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4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura With Placements

4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura

4 best digital marketing courses in Pritampura

So many of you are looking for top-grade Digital marketing courses today to upskill and explore diverse career options in the dynamic digital marketing industry.


Pitampura is a place in North West Delhi. It is an area that is very famous in Delhi and the property rates are very high.  You get easy access to the market nearby. It is also famous for its TV Tower which was built in 1988. There is easy accessibility to the metro stations and you get all the amenities available at Pitampura.


People are looking for good opportunities in education and the job sector. You must be looking for job opportunities by enrolling in Digital Marketing Course. Hence, we have compiled a list of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura.


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Below are discussed the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura they are as follows:



Digiperform logo

Digiperform is one of India’s largest leading training centers. It was established in the year 2013 and has 40+ centers all over India. The mission is to provide the best trained digital marketers to the organization and those who want to be self-employed.

The following services which keep them best from all other institutes are as follows:

  1. Learning is tool based
  2. No, Compromise with Quality
  3. Award-winning learning management system
  4. Depth Program learning
  5. 50+ Modules
  6. Latest Curriculum
  7. 100% Practical exposure
  8. Live assignments
  9. 15+ Certification
  10. Placement guidance

Digiperform picture


Course modules: There is the list of the following course modules that are taught during the Digital marketing program they are:

  1. Introduction to online marketing
  2. How to plan a digital marketing campaign?
  3. Digital Banner Designing
  4. Ebooks publishing
  5. Video creation strategy
  6. Youtube marketing
  7. How to generate leads online
  8. Email marketing
  9. Building your websites
  10. Web analytics and traffic reporting
  11. Inbound Marketing
  12. Web content writing
  13. Online advertising foundation
  14. Google ads
  15. Bing ads
  16. Facebook advertising
  17. Remarketing & Recall ad
  18. Advanced FB Advertising Strategy
  19. LinkedIn advertising
  20. Twitter advertising
  21. Online Traffic Buying
  22. Online media buying strategy
  23. Introduction to Social media marketing
  24. Social media marketing strategy
  25. Facebook/Instagram business marketing
  26. Twitter/LinkedIn marketing
  27. Quora marketing
  28. Online reputation management & SM tools
  29. Introduction to SEO
  30. Basic Excel & HTML
  31. Keyword planning & research
  32. SEO Content writing
  33. On-page SEO
  34. Webmaster tools
  35. Local, International& mobile SEO
  36. Sales Optimization
  37. Online Earning
  38. Earning as a Digital marketing freelancer
  39. Earning as an Affiliate marketer
  40. Making money with blogging


Eligibility: Graduates, Jobseekers, Professionals, Small business owners, Entrepreneurs.

Duration: 321+ Hours

Certification: After completion of the course you will get 15+ certifications in the Digital marketing course.

Career: The job roles related to SEO, SEM, SMM, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, or own startup.

The Digiperform is a well-renowned training center that comes on the list of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura & Connaught Place.


2: Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM):


The DDIM is having all over 12 years of experience in the field of Digital marketing. They all focus on In-depth research in the field of Digital marketing which will make the best Digital marketers for the companies. They are all over motive is not only give the learn about the Internet marketing concepts but they focus on the latest strategies in the market. They are helping many job seekers to attain their goals in the field of Digital marketing.

The main highlight of the Digital marketing course in DIDM are as follows:

  1. Practical learning environment
  2. Curriculum designed by experts
  3. Online/Offline Classrooms
  4. E-books& E-notes Support
  5. Training sessions for making job-ready
  6. 50+ modules
  7. Hands-on learning on live projects
  8. Online management support (LMS)
  9. Tools based learning
  10. Software support
  11. Internship Support
  12. Placement support
  13. Live QA Forum
  14. 100% Job placement


Course modules: The Course modules for the Digital marketing Courses are as follows:

