Top 5 Advanced Tally Courses With Placement Assistance

The power of the Internet is such that businesses today rely heavily on various software readily available over the Internet to manage various aspects of the business world. One such software is Tally. It was launched in 1986 and has grown from a simple accounting program to a significant player in managing the various finance and accounting departments of companies. It can be easily said that the job prospects related to Tally have also increased with the different versions. This article is about the different advanced tally courses you can take online to make a profitable career.


To manage their financial transactions, companies of all sizes use the well-known accounting program, Tally. It has developed into a necessary tool for accountants, and as the demand for qualified accountants has grown, so too has the demand for advanced Tally courses.

In this article, we’ll talk about a few of these Tally courses that can improve your knowledge and proficiency in the accounting industry. But first, we will look into what is Tally and the various aspects involved with it.


What is Tally?

Tally, actually an acronym for “Transactions allowed in a linear line yard” was founded in 1986 by a Bangalore company. Since then, small and medium-sized businesses have used this popular software to manage their financial transactions all over India and other countries.

Tally offers a number of features, such as financial accounting, inventory management, payroll management, and tax management, to assist businesses in managing their accounting requirements.

Even for those with no prior experience in accounting, the software is made to be user-friendly. Among other things, it enables users to create financial statements, control budgets, and track expenses.


Advantages of Using Tally

  • The capability of Tally to integrate with other software applications is one of its main advantages. For example, Tally and Microsoft Excel can be used together to import and export data. This integration can help businesses save time and reduce errors by automating tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually.


  • The capability of Tally to handle multiple currencies is another crucial feature. Businesses that operate internationally and need to manage transactions in various currencies will find this especially helpful.


  • Tally is a flexible tool for businesses that operate in international markets because it can produce invoices and receipts in various languages.


  • Tally has recently added cloud-based functionality, enabling companies to access their accounting data from any location at any time. Businesses with remote teams or those who need to access their accounting data while on the go will find this feature to be especially helpful.


  • To conclude, Tally is a powerful accounting software that can help businesses manage their financial transactions and streamline their accounting processes. It is a popular option for companies of all sizes due to its user-friendly interface, integration with other software, and support for multiple currencies.


What is Advanced Tally or Tally ERP9?

Tally ERP9 is the advanced version of Tally offering more features like recording business transactions, managing billing, accounting, inventory, finance, banking, payroll, GST, and income tax. It is suitable for medium to large businesses.


Difference Between Tally and Advanced Tally (Tally ERP9).

The following are a few of the primary differences between Tally and Tally ERP 9:


  • Features: Tally ERP 9 (Advanced Tally) provides more sophisticated features than Tally, including statutory compliance, inventory management, multiple currencies, and payroll management.


  • Scalability: Compared to Tally, Tally ERP 9 (Advanced Tally) is more scalable and capable of handling more complex business operations.


  • Customization: Tally ERP 9 (Advanced Tally) provides more customization options than Tally, enabling businesses to adapt the software to their particular requirements.


  • Security: Tally ERP 9 (Advanced Tally) offers more advanced security features than Tally, such as user-level access control, data encryption, and backup and restore options.


  • Cost: Since Tally ERP 9 (Advanced Tally) offers more sophisticated features and capabilities, it is more expensive than Tally.


  • Duration: A basic Tally course can be completed in 1-3 months, an Advanced Tally course will need almost 2 years.


It can be clearly seen the advantage that Advanced Tally has over basic Tally. Therefore, taking up a course and learning Advanced Tally can help you a long way in your business or career in accounting and finance.


What Are the Topics Covered in Advanced Tally Courses?

  • Advanced Accounting: This module covers topics in advanced accounting like cost centers, sophisticated inventory control, and payroll administration.


  • Advanced inventory management: Features covered in this module include batch-wise and expiry date tracking, stock aging analysis, and multiple units of measurement.


  • Statutory Compliance: This module discusses compliance aspects, including GST, TDS, TCS, and other tax-related requirements for compliance.


  • Banking: This covers advanced banking features, such as bank reconciliation, cheque printing, and payment and receipt vouchers.


  • Security and Data Management: Advanced security features like user-level access control, data encryption, and backup and restore options are covered in the security and data management module.


  • MIS Reports: This module discusses sophisticated reporting features like cash flow statements, profit-and-loss statements, and other financial statements.


  • Customization: The customization features covered in this module include making outstanding invoices, reports, and vouchers.


