Top 9 Online Providers for Tally Erp 9 Certificate Courses

Managing an enterprise, small or large, is a tedious task. There are so many tasks in a business that needs to be handled like finances, sales, inventory, accounting, etc. In preceding days, company accounts used to be handled manually with the possibility of many human errors. The invention of accounting software has turned these tasks into simplified forms helping a business to focus effectively on its execution and growth. One such accounting software is Tally ERP 9. This article lists the best Tally ERP 9 certificate courses.


What is Tally ERP 9?

It is a popular accounting software used in India by various small or medium enterprises. Its inbuilt customized feature allows it to be integrated with other business applications for managing sales, finance, inventory, etc.


Features of Tally ERP 9

1. It comes with a unique voucher entry system of its own where a firm can easily manage multiple types of transactions which provides flexibility to it. It does not exhibit only one type of voucher but contains various types allowing it to serve different purposes.


2. Many day-to-day transactions need to be managed in a firm. Some transactions are on credit and some are on debit. So, it allows the firm to calculate different types of interest as per a transaction in detailed form making it easier to execute.


3. Accounting management comes with managing multiple ledgers such as management of sales ledgers and purchase ledgers. It helps in the total management of multiple ledgers by incorporating them into a single general ledger.


4. It helps in managing effectively various kinds of bills together whether they are trading or non-trading. It also entails superior performance in auditing activities by giving access to unlimited periods and budgets.


5. It helps in the efficient management of billing information by giving thorough reports on accounts receivable and accounts payable. Accounting codes are a hassle for those who don’t have any knowledge or background in accounting. It helps them to understand by easing these accounting codes into simpler language.


Requirements for Learning Tally ERP 9

Course Type: Certificate and diploma

Duration: Certification- 2 to 4 months and Diploma- 1 to 2 years

Eligibility: 10+2 or equivalent commerce with a minimum score of 50%


Career Options After Learning Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses


1. Inventory Manager

Inventory management is always required in any type of business where you have to balance an optimum level of supplies of inventory and raw materials but not overstocking or understocking it. A role as an inventory manager gives you the responsibility to efficiently manage the stocks in the firm so that there is enough inventory that can be accessed whenever there is a surge in demand while keeping in mind to not turn it into dead stock as it can lead to losses.


2. Bookkeeper

A firm is all about daily financial transactions which help it to keep going. Many ongoing transactions must be recorded with minimum possible error so that it can help in creating financial statements effectively. There must be a proper recording of costs and profits, interest earned and received, sales and purchases, etc. The job of a bookkeeper is to efficiently manage the information of these ongoing transactions to help a firm and others in assessing its value at some point in time.


3. Accountant

Accountants are hired with the responsibility of managing financial statements. Accountants often use tally as a tool to excel in their work. Tally helps the accountants verify and audit important financial statements increasing accuracy, entails time management, and minimizing errors.

Every firm has its financial statements to tackle profit and loss statements, balance sheets, payables and receivables, bill-wise details, etc. As the business starts to expand largely its trade, and transactions increase. A professional is often needed with enough knowledge and expertise to help the business maintain its accounts effectively while actively focusing on its administration.


4. Billing Executive

Whenever there is a purchase or sale there is a transaction involved. Generating bills, invoices or receipts act as proof that the transaction has taken place. It acts as a reminder, evidence that you can finish a transaction. A billing executive helps in managing, clearing, verifying, and settling the pending bills in a business.

They make sure all due transactions which have money involved are cleared helping a firm in managing its bad debts by sending reminders to prospective customers. They make sure billing information is correct and accurate. Sometimes a firm can have legal issues, and that is when the proper records maintained by a billing executive come to its rescue.


5. Tally Freelancer

Tally freelancing is a new emerging job with the increase in usage of online platforms in our day-to-day life. It has become easier to provide our skills and earn from home. There are many platforms out there that are giving flexibility to their users to work at their own pace.