  1. Digital marketing overview
  2. Digital marketing strategy
  3. Web designing with no codes
  4. Practical approach
  5. Email marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. Search engine optimization
  8. Google webmaster tool
  9. Search engine algorithms
  10. Local business listing
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Content marketing
  13. Competitor analysis
  14. Social media marketing
  15. Video marketing fundamentals
  16. Media Buying & Planning
  17. E-commerce marketing
  18. Mobile Marketing
  19. Optimization Conversation Rate
  20. Google Adwords
  21. Online Display Advertising
  22. Online Reputation Management
  23. Creating Marketing Strategy
  24. Leading generation of business
  25. Live Practical session
  26. Case study discussion
  27. Digital marketing Interview preparation
  28. Blogging
  29. Adsense
  30. Affiliate Marketing
  31. Freelancer Pushups
  32. Black Hat Techniques
  33. Search engine & Social marketing parameters
  34. Remarketing concepts
  35. Other modules


Eligibility: Working professionals, Job seekers, Housewives, Students, Freelancers, and others.

Duration: The duration of the Course is 12 weeks/20 weeks.

Certification: The DIDM provides the Skill Shiksha Certification.

Career: The job roles related to SEO, SEM, and SMM, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, or own startup.


The Digital Institute of Digital marketing is also one of the most experienced amongst the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura.




The Digital Edge Institute is established in 2013 in Delhi. The institute acclaimed that they are the best training institute for Digital marketing courses. The Institutes provide quality education, training, and student service. They are teaching the students and providing skilled Digital marketers and meet up the expectation of the Digital marketing industry.


There are the following services that make the Digital Edge Institute different they are as follows:

  1. Batches are small
  2. 33+ modules
  3. Covering all prospects of course
  4. Learning Environment
  5. 100% Practical training
  6. Live projects
  7. Google certified trainers
  8. Internship Facility
  9. 100% Job Placement
  10. Back classes & Doubt session
  11. Paid internship program
  12. Google Certification


Digital edge picture


Course modules: The Digital edge institute has Digital marketing modules they are as follows:

  1. Digital marketing fundamentals
  2. Website Planning, Designing & Creation
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Google Ad words/SEM/PPC
  5. Social media optimization
  6. Online lead generation
  7. E-Commerce promotions
  8. Youtube marketing
  9. Google analytics
  10. Google Ad-sense
  11. Affiliate marketing
  12. Content marketing
  13. Inbound marketing
  14. Live Projects
  15. Cyber laws
  16. Mobile marketing
  17. Email marketing
  18. Doubt session


Eligibility: The Eligibility for the course is for working professionals, Job seekers, Housewives, Small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Duration: The duration of the Course is 3 months to 6 months.

Certification: The Certification for the program for the course are Google Ad words, Ad words fundamental, Search advertising, Search advertising, Display advertising, Mobile advertising, Video advertising, shopping advertising, Bing Ad words certification, Google Analytics certification, Hub spot inbound certification, Training institute certification.

Career: The job roles related to SEO, SEM, SMM, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, or own startup.

The Digital Edge institute comes under the 4 Best Digital marketing courses in Pitampura.


4: Your WEB SEO:


YWS Logo


YWS is the Institute has 15+ years of experience that always works for excellence and they always say that they always focused on the latest techniques for the Digital Marketing Course. They approve that they provide the best digital marketers to the companies.


The qualities which make the YWS different from all the other institutes are as follows:

  1. Learn from Digital marketing professionals
  2. Hands-on learning experience
  3. Live Projects
  4. 60+ modules
  5. Customized training course
  6. Internship provided
  7. 100% placement assistance
  8. Free tools provided
  9. Weekly doubt session
  10. Lifetime support
  11. Students loan at 0%
  12. 100% job placement


Course modules: The YWS is having the following course modules they are as follows:

  1. Marketing Principles (5 modules)
  2. Keyword Research (4 modules)
  3. Introduction of Digital marketing (8 modules)
  4. Website design & Architecture ( 5 modules)
  5. Claim your Identity ( 2 modules)
  6. Search engine optimization ( 9 modules)
  7. Search engine tools ( 1 module)
  8. Earning online ( 5 modules)
  9. Creative’s/Content Creation ( 4 modules)
  10. Social media marketing ( 5 modules)
  11. Interview prep/ Doubt handling session ( 2 modules)


Eligibility: The Eligibility for the course is for working professionals, Job seekers, Housewives, Small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Duration: The duration of the Course is 3 months to 6 months.

Certification: The Institute is getting you certified after completion of the course.

