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Top 5 Institutes Offering Technical Writing Courses in Goa

Goa is a tiny emerald small state with its capital Panaji, situated within the Konkan region on the west coast of India with the coastlines stretching along the Arabian Sea. It is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in India due to the colorful nightlife, white-sand beaches, famous places of worship, along with some World Heritage architecture. Apart from tourism, Goa is also home to many famous educational institutes and vocational training academies. Technical writing, like everywhere else, has gained momentum even in Goa. There is good demand for various short-term digital courses along with technical writing courses in Goa.


We all have been witnessing a sudden demand for technical writers across varied business setups and different types of industries. This is a relatively new development. There has been an unprecedented change in the market situation globally due to the current pandemic.


Because of the huge demand currently in the market for technical writers, it is now the right time for making a career in technical content writing. The major plus point of this course is that there are no prerequisites or eligibility criteria. People with backgrounds as diverse as sports, medicine, engineering, law, and teaching have taken a step ahead in technical writing.


It adds value to the course and the career when the person is from a strong technical background. However, all the drawbacks of being from a non-technical background can be overcome easily by pursuing a short-term course technical writing course from a reputed institute.


Added to this with dedication, effort, devotion, and competence it is easy to establish a great career in technical writing.  Let us have a look at some of the options for technical writing courses in Goa.


A Bit About Technical Writing


Technical writing is a form of writing/medium of communication that is audience-centric providing easy-to-understand, concise, clear, simple, and easy access to technical information. In technical writing, the writer transforms complicated technical content, into easy to comprehend (even by the layman), factual, clear, useful, and relevant content which is easy for the readers to understand.


Technical writing requires the writer to do extensive exploration and research. There are varied forms of technical writing such as journal articles, maintenance and operating instructions, documentation for clients/manufacturers, technical and instructional manuals, product reviews, etc.


Technical writing as the name is suggestive involves writeup on technical content. These writings can be based on medical, science, technology, engineering, or anything else.


How Important Technical Writing is?


There is a huge demand for technical writing because it plays a very important role. There is a huge demand for qualified technical writers in varied business and industry sectors. Sectors need technical writers who can put across information and details of their technical products or information through the content related to their industries to the customers, clients, end-users, or non-professionals in user-friendly documents.


An end-user needs to be aware of the details of the product like its features, dos, and don’ts, user manual, etc.  Without this information, the technical product can seem valueless.


Here are some other best courses in Goa


Top Technical Writing Courses in Goa


Besides the online courses in Goa, there are some reputed local institutes as well offering the same. It would be ideal to research, review, and then decide on whether to opt for the online course or the classroom course. In the prevailing time of the pandemic, the online course seems to be the best bet.


Nevertheless, it is each one’s choice to decide whether to go ahead with online classes or classroom sessions. Here we have listed a few of the best online technical writing courses in Goa. Let us quickly have a look.


1. IIM Skills:


IIM Skills need no introduction, as most of the learners are well aware of the name. This is a Delhi-based academy that is quite a reputed online education service provider globally. The institute provides many vocational digital short-term job-oriented courses such as skill development courses in Content writing, Advanced SEO, Digital Marketing, Technical Writing, and GST.


The IIM skills courses are designed to help the students master the course just in a matter of a few months and make them job-ready. After completion of the course, the students are awarded the course completion certificate which is recognized worldwide. The students who enroll themselves and get certified at IIM Skills, come out as successful professionals.


The speakers are experts who guide students throughout the course. The bonus of the course is the online live interactive sessions which make learning very interesting. All the complex concepts are made informative and easy to understand for all the students. These sessions include some practical lessons as well. It certainly comes under one of the best technical writing courses in Goa.


Course Details



  • Introduction
  • How to write
  • Creating your content
  • Technical reports
  • White papers or journals
  • DDLC and versioning
  • Conversational writing
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, user manual, and application notes
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case study


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


IIM Skills has been in teaching for a very long time. They ensure to pay individual attention to every student. Students at IIM Skills enjoy lifetime access to LMS with the most recent content. The course includes a one-month internship and a practical assignment. This gives them an opportunity for portfolio development.


