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Business analytics is a rapidly growing practice that is required by every modern business organization these days. Business Analytics involves the collection, interpretation, and analysis of raw data and converting it into meaningful insights which can help organizations in their business decisions. Being such an important part of the business world, Business Analytics is learned by a huge population these days and its courses are offered in many parts of the world. In this article, we will discover some of the best business analytics courses in Melbourne, their scope, eligibility, and benefits.


Scope of Business Analytics:

Business Analytics includes collecting, integrating, and analyzing the data in order to attain deep learning of business operations, consumer patterns, and market trends for a better running of an organization. Three types of Business Analytics are Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics.

Descriptive analytics emphasizes summarizing and visualizing past data, predictive analytics helps in predicting future market trends and behavior, while prescriptive analytics provides guidance for optimal decision-making. The demand for individuals in the field of Business analytics is high and rapidly growing with time.

For better performance and making the right business decisions, business analytics is required in almost all areas of an organization. For instance, in the finance sector, business analytics may involve risk analysis, fraud detection, and financial forecasting.

Likewise in the retail sector, business analytics can be helpful to understand customer patterns, optimize pricing, and improve accounts. With the advancements in technology and increasing availability of data, the scope of business analytics is continuously growing.


Eligibility for Enrolment in the Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne, Australia.

The eligibility requirements to study a Business Analytics course in Australia depend on the specific institution and course you are interested in. However, here are some general eligibility criteria that are required for enrolling in business analytics courses in Melbourne: –


  • A Bachelor’s degree- To enroll in a business analytics program an applicant must hold a bachelor’s or an equivalent degree in a relevant field such as Business, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer science, or Engineering, from a recognized institution. Some colleges may allow applicants from other disciplines as well, depending on their skills and experience.


  • English Language Proficiency- Applicants are required to be proficient in English before applying to any of the institutions in Melbourne as all the courses are taught in English. Common English language proficiency tests that students should pass with a required minimum score are International English IELTS, TOFEL, and PTE.


  • Work Experience- Some universities or colleges may ask for a relevant work experience from an applicant as a part of their eligibility criteria. Having a work experience in the area of business analytics can be an advantage for a student while applying for this course.


  • Essential knowledge in the relevant subjects- Business analytics requires strong learning in the subjects such as data science, mathematics, data analysis, and statistics. As these subjects are an important part of business analytics, some institutions may require students to have a deep understanding of them. Institutions can also conduct their own entrance tests to assess the knowledge of the applicants in all the required subjects.


For getting accurate and up-to-date knowledge about the eligibility criteria for Business Analytics courses in Melbourne, applicants are recommended to visit the website of the universities they are interested in pursuing this course.

The eligibility criteria are entirely dependent on the specific institution and can be different from each other. Hence, students must visit the program or admission pages of the universities for detailed information.


Career Opportunities After Studying Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne: –

Studying Business Analytics courses in Melbourne can open up a large number of career opportunities. Here are some of the career opportunities which an individual can peruse: –


  1. Data Analyst- Data Analysts are the individuals who are responsible for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of large data sets, for helping a business organization in a successful decision-making process. They play an important role in simplifying and transforming the raw data into valuable information which is of great assistance to an organization in making optimal investment strategies and improving operational efficiency.


  1. Data Scientists- Data scientists are professionals who apply machine learning techniques, advanced statistical methods, and programming tools to draw valuable information and learn from large and complicated data sets. They use scientific methods and algorithms to analyze and interpret vast data sets and help business organizations to make well-informed decisions. Data scientists are in high demand these days across various industries like finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology.


  1. Business Analysts- Business analysts are the individuals who play an important role in the detailed analysis of business processes, systems, and data sets in order to find the areas of improvement and successful running of an organization. They use different techniques such as data mining, statistical analysis, and forecasting for identifying current market trends, consumer patterns, and available opportunities which play a major part in the growth of a business.


  1. Marketing Analysts- Marketing Analysts are the professionals who conduct detailed market research, collect and analyze large sets of data, and analyze current market trends in order to provide valuable insight and guidance to business organizations. They apply various statistical techniques and data visualization tools in order to identify current market trends and patterns which helps an organization to take well-informed decisions and results in its success.


  1. Data Engineers- Data engineers are involved in building and maintaining the mechanisms which handle and process a large volume of data sets. They ensure that the data is properly organized and accessible to the stakeholders of a business organization such as data scientists, business analysts, and marketing analysts. Their expertise in data modeling, database systems, data integration, and data pipeline development ensures to extract valuable insights from the large and complex sets of data.


