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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Australia With Placements

This article helps you to choose the best digital marketing courses in Australia. The article gives answers to all what, why, and how questions, and provides course details such as duration, fees, benefits, and others. Read the article to first understand what digital marketing is and then choose the correct course from the right institutions. 


Contents Outline

  • About Digital Marketing
  • Main Objectives of Digital Marketing
  • Why Digital Marketing
  • How Digital Marketing Works
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Courses in Australia
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


About Digital Marketing

Marketing is the key to running a business. Digital Marketing is marketing and selling products and services for business. Digital marketing is done on the internet, mainly on websites. It’s a business interface between customers and marketers. This marketing has many types and many interfaces.

Interfaces are mainly focused on social media platforms, like Blogs, Websites, Facebook, Instagram Facebook, entertainment media, and search engines with ad-based and SEO-based platforms. If you found a good one, then your marketing target reach high. 


Main Objectives of Digital Marketing

  • Products deliver to all types of customers
  • An easy and efficient way of marketing to deliver the products to all customers
  • Will cover worldwide customers easily using a digital marketing platform
  • Will receive feedback and needs from customers directly
  • Introduce the advertisement without a language barrier with help of a good marketing team


Why Study Digital Marketing?

Marketing is essential for business growth to deliver good products and services to users. Apart from selling products, companies promote their goods and services on a digital platform. Digital marketing is an efficient way to reach a huge number of customers in less effort and a short time.

Traditionally companies are marketing the products via Print paper, TV, and Radio. This type of traditional marketing still exists today. But nowadays internet users are uncountable. So marketers target customers via the internet. Technology development is the main drug for digital marketing.

Technology development leads digital marketing to a new path. This path is used to reach the end users of all products and services. Customers have many choices in digital marketing. They buy products after comparing them with multiple ones. They compare the products with specifications and benefits and buy their needed ones.

They buy products and services with home delivery options. They need not to rush the shop to buy.  More e-shopping platforms give offers to attract customers. Customers visit their website to save money. 


How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Many types of digital marketing have been done nowadays with good marketing skills. Here we will see a few familiar ways.

Social media platforms: In this type of marketing reach low-level customers to high-level customers. It covers a huge number of customers. And product ads will reach huge users within a short time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO content marketing helps to pick the top products and services. 

Email Marketing: Email marketing sends product details, promotion content, and service content to customers via mail. Create email campaign content and send it to group customers. The newsletter format is also used for email marketing. Digital marketing careers are growing fast in recent days. They may give good career opportunities and growth.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): It is one of the ad methods and this payment is done by business firms. 

Content Marketing: It refers to publishing content through images, texts, videos, or audio files to customers. Blogs, websites, and videos are common ways of marketing for business. 


Benefits of Digital Marketing 

We discussed some familiar methods of digital marketing. Google Ads play a major role in marketing. When you are browsing things, services, and courses, you will see Ads in a few minutes on your social media account. It’s working based on search engine and SEO-related content. Digital marketing is used for both types of B2B and B2C types of businesses.

For example, if you are reading a book on kindle or any other platform on the internet, you will see Ads for suggested books to read. This is you will see an Ad based on your Google search. This is the basic methodology of marketing and advertising. This is the how Google search engine performs for your ad campaign.

This type of Ad reaches many types of products to various types of customers. Marketing the product from scanning social media searches, online articles, watching videos, etc. of end users. 


Digital Marketing Can Help to Uplevel the Business:


Max Reach: The internet is available to max customers across the world. This allows businesses to advertise and sell to customers who live in different locations. This marketing reaches maximum location beyond the barrier of state or country.


Make Profits: This advertising reaches more customers so earns more profit. A good Ad campaign will reach more targeted customers. The last decades had traditional marketing techniques. But difficult to measure the profit and success rate. Digital marketing is fully systemized. The marketing team works behind the successful marketing rate of every product and service.


Reach Faster: Digital Ads are reaching faster due to huge users of social platforms. Today’s people engaged with their mobiles and social profiles. So, Ads reach very easily to customers and users. Sometimes marketing the product based on location, related works, and people to reach smartly to targeted people. 


More Options to Find: Customers found more options to choose the product. They have more options to compare the product to purchase. They have multiple options and offers in the online platform without any effort. 


Quick Response: We will receive valuable feedback from an individual customer. It’s an end-to-end pointed network. We make a decision based on customer feedback, reviews, request, and needs. Customer data is playing a major role in business development. Based on the data we make a decision and perform business development.


Broad Network: The internet-connected more people. It’s a very huge and complicated network too. When we market the products in that network, they spread anonymously throughout entire the network. We build a profile for connections, and it’s diverted into many places. It’s one of the well-known connecting ways and marketing the product.

We connect to customers, marketers, providers, and end-to-end people. But always aware of fraudulent people. Businesses and entrepreneurs getting connect with their clients via digital marketing.