Tally freelancers get the opportunity to work with multiple organizations, not just one providing them with enhanced opportunities in their careers. They can provide their services in basic bookkeeping, bill management, accounting functions, creating daily reports, and managing financial statements.


Additional Skills That Can Be Learned Together With Tally ERP 9

We are living in an era where there is already cut-throat competition in every field. There are numerous people doing the same things but what differentiates you is what additional skill you have to offer. It is always better to learn something which can give you an edge and help you to come out successful over your peers.


1. Integrated Accounting

Integrated accounting is a creation of an integrated ledger where transactions of both financial and costing are recorded together which makes it easy to maintain them. Since it uses a single source of data it reduces the chances of human error, duplication, wastage of time, etc.

It helps the management to control the assets and liabilities of a business. This system of accounting helps to obtain marginal costs, variances, abnormal gains, and losses. All transactions are classified both according to functionality and their nature.

It comprehends the information about the cost of each product, job, and operation. It helps a firm to estimate, report, and monitor a company’s job cost. It is a sophisticated software designed for organizations to help keep them up to date and manage their time efficiently.


2. Seamless GST compliance

GST is a tax introduced in place of a multi-taxation system in India in 2017 to curb the cascading effect of multiple indirect taxes. It is imposed at every stage of the production process and later refunded to all the people involved in the various stages. It is charged to the consumers from the point of their final consumption.

Good business practices involve paying taxes and fulfilling their duties on time. GST compliance is necessary for every business as it signals to society and its stakeholders about its integrity. Thus, GST compliance rating is important for a business because it helps them in showing stakeholders how compliant they are towards the tax department. It helps to build trust that is beneficial for them in the long run.


3. Smart inventory management

There is numerous software with advanced systems and ways that helps a firm to operate its inventory more smartly. Learning how to run such software will increase expertise in one skill. There are inbuilt features in accounting software for inventory management. knowing how to use advanced software can help one in excelling faster.

The Smart inventory management system is a type of software that uses many advanced technologies to increase profits for a firm. Such software collects real-time data on the location of goods, their condition, availability, and shipment status so that there is an optimal stock of inventory in the organization.

It provides 360-degree warehouse visibility and creates an optimal stock of inventory throughout the distribution cycle which minimizes the need for human intervention.


4. Enhanced data privacy and security

Multiple types of data are involved in the whole operation of a business. The more kinds of data a company contains, the more it is at risk of exposing it in dangerous places to theft, hacking, or attack loss of data. Data privacy comes to the rescue in such situations. Data privacy enables only required information to be used at a time.

It consists of handling sensitive and confidential data to meet regulatory requirements and to make sure the privacy of a company is sustained. Data security is a practice that encompasses every type of security in an organization. It covers every physical information, digital information, administrative controls, and miscellaneous information. It makes sure that data is not breached, or lost and is protected from every kind of cyber-attack.


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Online Providers for Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses


Rank #1. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

1. Tally training.in


Features of This Course Are:

1.    This whole course is provided in Hindi.

2.    The duration of this entire course is 30 to 45 days and one can access the entire course for 1 year.

3.    The fee for this course is ₹1800.

4.    The exam is conducted online after completing the course. The exam is in MCQ format.

5.    The passing mark is 60% and you are given three attempts to pass the exam.


The drawback of this course is that there is no facility for solving your doubts and queries. It is a self-assessed program.


Rank #2. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

2. ICA Edu Skills

ICA Edu Skills is India’s skill and training program that provides courses in accounts, finance, taxes, and other job-oriented courses.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    The duration of this course is 51 hours.

2.    This course teaches you inventory management and payroll management. GST, TDS, and other everyday accounting entries.

3.    A minimum 10+2 qualification is required for this course.

4.    For the course fee, you need to contact them.


Rank #3. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

3. Tally ERP 9+ Tally prime+ GST 2022- Certificate Course by Udemy

Udemy is a leading online course provider in India. It provides vast categories of courses helping people learn skills required at their convenience.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    This course contains 34 sections with 145 lectures.

