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8 Best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jalandhar

Accounting is the backbone of every successful business. It enables businesses to do a complete financial analysis of their business plan and predict their success rate in the future. Whereas, taxation involves the process of preparing tax schedules and payment reports to maintain a proper tax database for a company. For any business to function smoothly, business accounting and taxation are the most important parts. If you want to learn financial management skills, must consider the best business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar listed below.


BAT helps in maintaining and recording all the financial expenses and income earned from the business which further helps the organization to make important decisions or changes to help the company grow and expand. Regular maintenance of BAT helps in calculating tax and also saving unnecessary expenses for the benefit of the organization.


This is why there will always be requirements for BAT professionals in every sector or any type of business. And of course, it is the most promising and challenging profile because one has to be updated with the business and tax laws. In this article, we will discuss the 8 best business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar


What is Business Accounting?


Business accounting is the systematic process through which businesses record and analyze financial information. Accountants use their skills to process this information and present them in the form of informative financial reports. This crucial information is extremely useful for businesses. Accounting helps business owners to fulfill their necessary commitments and take smart decisions for their finances. 


What is Taxation? 


Taxation is the process by which the government or a taxing authority imposes taxes on both general citizens and business entities. Taxation involves all types of direct and indirect taxes like Income Tax, Sales Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporate Tax, GST, etc. A Tax accountant does the most crucial job of preparing all the tax-related statements for the company. Tax accountants research and study tax laws in-depth, and advise companies to avoid all tax-related risks. 


What is BAT Course? 


The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar consist of studying the financial industry in detail, using a unique methodology of learning theoretical knowledge with practical skillsets. It teaches its students the fundamental concepts of the Indian tax system, tax accounting, reports preparation, GST and VAT regime along with the usage of various important accounting software.


BAT courses in Jalandhar are great platforms for all those who are looking to have a career in the field of banking and the financial sector, and those who own a business can have many benefits from this course. The basic eligibility for BAT courses in Jalandhar is a basic bachelor’s degree. Once a BAT course is completed, there will be a wide range of job opportunities. 


Gaining an edge in the market by learning various accounting software like Advanced Excel, Tally, Catpro, etc. helps students to land high-paying job roles such as: 


  • Accounting Assistant 
  • Accounting Supervisor 
  • Accounting Manager 
  • Senior Accountant 
  • Junior Accountant 
  • Auditing Assistant 
  • Accounting Administrator 
  • Tax Assistant 
  • Tax Manager 
  • Finance Manager 


This course is for all undergraduates, postgraduates, working professionals, or freelancers, who have some basic knowledge of commerce and accounting, as well as a keen interest in the accounting, finance, and taxation domain. 


8 Best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the most prestigious institutions for online training in skill development programs worldwide. It has trained more than fifteen thousand students in over 35 countries all over the world. With its excellent educational training and skill development programs, the institute continues to win hearts. IIM Skills is the most known and highly rated institute for the types of courses they offer.


The courses are mostly online, which is why all the students who want to enroll with IIM skills are not bound to any location, also anyone who is currently working can also take up the course and learn as per their flexibility. IIM Skills offers myriad courses in different fields of digital marketing, content writing, technical writing, financial modeling, advanced SEO, etc. IIM Skills trains their students with practical learning rather than only theoretical knowledge.


This is why they are considered to be the best institute. The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar by IIM Skills are one of the best courses in the industry. This excellent course provides education through industry expert educators, flexible virtual online classes, post-training assistance, dedicated placement assistance, and globally accredited certification. The mentors of IIM Skills are all industry specialized and come with a highly experienced background. 


Eligibility – 

  • A bachelor’s degree 
  • Basic working knowledge of computers and fundamental writing and communication skills


BAT Course Curriculum 

  • Basics of Accounting and accounting in Tally 
  • Basics of GST and GST in Tally 
  • Basics of TDS and TDS in Tally 
  • Payroll and Payroll with Tally 
  • Income Tax with Tally 
  • Advance Excel and MIS reporting  


Benefits of BAT Courses in Jalandhar

  • Interactive live sessions.
  • Practical learning through working on countless case studies, assignments, and weekly tasks. 
  • Exhaustive courseware is well aligned with the industry- standards to make students ready for the real-world market scenario. 
  • Conceptual clarity of the complete theoretical and practical applications of the accounting and taxation process.
  • Courseware is delivered by industry experts with valuable knowledge and years of experience. 
  • Acquire the functionality of essential tools and software like Tally, QuickBooks, and MS Excel. 
  • Job referrals and Interview preparation.  
  • Lifetime access to all the resource material and recordings via your Learning Management System (LMS). 



