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Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam With Placement

We are living in the digital era. Instead of traditional media, 60% of advertisements are made on digital platforms. One survey has produced the data that in the coming years, the digital marketing era is going to harvest 170 billion in earnings. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful Southeast Asian countries with breathtaking landscapes, mouth-watering cuisines, pagodas, beverages, and everlasting delicacies which are the facts of Vietnam. This place is flooded with different industries which need digitization. Vietnamese are good at numbers and literacy, so to upgrade and add some more skills into their pockets, the below listed digital marketing courses in Vietnam will be helpful.


What is Digital Marketing?


In simple words, advertisement and brand promotion attract an audience digitally without using traditional media like television, radio, or any other media, called digital marketing. Traditionally all the information is announced on television, radio, and newspapers. The booming digital era minimizes the value of traditional media because of the speedy delivery of information to the target audience.


After completing school studies, the immediate question in your mind is what can I do now? These courses are a good option for Vietnamese students who are interested in the marketing world. You can study digital marketing as a degree instead of 6 months or a short-duration course.


Digital as in the name, most of the courses you can learn in your own space with the help of a laptop with good Wi-Fi. The digital marketing courses in Vietnam will help professionals to upgrade their skills and grasp the chance to stand out from the common group. Online courses are not disturbing daily working life. You can fix the timetable and admit to weekend courses.


Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam:


The pandemic has created a different usage of majestic information and helpful tools. The pandemic time gap has encouraged many people to educate themselves to view the world as full of opportunities instead of hibernating and wasting time frivolously. These digital marketing courses in Vietnam can be accessed easily with the help of the information-flooded hand tool (mobile).


1. IIM Skills


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Course Fee: 1,02,30,190.47 Vietnamese Dong

Mode of Learning: Online


This Course Gives You:


  • 180 hours of comprehensive training from experts in the digital marketing field with 2 months of paid internship. They will provide 23235294.117647+ Vietnamese Dong worth tools.
  • Lifetime course content access with recordings for the missed classroom session. Their placement cell provides placement assistance for your whole life period.
  • 60 hours of practical assignments, digital marketing is all about how practically you can learn and access the tools. 
  • After course completion with all the assignments, you are certified with the IIM SKILLS certificate, Google, HubSpot, Facebook Blueprint certificate, and 15 other certificate preparations.


Course Overview:


  • Module 1- WordPress Website Development.
  • Module 2- Search Engine Optimization (Organic ranking of websites on the Google front page, onsite, off-site SEO, link building, and other techniques).
  • Module 3- Search Engine Marketing (Different advertising, keyword research, planner, analytics, and ad placement strategies).
  • Module 4- Email Marketing (Learn how to send the email, the most powerful email marketing techniques make easy with the help of tools).
  • Module 5- Inbound Marketing (No paid ads, place the ads with SEO techniques and links).
  • Module 6- Social Media Marketing (Not about the usage of the media, learn about the working of social media, and how to use these platforms to allure the audience).
  • Module 7- Google and Website Analytics (technical help to understand the competition in Google).
  • Module 8- Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Module 9- Online Business Building and Reputation Management.
  • Module 10- Content Writing for Writers and Blogging for Bloggers (Improve writing skills and provides tools and techniques to polish the skills).
  • Module 11- Showcasing your ads and buying of correct platforms.
  • Module 12- Affiliate Marketing.
  • Module 13- Video Marketing (More customer attractive technique).
  • Module 14- How to build the connection with all the tools for marketing.


Tools Offered:


  • Facebook Ads
  • Keyword Planner to place the ads
  • Google Analytics important for data analysis
  • YouTube Analytics and Facebook Insights
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Ubersuggest, Google Trend, and MOZ


Practical Assignments (120 hours):


  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Micro Video Making and Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • SEO and Content Writing
  • Email Marketing 


Contact Number- 9211099503


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2. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam-ExcelR


ExcelR offers digital marketing training in Vietnam. Their highly skilled professionals teach the content from basic to advanced digital marketing. They are providing 1-year learning access to the courses with the highly demanding certificates. Their students are working in big reputed companies.


  • Course Name- Digital Marketing Course in Vietnam.
  • Course Duration- 120 hours.
  • Mode of Learning- Online.


