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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Italy With Placements

Are you a start-up and want to grow your business and take it to the next level but don’t know how? Then digital marketing is your answer. In the modern era when absolutely everything is digital, taking your business online can help you loads! Why? Because the world is here! Digital marketing is just like normal marketing, only it’s done online! In simple words, it is a process of selling products and services online with the help of several tools. This article lists the best digital marketing courses in Italy.


Now when you decided to learn, why not learn from the best? There are some of the best digital marketing courses in Italy that provide you with immense knowledge both theoretical and practical.


Let’s Know Why is Digital Marketing Important

Although the traditional ways of marketing are still and will always be around, then why should you choose digital marketing over traditional marketing? Marketing is a way through which you sell your products or services. With digital marketing, you connect with a large number of people around the world but this is not possible with traditional marketing trends.

For example, suppose you have a shop in a town where you sell block print clothes. Now, only the people in the town know about your shop and buy products from there, but the story is quite different when you take your business online. As of January 2023, there are approximately 5.19 billion people who use the internet today, which is almost 65% of the world’s population.

Digital marketing will enable you to connect with these people using the internet all around the world. So now, not only people in your town but everyone who uses the internet and is looking for block print clothes will know about your business whether they are in the same country or a different one.

Online marketing platforms are much cheaper and more cost-effective than physical ones and are quicker to set up. If you want to start marketing your product you can do it today! Digital marketing evens the ground and allows you to compete with bigger brands on the platform.


Now Let’s Look at the Types of Digital Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is more focused on reaching customers through different platforms. These platforms are also called specialization which you can choose to work with as you complete your digital marketing course in Italy. Some of them are –


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a process or technique that will help you rank your content higher on online platforms or search engines like google. Ranking higher will enable you to attract more traffic and increase your sales. Now you might be thinking how difficult it is to secure a high rank on the first page of google since the competition is insane!

There are many other powerful bands with much high-ranked content out there waiting to crush you. But fret not! I promise you it’s not that difficult once you learn from the best digital marketing courses in Italy.


Social Media Marketing –

In very simple words social media marketing is the use of social media platforms for the marketing and promotion of your product. If you have used social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc you must be well aware of the ad campaign.

Businesses post information about their products and how to buy them on social media also, they can interact with other businesses and build a community of buyers and sellers. You might also see the ads for a few digital marketing courses in Italy after reading this article.


Content Marketing –

Content is generated in different forms to raise brand awareness and direct traffic. For example – Blog posts, infographics, audio, and visual content. Blogs are information websites written in diary-style text entries. Blogs mainly provide comments on different products or brands, these can be paid or nonpaid. Paid blogs are mainly the source of marketing. The audio and visual content includes the advertisement on FM radio and television. We all must be well aware of TV ads.


Pay Per Click (PPC) –

It’s quite clear from the name what this one does. So basically PPC drives the traffic to your website by paying the publisher per click on which your ad will be displayed. One of the most common examples of PPC is Google ads, they will feature your products on the top-ranking pages.


Affiliate Marketing –

This is where you receive a commission for promoting someone else’s brand on your website or content. The best digital marketing courses in Italy will teach you how Affiliate marketing is giving rise to the next big thing in the influencer market.


Email Marketing

Many businesses use emails to inform their customers about their services, products, sales, etc. Now a company can only communicate with you through email if you have signed up on their website with your email. Here they will keep on updating you from time to time about the discount season, new product launches, new services, etc.


Instant Messaging Marketing –

Same as the name, this is the process of marketing through direct messages. It is a simple more effective (than emails) way to tell your customers about flash sales, new products, or updates about their orders. This is a very effective way to connect with your buyers, even those who haven’t offered their cell phone numbers. You might have seen these kinds of advertisements being executed on Whatsapp and Facebook messenger.


Why Opt for Digital Marketing Courses in Italy?

Over the years Italy has continued to draw visitors from around the world through its magnificent cuisine, vast history, and rich architecture. From the snow-capped mountains in the North to the Mediterranean culture of the South, Italy’s physical geography is vast and exciting.

