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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Goa With Placements

Goa! name itself says beaches, chill, partying, youth, greenery, and of course delicious Goan food. It is one of the most Xanadu places in India and favorite amongst Indians as well as it attracts foreigners too. When it comes to education, Goa is known for quality schooling. The literacy rate is 87.50 % in Goa. It also offers content writing courses which are swinging in the air these days. Before we swim into the top ten content writing courses in Goa, let us understand what Content Writing is all about to get your queries covered? 


What is content writing?


Content is a piece of information in different forms such as videos, print, digital, mails, advertisement, brochures, infographics, emailer, podcasts, etc.- every written or spoken word is content.


It is a process of ideation, writing, editing, and proofreading for digital media or print media. Content is consumed in every field, and we are daily exchanging our ideas through this content around the globe. Content writing is a current thing these days ruling the air.


What Will You Read In This Article?


  • What is the role of a content writer?
  • How to become a content writer?
  • List of top ten content writing courses


Follow These 10 Steps to Learn a Content Writing in India


What is the role of a content writer?


People think that if you are good with words and you have a flair for writing you can easily become a content writer. No that’s a preconceived notion.


A content writer should fulfill these categories to become successful: –

  • Expertise in different forms of writing.
  • Have basic knowledge of SEO, HTML, WordPress to understand the amalgamation of these factors.
  • Basic social media marketing.


Have a look at the content writer job requirement, and you will get an idea of all the skills and qualities required to become a content writer. Some of the roles to be fulfilled are: –


  • Magnificent research skills are required.
  • Writing attractive to promote websites, blogs, services, products, etc.
  • Always proofread before publishing your content.
  • Coordination is a must with your team members and also the parallel teams you are working with.
  • Produce SEO-friendly articles with a lot of keyword research.
  • Promote your content on social media.


The above factors describe how a content writer should know about marketing and design as well. Content writing is a vast subject having branches of topics such as:



How to become a content writer?


There is no golden rule to be followed to become a content writer. All you need is the will and skill to be one. There are plenty of online platforms providing free or paid courses like dancing, art & craft, psychology, digital marketing, content writing. There are platforms like – Coursera, Udemy, edx, etc.- having ample options.


These courses offer comfortability to learn anytime from these platforms according to your flexible time and device too. From there, you can have a basic idea of what content writing is about. The loophole of these courses is that there is no personal training or special class given there is no coordination and specialized learnings.


On the other hand, there are plenty of training institutes offering content writing courses. They have a well-planned curriculum and organized courses taught step by step giving you complete knowledge about it and also you have to appear for the exam. Such institutes provide internships as well as certification with job placement assistance. 


If you want to become a specialized content writer, you should learn content writing from putative institutes. Learning from a renowned institute will give your career wings to fly and improve your writing skills.


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Let me mentor you through the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Goa.


The image is about content writing courses in Goa


1- IIM Skills 


IIM Skills tops the list of top ten content writing courses in Goa that provides training for content writing. The content writing master course teaches you how to become a professional content writer. They prepare you for a job or your business by giving you complete knowledge about content writing as well as content marketing.


 The student-driven methodology and useful information are what make this foundation the #1 on the list. Likewise, they take in just a set number of students working with individual consideration regarding each student.


This course is open for students, retired persons, homemakers, entrepreneurs, or working professionals. You can sit at home and learn in your comfort zone.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course Includes:-.


  1. Four weeks of online training 
  2. 16 hours of lecture and 60 hours of practical assignment.
  3. Students registering to get tools free worth 35k 
  4. 10 hours internship lecture
  5. The golden opportunity for internships under professionals.
  6. The team keeps on updating students for opportunities of jobs coming to them from their tie-ups or acquaintance.
  7. The Content Writing Master Course accompanies an expert certificate from IIM SKILLS, as well as a certificate from HubSpot for content marketing.
  8. The content writing master course has 12 modules.
  9. 1st module gives you a basic technical understanding along with knowledge about WordPress websites which will help you to create your website.
  10. Module 2nd explains web traffic, creating landing pages, etc.
  11. Module 3rd is about types of content writing like articles, blogs, press releases, etc.
  12. Module 4th is about types of the keyword(short and long-tail), selection of keywords, understanding competitive keywords.
  13. Module 5th, you can begin composing your article with tips on the best way to compose what people would like to read.
  14. Module 6th teaches you to use different tools to make your writing easier.
  15. Module 7th is about duplicate content, how to check and avoid writing duplicate content.
  16. Module 8th is about content distribution using email.
  17. The 9th module is about setting up google local pages.
  18. The next module is writing for social media and also do’s and don’t of it.
  19. The 11th module is about exploring social media tools.
  20. The last module that is the 12th one is how to monetize your newly learned writing skills, and grab freelancer opportunities.
  21. apart from these 12 modules, you will get 
  • lifetime support from the team( technical and consulting),
  • 3 months guaranteed internship, 
  • portfolio development for job or freelancer, 
  • publish your first book on kindle or google books, 
  • write your first blog for a platform like times of India,
  • well last but not least, publish your first press release on an online news portal.
  1. fees for this course is 14900 plus 18 % GST.