Career: The job roles related to SEO, SEM, SMM, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, or own startup.

The YWS is the institute that comes under the 4 Best Digital marketing courses in Pitampura. The YWS Institute also works for the Digital India Initiative.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the duration of the digital marketing course in Pitampura?

The Duration for the Digital marketing courses in Pitampura is started from 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months also. Well, it depends upon the level of the course and the format of the institutes for taking the class.

Q. What is the average fee of the Digital marketing training course in Pitampura?

The average fee for the Digital marketing training courses depends upon the level, of course, it is an Advanced, Master, or Customized training program.

Q. What is the mode of the Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura?

The mode of the Digital marketing courses in Pitampura is Online and offline both the modes depend upon the students which mode of teaching is favorable for you.

Q. What does a digital marketer earn after doing the course from Pitampura?

The pay for the Digital marketer is all dependent upon your skills and technical knowledge about the Digital marketing course which starts from 1,00,000 per annum for fresher’s and it grows according to your skillset.

Q. What are the job prospects of the Digital marketing course from Pitampura?

There are plenty of job opportunities like you can work as Freelancer, Blogger, You tuber, SEO executive, SMM manager or you can start your startup, etc.



In the above listicle article, I have mentioned the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi Pitampura. It is for the students, job seekers, professionals, Housewife who are looking for Digital marketing courses in Pitampura, they can find out the best institute from the above article and, it will help a lot for that person who wants outstanding learning from the 4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura.


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  • Hi. Hitesh this side! I am a blogger and have been doing blogging for 1.5 years. My growth from the last few months has been stagnant. So I have decided to upskill and take some more classes. I want to learn about advanced blogging. Will these courses help me with these?

  • Sonu Sood

    Hi, how long does it take to become a freelancer in this field. I came to know about this growing field at my work, and I have decided to join the race. Also, the courses you’ve mentioned are online or offline? I am looking specifically for online classes.

  • Ram Chatniya

    I, too, feel that IIM Skills Digital Marketing is a good course. But I want to know how long it takes one to become a freelancer in this profession? I read more blogs, which say that a minimum of 1 year of work experience is required to become a freelancer. Is this true?

  • Tanaya Sharma

    HI, these Digital Marketing Courses are amazing and worth to look into. This list is simply made my task easier than ever. I am looking forward to joining one of these courses.

  • Jatin

    How much can freelancer make in this field as complete beginners? I am thinking to get into freelancing and am open to suggestions. After a course, is it necessary to do some work and then get into freelancing? Or is it like any other skill that one can get into? I am confused about this. I will be thankful if you can clarify this matter.

  • Shraddha

    Great work with this blog! I am soo much into DM and was hoping to start my career as a SEO analyst.
    Thank you.

  • Digital Marketing Course is much in demand as any other course. I have been interested in this domain for a long time now. This is a good time for me to start with this course.
    I hope a student of arts can take up this course?

  • Prithvi

    Hello. I found your article as I was looking for digital marketing courses. since I started reading your article, I felt a bit motivated to join this course. I have been feeling a bit down when I thought this course can’t be attended by me as I am from arts department. But after reading that there are no such requirements, it was a load off my chest. Thanks for this info. Nice blog indeed. I wish I can also find the institute I am looking for and share my experience later on too.

  • Sambhav

    I am Sambhav. I am a tutor . I want to expand my classes. One of my friend suggested to learn Digital Marketing. I want to know if and How can I be benefited from this course?

  • Hi, I am Tasha. I found your article and it’s quite interesting . Is there any scope of getting a job in social media management after this course? Actually I am interning with a digital marketing company as a content writer but now I want to switch my domain. Let me know what is the course duration.

  • Hie. this is Alisha, i am a finance student and not a IT one, can u suggest me if i should go for this course or not? i have seen the topic list is tooooo vast… i m not sure i will be able to understand in 3 months or not. plz guide.

  • Hi, This is Swati. I am a content reviewer. Let me know whether this course will teach me anything about auditing and proof reading

  • I am Agam. I am a Chef at hotel. I want to start my own blog and increase viewership. Also, learn affiliate marketing, Video marketing and Online advertising. Will this particular course help me?


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