This course also makes sure students publish their scholarly articles, first white papers, as well as a book chapter. The students are also provided with an opportunity to write for the Times of India blog. Usage of tools like Git, Scribus, MS Project, and MS Visio, along with documentation rules and formatting are also taught.


Post-training support in the form of grooming for interviews, resume preparation, and placement assistance is provided. For those wishing to learn technical writing, IIM Skills is one of the finest academies offering one of the best technical courses writing in Goa.


Other Courses


2. Udemy


Udemy is a globally recognized well-known academy for learning varied digital short-term courses. They have a huge list of courses through the e-training platform. Udemy offers one of the best technical writing courses in Goa. Their courses contain business writing, API documentation, engineering report, and many more. Udemy offers these highly-rated training programs.


Udemy has the distinction of offering a 30-day cash-back guarantee on all its courses. Students can choose the course depending on categories like features, language, ratings, price, topic, video duration, and many more.  If interested in pursuing technical writing courses in Goa then do give Udemy Academy a thought. It is worth every penny.


3. Google Technical Writing Course


Though the saying goes as “Everything comes with a Price”, not so with Google Technical Writing Course. Google offers free technical writing courses in Goa for software engineers. These courses are specially designed for software engineers, computer science students, and those with engineering backgrounds.  This course is made available to these people free of cost.


This course adds value to their careers. Background of coding ensures better comprehension and understanding of the course. This course is conducted in 2 training sessions. They are as stated below


  1. Technical writing one dealing with the basics of the subject
  2. Technical writing two deals with an intermediate level of knowledge


The prerequisites for joining the free Google technical writing course are that the student needs to have access to a valid Google account, google meet, and last but not least google docs. The students can learn the online pre-class materials at their own pace. As is suggestive these pre-class materials are before the virtual live classes.


Only one session of each Technical writing one and Technical writing two can be attended. The course is divided into 2 modules. The first module is ideal for those who are new to technical writing as well as for those who have previously learned technical writing. This is what would be covered in the first module.


  • Using jargon such as abbreviations and acronyms
  • Recognizing faulty pronoun reference
  • Use of active voice and passive voice
  • How to shorten sentences
  • Bulleted lists and numbered list
  • Stating significant points at the beginning of the document
  • Identifying target audience
  • Communicating the goals of the documentation and the intended audience
  • Dividing lengthy topics into proper sections
  • Correct usage of punctuation marks
  • Competency as a beginner in Markdown


The second module mandatorily requires students to have attended the first module. The second module stresses and emphasizes more on the skills of technical communication which has been discussed in the first module.


Below Listed Are Some of the Contents Covered in the Second Module.

  • How to write first, second, and third drafts
  • Techniques to identify the errors in your writings
  • Organizing large documents
  • Introducing scope and prerequisite of documents
  • Writing understandable figure captions
  • Picking correct information density for technical illustrations based on the reader’s attention
  • Big picture illustrations to establish context
  • Revising illustrations
  • How to identify different types of documentation
  • Writing tutorials by keeping a beginner audience in mind


4. Tech-Writer Certification


As the name is suggestive, the Tech-Writer Certification academy provides through professional technical writing course. These are certification courses that deal with varied interests and goals in technical writing. They provide one of the best technical writing courses in Goa.


They make the student job-ready. They prepare the student for a technical writer job. They focus on sharpening their writing skills as well as communication skills. They offer 6 technical writing courses.  Below listed are the details of the course for both the new and the existing writers.


  • Course: Certificate in Professional Technical Communication
  • Course Duration: 140 hours



  • Getting started with professional technical communication projects
  • Write a proposal
  • Write a data report
  • Write a research paper
  • Write a how-to guide
  • Write a user guide, part 1
  • Write a user guide, part 2
  • Write instructional material
  • Write magazine articles


These courses provide immense knowledge and experience in writing technical correspondences like project proposals, website communication, feasibility studies, manuals, presentations, etc. These experiences help in creating a portfolio of distinct technical documents.


