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Best 5 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Guwahati

Today, we find an aura of technology around us. From buying groceries to performing the assigned tasks at work, everywhere technology travels with us as our best friend and helps us in every step we take. But have you ever wondered how emerging technology could affect the practice of doing business? And have ever thought of the changes it can bring to business accounting and taxation? Keep reading to figure out the current tech trends in the business accounting and taxation domain with a suggestive note on the best 5 online business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati.


How Is Technology Integrated With Business Today?


Today, business forums use several cutting-edge technologies to keep their businesses afloat in the ever-whimsical ocean of the business environment. And technological advancements are one of the most unpredictable and influential parameters in the business world. Now, you might think about why it is considered that way.


Given the role; technology plays in catalyzing operations in doing business, it is one of the most crucial elements in the business world. Companies must embrace and learn to cope with it to ensure success. Some of the fascinating changes technological innovations brought to the business world include digitalization, several communication pathways to reach customers, better data analysis,  e-commerce, efficient marketing research, outstanding products/services, etc.


Some captivating emerging technologies that would make companies tinker with them in the upcoming years include artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, cloud computing, etc.


Tracing Modern Accounting:


Now, before skimming through the list of current trends that would help you decide on which business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati you must take up, let us try tracing modern accounting and eventually redefine business accounting. So, we all have done online shopping.


And one of the steps of completing an online shopping adventure is to pay through a successful online transaction for the goods bought. Therefore, today,  we can transact money through online payment methods for various purposes, which shows that modern transaction methods are evolving.


Online transaction methods are one of the milestones we achieved using technology. Therefore, modern accounting revolves around the internet, online transactions, offline transactions, and other related software tools to track and record them for later analysis.


Redefining Business Accounting:


Business accounting is the art and skill of tracking business transactions using relevant technological tools and software to record and analyze financial data through several financial statements. It helps decision-makers, investors, and financial experts of a company to decide on strategic planning for the future.




Taxation, as we all know, is a small contribution we all make financially to the government through tax payments. The revenue generated through tax collection gets utilized in executing several welfare projects for people. Taxation in business revolves around the different types of taxes companies must pay to the government. It also includes tax calculations, figuring out whether a company is eligible to use its financial records for tax deductions, etc.


Current Tech Trends in The Field Of Business Accounting and Taxation:


i) Automation and Artificial Intelligence:

Recently, leaps and bounds in research agendas related to automation and artificial intelligence have revolutionized all fields of work. In accounting, these are emerging tech trends employed by many accounting firms and professionals to automate some accounting processes and arrive at more efficient data-related results for further analysis and decision making. Automation and AI make the most tedious tasks of accounting easy and error-free.


ii) Cloud Computing and Accounting Software Tools:

The advent of cloud computing has made the analysis, accessibility, and storage of a vast expanse of data effortless and usable in different smart devices. The accounting software tools in the market, on the other hand, have made data management more efficient and organized.


iii) Data Analytics

Since the preliminary tasks of accounting are tech-assisted, one of the recent trends in accounting is data analytics. Companies today focus more on data analytics to make better decisions and strategies, and they employ data analytics in risk management, auditing, taxation, etc.


iv) Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain technology is an emerging technology that focuses on storing data as a chain of blocks. Each block in a blockchain will contain valuable transaction data as a combination of hashes and data. It employs a peer-to-peer network, proof-of-work, and hashing to ensure security from hackers and other impediments. Bitcoins transactions use blockchain technology.


v) Immersive Technologies:

Immersive technology refers to a group of current technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality(AR), and Mixed Reality(MR). These immersive technologies help us understand the actual world with a touch of virtual reality and assist us in better data analysis. In accounting, they could help in better analysis of data. Now, having seen the current tech trends in accounting, let us define the components of a BAT course with an additional note on the benefits you will reap.


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Defining The Components and Benefits Of Signing Up For BAT Courses in Guwahati:


BAT courses in Guwahati are academic training programs that offer rigorous training in various business accounting and taxation segments through activities, online sessions, hands-on training in accounting software tools, internships, etc. By signing up for online business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati, you can take home a certificate of completion with an enriched knowledge of accounting fundamentals and taxation trends and experience in handling accounting software tools and new technologies.


Eligibility, Skillset, Career, and Future Ahead:



While the prerequisite for enrolling in online business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati requires a bachelor’s degree in commerce or related fields, the eligibility for job applications in the business accounting and taxation field needs versatile skills and knowledge.


Today, recruiters prefer graduates with vast knowledge of the accounting fundamentals,  excellence in using accounting tools, and insights into current trends. And having a certificate from professional online business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati can give you a unique asset when applying for jobs.



