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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Mumbai With Placements

Investment banking is one of the most attractive sources for career scopes for students who are ambitious to steer their careers in finance- specifically into Investment banking. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Investment banking techniques, financial systems, and the market. Investment banking courses in Mumbai have observed an exponential rise in the graph. Thousands of job opportunities are available in Mumbai and companies are waiting for the right candidate with adequate skills.


As in our growing modern world, people are becoming more conscious of investment and stepping towards starting a business, there is an obvious demand for capital increases, and as a result, there is a need for investment growth as well.

Investment options are increasing nowadays, and in the same way, Investment banking options have also increased rapidly. Entering into an Investment banking career is brilliant as it finds many higher and modified returns.

In this article, we explore important comprehension of this demanding elite profession of Investment banking courses in Mumbai and answer some frequently asked questions about this profession.


What is Investment Banking?

The investment bank is a special bank or financial institution branch that helps large and complex financial transactions for companies, governments, and other entities. It provides multiple Investment banking functions. i.e., IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, research, merchant banking, investment management, etc.

So, investment banks deal at a very big level, they usually deal with very big parties, for example, big tech firms, big banks, and so on and so forth. And that is the primary difference between commercial banks and investment banks. Commercial banks are for small players, and small businesses whereas investment banks deal at an institutional level with really big players.

Broadly speaking, an investment bank is a private company that provides finance and other services to corporations, individuals, and governments. It provides services such as raising financial capital by underwriting or acting as an agent for the client in the issue of securities.

It can also facilitate companies involved in mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), and assist in trading in ancillary areas such as derivatives and equity securities, market making, and FICC services.

Investment banking is one of India’s highest-paid jobs in Mumbai and a great career choice for those aiming to make an impact in the financial sector. It provides a plethora of financial services and banking operations that help individuals or organizations in raising capital and provide financial consultancy services to them.


Who is an Investment Banker & What Does an Investment Banker Do?

Investment bankers play an important role in any government and private companies. They have to deal with company-related financial transactions, test development, fund loan freeze, economic amendment company capital-related problems. The investment banker has to assist the customer in the process of getting a loan for investment.

The investment banker along with his team also has to prepare the financial profile of the company. They also hold meetings with clients regarding the financial matters of the company for maximum loan funds, apart from all this, they have some other responsibilities which they have to pay attention to.

Investment bankers are often considered as links between a company and investors, which helps their clients in financing, research trading and sales, and wealth management.

An investment banker plays an important role during the merger and acquisition of the company. To put it simply, when a company purchases another company, then the one who is involved in completing the deal is an investment banker.

When a company launches its IPO, then at what price that IPO be launched and at what price will it be released? This work is also done by an Investment banker. After knowing this, you must have understood that Investment bankers do such an important job in business. And from this, you must have also understood that the salary package of an Investment banker will also be good.


Salary Expectation in Investment Banking

An Investment banker’s job is one of the highest-paying jobs at the current time and obviously, it’s not a big deal that the salary package of an Investment banker salary package can be in the range of 30-35 lakh. Not only this but they can significant bonuses also. It means that by cracking a successful deal, one can get a bonus equal to a salary.

However, the initial salary of an investment banker is 35-40 thousand per month, which can be increased to 60-70 thousand per month and the total compensation package depend on the investment banker’s experience and knowledge.


Qualifications Required for Investment Banking

Now, moving on to interesting tidbits what degrees do you require? The bare minimum qualification should have a degree in any discipline but finance would be preferred. If you look at it from a bachelor’s level perspective you studied business or economics or commerce.

These are usually traditional degrees to get into Investment banking. By doing only graduation intern and analyst-level jobs will be open but to progress in this profession you need to have good knowledge and further qualification to survive in the industry.


Given below are the general qualifications to become an investment banker:

  • To make a good career in this field, you should complete your intermediate examination in mathematics or commerce subject.
  • After that, earn a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, and business administration to become a successful investment banker.
  • Students can take any course in financial modeling. This is a high-demand skill set in companies that are looking for experts.
  • To become an investment banker, students should get courses MBA in finance, MS in finance, Master’s degree in financial courses, and Charted accountant.


The career path of an investment banker is not always rewarding but also challenging and demanding at the same time. To advance your career and be able to face the challenges at work, you need to have the right set of skills.


Some essential skills you must know about that an investment banker must have:


Financial Modelling

It introduces the ability to record and analyze data about transactions and these transactions include investments, records of profit & losses, etc.


Business Valuation

It is the process of evaluating the price ranges of bonds and stocks which the firms can offer to the public. Investment bankers work on valuations and numbers and share their views on the potential project.


Presentation Skills

Investment bankers must have the skill of presenting numbers and making their presentation comprehensive and interesting in front of the team.


Relationship Management

Another core skill required to become a proficient investment banker is to be able to manage relationships with clients as well as with a positive attitude.


Analytical Thinking

One of the most essential skills that help an investment banker is the ability to analyze the data, problem solve, collect market data, and analyze it.


Learning about finance is fascinating, and if you are serious about a career in Investment banking, this list of investment banking & financial modeling courses in Mumbai will be helpful for you. So, get started:

If you’re looking for good investment banking courses in Mumbai for a wonderful experience, some amazing online & offline courses/skills in Mumbai have been listed in this article to enter Investment banking:


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1. EduBridge

EduBridge provides Investment banking courses in Mumbai, in the finance category. This course will provide learners deep understanding of industry, and businesses and help to develop other job-related tools and technical skills. Around the globe, every company needs a financial expert to assist the company in analyzing its financial assets, this course will help to achieve expertise as it is designed by industry experts.