4 months



Rs 9,900 + 18% GST 


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2. APG Learning


Launched in the year 2018, APG Learning is an excellent institute for learning in the fields of Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Lifestyle. With its unique approach to catering to the needs of both working professionals and students, the institute has achieved the milestone of training more than 12,000 students. The Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jalandhar by APG Learning are one of a kind.


All the training content of the course is vetted by industry experts. Students are trained to equip with the latest industry tools and software. The assignments given to the students help them in understanding the major problems faced by the Business accounting and taxation industry, and thus, find effective solutions. The projects provide industry exposure and help students to stay competent in this challenging market. 



  • MBA Finance  
  • Non-commerce background with at least one year of working experience. 
  • Candidates pursuing CA/CS/ ICWA/CFA or any similar course. 


The Curriculum of BAT Courses in Jalandhar

  • Industrial Accounting  
  • Tally 
  • Direct Taxation 
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) 
  • Payroll and its components 
  • Excel and MIS 
  • Business Computer Application 


Course Benefits

  • Have in-depth knowledge of accounting. 
  • Know the crucial concepts of Payroll, GST, and IT. 
  • Get practical knowledge of MS Excel and MIS 


Upon Completion of This Course Get Various Job Roles in the Industry as:  

  • Manager Accounts 
  • Finance Manager 
  • Tax Analyst 
  • Accounts Executive 



3 months  


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3. Edu Pristine


EduPristine was founded in the year 2008 by the work of four talented individuals with the dream of providing high-quality online or classroom training to all. It provides many A-level courses in the fields of accounts, finance, and marketing. Their Post-graduate business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar are experimental and practical learning programs.


It is conceptualized to help fresh graduates become industry leaders in the various professions of accounting and taxation. This course is designed by industry professionals to teach students the realistic approach to handling the issues faced by entrepreneurs. 



Freshers or graduates belonging to the commerce background. 

Any individual is interested to learn about the field of accounting and taxation. 


The Curriculum of BAT Courses in Jalandhar

  • Fundamentals of Accounting and accounting in Tally 
  • Fundamentals of GST and GST in Tally 
  • Fundamentals of Income tax and Income tax in Tally. 
  • Payroll and its components 
  • Excel for Accounting and MIS 
  • Finalization of Financial statements 
  • BUSY Practical 
  • SAP 
  • Soft Skills 


Course Benefits 

  • Live online training sessions. 
  • Industry-relevant content and case- studies-based learning. 
  • Practical learning through live projects 
  • Training by industry experts. 
  • Learn about important tools and software – Tally, SAP, MS Excel, and BUSY. 
  • Preparation for 4 top accounting certifications. 
  • Soft Skills Training 
  • Complete assistance for resume building and career guidance. 



5 months 


4. ICA Edu Skills


India’s leading training and skill development institute, ICA Edu Skills specializes in accounts, finance, taxation, and other job-oriented professional courses. It provides best-in-class training and placement services at the most affordable price. The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar by ICA Edu Skills are excellent. This course is called Certified Industrial Accountants (CIA). It is taught by industry experts, who equip students with the crucial concepts of Accounts, GST, Tally Prime, and SAP FICO. 



Any 12th pass, graduate, or postgraduate interested in Accounting or Finance Domain. 

Any freshmen or working professional looking to upskill or improve their knowledge. 


The curriculum of BAT Courses in Jalandhar

  • Business Computer Application 
  • Business Accounting 
  • Tally Prime  
  • Business Communication 
  • Direct Tax 
  • GST 
  • Advanced Accounts 


Course Benefits 

  • Live interactive sessions 
  • Hands-on training with updated software 
  • Best- in- industry faculty and trainers 
  • 80% of learning through practical exercises and 20% through theory lessons. 
  • 100% placement support 
  • Opportunity to work with MNCs. 
  • Any time- job card (ATJ) with access to 30+ placement cells. 
  • Advantages of SAP & MOS certificates upon completion of the course. 