The skillset necessary for you to succeed in the business accounting and taxation domain is a combination of hard skills, soft skills, and tech-savvy skills.


Some of the Hard Skills to Work on Are as Follows:

Analytical skills, vast knowledge of core fundamentals, mathematical and numerical reasoning, documentation skills, business management, etc.


Soft Skills include:

Time management and organization skills, attention to detail, presentation skills, perception of your audience, inclination toward accepting and working on changes in the industry, willingness to learn, etc.


Tech-savvy Skills Include:

Excellence in already existing modern business accounting tools like QuickBooks, Advanced Excel, ERP Software tools, etc. Insights into modern tech trends in the accounting and taxation fields can come in handy.


Learn about the Business Accounting and Taxation Scope in India


Career and the Future Ahead:


Following a career path in business accounting and taxation is a promising venture. Since businesses will keep evolving and continue looking for ways to utilize the best accounting and taxation principles, they (business owners) will always require BAT-trained accountants and professionals. (to assist them in data analysis and decision making)


Now, in the next section of this article, let us unveil the list of the best 5- institutes to sign up for online business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati.


Best 5 Institutes To Sign Up For Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Guwahati


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an India-based e-learning platform that offers a slew of professional courses in several domains like content writing, technical writing, BAT course, SEO training, etc.,  for global students and learners.  Having trained 25,000 students so far in the last 5- years, they are the most famous and professional training institute. The BAT courses in Guwahati offered are one of the best training programs to sign up for both beginners and professionals.


Course Details:


Course Title: Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Course Fee: Rs. 49,900+18% GST

Course Span: 4 months


Salient Features of BAT Courses in Guwahati:

The BAT course curriculum expands into 6- vast modules covering different business accounting and taxation domains in different segments integrated with Tally.  Some crucial topics covered include accounting, GST, TDS, Payroll, Advanced Excel, etc. With 120+ hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments, this BAT course package aims to make students and learners well-versed with the accounting fundamentals and other related business accounting and taxation concepts.


Other features include a tools-driven approach to make students gain expertise in different accounting tools, lifetime access to revised and updated study materials, interaction with industry experts, and practical training through case studies, assignments, and weekly tasks. IIM Skills team offers the best internship and placement opportunities at the end of course completion.


Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of computer usage, verbal and written communication skills

Additional Perks: Enrollers will get  Globally accredited master BAT certification from IIM Skills

Tools Taught: QuickBooks, Tally, Advanced Excel, etc.

Who Can Sign Up: Graduates from Commerce and related fields, business professionals, beginners, finance professionals, tax experts, entrepreneurs, MBA aspirants, CA/CS, etc.


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2. Udemy


Udemy, as we all know, is a global e-learning platform that offers professional online courses in many fields in collaboration with many training institutes for students and learners.  Here, let us explore some of the business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati you can take on Udemy to expand your knowledge and hone your skills.


i) BAT-related Courses Offered by Uplatz

Uplatz is a global IT training institute that excels in offering professional training courses in various domains like data science, engineering, computing, etc. Some of the courses they offer are for accounting and finance professionals, and they revolve around SAP, Oracle,  SAP FICO, etc., These courses from Uplatz focus on core concepts and practice assignments and have a job-oriented approach.


ii) Complete Accounting and Taxation Course 2022

Offered by: Vedanta Educational Academy


Salient Features:

This accounting and taxation course covers accounting fundamentals, Tally ERP9, TallyPrime, GST and related concepts, income tax, TDS and TCS, MS office, etc. With lifetime access to learning materials, this training program, led by an industry expert and an experienced faculty, aims to teach students how to handle real-life situations in a company relative to accounting, GST, and income tax.


Course Fee: Rs. 2, 299


Tools Taught: Tally, TallyPrime, Advanced Excel, etc.,

Other perks include certification, practice assignments, quizzes, and case studies.


Who Can Sign-Up: Non-commerce learners, commerce and related graduates


3. City Commerce Academy


City Commerce Academy is an accounting training institute in India that offers several professional online courses in Accounting and taxation. They have designed these courses after intense research, and have experience in training students and learners since 1999.  The BAT training series (from them) aim to teach students and learners about business accounting and taxation at 4-different levels.


Course Title: Accounts and Tax Expert Course


Salient Features:

The Accounts and Tax Expert course is a level-4 course in the BAT training series from City Commerce Academy Team. In this course, you will learn crucial concepts about business accounting and taxation ( from fundamentals to advanced accounting methods used ). The course curriculum is a blend of diverse topics and practical exercises.