2.    The duration is a total of 15 hours and 56 minutes in length.

3.    They provide full-time access to their students.

4.    They provide a certificate after the course.

5.    The cost of this course is ₹3499.

6.    The requirement for this course is basic computer knowledge.


Rank #4. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

4. Intern theory

Intern theory has a different approach to providing courses to their students. They teach you and provide job opportunities to their students based on their strong networks in a specified industry.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    They come in 65 lectures, 61 quizzes, and 9 assignments all part of 9 modules.

2.    The duration of this course is 4-6 weeks.

3.    It is more practical-oriented rather than theory oriented.

4.    The price of this course is ₹3999.


Rank #5. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

5. CAclubIndia

CAclubIndia was launched by Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd. in 1999. The aim was to share knowledge with taxpayers and finance professionals. It has over 3 million users.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    This course is provided in the Hindi language.

2.    The duration of this course is 20 hours.

3.    If you enroll with Pen drive extra ₹700 is charged and if you enroll with a download extra ₹300 is charged.

4.    It has an expiry of 3 months or 50 hours of views whichever is earlier than the day you registered.

5.    The cost of this course is ₹1299.


Rank #6. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

6. Tutorials Point

Tutorials point is a leading education tech company. They provide both paid and free courses. A learner can choose a course based on languages, level of skills, and publishers.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    This course covers 84 lectures.

2.    Its duration is 17.5 hours.

3.    They also give you lifetime access.

4.    The price of this course is ₹399.


Rank #7. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

7. Accounting With Tally ERP 9 Course by NIIT

NIIT is a leading skill and talent development corporation aiming to build a force of manpower for different industries by making them competent in their fields. They are operating in over 30 countries. They not only provide courses to individuals but also provide courses to enterprises and institutions.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    This is a classroom-type course. It is not available online. You can join this course in the centers of NIIT.

2.    The total duration of this course is 36 hours.

3.    This course also covers Ms-excel and Ms-word.


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Rank #8. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

8. MKCL Klic Courses

Maharashtra knowledge corporation limited was founded by the government of Maharashtra jointly with the government of India and 10 leading universities of the state. They aimed to introduce information technology in the process of learning, and teaching and to start transforming the socio-economic condition of the state.


Features of This Course Are:

1.    This course is available both in online mode and in the center.

2.    The duration of this course is 120 hours which will take up to 2 months to complete.

3.    They extensively use case studies to teach their students to help them in acquiring practical knowledge.

4.    This course is available in both the Marathi and English language.

5.    The cost of this course for learning mode is ₹5000. If somebody wants to opt for learning modes with a job offer then the cost is ₹6000.


Rank #9. Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses

9. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

Henry Harvin accounts academy is an online training school that provides multiple courses. One such course provided by them is the advanced tally ERP 9 course. It is ranked in the top 3 courses in the industry by BestCourseNews.com.


Features of the Advanced Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses Are:

1.    It consists of video lectures and study materials (digital books).

2.    The duration of this course is 28 hours.

3.    It has access to unlimited views.

4.    Its validity is 12 months.

5.    It is available in both live sessions and google drive session recordings.

6.    Video lectures and study materials are available in only the English language.

7.    The price of this course is ₹9500


Tally Certificate Course V/S Tally Diploma Course


1. Tally Certificate Course

It can take up to 2-4 months to earn a certificate based on the various courses offered. The main focus of acquiring a certificate course is learning accounting and the essential analytical skills necessary for problem-solving. The eligibility for this course is to be from a commerce background and also requires passing 10+2 exams.


2. Tally diploma course

To earn a diploma is like learning a deep knowledge about something. A diploma in tally is like earning a higher secondary certificate. It can take up to 1 to 2 years to earn a diploma. In a diploma course, a candidate is prepared in accountancy as a sector itself helping them to get jobs in MNCs and big organizations.