12 months 


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5. The Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA) 


The Institute of Professional Accountants, with its headquarters in New Delhi, India, is a leader in job-oriented professional courses. With its excellent courses, it aims at providing employable skills to the youth of this country. IPA works majorly toward providing a successful career to individuals in the Accounting, Finance, and Taxation domain. 


IPA offers an excellent diploma course in Accounting, Finance, and Taxation. It is one of the best Business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. This job-oriented course is meant to help freshers in upgrading their accounting skills, as per the industry standards. 


This course features an exhaustive curriculum along with an outstanding faculty consisting of Chartered Accountants, MBAs, and Advocates. These experts train students in highly valuable industry skills and help them in becoming successful accounts or tax professionals. 



Any graduate or postgraduate with a degree in various disciplines like,, BA, MA, etc. 

12th pass in any discipline 

Working professionals with their interest in Accounting and Taxation domain. 


The curriculum of BAT Courses in Jalandhar

  • Industrial Accounting 
  • Accounting Software: Tally ERP, BUSY 
  • Income Tax (Online ITR Return Filing) 
  • GST (Online GST Return Filing) 
  • Auditing 
  • Provident Fund Labour Laws 
  • Company Law Matters 
  • Stock market – Capital market 
  • E-commerce & Banking 


Course Benefits 

  • Live interactive classroom training 
  • 100% Job guarantee 
  • Experienced CA faculties to teach practical aspects. 
  • Flexible structure. 
  • Recognized Diploma Certificate 



12 months 


6. Amzine Institute


Amzine Institute is one of the leading names in the field of business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar. It covers the complete theoretical part of the subject along with providing practical and real-market training on the same. The entire curriculum of the course is designed by industry professionals that is updated regularly, keeping pace with the changing industry needs. 


The BAT course by the institute is called Tally Prime. This advanced accounting course includes extensive training with real vouchers and bills for better understanding and knowledge. The course also focuses on important finance and accounts software like Tally, CATPRO, Xero, and BUSY. Students learn the in-depth concepts about banking, GST & Balance Sheet, ITR Filing, and Auditing. 



Graduates or final year students of or BBA. 

Candidates seeking a career in financial accounting and taxation domain. 


Course Curriculum 

  • Reviewing Accounting concepts 
  • Creation of Company 
  • Creation of Journal & Ledger 
  • Treatment of Entries 
  • Journal Entries 
  • Sale and Account Receivable 
  • Purchases and Account Payable 
  • Debit note and Credit note 
  • Expenses and Expenses payable 
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement 
  • Payments and Receipts Voucher 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Treatment of Fixed Assets 
  • Methods of Depreciation 
  • Treatment of Depreciation 
  • Treatment of TDS Entries 
  • Basic concepts of GST 
  • Basic concepts of VAT 
  • Basic concepts of Service Tax 
  • Treatment of Bad Debts 
  • Provisions 


Upon completion of this course, the students receive international certification, which helps them in getting professional roles in MNCs. 


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7. National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM)


National Institute of Financial Markets is registered under the name of “NIFM Educational Institutions Ltd.” It is a private vocational training institute that offers many long-term and short-term job-oriented upskilling programs in the Accounts, Financial Market, and Stock Market segments.


NIFM has an aim of inculcating the youth of this country with the best creative, analytic, and technical qualifications, to make them competent industry leaders. The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar by NIFM are outstanding like their other courses in the accounting, finance, and taxation domain. This course is designed to fulfill the industry demand.


It covers the most extensive topics like GST, TDS, Income Tax, and E-filling through the most practical learning approach. This diploma course includes both theory and practical teaching methodology to teach students the art of interpretation of financial reports and right decision-making.  



Candidates with a minimum qualification of 10+2.  

Any graduates or postgraduates  

Working professionals or freelancers who want to learn more about the accounting and taxation domain.  