Course Structure:


  • Module 1- Access to Marketing and Digital Marketing World.
  • Module 2- The introduction to comprehensive digital marketing and its present and future opportunities.
  • Module 3- Planning digital marketing campaign.
  • Module 4- Content writing and its various form of writing (3 assignments on article writing)
  • Module 5- Introduction to graphic designing (How to use Canva)
  • Module 6 and 7- How the internet builds its branches in the digital world (internal framework, domain, hosting).
  • Module 8- Digital marketing terminologies.
  • Module 9- Keyword research (Application of different tools)
  • Module 10 and 11- Website building (Use of domain and plugins)
  • Module 12- Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Module 13- Keyword manipulation on ranking sites (Long term keyword, short-term keyword, and keyword density).
  • Module 14- SEO guidelines on content writing.
  • Module 15 and 16- On-page SEO and snippet creation.
  • Module 17- Search engine visibility.
  • Module 18- Website working and analytics.
  • Module 19 and 20- Off-page SEO (Link building and link analysis).
  • Module 21- Local SEO
  • Module 22- Advanced SEO
  • Module 23- Introduction to Search Engine Marketing.
  • Module 24- Google Ads.
  • Module 25- Search Ads (The method of placing advertisements).
  • Module 26- Display Ads (Targeting the keyword).
  • Module 27- Creation of video Ads (Target audience).
  • Module 28- Advanced search Ads.
  • Module 29- Social media.
  • Module 30- Facebook.
  • Module 31- LinkedIn.
  • Module 32- Twitter.
  • Module 33- Instagram.
  • Module 34- Video Marketing.
  • Module 35, 36, 37, and 38- YouTube.
  • Module 39- Email Marketing.
  • Module 40- Affiliate Marketing.
  • Module 41- Portfolio and Resume Building.


Why Did you Take this Course?


  • Highly skilled trainers.
  • Peer and post support.
  • Placement support.
  • Ten high-domain certificates.


Contact Number- 1800-212-2120


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IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


3. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- PACE Institute of Management


PACE Institute of Management is the approved institute under Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Digital Marketing Institute is the governed body that sets global standards for digital marketing programs. 1,90,000 members from over 135 countries are part of DMI. PACE institute provides digital marketing courses in Vietnam. Their goal is to produce highly effective professionals in business and marketing society.  


  • Course Name- DMI program to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)
  • Course Fee- 50,552,100 Vietnamese Dong
  • Course Duration- 8 months
  • Mode of Learning- Online
  • Access- Worldwide


Course Structure:


Their digital marketing program comprises 10 modules. It covers all the essential matters required to become a digital marketing expert.


  • Module 1- Basics of Digital Marketing (Principles, objectives, research, project management, customer connection, and time management).
  • Module 2- Content Creation and Marketing (Concepts, strategy, opportunities, plan, publish, metrics, and creativity).
  • Module 3- Social Media Marketing (Social media platforms, audience concentration, campaign, and business development).
  • Module 4- SEO-Search Engine Optimization (Keyword research, organic research, content plan, performance).
  • Module 5- Paid search (Paper Per Click) and Google Ads (Fundamentals, campaign creation, campaign management, campaign measurement, audience persuasion).
  • Module 6- YouTube and display advertising (fundamentals, creation, management, networking, campaign creation, targeting, optimization).
  • Module 7- Email Marketing (Tools, strategy, automation, design, and campaign)
  • Module 8- Website Optimization (Website design, optimization, website publishing, website metrics, developing website insights, and agile thinking and marketing).
  • Module 9- Google Analytics (Fundamentals, monitoring, analyzing, recording data). 
  • Module 10- Digital Marketing Strategy (Fundamentals, execution, communication of strategies).


Why Choose Them?


  • 95% of certified members got employment.
  • 81% got a promotion after obtaining the certificate.
  • 88% of members work at senior and management levels.
  • Skill development.
  • Assistance and training from highly knowledgeable people.
  • A DMI certificate gives you access to the digital world.
  • Different working opportunities in different countries in the world.
  • Superimposed skill to resume.
  • Exploring different courses extracts new skills from the students.


Reach Them:

Contact number- (028) 3837.0208 (consulting and training department).

Mail- [email protected] 


4. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- NobleProg


NobleProg is also one of the institutes that provides various courses at the international level. They also provide digital marketing training in Vietnam. They constructed a detailed course structure that covers a wide range of topics and is understandable to students worldwide. 