Cost Benefits: To quickly reach, we reduce the cost of marketing. For example, if we print the paper for Ad, it’s getting cost. For the digital platform, we need a well-performing marketing team and no other expenses. They do all the work for better marketing. We reach huge customers within a short period at a low cost. Even start-up businesspersons, easily get customers via better Ads. 


Digital Marketing Courses in Australia

Digital marketing courses are offered in many locations offline and online. University and private institutions are offering digital marketing courses in Australia. 



IIM SKILLS is the best institute for digital marketing courses in Australia. They provide online classes at a very affordable price with flexible timing. They cover many topics about digital marketing with practical projects. They produce students as the best marketing specialist for a future world.

Digital marketing is essential for business growth. Products or services and whatever we need to market our business products can become super easy with a Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS. Nowadays, marketing specialists are in demand for entrepreneurs. Learn the best course at IIM SKILLS and grab the best offer in the industry.



  • 2 months guaranteed internship. 100% job assistance
  • Live practical coaching
  • Master 40 Digital Marketing Modules provided
  • 15+ Live Projects + 10+ Case Studies + Tools Worth 79000+
  • Session recordings, materials, and presentations are available at the IIM portal for lifetime use.



Get a master certificate from IIM SKILLS & 13 Other Certifications from Google, Facebook (Meta) & HubSpot.


Contact Details

Phone:  +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. University of Canberra

About UC

The University of Canberra (UC) is one of the top-level and world’s number one universities in Australia. This university is famous for its top level of progress in teaching, learning, and strong connection to the industry. Students learn through real-time projects, get work experiences, and work on internship projects so that they can feel the career experiences before starting the career.

This university makes a wonderful atmosphere and experience for its students. No doubt, they provide one of the best digital marketing courses in Australia. This university provides many UG and PG courses. Will do the course ‘Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing from UC. 


Digital Marketing Course at UC

Students learn creative thinking and advanced digital strategies from digital marketing courses. You will develop the skills to create a good Ad campaign for your brand. Apart from paid campaigns in social media, you will create good SEO and SEM content for better reach. Learn to put your best effort to learn SEO and google Ad skills for success. They give 100% support with good experience. 


Course Duration: 12 months duration course.

Cost: $3125 per unit. Fees help options are available via the Commonwealth Government FEE-HELP loan scheme.


Why Choose UC 

UC’s students get Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing from Media Federation Australia (MFA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) with industry experts’ advice. 

UC is completely making good learning and training experience for your digital marketing career. They provide online courses, so you will contact them whenever need support. They are always ready to assist you and guide you.


Job Opportunities

The recent growing market runs on digital marketing mainly. They give the best internship practices before completing the course. It’s very useful for developing and strengthening your digital marketing skills. The internship program develops and helps learn different digital marketing strategies, effective ideas to create an ad campaign, advertisement, types of Ads, and how to reach customers efficiently.

Many firms are ready to train and give job opportunities for UC students based on UC-certified courses. Marketing the product for Businesses is always needed, so they look up qualified digital marketing professionals, so it’s an all-time high demand.


Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 6201 5111


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3. Monarch Institute 


Monarch Institute is one of Australia’s professional services providers. They provide innovative ideas and creative thinking to students with experienced trainers. Monarch institute gives online courses on digital marketing. They have a very practical and experimental curriculum for students. They provide industry-based digital market courses in Australia.


Course Highlights

This institute module will train students to learn skills in digital marketing to create, identify, integrate, plan and monitor effective digital tactics to market the products efficiently.

  • First to know the benefits and opportunities of digital marketing courses.
  • About to know the difference between digital and traditional trading
  • Scope of digital marketing
  • How to perform the digital marketing
  • Need to know the marketing concepts
  • Customers relationship
  • How the internet plays a major role in digital marketing
  • Develop a digital marketing plan to achieve a success rate
  • Understand the success rate in business via digital marketing


Duration: 6 Months. Online, Weekdays/weekend batches



This is a non-accredited but global standard certification course. The CDMP certificate is a worldwide recognized one.


Contact Details

Phone: +94 11 5811814

Email: [email protected]



4. Australian Academy of Digital Marketing


The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing provides online and classroom-based digital marketing courses in Australia. Here you will learn to develop skills and create the best campaigns for marketing with industry experts. Most of them engaged with the digital platform via any platform.

This course trains you to make this engagement time a profitable one. This academy was approved by International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC), Australia. This center gives the best training programs and courses for international education. They offer many types of programs in digital marketing with many available options.