Course Curriculum  

Module – I – Accountancy  

Module – II – GST (Goods & Services Tax)  

Module – III – TDS or TCS  

Module –IV – Tally ERP 9 with GST (Goods and Service Tax) 

Module -V- Income Tax  

Module –VI- Auditing  


Course Benefits     

  • Training through industry experts  
  • Certificate from reputed education institute NIFM.  
  • Get 100% Placement Assistance.  
  • Get help to get work as a freelancer in this industry 
  • Get help in starting a business as an accounting & income tax professional if required  
  • Flexibility in batch days and schedule  
  • Get assistance in the future as well when something new arrives in the market.  
  • More than 80% of the course is practically based  
  • Complete coverage of all practical as well as theory classes  



6 Months   


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8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes for online training in over 400 upskilling and reskilling professional programs. With its customer base in over 97 countries, it provides training in many popular programs like Digital Marketing, Technical Writing, Data Science, Business Analytics, Accounting, and Taxation. It has provided training to more than 3,00,000 people worldwide. 


The certified business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar (CATP) by Henry Harvin are excellent courses. It covers all the critical components of Accounting like GST, Income Tax, TDS, etc. It features 172 hours of live interactive classroom sessions in which students learn key concepts like GST, Advanced Excel, HR Payroll, and many more.


Students get the chance to learn from expert trainers and gain experience. This course prepares students to develop financial strategies on their own and create excellent business models. This course is for all those professionals who are keen on building a highly profitable career in the accounting, finance, and taxation domain. 


Course Curriculum

  • GST Practitioner Course 
  • Income Tax Course 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9 
  • Advanced Excel 
  • HR Payroll Management 
  • Soft Skills Development 
  • Resume Writing  


Course Benefits 

  • Two-way live interactive classroom sessions 
  • Lessons are taught by top industry professionals 
  • Projects that facilitate training in GST, Advanced Excel, Direct and Indirect Taxation 
  • E-learning access with abundant tools, video content, assessments, etc. 
  • Regular Bootcamps spread over the time of 12 months  
  • Free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions 
  • Get Govt. Recognized Certificate after successful completion of this course. 
  • Get 100% Placement Support for 1-year post-completion. 




Q1. What are  Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jalandhar?

The BAT courses in Jalandhar take the students through all the building blocks and accounting cycles that create each financial statement. It teaches and trains them in some of the best tools and techniques in the industry like Advanced Excel, Tally ERP 9, QuickBooks, and many more. It gives them the much-needed practical knowledge through expert-led training and assessment.  


Q2. What are the types of taxes?  

There are broadly 2 types of taxes, namely:  

Direct Tax: Taxes directly levied on the public by the government, or a tax-levying authority unknown as Direct Taxes. These taxes cannot be transferred to any other person or entity. E.g., Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporate Tax  

Indirect Tax: Taxes levied on goods and services instead of individual people or entities are called Indirect Taxes. These taxes are not collected by the govt. instead, the intermediary or the person selling that product collects it. E.g., Sales Tax, Service Tax, Value Added Tax, Customs Duty, etc.  


 Q3. What is the salary after BAT courses in Jalandhar? 

Accounting and taxation professionals are highly sought after in the business industry, especially by entrepreneurs who eagerly wish to incorporate young professionals into their new teams. Any individual proficient in some basic accounting techniques and software can easily earn between 2 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs INR per annum. However, this grows gradually as and how one upgrades his skill and knowledge. Choosing BAT as a career is itself a learning process that will help an individual grow only if the person is willing to learn and explore.


Q4. Can I do a Freelancing after the Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Jalandhar?

Yes, of course, there are many career opportunities for a freelancer. The business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar will not only help you find a good job in a corporate but you can also do freelancing or simply become a college lecturer and earn a decent amount of salary. This course will also prove great help if you are a business owner as you will not have to spend on hiring the other person to take care of the accounts and taxation part of your company.




The Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Jalandhar are designed to provide students with all the crucial skills and professional knowledge in the field of accounting, finance, and taxation. Anyone from 12th pass-outs to commerce graduates or even working professionals can take up this course to upskill their knowledge and make a living in one of the most remunerative fields in the mainstream industry.   Above, we have shared with you a list of the 8 best institutes for business accounting and taxation courses in Jalandhar.


Choose one out of them wisely and become a highly successful business industry leader in no time. Business Accounting and Taxation is a very promising career. The above article will help you in choosing the best institute. In the article, we have tried to share the maximum details one looks at before enrolling for the course. However, if you have any more queries you can visit their websites.

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