Digital Marketing Courses in NobleProg:


Internet Marketing:


  • Fundamentals of internet marketing.
  • Search engine optimization and Google analytics.
  • Marketing strategy development.
  • Cooperation with other companies.
  • E-marketing and team management.


Duration – 7 hours (one day including intermediate breaks).

Course Fee– 10,16,20,118 Vietnamese Dong.

Mode of Learning– Online or remote live learning.


Other Courses:


  • Basic Google Ads- 7 hours of online learning (Course fee- 10,16,20,118 Vietnamese Dong).
  • Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing- 7 hours of online learning (Course fee- 10,16,20,118 Vietnamese Dong )
  • Data Analysis- 7 hours of online learning (5840000 Vietnamese Dong).
  • Python for Programmers- 7 hours of online learning (5840000 Vietnamese Dong).


Why Choose Them?


  • 15 years of experience in different courses.
  • Trained more than 15000 students from different companies.
  • Have more than 13 offices with 1600 plus trainers.
  • Great training monsters provide training in more than 1400 courses.


Contact number– +6282145699113


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5. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- LADIGI Academy- High-Quality Digital Marketing Training Center


Similar to other courses, LADIGI Academy teaches digital marketing from basic to advanced levels. Their professionals strive hard to make digital students. They know multifaceted technology will bring miracles frequently. Their students become flexible to learn and practice the techniques in the digital world. They categorized the whole course into 17 modules or sessions. The layout is formed to take one step after another step (basic to professional).


  • Course Name- High-Quality Digital Marketing Course in Vietnam
  • Course Fee- Not mentioned
  • Venue– Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi 


Course Structure:


  • Module 1- Fundamentals and Overview of Digital Marketing.
  • Module 2- Digital Marketing Principles and Thought Development. 
  • Module 3- Keyword Research
  • Module 4- Content Development Based on Semantic Keyword and Thematic Keyword.
  • Module 5- Website Building.
  • Module 6- Data Structure. 
  • Module 7- On-page SEO.
  • Module 8- Review and Practice.
  • Module 9- Audit Analysis and Competitors.
  • Module 10- Networking.
  • Module 11- Domain and Traffic Authority Stacking.
  • Module 12- Create Private Blog Network (PBN).
  • Module 13- Google Entity Stacking.
  • Module 14- Comprehensive View of Ahrefs Software.
  • Module 15- Google Analytics and Search.
  • Module 16- Digital Marketing for Local Business and Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Module 17- Revision and Practice.


Why Do You Choose Them?


  • LADIGI Digital Marketing course is a well-defined course for students.
  • Their students start building their profiles on their own, they stimulate the student’s capability to find jobs. 
  • Their lifetime support will give them the confidence to solve recurring queries in the business.
  • Based on the time progress, they provide upgraded intimation regularly.



Phone: +84 902228527



6. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- RMIT University in Vietnam


RMIT University provides a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing. This undergraduate degree is suitable for Vietnamese students who have completed their school studies and want to establish a marketing career. It is a 3 years degree, suitable for young students. This university is a part of RMIT University, Melbourne. They also provide online courses in different fields on worldwide access. 


Degree Name: Bachelor in Digital Marketing

Degree Fee: Whole Program Fee- 24 courses (288 credits)- 901,786,000 Vietnamese Dong, for international students- 39,744 USD.

Annual Tuition Fee- 300,596,000 Vietnamese Dong, for international students- 13,248 USD


Degree Structure:


Year 1:

  • Semester 1: Introduction to Management, BIS- Business Information System, Marketing Principles.
  • Semester 2: Business statistics 1, Digital Business, Minor- Business Discipline.
  • Semester 3: Consumer Psychology and Behavior, Electives 1 & 2.


Year 2: 

  • Semester 4: Digital Marketing and Communications, Marketing Intelligence, Minor- Business Discipline.
  • Semester 5: Digital Content Creation, Elective 3, and Minor- Business Discipline.  
  • Semester 6: Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Global Marketing, Minor- Business Discipline.


Year 3: 

  • Semester 7: Business Flagship Internship (Part 1), Elective 4.
  • Semester 8: Business Flagship Internship (Part 2). 
  • Semester 9: Digital Marketing- Strategy and Planning. 