Italy is one of the very few countries offering high-quality and affordable education with leisurely and exciting activities. If you are thinking of pursuing digital marketing courses in Italy, this might prove to be your best choice.

The digital market in Italy has an annual turnover of more than €30 billion, employing around 600,000 people which also creates a high demand for digital marketing professionals who can help businesses succeed in the digital space. So the demand for digital marketing courses in Italy is increasing every day, not to mention the increasing quality of education.

Studying digital marketing in Italy can provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian culture and language, now this will be a valuable experience for those who are willing to work in Italy itself.

Italy is home to many successful businesses like fashion brands, hotels, luxury products, etc. This will give the student a high chance to connect to these networks as a digital marketing professional and get a chance to work with them, which will be beneficial in the long run.


Look At The Digital Marketing Courses in Italy



The Digital Marketing Course offered by IIM SKILLS is one the most professional and industry’s most respectable course. This course is for everyone, from students to professionals who want to grow their businesses through online marketing. IIM SKILLS offers you lifetime access to training material, course recordings and class presentations, and FREE tools worth more than 79000.

This course will help an individual upgrade their marketing skill and learn how to use different platforms like social media, google ads, etc. IIM SKILLS also provides two months guaranteed partnership, 180 hours of comprehensive digital marketing training, and 60 hours of dedicated practical assignment.

Originally started in India, IIM SKILLS has a presence in 23 Cities in Asia including Dubai & Singapore catering to Finance, Marketing, Data & multiple educational domains, and has upskilled more than 35000 people from top brands and companies in and outside of India. So if you are looking for a digital marketing course in Italy, IIM SKILLS is the best and the most affordable choice!


Course Duration – 5 Months (3 months program & 2 months paid internship)

Mode of Teaching – Online

Course fee 334.40 Euro 18% GST



  1. Word press website development
  • Benefits of using WordPress
  • Technical understanding
  • Font end and back end website setup
  • WordPress customization
  • Plugins
  • Understanding themes
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • SSL
  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Algorithms updates
  • indexing and crawling
  • Google search console
  • Keyword research
  • keyword density
  • keyword stuffing
  • link building
  • avoiding negative practices
  • social book marketing rules in SEO
  1. Search Engine Marketing
  • Ads
  • bidding and ads
  • strategy competition
  • analysis running
  • ads campaign
  • mobile ads shopping
  • ads for multiplexes
  1. Email Marketing
  • Setting up your email marketing channel
  • Email automation
  • drip email marketing
  • Lead nurturing email marketing
  • Using various third-party tools
  • Content, CTA, and customer acquisitions for email marketing
  • Spam score checker
  1. Inbound Marketing
  • Building organic reach using inbound marketing
  • Fennel creation
  • Landing page optimization
  • magical call to actions
  • Web visitor’s engagement
  • drip email
  1. Social Media Marketing
  • Setting up a business profile
  • Running your add campaign
  • Budgeting for social media
  • Organic and paid reach
  • Social media optimization
  • Online reputation management using social media
  • Social media automation
  1. Website Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Traffic source analysis and budgeting
  • Types of traffic
  • campaign building
  • campaign performance and measurement
  • Social media analytics
  1. Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Local listing management
  • Paid advertising campaigns
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • S social media marketing
  • Web designing and development
  1. Online Reputation management
  2. Content Writing and Blogging
  • Web development
  • social media presence
  • social media tool
  • email automation
  • Plagiarism detector
  • content niche development
  • UI UX setup
  • introduction to content writing
  1. Media Buying
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Marketing Automation



  1. Facebook ads
  2. Keyword planner
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google ads
  5. YouTube Analytics
  6. Facebook ads
  7. LinkedIn Ads
  8. UBERSuggest
  9. Google Trend
  10. MOZ


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite



  1. Students – There is a 60% growth in the digital ads spending by brands so there is an obvious rise in the demand for digital marketers and thus the number of jobs will rise too.
  2. Entrepreneurs – Being an entrepreneur a digital marketing course will be very beneficial as it’s the most important part of a business.
  3. Working Professionals – HR, sales, IT all these works are overrated and overpopulated, resulting in low salaries and requirements. For these working professionals, the digital marketing courses in Italy will be a good choice for a career jump.
  4. Traditional Marketing Professionals – The people practicing traditional marketing trends should definitely learn digital marketing to take their business to new lengths and connect with more people.
  5. Digital Marketers – Digital marketing professionals with specific skill sets like SEO professionals, social media marketing professionals, analyst specialists, email marketers, etc. should also do this course to gather an understanding of all the platforms and branches of digital marketing.
  6. Housewives/ college dropouts – Housewives, college dropouts, or people who are confused about their careers should definitely try this course.



