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10 Basic Computer Course in 2022 (Updated)

If you’re looking for a basic computer course, numerous options are available that offer training around basic computer skills.

No matter how good or bad you’re at academics, you must have the basic computer knowledge to find a well-paying job. Yes, that has become a widespread requirement for almost all companies. It could be not very pleasant for the employer if they couldn’t find basic computer skills in your resume.

Operating a computer is easy. However, learning the core terminologies of using computer applications can be quite challenging for some. In the period of Lockdown, people lost many jobs and people where you can learn these introductory computer courses to make some earnings, and you can learn those skills to stay ahead of the competition.

Basic Computer Course: Details, Career, Salary and More

Here’s a list of the 10 best basic computer courses that will help you polish your knowledge around computers and upgrade your skills as well.

1. Microsoft Office computer courses

Learning the introductory computer course is Microsoft word. It is a basic computer course everyone must know about it. You can learn it from computer classes or home, and you can see videos on YouTube. 

Microsoft office is used in so many office spaces you have to make Presentation for your meetings, or you have to type a letter to your bosses or mail to bosses you have to learn Microsoft office In Microsoft office there are many things such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word. You should know every software so that you can stay ahead of people in your company.

For writing, you can use Microsoft word to write an article, letter, or mail, and many other things. You can get a job designing PowerPoint presentations in the company if you can make a PowerPoint presentation for meetings.

2. Digital Marketing computer courses.

One of the introductory computer courses that you need to learn. It is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s life, and the world is moving into digital. Internet users in India have increased India significantly since 2016.

Digital marketing has seen enormous growth in India in recent years. It had one challenge from the beginning: The skill was the gap between the demand and supply of competent digital marketers. Now, they can create solid digital marketing campaigns confidently.

Digital marketing needs of the hour in today’s times as India is moving digital, and the whole world will be receiving 5G network soon. Whether you are an IT professional or a content writer, a consultant, a Doctor, or a startup owner, you need to learn digital marketing.

So as internet users are increasing, businesses are moving online, you need to market those businesses so, and you need digital marketers. 

Thirteen thousand jobs were opening for digital marketing in 2018, according to There are many other options in the digital marketing field, such as social media marketing, google analytics, and many other areas to do the job.

Digital Marketing jobs will increase in the future as many businesses will be moving online. You can learn these computer classes on YouTube, or here is the list of courses to learn these digital marketing courses.

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Google Digital Unlocked/ Google Digital Garage

Google’s digital unlocked course, and you can start your digital marketing journey from here. It boosts your digital understanding, and you learn the intrinsic properties of digital marketing correctly.

The best part of this Google digital marketing course is that it is free, and you can get a free certificate after completion of the course. You get to learn some of the most critical aspects of digital marketing, which can help you start your career in the digital marketing sector.

At the end of the course, you also get a certification from Google that can help you apply for jobs in Digital Marketing roles.

The course is a self-paced learning course which means you can learn anytime you want, anywhere you want. This course can boost the digital marketing field in India.

Google Digital Unlocked also includes other 26 courses on digital marketing. 

This course contains 40 hours of training and also includes some critical components of Digital Marketing learning.

Course Name – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

The main takeaway from the course is that you learn the essentials and basics of Online Marketing and make it successful.

It also helps build your brand by making your online presence analyze the market and how you can adapt to the evolving market as these Industries are dynamic and it changes every day.

The course will help you strengthen your knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Digital marketing as your base becomes more robust. A Digital Marketer can adapt to the changing trends very efficiently.

You will also learn how to make a plan for your online business, make a strategy, and understand the basics of digital marketing.

Some of the Course Content is

  • Optimizing Search 3 Lessons
  • Improve Your Search Campaigns 4 Lessons
  • Local Search 2 Lessons
  • Finding You Online 3 Lessons
  • Social Media 4 Lessons
  • Social Media Impact 4 Lessons
  • Email Marketing 5 Lessons
  • Advertise On The Other Websites 3 Lessons
  • Display Advertising 3 Lessons
  • Get Started With Analytics 3 Lessons
  • Find Success with Analytics 3 Lessons
  • Turn Data Into Insights 5 Lessons
  • Build Your Online Shop 2 Lessons
  • Sell More Online 3 Lessons
  • Expand Internationally 7 Lessons


Other courses

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course


HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the efan organization’s efforttract customers to their brand through organic marketing or word of mouth. They are not spending a single penny on marketing, so this course is essential.

HubSpot is a viral website that produces its software products. Their online learning platform, HubSpot Academy, also helps people learn new skills, and it is also designed in a way that you can learn those digital marketing courses.