Detailed Syllabus for Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses


1. Basics of Accounting

In this subject, a person is taught what are the rules of accounting. How many types of accounts are there? What are the accounting principles for an error-free process of accounting? What is a double-entry and single-entry system? What are the different types of financial systems? How are they created? What is a transaction? how do we debit and credit it to make a journal and ledger with a balance sheet? And many more basic concepts are covered in this subject.


2. Fundamentals

It is taught how to functionalize the tally in a business. How can we create or set up a company through a tally? How to use it for a complete business solution? Etc.


3. Accounting masters

In these subject concepts related to F11: features are covered where it is taught how to activate accounting features like how to enable multi-currency, how to activate interest calculation, or how to maintain bill-wise details. While F12 is related to configurations and how to set up account heads.


4. Inventory

It consists of all concepts related to stock, for example, stock groups, stock items, how many types of categories of stocks are there, what are different types of units of measure or creating inventory masters for rational traders, etc.


5. Voucher entry

A voucher is a document that is created at the time of a transaction so that it can be entered into the books of accounts. This subject teaches how to tally can be used to issue appropriate vouchers so that they can be entered in the ledger and the financial accounts of a company can be maintained.


6. Advanced Accounting

It teaches how to update bill-wise details, cost categories and centers, multiple currencies, how to do bank reconciliation and budget and controls, scenario management, etc.


7. Advanced inventory

It consists of how to process orders, how much to reorder, valuation of stock and inventory, additional cost analysis, and related concepts, etc.


8. Value-added Tax (VAT)

It includes the creation of VAT, the configuration of VAT, different types of VAT reports, accounting related to the return of goods, VAT for composite dealers, and other related concepts.


9. Central Sales Tax (CST)

It teaches the basics of CST, how we can enable it to tally and generate reports, how we can use it for CST payment etc.


10. Point of Sale (Pos)

It teaches the features of Pos, how to configure Pos in tally, how to enter Pos transactions and generate its reports etc.


11. Job Costing

It teaches how to configure job costing in tally, how to create job costing reports, and ways to enter and record transactions, etc.


12. Multilingual Capabilities

It shows how to report transactions in multiple languages and their translations, how to create reports in multiple languages in tally etc.


13. Technological advantages

It teaches what is a tally vault and tally audit, how to take a data backup as well as restore it, print cheques and reports, etc.


14. Tally.net and remote capabilities

It shows a general view of tally.net and how to configure and use its features.


15. Application management and control

It teaches how to install a tally and use its control center to manage accounts.


16. Online help and support

Teaches how to access the online center for getting help and support.


17. Service tax

It teaches all the basics of service tax, a configuration in tally, and how to use it in creating reports.


18. Tax deducted at source (TDS) and Tax collected at source(TCS)

It helps you to understand what TDS AND TCS are, how to run them in tally, and create reports using such transactions.


19. Excise for dealers and manufacturers

It teaches how to enable and calculate excise for dealers and manufacturers, how to create reports from such transactions etc.


20. Payroll accounting and compliance

It teaches how to do payroll processing, how to do accounting for employer provident funds and employee state insurance, professional tax payments, etc.


FAQs About Tally ERP 9 Certificate Courses


● What is the full form of Tally ERP 9?

It stands for Tally enterprise resources planning 9.


● Is there any usefulness of Tally in the future?

Yes, there is the usefulness of tallying in the future. Accounting takes up an important part of an organization and there is a daily surge in the demand for such professionals who can help a firm in account management for their future growth.


● How much can I earn after learning Tally ERP 9 certificate courses?

It depends on the level of your skills. If you are earning a certificate then it can be less but if you are graduating then you can earn up to ₹5 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs per annum on average.


● Can we work from home after learning Tally ERP 9 certificate courses?

Yes, you can work from home after learning tally. All you need is a tally installed on your computer and a good internet connection.

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