  1. 120 hours of hands-on experience and 60+ hours of online training.
  2. Free Tools Worth 79000+
  3. Paid internship
  4. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you do not like the course
  5. Certificate on successful completion of the course.



Graduates in any discipline (10+2+3)/Diploma holders (10+2+3) from all disciplines can apply




2. Digital Marketing – LUISS University (Roma, Italy)

Digital marketing is the heart of every business in this information age. This Digital from LUISS University provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of analytics, strategy, business, finance, and creative collaboration. The digital marketing courses in Italy teach a student how to present and sell a product in this over-saturated ocean of competition.

The professors/trainers at the institute are not academic teachers but digital marketing professionals who have successfully built many ad campaigns and have won several awards. Students will be given practical knowledge and will be taught a number of real marketing cases which help them gain an understanding of the marketing world and the decision-making process.



Luiss is a top-ranked international university providing a diverse learning environment based on entrepreneurship, responsibility, and sustainability, Located in the eternal city of Rome. Luiss is an independent university that evolved out of an earlier Roman institution, they offer an innovative and sophisticated educational approach.


  • Graduates of a major in Marketing Analytics & Metrics.
  • marketing/business/industry analysts
  • marketing & sales performance specialists
  • researchers
  • brand/product/communication managers
  • consultants


Course Duration – Full time – 24 Months

Course Fee – 12,600 EUR/year

Mode of teaching – Online/Rome



  • Consumer behavior
  • Behavioral economics and consumer decision making
  • Managerial economics: theories and marketing applications
  • Legal issues in marketing
  • Research methodology for marketing
  • Marketing metrics
  • Product & Brand management
  • Organizational issues in marketing and sales



  • Advanced learning modalities
  • Project-based learning
  • research-based and characterizing courses
  • both theoretical and practical skills will be taught
  • supported by collaboration and contributions from professionals
  • Two teaching modes: the synchronous mode will offer a live experience with the Professor and/or the TAs, and the asynchronous mode will give space to self-paced, flexible learning, with scheduled interactions with instructors at students’ convenience.
  • collaborative activities, high interaction, and advanced EdTech solutions will ensure an engaging learning experience with continuous support



  1. GRE
  • 145 (verbal)
  • 145 (quantitative)
  1. IELTS
  • 5
  1. TOEFL
  • 46
  1. General requirements
  • Certificate showing the studies completed and associated grades, issued in English.
  • Currently valid identity document
  • Details of a sponsoring professor.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the English language (at least level B2).
  • Proven knowledge of the Italian language, solely for non-Italian citizens wishing to register for a degree program taught in Italian.
  • Other optional certifications (for example, GMAT or GRE).


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3. Digital Marketing and Communicative Management

The Italian university for design might be your best choice if you are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Italy. Digital marketing will equip students with a full set of skills to understand this vast and complicated market. It is an area that is growing rapidly in every aspect of technology and also as a means of communication, commerce, and entertainment.

The course will teach you everything about digital marketing and turn you into an all-rounder since the public sector has little problem finding single-tasked professionals, however, the real demand is for professional who is skilled in multiple platforms. They build competent digital managers who will be competent in every field of work from team works to presentations.