  1. Data Architects- Data architects are the professionals who are responsible for the designing and maintenance of a business organization’s entire dataset. They have expertise in data modeling, data governance, and statistical technology, and they ensure that the data is well-organized and accessible to other stakeholders. Their primary goal is to work closely and collaborate with various stakeholders such as data scientists, analysts, data engineers, business leaders, and IT teams, to affiliate data strategies with the organizational goals.


  1. Financial Analysts- Financial Analysts are the individuals who analyze the financial data of an organization such as financial statements (balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements) and economic statements. They provide valuable insight and guidance to business organizations in order to take well-informed financial decisions and ensure their successful running. They are proficient in the application of various financial techniques such as ratio analysis, trend analysis, and discounted cash flow analysis in order to determine investment opportunities and assess potential returns.


Benefits of Pursuing Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne-

There are several benefits of pursuing Business Analytics courses in Melbourne, such as: –


1.    Access to Industry experts – Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world to study business analytics. Most of the universities and institutions often feature guest lectures by industry experts and these courses are taught by experienced faculty members. This helps the applicants to gain in-depth knowledge of the subjects in the area of business analytics.


2.    Networking- Melbourne offers a great number of opportunities for business analytics enthusiasts to connect with industry experts and experienced professionals in this field. Most of the institutions have strong tie-ups with renowned organizations and companies which enables the students to expand their professional network through workshops, conferences, and meetups with industry experts.


3. High-quality education- Melbourne is home to some of the renowned universities and colleges which provide eminent business analytics courses. These institutions provide candidates with a high-quality education, experienced faculty, and a syllabus that includes all the industry-relevant subjects. These institutions provide students with a number of opportunities to connect with industry professionals, learn from proficient faculty members, and gain valuable insights into the real business world through practical projects and internship programs.


4.    Job Opportunities- Melbourne provides a great number of job opportunities to business analytics enthusiasts as it is home to many international and nationally renowned business organizations. Universities and colleges have a strong network with these organizations which provides a great professional pathway and job opportunities to the students.


5.    Multicultural environment- Melbourne offers a multicultural and diverse environment to its citizens as people from all over the world and different cultures live here. Studying business analytics in such diverse and multicultural surroundings enhances the communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of the candidates which is important to succeed in the field of business analytics.


Hence, Melbourne is a significant place that offers some of the best business analytics courses, along with a number of job opportunities and internship programs for the candidates. Its multicultural and diverse environment enables the students to foster their global perspective and enhances their professional skills. These advantages make Melbourne a flourishing destination for students who want to become successful in the field of business analytics.


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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne


Rank #1. Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne

1.     Master of Business Analytics at Melbourne Business School-

Melbourne Business School is one of the high-ranked institutions in Melbourne offering a Master in Business Analytics program. Master of Business Analytics is an eminent program that provides students with great learning and valuable skills for becoming successful data scientists.

The curriculum of this program is designed to cover a wide range of topics such as Data Analysis and Visualization, Statistical Modelling and Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Ethics and Privacy, Data Strategy and Management, Optimization and Operations Research, and Business Applications.

Students are provided with a pragmatic experience by working on practical projects and case studies which enables them to solve complex business world problems. Melbourne Business School has a strong connection with renowned organizations and industry partners which provides students with a number of networking opportunities.

This program also includes a Capstone project which enables students to work on real-world business projects, collaborating with industry partners and gaining valuable insight and experience.

For permanent and national residents, the fee of this program approximately ranges between AUD 43,000 to AUD 60,000 and for international students, it ranges between AUD 70,000 to AUD 85,000 for the entire program. It’s always recommended to check the official website of the Melbourne Business School or contact their admission office for an accurate idea of the fee structure.


Rank #2. Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne

2.     Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, Monash University-

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics at Monash University is one of the well-known programs in Melbourne. It is a short-term program that provides flexibility to working professional candidates, allowing them to manage their studies with their work life.

Some relevant topics which are a part of this program are- Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Analysis and Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Text Analytics, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Data Ethics and Privacy, Applied Business Analytics, and Data Visualization and Communication.

This program includes industry guest lectures, case studies, and practical projects which provide students with exposure to real-world business scenarios.

Fees for Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics at Monash University range from approximately AUD 10,000 to AUD 20,000 for permanent and Australian residents, whereas the fees for international students range around AUD 15,000 to AUD 25,000 approximately. For an accurate fee structure, it is always advisable to check the website of the university or contact their admission office directly.