  • Payroll Management: This module addresses payroll-related functions like tracking attendance, processing salaries, and managing employee benefits.


The overall goal of advanced Tally courses is to give students a thorough understanding of the software’s cutting-edge features and functionalities so they can effectively manage and organize their business operations.


What is the Prerequisite for Taking Up Advanced Tally Courses?

  • Basic understanding of the basic Tally software and accounting concepts. It is recommended to first complete the Tally beginner’s course before enrolling for the advanced course.


  • Knowledge about Microsoft Excel and basic computer skills would help you because often advanced tally courses involve data analysis and report generation using Excel and other software tools.


  • understanding the specific features and capabilities of the Tally software like managing ledgers, creating invoices, producing financial statements, and managing inventory.


The specific requirements may change depending on the course and the institution offering it. It is thereby advised to inquire about the course provider’s particular requirements before opting for it.


Fee Structure For Advanced Tally Courses.

The institute and length of the course will both affect the cost of these tally courses. Institutions typically charge between INR 5,000 and INR 30,000 for a detailed and in-depth course. The cost of a course with a longer duration, however, may be higher.


We Will Now Look at a Few of the Top 5 Best Advanced Tally Courses Online


1. Advanced Tally Courses online- IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a well-known brand in the e-learning sector that continues to uphold its commitment to offering top-notch training at competitive prices. The institute offers both career launches and career advancements in a single location. The Tally Course at IIM SKILLS is a perfect example of experiential learning because it combines technical and soft skills in an ideal way.

Making you prepared for employment as soon as the program is complete. Additionally, the outstanding faculty at IIM SKILLS employs cutting-edge methods to truly change you in terms of knowledge acquisition. The course can help both newcomers and seasoned professionals advance in their careers.


Name of the Course: Tally Master Course

Duration: 20 hours.

Fee structure: INR 2,900+ 18% GST.


Eligibility: Although there are no strict requirements or prerequisites for enrollment in the Master Tally Course at IIM SKILLS, you might be a good fit if you have:

  • Completed 10+2 from a recognized board. (Although students with backgrounds in any stream can apply for the course, those from a commerce background will find it easier.)
  • Students studying for graduation or graduates can enroll.
  • Must have basic knowledge of computers.


Mode of Teaching: Online


Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1- Business accounting.
  • Module 2 – Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime.
  • Module 3 – Advanced accounting in Tally.


Skills you will acquire at IIM SKILLS:

  • Accounting competency.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Robust communication skills.
  • Numerical ability.
  • Computer skills.


Tools Covered:

  • Tally Prime.
  • Tally ERP 9.
  • Microsoft Excel.


Unique Aspects of the Tally Course at IIM SKILLS:

  • Access at any time, anywhere.
  • Self-Paced Program.
  • Qualified Faculty.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Master certification.
  • Comprehensive curriculum.


The process followed at IIM SKILLS:

  • Fee Payment.
  • Access to LMS.
  • Complete all modules.


Contact: +91-9580740740.

Mail: [email protected]


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2. Advanced Tally Courses online- ICA Edu Skills

ICA Edu Skills is one of India’s best accounts training institutes. With 24 years of experience in the education field, it offers a variety of online courses with the goal of improving a participant’s employability.


Name of the course: Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT Course) Online

Duration: 170 hours.

Fee Structure: INR 17,000

Eligibility: 12+/graduate. Must clear the entrance test conducted by ICA.

Mode of Teaching: Online


Course Curriculum:

  • Business Accounting- 36 hours.
  • Tally Prime- 51 hours.
  • Goods and services tax (GST)-27 hours.
  • TDS- 11 hours.
  • MS Office 2019 – 45 hours.


What will you learn in this course?

  • create and configure Tally Prime files.
  • Learning to create ledgers and groups with a thorough understanding of accounts and tax.
  • Learn to generate online reports and analyses along with journal entries.
  • Evaluate the effects of transactions on income tax, TDS, and GST.
  • Other effective techniques used in India’s advanced Tally Prime courses.
  • Accounts Documents.
  • Journal Entries.
  • Stock Valuation.
  • Payment of the government’s Goods and Services Tax.
  • Calculation of Goods and Services Tax payable.
  • Basic concepts of TDS.
  • TDS using Tally.
  • E-TDS Return.


How will this BAT course from ICA Edu Skills be beneficial to you?