Course details- 10 lessons 34 videos nine quizzes 4 hours completion time

Course content includes

  • Inbound Marketing Fundamentals 3 Videos
  • Planning Content Strategy 4 Videos
  • Creating A Blog Post 2 Videos
  • Creating Topic Clusters And Pillar Pages 3 Videos
  • Understanding Social Media Promotion 6 Videos
  • Developing A Conversation Growth Strategy
  • Understanding Conversion Strategy 4 Videos
  • Lead Nurturing 3 Videos
  • Sales and Marketing 2 Videos
  • Applying Customer Market Approach 3 Videos

HubSpot has another course on Inbound free certification course, which covers – 6 lessons, 15 videos for quizzes, and 2 hours of completion time.

With proper guidance, you can master these skills. You can start your own company by learning these skills.

3. Animation computer Course

Animation is one of the most demanding basic computer courses that you can learn. Animation is a technique where you manipulate your drawings and images to move. Before animation was done on paper, series on the drawing was drawn. All things such as Mickey Mouse, Marvel comics were started by doing animation.

But today, the animation is done on the computer by using different software. If you learn this skill, you can work for other companies. You can work in movies or game companies as they hire animators for doing many different things such as Graphic designers, multimedia developers or a game developer, keyframe animators, 3D animators, layout artist.

The people who want to become animators and are looking for animation computer courses in India will be happy to know that animation is a rewarding field for learners aspiring to master these skills, a mix of creativity and technology.

Animation offers immense scope to apply ideas, skills, experiment with your vision, and get rewards from a professional based on the uniqueness and excellence of your skills. In animation, you see that the characters you make come to life and playing on the screen.

Many institutes have started in India in the past few years which provide excellent training in animation. If you have that creative skills and a desire to use those skills to build a rewarding career in the animation field, then it is a very great option, and choose your dreams.

Below are possible job profiles that animation professionals can look at are 

  •  Model makers– Model makers, are those people who create a digital representation of an object or a character for animation. Considering the plot’s story, they have to develop characters. They must understand proportions, anatomy, form, and volume so that the models can be developed appropriately and animated. 


  •  Background designer– Background designers are those people who design the scenery and background of the animation film, and background designers do it. Considering the importance of experience as the background is significant in animation film. 


  •  Storyboard artists– A storyboard artist is an artist. As the name suggests, he is tasked to translate a director’s idea into a coherent story. The storyboard of the animation film is a visual representation of the script and shows the flow of scenes in a film through a series of illustrations. The storyboard artist must develop the storyboard and present it to the director and producers of the animation film. 


  •  Layout artists– Layout Artists are who are like Directors of Photography for animation. They decide how to set up the camera angles and lighting, placement of characters, and other things on a scene of an animation film.


  •  Character animators– Character animators, are those people who interestingly develop the characters for the audience. In this process, you look into the character’s personality and develop the character’s physical features. 


  •  Special effects artists– Special effects artists are those people who use computer-generated, mechanical, and optical effects for video games, television shows, and movies. They must know computer programming so that they can generate those effects.


  •  2D animators– 2D animators are those people who create animation in two-dimensional space using the traditional cell animation method or computer graphics. Although the popularity of 3-dimensional animation is increasing, 2D animation is still used in advertisements, films, movies, and video games. 


  •  3D animator– 3D animators are those people who create an animation, as the name suggests. They work in 3D space and with three-dimensional characters. It is a very complex process, though, and this is the most popular form of animation. The use of energy is used to make movies. It is also used in movies with big names such as Kung Fu Panda, and Oscar-winning movies such as Wall E and Toy Story also use 3D animation. 

The roles available for animation professionals show vast opportunities and scope for students who opt for taking admission to animation computer classes in India. There are also various industries like advertising, film making, game development, and educational content development where animation can be used. 

It is also said that images convey messages more effectively than words, and moving images can convey messages even better. Advertisers, storytellers and information, education, and communication professionals can use this animation potential to reach out to more people. 

Animators who want to work in a different industry need to develop relevant skills and the basic skills of understanding colors, proportions, storylines, forms, textures, and volumes. 

Developing these skills and doing notable work in this particular industry helps professionals carve a niche for themselves, which is very important for a creative professional to succeed. You can also work as a freelancer and complete projects for other people, and you can sell your skills.

4. Big Data Computer Course.

Big data is a basic computer course where Big data is a collection of data that is character symbols transmitted in electrical signals.

Data is in massive amounts these days, such as your Social media data which is around more than 1000 terabytes, your comments, your messages, photos, and many other things. In thirty minutes flights, there is tons of data you can take out from the plane. From those data, you can make more improvements on the plane or its journey.

Feedback from people that you get through many other apps that also come in big data where you clean that data and present it to other people to make decisions based on that. So Nowadays, companies need people to handle these big data to learn these skills to stay ahead of the people. You can take these computer classes on Udemy or Coursera. The average salary Big Data Engineer is $116,591 per year in the United States. 