Rank #3. Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne

3.     Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, RMIT University

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics program at RMIT University is among the top-ranked courses in Melbourne. With a short-term duration of six months to one year, this course is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical implication which enables students to analyze complex data sets and extract valuable insights from these data sets.

RMIT is well-connected with industry experts, hence students are provided with great exposure to guest lectures, networking events, and industry placements. The course syllabus is designed in collaboration with industry experts to provide students with all the necessary knowledge of the tools and techniques applied in the field of business analytics.


Rank #4. Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne

4.     Master of Business Analytics at the University of Melbourne-

Master of Business Analytics at the University of Melbourne is a 1.5 years- 2 years program, that provides students with a flexible and great learning environment. This is a renowned program that covers some important topics such as data analysis, predictive modeling, machine learning, and data visualization.

These subjects provide students an efficient learning and valuable insight into the field of business analytics. The program is designed in a manner to offer hands-on projects and a number of industry engagement opportunities to the students.

It includes a Capstone project which enables students to solve complicated business problems through their knowledge and ability. By the end of this program, the students are well-prepared for promising careers in various industries which depend upon data-driven decision-making.

Fees for Australian and permanent residents are approximately between AUD 46,344 and AUD 52,944 for the entire program. Fees for international students range from approximately AUD 85,536 to AUD 91,536 for the entire program. However, it is always better to check with the institution’s admission office or their official website for an accurate fee structure.


Rank #5. Business Analytics Courses in Melbourne

5.     Graduate Diploma of Business Analytics at Deakin University-

Accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) Deakin University is one of the top-ranked schools worldwide, and its Graduate Diploma of Business Analytics program with a duration of one year is a highly reputed course. Students at Deakin University are provided with an opportunity to work on real industry projects, engage with industry experts and gain exposure to real-world business challenges.

Fees for permanent and Australian residents range approximately between AUD 17,200 and AUD 20,400 for the entire program, whereas, international students are required to pay approximately AUD 37,400 to AUD 40,600. For an exact idea of the fee structure, it is advisable to check the university’s website or contact the admission office directly.




What is the average salary of a Business Analyst in Australia?

As per the sources from PayScale, the average salary of a Business Analyst is approximately AUD 79,000 per year in Australia. Professionals with more experience, certifications, and industry-relevant skills always fetch higher salaries. It has to be noted that the salary package always depends on professional certifications, experience, skills, and organization of the individuals.


Are there any good career prospects for Business Analysts in Australia?

Demand for business analyst professionals is high these days in various sectors like government, technology, healthcare, and finance. Organizations these days completely rely on data-driven decision making and hence, they need professionals who will provide them with real facts and data in order to identify areas of improvement.


Can I study Business Analytics online?

Yes, you can study Business Analytics online. Many renowned universities and institutions offer online business analytics programs which enable students to study at their home at their own pace and comfort. Online programs provide a flexible environment to those students who are not able to attend universities and college lectures.


What is the cost of Business Analytics courses in Melbourne?

The cost of Business Analytics courses in Melbourne totally depends on the institution, level of study, duration of the program, and whether an applicant is a domestic or international student. Fees for short-duration programs like diploma and graduate certificate programs range approximately between AUD 10,000 to AUD 25,000 for domestic students and for international students it can range between AUD 15,000 to AUD 35,000.

For higher-level programs like a Master’s degree in Business Analytics fees can range approximately between AUD 25,000 to AUD 45,000 for permanent students and for international students it can range between AUD 35,000 to AUD 60,000. It is always best to check with the university’s admission office or their official website for the exact idea of the fee structure.


Are there any professional organizations for Business Analytics professionals in Melbourne?

Yes, there are several professional organizations for Business Analytics professionals in Melbourne which provide networking opportunities, valuable industry insights, and professional development sources to business analytics enthusiasts. Here are a few professional organizations in Melbourne- Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), Australian Computer Society (ACS), Data Science Melbourne, and Business Analytics Forum (BAF).



Melbourne is a prominent place for business analytics enthusiasts to study and make successful careers in the field of business analytics courses. These programs provide students with the practical experience and theoretical knowledge to analyze data, identify market trends and make informed decisions that can help in the success of a business. Growth for business analytics professionals is high in Melbourne and they are required in almost every sector like, healthcare, finance, technology, and government which provides a number of career opportunities for them.

Also, the multicultural environment in Melbourne provides students with great communication and analytical skills as they interact with students from diverse cultures and environments. So, if you are looking to pursue a successful career with a high salary package in the field of business analytics Melbourne is a great choice for you.

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