  • Get Practical Experience: With Our Live Project Developed by Academics and Industry Experts.
  • Case studies, live videos, and self-paced learning: Our live videos make learning seem easier and more engaging. Simply watch the videos to clear up your concepts.
  • Take a Knowledge Test: You can use our Learnersmall app to use assignments and quizzes to evaluate your understanding of concepts.
  • Get questions answered: Our academic staff and instructors are available to answer your questions at any time.
  • Attend the final test: After taking the final exams, your training will be completed.
  • Obtain Industry-Recognized Certification: ICA Edu Skills and MOS will certify you in Advanced Excel. By the time the course is over, you’ll have learned in-demand skills.


Contact: +918100704872

Mail: [email protected]

Address:  Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091; EcoCentre Business Park, EM Block, Sector V; Unit No. ECSL1401.


3. Advanced Tally Courses online- Tally education (TEPL)

Tally Education provides a range of online classes and certifications in areas such as accounting using Tally Prime and more. They believe that continuous learning is the only way to stay relevant and that their purpose at TEPL is “To positively impact the lives of “Learners” by increasing employability and increasing the value of the businesses they run while advancing professional careers.


Name of the course: 1. Tally Prime basics.  2. Tally Prime with GST.

We will now see the details regarding the two courses one by one.


Tally Prime basics

Duration: 5 hours.

Fee structure: INR 12,000

Mode of teaching: Online.


What does the course on Tally Prime basics teach you?

The specially designed course on Tally Prime basics teaches you step by step from the fundamentals. It includes-

  • Tally Prime Basics
  • Recording Day to Day Transactions
  • Bills-wise Accounts
  • Bills Receivable & Payable Management
  • Tally Prime with Banking-Cheque Books
  • Post Dated Cheques
  • Bank Reconciliation.


It is set up in a blended format, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace while receiving assistance from professionals. You will have an advantage over other job applicants if you are a certified learner.


Course Content:

  • Module 1- Tally Prime start-up.
  • Module 2- Tally Prime basics.
  • Module 3- Recording day-to-day transactions.
  • Module 4- Management of accounts payable, receivable, and reconciled bills.
  • Module 5- Tally Prime with banking.


Tally Prime with GST

Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes.

Fee structure: INR 15,000

Mode of teaching: Online.


What does the course offer you?

TallyPrime with GST is a core requirement for students majoring in accounting, finance, MIS, data analysis, taxation, and business management. Managing GST compliance has become easier with TallyPrime, and the course also explains how to do it.


Course Content:

  • Module 1- Tally prime set-up.
  • Module 2- Tally prime with GST.
  • Module 3- Tally prime printing configurations.
  • Module 4- GST filing concepts.
  • Module 5- E-invoicing.


The advantages of taking the course online with TEPL

  • Self-learning videos.
  • Accessibility from multiple devices.
  • Accessibility to contents for 6 months.
  • Lifelong access to the Tally job portal.
  • Industry-recognized Tally certificate after course completion.


Contact: Tally Education Pvt. Ltd.

AMR Tech Park II at no. 23 and 24 Hongasandra on Hosur Main Road in Bangalore, India.


4. Advanced Tally Courses online- Udemy

Due to its simplicity of use and extensive selection of courses, Udemy has gained popularity in recent years. It offers courses from beginner to expert level in almost every subject right from coding and writing to finance and accounting. Those interested can easily find and access the courses from Udemy’s user-friendly learning platform.

Udemy provides many courses on the advanced version of Tally, and the students can search through them and choose whatever course is apt for them. To make it easier, this article will provide you with the latest version of the course related to tally.


Name of the Course: Tally ERP9 + Tally Prime + GST 2023-Certificate course.

Duration: 16 hours.

Mode of Learning: Online.

Fee Structure: INR 2,499.


What will the course teach you?

  • How to independently manage any company’s accounting with GST.
  • Compute TDS & extract TDS Reports.
  • How to make GST computations and reports using Tally ERP 9.
  • RCM – Reverse Charge Mechanism with GST Training in Tally Erp9.
  • How to avail of Input GST Credit.
  • How to apply GST at Multiple Levels.
  • PF, ESI, EPF, and Statutory Payment are used to manage payroll.
  • Manage Accounting of Manufacturing Firm.
  • You’ll experience how to make MIS reports for managers.
  • Manage accounting of Goods Transport Agency(GTA) in Tally Erp9 with GST.
  • Learn how to manage the accounting of a Composition Dealer under GST in Tally Erp9 with GST Course.
  • Import & Export Entries under GST.


