This course has a course duration of 30+ hours.
  • The course offers a free trial session.
  • Besant Technologies offers unique job-oriented training that prepares students to enter the workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
  • The syllabus for the online Tally course offered by Besant Technologies covers the basics of accounting and the fundamentals of Tally.ERP9, accounting masters in Tally.ERP9, inventory masters in Tally.ERP9, voucher entries in Tally.ERP9, Taxes in Tally.ERP9, Technological advantages in Tally.ERP9 and so on.


Course Duration: Thirty hours


Contact Details:

Phone Number: +91 9707250260

Rating: 4.6/5


Through hands-on demo classes, the online Tally course with a certificate from Besant Technologies will assist you in becoming an expert in Tally ERP 9 with GST, from the most basic to the most expert levels. This course offers a thorough introduction to Tally ERP 9 and enables students to grow in knowledge and proficiency through practical application.


Rank #7.Online Tally Courses in India

7. Online Tally Courses in India by NIELIT

The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology’s Certificate Course in Tally offers candidates a fantastic opportunity to learn all there is to know about the ERP 9 Tally software. This Tally Certification Course aims to give students a fundamental to advanced grasp of Tally.

Candidates will learn about the idea and framework of the Tally program throughout the four weeks of the Certificate Course in Tally through e-content and practical projects. Through this certificate course, they will gain acquainted with the application of inventory, GST, and TDS in Tally.


Key Features of the Online Tally Courses in India:

  • Candidates will get knowledge of the fundamentals and frameworks of the ERP 9 Tally software.
  • Through this course, candidates will gain an understanding of Goods and Services Tax (GST) legislation and its implementation in Tally.
  • The learners will be provided with a basic understanding of TDS and how it is used in Tally.
  • Candidates will gain practical experience in company creation and maintenance.
  • The students will receive instructions on how to keep track of the balance sheet, trial balance, and BRS.
  • Students will learn to generate profit, loss accounts, and cash book entries.
  • Candidates will be given assignments, quizzes, e-content, e-handouts, presentations, and links.


Course Duration: Four weeks

Course Fees: 2360 INR


Contact Details:

Phone number:  91-11-2530 8300

Rating: 4.6/5


The course material will provide candidates with both comprehensive and practical experience that they can apply in their work to achieve positive results. The participants’ e-certificate, one of the advantages of this Certificate Course in Tally, will assist them in creating a standout profile in this industry. For the purpose of landing their dream job, candidates can list this certificate on their resumes or CVs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. Which Tally course is the best?

By far the majority of businesses consider Tally ERP 9 to be safe and challenging to hack. In light of this, the best course on the market for Tally is one that teaches ERP 9.


Q2. Can I get a job after completing a Tally course?

Without a doubt! Once you learn Tally, you’ll find plenty of work. However, your city and level of Tally expertise also affect your salary scale. You will undoubtedly find employment if you fully comprehend Tally ERP 9.


Q3. How long will it take me to learn Tally?

Depending on the degree of expertise you need, the minimum and maximum number of hours is 5. The amount of time depends on your current qualification. If you are already familiar with accounting, you may pick it up in a month. If not, it will take at least three months.



To assist you in selecting the finest course for your job, the top online Tally courses are mentioned here along with their duration, curriculum, features, and course cost. Reputable online learning platforms provide all of the courses in a self-paced format. This makes it easier for company owners to enroll and finish despite their hectic schedules. Tally is becoming a must for every organization in this digital age. Students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs may all benefit from the courses as they advance in their careers. Enrol in one of the aforementioned online Tally courses to learn an in-demand skill and prepare for a career as an accountant. Best of luck with your future endeavors!

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