Continuous encouraging straightforward feedback is given to all the students on all their tasks by the course administrator. Once the completion of the course, the students are given technical writing certificate badges. These badges can be showcased on social media profiles and job portals.


For those on the lookout for online self-paced technical writing courses in Goa, then the Certificate in Professional Technical Communication course is just the perfect choice.



5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a name associated with prominent edutech academies in India. They have a lot of business-related niches like public programs, college programs, corporate programs, skill development programs, consulting services, etc.


Henry Harvin through its certification courses aims to further develop the organization globally with the help of standardized content, modern technology, and resources.  It should be noted here that Henry Harvin offers one of the best advanced technical writing courses in Goa.


The Course Details Are as Follows:

  • Course: Technical Writing Course with Gold Membership
  • Course Duration: 32 hours



  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Documentation process
  • Technical writing process
  • Grammar and editing
  • Technical writing software tools
  • Components of technical documents
  • Technical writing techniques
  • How to create a technical document template
  • Overview of formats of technical documents
  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • Soft skills
  • Resume writing


The focus is here to help students practice writing clear, organized, concise, simple, and understandable technical documents. They help the students to concentrate on simplifying the complex technical information. They offer a host of attractive features in their course like internship, certification, live projects, e-learning, boot camps, placement, hackathon, and gold membership.


Like many other academies, Henry Harvin also offers to learn through live interactive online classes.  Experts on these subjects have curated the curriculum and syllabus of this course to make the students job-ready globally. The program also consists of hands-on experimental learning on live projects.


They offer placement assistance for up to a year after the completion of the course. The course includes teaching the students to write specialized and unique reports which are research reports, lab reports, progress reports, and many more. Students are taught the best practices of composing far-reaching research proposals, scientific communication, recognizing various literature reviews, etc.


Most importantly with the help of all these exposures, they will learn the right way to communicate with a non-technical reader/audience. The Henry Harvin course introduces the students to free software required for technical writing. It helps in creating perfect citations for writing thesis for journals and research papers.


At Henry Harvin, they also introduce the students to tools of technical writing such as the Snag IT, Adobe FrameMaker, Photoshop, MS Visio, XML, Macromedia, Dita tool, Robohelp, API, etc.  Henry Harvin is by far one of the best technical writing courses in Goa.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the basic qualification for a technical writing course?

As such, there is no rigid basic qualification requirement for this short-term course.  People with any educational background can go ahead with this course.  Candidates with technical knowledge have a better base, but even candidates who are into journalism, and mass communication with an inclination to technology and a stronghold over language also do wonders with this course.


2. Are technical writing jobs in demand?

Yes, most certainly technical writing jobs are very much in demand and currently have a great career prospects.


3. What career opportunities does the technical writing course provide?

Being a certified technical writer, there are numerous job opportunities such as technical communication specialist, technical trainer and illustrator, information developer, documentation specialist, Manual writer, information designer, policy writer, and many more.


4. Apart from educational qualifications, what are the other relevant skills required to be a successful technical writer?

To be a successful technical writer, like any other job, dedication and hard work are very important.  Besides that, research skills, good writing skills, editing skills, designing skills, communication skills, and technical skills ensure better success.


5. Can we get a remote technical writing job to work from home?

Yes, undoubtedly it is possible to get a remote technical writing job for work from home option especially now in the current pandemic situation the chances are even higher.


To Conclude


Here we have listed some of the most reputed technical writing courses in Goa.  It is well known that establishing as a technical writer requires lots of hard work, effort, sound, factual, and accurate technical knowledge, a good amount of research, language skills, etc. This is where the technical course helps.  Being a trained or certified technical writer helps in knowing the correct professional approach to technical writing. It is very important to choose the right academy to reap the benefits.


A good technical writing course academy will enhance the chances of a better job offer. We all know that Goa is “The Land of Sun, Sea, and Surf”, a beautiful city with lots of academies and institutes providing the right scope for the professionals. The above listed are some of the best technical courses in Goa.  Hope the above listing has helped in choosing the right academy. Happy learning.

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