Course Module

  • This course mainly focuses on the Evolution of Digital Marketing and Inbound and social media marketing.
  • This course will give you strong knowledge about How the marketing process works, and how to make a plan for better marketing. This will also teach how to use principles to achieve a better success rate in a digital platform.
  • This course covers digital influence, how many marketing channels are available, and how to reach the customer efficiently. And will give strong deep knowledge about the best marketing techniques in digital. 
  • The tutors are industry professionals, they will guide from scratch of course. They support you in your every step of career development.
  • They give internship programs, interview preparation, and guaranteed job placement in Australia.

Duration: They offer a 3-, 6-, or 9-month program with various fee structures.



The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office.


Contact Details

Phone: 03 8658 3955

Email: [email protected]


5. The Knowledge Academy Australia


The Knowledge Academy Australia is the best training provider in the world for digital marketing courses. They give training for digital marketing professionals. This academy gives expert knowledge of the innovative idea of marketing for your business, increasing the value of your product, increasing the customers, make popular your product and services. This institution offers various Digital marketing courses in Australia.


Course Highlights

  • Students learn all aspects of digital marketing from this course. 
  • Students will know the challenges of digital marketing and customer experience, and how to plan, execute, and amend their marketing skills.
  • You will study types of digital marketing including mobile marketing, social media, content marketing, websites, blogs, Email marketing, and SEO content.
  • They give best practices to achieve real-world integrated marketing campaigns and successful marketing strategies.
  • They have a curriculum under a different types of modules. They give training and practices from basic to advanced level digital marketing. 
  • They provide online classes with a one-on-one tutor facility. They will guide every step of your learning process in this course.


Contact Details

Available 24/7 help

Phone: 01344203999


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


6. RMIT Online


RMIT University is a global university of technology and enterprise. They provide 100% online postgraduate programs. Online learning designers collaborate with engaging designs and make better curricula. They provide teaching about all related studies like arts, science, technology, etc. They provide both offline and online classes in digital marketing courses in Australia. Online courses will help you to upgrade your career and business.


Course Highlights

  • This course teaches you to engage your audience with your brands, making successful marketing strategies, Ads, content, campaigns, and brand promotion. This best knowledge is covered through their digital marketing courses in Australia.
  • They have courses individually for various types of marketing. Individual marketing courses have various modules, tutors, classes, timings, fees, etc.
  • They teach you about how to create principles for marketing. 
  • Gain knowledge from industry experts to make the best advertising for your brand and services. 
  • They train to know how to lead digital transformation in marketing and how to create advanced-level marketing to reach end users. You get to know the marketing landscapes and the best SEO writing exercises. This course will train you to make the best marketing strategy to enhance your business.


Contact details

Call: 1300 145 032


7. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one the best university in the world. They provide the world’s number one programs. This university offers globally relevant and accredited Digital marketing courses in Australia.


Course Details

This program will give you knowledge about social media management, content management, and marketing. They offer industry-based learning. Students connect with industry professionals via their share real case studies for better knowledge of studies. You will learn how to create a marketing strategy, and customer experience, which digital points work in the industry, and how to craft marketing samples with industry experts’ advice. After course completion, you will get an internship and get career opportunities.


Duration: 18 full-time/3 years part-time


Contact Details

Phone: +61 3 9035 5511




Q1: Which are the best digital marketing courses in Australia?

Above mentioned institutions provide the best digital marketing courses in Australia. Choose the best one from the list as per your expectation and dreams. 


Q2: Is Digital Marketing a good career in Australia?

Yes, Digital marketing jobs are in demand in Australia. Internet users are high and it’s a fast-growing field currently. Surely it will be the best career in the future. Marketing specialists are wanted in Australia to achieve a successful business. When you master digital skills, you will receive a better amount. This course has better career growth in the future. Now students and professionals decide to choose this course for future business.


Q3: Can one become a digital marketer with no experience?

Yes, these listed institutions give internship programs after course completion. This certificate will help you enter a career without experience. And they offer 100% placement assistance. 


Q4: Is coding knowledge required for digital marketing?

No coding knowledge is required. Analytical skills and creative thinking are enough to start the digital marketing course.


Q5: Will they give recorded sessions if missed live classes?

Yes, surely will give. All the study material and session recordings are given.



This article covered institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Australia. Hope this list will help you to choose your ideal digital marketing courses in Australia. This course leads to making a successful career. All the familiar firms transformed into the biggest ones. How is this possible? All are achieved by the best marketing, advertising, and best marketing campaigns. Day by day, customer expectations are changing, so marketing specialists are always updated to make the success rate and to be the best entrepreneur in business. Do you want to be the best entrepreneur?

Creative thinking and branding are very important. Branding is achieved by marketing. Digital marketing has some tactics and principles. The above article explained the available institution for digital marketing courses in Australia. They teach you via online classes and offline classes. Now, digital marketing is growing fast and is very in demand in the industry due to some good factors. Those are explained well in this article. Read and choose the appropriate institute for digital marketing courses in Australia.

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