5. Web Designing Computer Courses.

Web designing is another basic course here—you design websites or internet pages that you see on the internet. Web designing teaches you basic things such as designing a page of the web page, landing pages or thank you pages, and many other pages.

Web Designer works on the layout of the page’s page appearance relating to which fonts to use, which color to use, and many other things.

A web designer is essential to rank a website, and you need very readable content. You need good fonts with good color and many other things to rank a website to have readable content.

For learning web designing, you need to know different languages such as JavaScript, HTML. For backend development, you need to learn python node js and other languages to learn web designing courses.

Web Designing is one of the most demanding skills in the market. As businesses are moving online, they need the website for their business and maintaining the website from the backend, and you need also need a full stack web developer.

You can take these computer classes on Udemy or YouTube. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a web developer is $120000 per year. You can also start your business by doing web designing. You can charge a lot for designing their websites.

6. App Developing computer course.

App development is another basic computer course here. You design apps from both the front end and back end.

Mobile app development is how you develop a mobile app for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants, or mobile phones.

As more users are moving, you need apps for better functionality and better use.

App Designer works on the strategy, UI / UX Design, Testing, and many other processes.

For learning app designing, you need to know different languages such as JavaScript, Kotlin, java. For backend development, you need to learn python, node js, and other languages to learn app designing courses.

App Designing is one of the most demanding skills in the market. As businesses are moving online, they need the apps for their business and to maintaining the app.

You can take these computer classes on Udemy or YouTube. According to Indeed, the average salary of a web developer is $89157 per year in the United States. You can also start your business by doing app designing. You can charge them for designing their app.

7. Ethical Hacking Computer Course.

Ethical hacking is a basic computer course where you learn to bypass system security to identify potential data breaches and threats in a network.

People hire ethical hackers to see if there are any faults in the security of their systems. It is carried out with permission, and it is done legally. This is how they strengthen the safety of their systems.

You can serve your country by defending your country from terrorist attacks or cyber-attacks. You can improve the security of the data of your customers and investors. In this way, you can gain trust in them. You can also improve your security by doing ethical hacking.

There are two types of hackers: white hat hackers and the other is black hat hackers. People hire white hat hackers, and the work they related to hacking is legal. Others are black hackers who violate the rules and do illegal things.

You can learn this computer class on YouTube or take proper computer classes nearby your area. It can be helpful as there is a process of legality. Learning ethical hacker’s computer courses can help you to land a job. The average salary of ethical hackers is $95000 in the United States.

8. Cryptography Computer Courses.

Another basic computer course is the Cryptography computer course it is an exciting course. Cryptography is a method used to protect information and communications through the use of codes.

So who wants to read the encrypted message can read that information and process the information. The word meaning “crypt-” means “hidden” or “vault” — and the suffix “-graphy” stands for “writing.”

To transform cryptography messages, we use algorithms that are mathematical concepts and a set of rule-based calculations. These algorithms are used for cryptographic generations, digital signing, essential generation verification to protect data.

Germany used these cryptography techniques to transfer its messages to other German people during World war 2. British mathematician Alan Turing solved the German enigma that helped to win the war. You can learn this computer course on Udemy, Coursera, YouTube, or any other platform for free. The average salary of cryptographers is $72000 in The United States.

9. Video Editing Computer Course.

Another basic computer course you can do is a Video editing computer course. Video editing on-demand skill as you can put your video on YouTube. You need good editing skills. The video, which is extensively edited, gets more views comparatively who don’t edit their videos.

It is the most demanding skill these days. You have to learn video editing mainly on two software, Finalcut Pro and Adobe so that you can edit videos. You can learn this computer course on any platform for free such as Youtube and many other platforms.

10. Photoshop Computer Courses.

Another basic computer course you can learn is Photoshop computer classes. It is one of the demanding skills, and it is also needed for day-to-day skills. As you take more photographs for Instagram or any other social media apps, you will want to make your photos more beautiful.

To make it happen, we will have to learn photo editing skills. It can help your photos to look even more beautiful. You can learn these skills free on YouTube.

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You have to use Adobe Photoshop to edit images. You can also these skills for social media marketing and do freelancing. 


Q. Are computer courses important?

Ans- Yes, the computer courses are very important as most of the business operations are carried out through computer and thus the need for computer operators has increased. Learning the core fundamental skills of computer software can be very helpful.

Q. What are some very important computer skills?

Ans- At this point in time coding, graphic design, video editing, photoshop, and a few other software operations can be considered very important skills.

Q. Do these courses help in jobs?

Ans- The market demands skills over degrees and therefore learning and mastering a skill from any of the courses can be very helpful in getting jobs.

These are 10 Courses you can learn to get a job or start your own business. Always choose your passion and do what you want in life.

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