Course Content:

  • Basic concepts of accounting.
  • Let’s launch Tally ERP 9 – work our way up to advanced transactions.
  • Steps towards computerized accounting using Tally ERP9 with GST.
  • Time to record day-to-day transactions with Tally ERP9.
  • Integrate accounts and inventory.
  • Understanding and recording GST in Tally ERP9.
  • Advance GST transactions with GST in Tally ERP9.
  • GST transactions for a service organization in Tally ERP9 with GST.
  • RCM- Reverse charge mechanism.
  • E-way.


Requirements for this course:

Basic computer knowledge.

Who can opt for this Tally course?

  • Students without an accounting background can also learn.
  • Whoever wants to be a successful accountant.
  • Business owners, career seekers.
  • Anyone wanting to learn advanced accounting with GST in tally.


For more details, you can anytime visit the UDEMY website.


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5. Advanced Tally Courses Online- CAclubIndia

In 1999, Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd. launched CAclubIndia as a platform for knowledge sharing for taxpayers and financial professionals, and it currently has over 3 million members. Numerous professionals with years of experience and experts in the field serve as mentors for other team members.

The courses are taught by CA Raj K Agarwal, who is a leading chartered accountant. With the help of this course, you can pursue a variety of careers and become job-ready. Both entrepreneurs and students completing articles will find this useful. Additionally, it covers “Fundamental of Accounting,” which will give non-commerce students a foundational understanding of accounting.


Name of the course: Tally course ERP9 (GST enabled)

Duration: 20.01 Hours.

Mode of learning: Online.

Fee structure: INR 1,199.


Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Maintaining Chart of Accounts in Tally. ERP 9
  • Maintaining Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
  • Recording Day-to-Day Transactions in Tally. ERP 9
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable Management
  • Practical Excercise – 1
  • MIS Reports
  • Getting Started with GST
  • Recording Voucher with TDS
  • Practical Excercise – 2


Requirements to enroll in the courses at CAclubIndia:

  • Any beginner in Tally.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Tally to perform accounting, inventory, and tax tasks.
  • Businesspeople ready to quit manual accounting.
  • Anyone seeking employment in accounting.
  • Accountants and students of commerce.


Terms and conditions with respect to the course:

  • Videos last for a total of 20.01 hours.
  • Duration: 50 hours of viewing or 3.0 months from the registration date, whichever comes first.
  • Videos cannot be downloaded. They are only intended for online viewing.
  • We can view videos on the full screen.
  • Once purchased, the course or subject cannot be canceled.
  • At an additional Rs. 1000 for each subject, and a pen drive is available.
  • We may use pen drives for personal purposes after the subject has expired or after the required number of viewing hours, whichever comes first.


Contact: 011- 411- 70713.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the benefits of pursuing Advanced Tally courses?

People who take up these courses can improve their Tally software proficiency, which will benefit their job prospects and professional development. These programs can aid companies in increasing efficiency and optimizing financial operations.


2. What would be the duration of the Courses?

The length of a Tally course varies depending on the level of the course and the course provider. These courses can be finished typically in a few weeks to a few months.


3. What career options are available after completing the course?

Completion of advanced tally courses opens job opportunities in various fields:

  • Accounting Manager.
  • Accounts Payable Manager.
  • Financial Analyst and more.


Upskilling in Tally can improve the chances of getting promoted to higher positions in the accounting and finance departments.


4. How much can one expect to be paid in the Tally field?

Depending on a number of factors like the level of experience, job role, company size, and location, the earning potential in the Tally industry can vary. According to a study by PayScale, a Tally professional earns an average salary of about INR 3.5 lakh to 4.5 lakhs per annum. And with experience, it can reach up to INR 5 lakh to 8 lakhs per annum.



In today’s working world, where almost every sector and business is going digital and dependency and use of technology are increasing, it is important to keep yourself updated with the changing scenarios and constantly upgrade your knowledge to stay ahead of the competition. The financial sector of any business plays a crucial role in the growth and success of the business.

Nowadays, almost all companies use Tally to take stock of the company’s accounting and finances, so it is safe to assume that the career potential for students learning Tally is very high. This article was a small effort to introduce you to the top 5 institutes that offer advanced tally courses online so that anyone interested in these courses can benefit from them.

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