The topics covered in the curriculum include accounting basics, accounting theories, manual accounts, computerized accounts, Indian taxation( fundamentals and procedure to fill online returns), GST, etc. The practical training includes activities based on journal entries, balance sheets, practice projects, actual business transactions, etc.


Other perks you can get by taking up these BAT courses in Guwahati include USB classes (downloadable recorded video lectures), printed practice projects, certificate of course completion, student support, etc.


Who Can Sign Up: Graduate freshers from commerce or related fields(,, MBA, CA, ICWA, CS, etc.), professional accountants, business people, etc.


4. ICA Edu Skills


ICA Edu Skills is one of the best accounts training institutes in India and offers several courses focusing on various segments of business accounting and taxation in two distinct streams, namely, short-term and job assurance. The business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati offered them is a short-term course for students and professionals who wants to carve a successful career in accounting and taxation.


Course Details:

Course Fee Structure: They have a non-refundable fee structure ( refer to their official website to know about fees)



Admission is through Common Entry Test organized by ICA Edu Skills Team


Salient Features of BAT Courses in Guwahati:

The BAT course curriculum revolves around business accounting, TallyPrime, GST, TDS, and MS Office.  With practical training initiated through projects and other means, it aims to teach students and professionals the art of analyzing and presenting financial data through financial statements.


Pre-requisites: You will require an internet connection, laptop or desktop to attend online classes, and smartphones to access learning materials.


Additional Perks: Getting trained and certified as an expert, e-content with notes, self-assessments, and mock examinations. Placement guidance is given based on the course type( you have decided to sign-up), your qualifications, and your skills.


Who Can Sign- Up :

XIIth Grade students after schooling, graduates, etc.


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5. Henry Harvin


With the motto to make students educated and employable, Henry Harvin is a competency development organization that offers many distinct and professional courses in various domains for worldwide learners. These courses get designed by taking many parameters in today’s changing world into account.


Therefore, the courses offered are professional and updated all the time, aiming to propagate competency, skillset, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge in the minds of students and learners.


Course Details:

Course Title: Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Professional Course (CATP)


Salient Features:

Their business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati aim to elucidate the core fundamentals of business accounting and taxation through a comprehensive curriculum, practical training, assignments, etc., in a 9-in-1 course agenda.


With self-paced learning through live sessions with industry experts, the BAT courses in Guwahati focus on diverse topics like GST, Income tax, TDS, Balance sheets, Payroll, Excel, Tally, etc., and help and provide learners with an integrated curriculum, practical learning, industry-related live projects to work on, internship opportunities, E-learning access, boot camps, certification, 1-year Gold Membership, etc.


The integrated curriculum has complementary modules that focus on soft skills development and resume writing. These modules from the course aim to prepare learners to handle job interviews in the future.


Other perks include an industry-valued certificate, 24-hours of educational support, lifetime access to revised study materials (based on current trends and industry requirements), etc.,


Tools Taught: Advanced Excel, Tally, etc.


Who Can Sign Up: Graduates from Commerce or related fields, business professionals, etc., can enroll in this business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati.


In the above section, we have successfully explored the list of the best 5- institutes to sign up for online business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati.




1. Why is there a need for tax accounting?

Based on the profits drawn by a company, it has to follow the tax rules and regulations and pay the applicable taxes to the tax authorities (of the government). In addition to reporting the financial position (of the company), they must pay taxes. Tax accounting helps business owners to represent financial records and calculate, figure out and see whether they can use tax deductions and pay taxes.


2. What are bookkeeping skills?

Bookkeeping skills are skills that help in recording and maintaining the financial data of an organization. Some of the bookkeeping skills include:

i) Tech-savviness

ii) Ability to deal with numbers

iii) Communication and Presentation skills

iv) Time management and organization skills

v) Flexibility towards change


3. Can I do the BAT courses in Guwahati online?

Of course, you can do BAT courses in Guwahati through online mode. Several e-learning platforms and institutes offer advanced and outstanding BAT courses with internship opportunities and training in accounting software tools. Some institutes that offer BAT courses include IIM Skills, Henry Harvin, Udemy, etc. Based on your preferences and requirements, you can sign up for any of these courses and get certified as an expert in business accounting and taxation.


4. Is the BAT courses in Guwahati worth doing?

Yes, it is worth signing up for a BAT course. Getting certified from a BAT course will make you more reliable and professional in the industry. In addition to gaining expertise in modern accounting tools, you will also have an impressive portfolio.




Business Accounting and Taxation is a promising career path for commerce and other related graduates. While choosing a career in business accounting and taxation requires relevant knowledge and skills, taking business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati can help you progress in your career. This article has summarized some of the crucial things you must know before signing up for business accounting and taxation courses in Guwahati.

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