IIM skills rank on number 1 in the list of top ten content writing courses in Goa. IIM skills make a great team of talented, trained & intelligent leaders, which will make your learning easy and interesting.


Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


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2. Online Idea Lab


Online Idea Lab has a broad line-up of productive items and popular services. With tasks in India, the USA, and Canada, they offer services in digital marketing, Amazon web services, web/application improvement, and content creation. They have a great exhibit of industry partners. 


Online Idea Lab offers corporate training to better organizations and builds useful teams. For young personalities, they offer different expertise-based courses that permit them to walk on new roads. 


Their free courses include: 


  • An introduction to content writing (four to five hours live on the web).
  • Digital marketing introduction (12-13 hours). 
  • An introduction to media platform (four to five hours). 
  • Introduction to Search engine optimization (three to four hours). 
  • An Introduction to internet marketing, also known as PPC (three to four hours). 
  • An introduction to web analysis (three to four hours). 
  • AWS affirmed cloud expert (five to six hours). 

There are short-term crash courses of training and also regular classroom studies and online courses.


Content Writing at Online Idea Lab: 


Being in the industry and offering types of services, Online Idea Lab additionally also offers exceptionally best content writing courses in Goa. This course is divided into different levels like foundation, advanced, copywriting, technical writing, and specialized writing. The content writing is accessible as both classroom and online courses.


 The content writing foundation course includes: –

  • Computerized marketing fundamentals
  • Basic competitive analysis. 
  • Reading and examining content. 
  • Common grammatical error
  • Content composition and morals. 
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Writing viral content
  • Editing and altering. 
  • Freelancing as a content writer.


The live online classes are for an expense of INR 8,900 for one month. There are 12 classes of two hours each from Monday through Friday. At last, Online Idea Lab additionally offers position help, has an active alumni network, and offers lifetime support from mentors.


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3. Skills Upgrader –


Skills Upgrader is a renowned institute in Goa that has content writing courses. Skill Upgrader’s Goa Content Writing Course will tell you the best way to succeed in content writing. They give the most distinctive course that is the right blend of content writing and content marketing, rewarding positions in Goa that are exceptionally high popular for content writing.


Skills Upgrader is a well-known business that offers content writing courses. It has been some time since Skills Upgrader began offering content writing courses in Goa, and this school of content writing has done uncommonly well in giving students content writing guidance in Goa. 


The Institute has exceptional educators in the field with a great experience. Skills upgrader just takes a few students and lets every student give special attention.


The course is for anybody, regardless of whether you’re an amateur, a finance manager, a professional, or a homemaker. The class is planned with the goal that it supports and advantages everybody. The coach/mentor is answerable for guaranteeing that all parts of the activity are perceived by the candidate and this institute surely makes its place in the top 10 content writing courses in Goa.


Salient Features of Skills Upgrader’s Content Writing Course 


Profoundly Expert Faculty – Skills Upgrader is a widely known association providing content writing courses. It has been some time since Skills Upgrader began offering content composing courses in Goa and this school of content composing has done especially well in giving students content composing guidance in Goa. 


Lifetime Support – Skills Upgrader gives students lifetime help, which guarantees that at whatever point students want to relearn a portion of the current course modules eventually in their career, ace any new composing style, or utilize the entirety of the devices of Skills Upgrader, they are exceptionally free to do as such whenever they decide to do as such completely for nothing. 


Refreshed Curriculum – The prospectus of this content writing course by Skills Upgrader is arranged after a broad audit and investigation on what could be the most applicable subjects for students just as experts to help them out with their careers. 


Free Tools Worth 40K – Skills Upgrader bestows free tools-worth INR 40,000 for content writing and digital marketing. These procedures are extraordinarily significant in enormous-scale executions; however, students need to realize how these tools are utilized and what makes them significant.


4. Spark Academy 


A course on content composition in Goa is taught by the Spark Academy. In the modern age, content is needed in each business. Imagine the content that impacts you from books, papers, magazines, sites, client manuals, and mass communications through your day-by-day lives. Content is an outright need, and the content writers as well. 


The course is planned for administrators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and designers working in data organizations like eLearning, Information Technology, Publishing, or Communications. The course is organized to empower students to explicitly adjust their exercises without disturbance to their genuine working timetables.


5. Spiti Infotech


This is an advanced digital marketing association in the digital marketing field, extending to content writing employment opportunities in Goa including best content writing courses in Goa. Counting a crew of experts as the teachers, the Institute spends significant time in preparing students and making them job-ready. 