  • Accounting,
  • Blockchain,
  • Business, Cybersecurity, Technology,
  • Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship,
  • Global Business,
  • Finance,
  • Innovation and Enterprise,
  • Logistics and Supply Chain,
  • Management,
  • Organization, People,
  • Tourism and Hospitality.


Why Do You Choose Them? 


  • Integrated work and learning.
  • Theoretical study and practical application during the internship.
  • Capability to solve real-world problems.
  • Twelve-month outside internship program.


Other Online Courses:


  • Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.
  • Brand Marketing and Content Marketing.
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Campaigns and others.


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7. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- Vietnam Marcom


Like other institutes, Vietnam Marcom’s digital marketing course provides insights into digital marketing. Many people from recognized industries have taken their courses. They teach you the whole of digital marketing with different tools to enhance marketing practices.


  • Course Name- Digital marketing Course
  • Course Fee- 9,000,000 VND
  • Course Duration- Three months
  • Mode of Learning-  On-campus (offline)


This Course Provides Insights On:


  • Email Marketing,
  • Google Analytics,
  • SEO and SEM,
  • Social Media Marketing and Tools,
  • Google Ads,
  • Brand Positioning,
  • Digital Marketing Strategy,
  • Mobile Marketing,
  • Digital marketing for all age groups,
  • Networking,
  • Advertising and Creative principles.


Why Choose Them?


  • Three-month course with course completion certificate with full-fledged marketing knowledge.
  • SEO and SEM expert.
  • Various opportunities for all age groups.



Phone: 028 5412 3275 and 0915 793 055

Venue: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


8. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- VietMoz Academy


VietMoz is a digital marketing and SEO specializing agency who have 8 years of experience in the digital world. They are giving digital marketing advice to many people. Their digital masterclass course will provide a complete guide to starting your digital marketing career.


  • Course Name- Digital Masterclass Course
  • Course Fee- 66,0,00,000 VND
  • Course Duration- 7 sessions or modules
  • Mode of Learning- On-campus (Online)


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Course Structure:


  • Module 1- Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
  • Module 2- Media Ideas.
  • Module 3- Planning and Strategy.
  • Module 4- Digital Marketing Control.
  • Module 5- Social Media Marketing (Part 1).
  • Module 6- Social Media Marketing (Part 2).
  • Module 7- Course Summary.


Why Choose Them?


  • Their professionals are experts, including teaching digital marketing and SEO services.
  • A CEO who has expertise will teach the course.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Provides a proper digital roadmap.
  • Chance to become an expert from the amateur.



Phone: 0246-292-3344

Email: [email protected]

Venue:  Hanoi



9. Digital Marketing Courses in Vietnam- Aim Academy


Aim Academy has 6000 plus faculties to teach 50 plus courses worldwide. It is located in Vietnam and provides both public and customized training. 50-plus courses are delivered in a highly effective and skilled way. They are providing 20 plus marketing and communication courses. Their platform has a different test that builds your digital marketing confidence. They divide the test into various segments like performance tests, Google Ads tests, etc.


Phone: +84 93 1333 150


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Career Opportunities:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Project Consultant
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Marketing campaign Analyst
  • Advertising Consultant
  • Account Director
  • Digital Production Director
  • Brand Strategist.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the duration of digital marketing courses?

  • Course duration is 3 months to 12 months. 
  • The degree duration is 3 years.


2. Should I take comprehensive courses or specific courses?

It is based on your knowledge in the field. If you are a beginner, learning from a comprehensive course or professional-specific course is enough.


3. Which are the top institutes to learn and improve digital marketing skills?

The above-listed courses are institutes that provide the best curriculum, choose any one of the platforms to start a digital marketing career.


4. What are the eligibility criteria for digital marketing?

 No specific eligibility, basic English knowledge is enough to start from the comprehensive course.


5. What is the syllabus of digital marketing?

Fundamentals of Digital marketing, planning, strategy, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Ads, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, and campaign.




 The above list of courses gives a wide opportunity to Vietnamese students. Some institutes provide online courses and some provide offline courses, depending on the flexibility choose the course. For college students, these courses overlap their studies and build a strong resume, and for professionals, it enhances their careers. The students who completed their school digital marketing degree or courses give a good kickstart to start their career.

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