Course Duration – 10 months

Mode of Teaching – Offline



  • The master’s program is divided into four main areas
  • The four major areas are – Specialized Expertise, Mastery of the Work Process, Project Management, and Creativity.
  • The course is a full-time 10 months long
  • The credit score is 60 ECTS



  • Digital Marketing
  • Communication Management
  • Management
  • Marketing



  • Our course coordinator will review the application and the possibilities of the interview and then will grant the admission (if everything it’s up to mark)
  • The admission is subject to application evolution.
  • The application consists of a motivational letter, a detailed curriculum vitae, and a portfolio.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio


4. Master in Digital Marketing BY UIBS

At UIBS, they provide the students with the best environment and professionally experienced educators to give you the best of the program. The program is super flexible based on the American model of higher education, allowing people to choose their courses based on their previous studies and preferences.

The course will include real-time projects and case studies to encourage practical learning. All programs are skill-based to turn students into professionals in this over-competitive industry.


Course Duration – You can earn the degree in 9 months or 12 months by spreading the workload.

Course fee – Depends on the courses you choose (core and supplementary)

Teaching mode – Online and offline



Every course is assigned some credit points indicating the amount of workload. This Master’s program will be equal to 60 European credits and 40 American credits. Each credit score equals 30 hours of learning including exam hours, classes, self-study, and group study. And the workload of a typical full-time graduate student amounts to 20 credits.



  • 60 European credits points/ 40 American credit points
  • The courses are all taught in English across campus.
  • Assignments.
  • The offline study program is offered at several locations
  • Each year they organize a global study trip to Japan.
  • This program is accredited by ACBSP
  • A student who achieves a certain GPA will have their academic honors listed on the academic transcript
  • There are no deadlines for the submission of the applications because of the multiple starting dates so applications are reviewed throughout the year.



  • The students have to be fluent in English
  • The students should have completed a bachelor’s degree
  • Students who do not have a business-related degree may be required to take an assessment test before starting the program.



5. Masters in Digital Marketing – Guglielmo Marconi University

Again one of the best digital marketing courses in Italy is the one offered by Guglielmo Marconi University based in Roma, Italy. The program provides students with an understanding of general marketing theory as well as several contemporary digital marketing techniques so it’s designed for both current and prospective marketing practitioners.

Students in the digital marketing courses in Italy Guglielmo Marconi University will have an opportunity to study the business aspects of digital marketing and advertising in terms of new technologies and advanced marketing tools.

Graduates with a master’s in Digital Marketing will be able to show a critical understanding of the concept of digital marketing in the international environment.


Course Duration – 12 months – part-time

Course fee – 4500 EUR/year

Mode of teaching – online



  • Marketing Theory
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Marketing Practice
  • Communication & Media



  • The course will completely be in English
  • You can apply for the program anytime as the applications are viewed around the year
  • The credit score of the program is 60 ECTS
  • Through the program, graduates will develop their analytical and interpretative skills
  • They will learn about contemporary marketing trends.
  • Real-life case studies
  • Practicals, assignments, and self-study are included in the program.
  • The student will develop their problem-solving skills and self-expression and will be able to tackle real-time marketing problems effectively.



  • Copy of your Bachelor’s Degree Diploma
  • Declaration of Value in situ issued by the diplomatic or consular authorities
  • Evidence of your proficiency in English
  • Resume / Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of your Passport and/or ID




1. What can I do with a marketing degree?

Digital marketing will teach you to promote and sell a product online effectively increasing the number of customers. And to learn that properly a digital marketing course is required. If you want to get a valuable degree then go for the digital marketing courses in Italy. The degree will help you secure a high-end job and make a difference.


2. What is a digital marketing master course?

A digital marketing master’s course is just like any other MA/graduate program. If you do not belong to a similar academic background, fret not! There are a number of digital marketing courses in Italy which will allow you to continue with the course after completing a test.


3. What is digital marketing and how does it work?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that is done completely online and the help of certain tools. Digital marketing is done on different platforms like social media, google, blogs, YouTube videos, etc. Any ad that you see online is the work of a digital marketer. To be a professional in it you have to look forward to certain digital marketing courses in Italy, India, the UK, Germany, etc.



The world of digital marketing is growing rapidly and if you don’t get on the bus now, you’ll miss it! Digital marketing is helping bring up the next big thing and I promise this is a concept or job or a platform that is only going to grow from here on. So get your hands on the best digital marketing courses and make the best of your money and time by learning from the best!

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