The different content writing courses offered by Spiti Infotech are web-based promoting, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing. PPC ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, and various topics are completely covered in the syllabus.


6. Techedo 


Techedo is an advanced IT organization that gives candidates who need to acquire and foster their specialized abilities and increment their career openings with proficient guidance and planning. With top specialists and experts banding together with worldwide brands like HCL, Google, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, they offer premium software development planning.


Their Content Writing Course gives you a graduate degree for the press release, newsletters, web support materials, and other IT organizations recorded as a hard copy. As you most likely are aware, you need to get familiar with content improvement to turn into an effective content creator. 


You can master basic and advanced abilities through their content improvement courses online to guarantee that you launch your career in writing content. You will be taught Copy Writing Course, which is regularly required when composing for the news entrance, as well as creating content. Techedo has made its way into the top ten content writing courses in Goa.


7Webtech learning


The ISO Accredited Web Education Academy Webtech LearningTM was set up in 2010. Webtech Learning is currently developing consistently for students from India and abroad to show web design, digital marketing, programming creation, and web development. 


They are exceptionally keen on offering web courses for content writing. That the programming you book with them is modified to suit the requirements of the organization.


8. Udemy 


Udemy is in vogue these days because of its multi-subject courses accessible on a single stage. With the help of industry specialists from around the globe, Udemy conveys a wide availability of courses, and it has made a position in the top ten content writing courses in Goa. Their online content writing courses are exceptionally synergistic and give educational materials and free instruments. Additionally, included is a diploma and lifetime, limitless access to the course.


Udemy is a taking-in network that brings people from all over the world to the best instructors and changes lives. It has free classes, just as charged ones. They have an easy-to-understand GUI. You will look and sift through their online bunch of content writing courses as per your necessities.


9. Newcent Training Academy 


The Newcent Training Academy is a private instructive organization, a committed technical training college. Today, in Goa, NTA offers content writing courses intended to further develop abilities that assist applicants with getting a position and additionally gain proficient skills that could be a road to advancement in current professions.


The online content writing courses are practical and skill-oriented, guaranteeing students can fulfill their assignments viably to fulfill the current needs of the world. NTA looks to get familiar with the most recent industry patterns, norms, and advancements to offer instructors key guidance to strengthen the profession’s competence.


They offer three sorts of courses, Rs 8100 Distance Learning, Rs 16200 Lecture Course, and Rs 6300 Direct Credential. These features keep Newcent training Academy on the list of top ten content writing courses in Goa.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


10. Coursera


Coursera is one more web-based learning dais that is multi-lingual and multi-subject. The courses are adaptable and moderate. You can learn any skill you wish to from their never-ending list. Gain from the best guides on the web and start without any preparation, changing your direction to a well-paying vocation. 


The courses have channels of dialects, level (novice, moderate, or advance), abilities, accomplice colleges, and learning. 


Right now, for content writing the top-rated course in Coursera is: 


The Strategy of Content Marketing. This is Offered by UC Davis renowned the University of California; this course has a grading of 4.5 out of 5. The course educates about the content marketing strategy, the strategic content, kinds of content, lastly, how to deal with your content. 


There are right around 102 distinct courses under the subheading of content writing. You can peruse and see which course you can afford according to your budget. However, the classes are created to act self-paced, but assignments are given to become pro in the practical part, which is essential.


FAQs related to Content Writing Courses in Goa


Q1. Which is the best content writing course? 

A. IIM Skills Content Writing Course is considered the best for its well-defined and regularly updated curriculum, interactive classroom sessions, and practically-oriented internship program. Together with, the free tools, TOI blog, and E-book writing exposure further validate its dignity.


Q2. Is the Content writing course worth it? 

A. Yes, the content writing courses benefit you in each and every way. It equips you with the nitty-gritty of the content industry and the lucrative opportunities it offers. Post course, a good content writer can earn anywhere between 15K to 2lakh as per the creativity and experience level.


Q3. Can I learn content writing online? 

A. Yes, of course, you can. There are various institutes that offer online content writing courses such as IIM Skills, Simplilearn, Coursera, Udemy. Given that, you can learn content writing from the comfort of your home.




For the most part, the entirety of the top 10 content writing courses in Goa recorded above are remarkable and notable for their steady endeavors to take care of students with the best content writing courses and methods. Large numbers of these Goa content writing courses and resources are comparatively fruitful, yet some are a stride in front of others. 


This closes our rundown of Goa’s skillful and top ten content writing courses. You should participate in the high-level content writing course in case you want to build your future in this field and get familiar with the content writing abilities needed to become a remarkable content writer in Goa.

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  • Hello, I am Rohit. I am a tourist guide. The content writing course offered by IIM skills is most appealing to me. Do you really provide an opportunity to write for times of India blogs? Do you offer certification after the completion of the course? Can I be assured totally? I want to take up this course as it is very beneficial to me in improving my career graph.

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