To hone your skill in finance, EduBridge provides online investment banking courses in Mumbai. This brilliant course choice that one can make in the financial modeling course will master different financial tools that are used in companies’ financial analysis. Working professionals can have a flexible schedule/weekend classes at their convenience. For more information visit website.


Course Details

  • This course will be completed in 326 hours of duration via live online classes
  • Live online sessions will be provided by industry experts for classes and feedback
  • 100+ practical assignments and authentic case studies also included in the syllabus
  • Guaranteed internship, mock interview preparation, and 100% job support


2. The Wallstreet School

The Wallstreet schools provide practical training with the aim of getting participants job ready. This course introduces real case studies and discussions in classes in both full-time and weekend modes. The Wallstreet School’s training is designed by investment bankers and industry experts to provide a comprehensive understanding of Investment banking tools and techniques

The Wallstreet School supports during job interviews to students who have successfully completed one of the investment banking training. The course can be chosen by a wide range of backgrounds e.g., CAs/CA students, engineers, graduates, MBAs, and other working professionals.


3. CFI Education

CFI education provides a program for Investment banking, a certificate in investment banking and research (CIBR) will help to acquire the skillsets required to enter Investment banking jobs. This program integrates a mix of Excel, financial accounting, and valuation methodology.

The CIBR program helps candidates to become an expert in Investment banking and research analysis in order to that you will be able to perform: Investment banking research, equity analysis, and research, financial advisory, credit analysis, financial analysis, etc.

In this program, you will be able to learn all the essential skills required for Investment banking e.g., financial modeling & valuation, merger & acquisition (M&A), pitchbook, fundraising, company profiles, industry analysis, equity research report writing, and assist in cv building and mock interviews.

Freshers, accountants who work in financial transactions, private equity, entrepreneurs, and other professionals associated with financial activities will be benefited from Investment banking courses in Mumbai.


4. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning Mumbai is one of the leading institutes providing online and offline investment banking programs. Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) is for finance graduates with 0-3 years of work experience with a 100% job guarantee. The CIBOP program is offered through classroom or online training.

Both training formats are offered in weekend and weekday options. Working participants can choose online training options for their convenience. This program will teach learners all foundational topics of financial markets, trade life cycle, risk management, and regulation that transform learners into Investment banking experts.

This certification course helps learners to enhance their profile and make them a good choice among employers. Learners will be able to achieve an understanding of the financial market landscape, typical elements of the financial market, and insight into different financial instruments from highly professional trainers. For more details, please visit the website or the nearest training center.



To become an Investment banking analyst, one should have an understanding of investment banking and EDUCBA will equip you with all milestones in the course. If you are a working learner, then EDUCBA is another option for online Investment banking courses in Mumbai and other cities in India.

EDUCBA introduces the Investment banking courses in Mumbai for students who have an interest in finance and want to make a career in Investment banking pursuing a degree, diploma, engineering, BBA, or MBA in finance, CA (charted accounted), and are already employed in the finance industry.

This course offers many facets of Investment banking courses such as Financial Modeling & Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Hedge funds, etc. with lifetime access to all course materials. Anyone who is eager about learning Investment banking and has a keen interest to enter in this industry is eligible for Investment banking courses.


6. Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM) offers a professional diploma in investment banking courses in Mumbai that will help learners to get knowledge of the capital market, financial planning, research, trade lifecycles, and other functions of Investment banking operations.

TSCFM’s professional diploma in Investment banking courses in Mumbai is designed for a period of 11 months by industry experts that will provide an in-depth understanding of the product, research & analysis, financial planning, and management skills and help learners in interview preparation with 3 months internship.

After this course completion, learners will be able to work in different job roles as financial analysts, securities traders, portfolio managers, research analysts, financial planners, etc. with big MNCs and financial services companies. To know more about the professional diploma in investment banking course visit at campus address or website.


7. NSE India

NSE (National Stock Exchange) India provides various certifications, postgraduate courses, and professional development programs in investment banking through online interactive, recording, and classroom courses e.g. financial modeling and valuation, financial planning, banking, and investment management, etc.

Financial Modeling & Valuation covers the concept of absolute and relative valuation techniques with in-depth knowledge of Excel and financial modeling.

Financial Planning, Banking, and Investment Management course will benefit learners to improve their skills in finance, investment, technical analysis, and communication skills. This course module’s total duration is 75+ hours and a public speaking module to become an effective speaker.

This module will help learners to improvise their communication techniques to make an effective impression during job interviews and team presentations. NSE India provides both virtual and online classes for learners. Any individual can choose courses according to their convenience.


8. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool offers PGCM investment banking courses in Mumbai that hone the skills of learners in transaction valuation and operations. The course is available in both classroom and online mode for learners depending on their need. Any graduate or final year student with or without a commerce/finance background is eligible to take enrolment for this course.

This institute in Investment banking courses in Mumbai particularly focused on finance and theoretical knowledge along with practical skills in Financial Modeling, Investment banking operations, and risk management by investment industry experts. If you are curious to learn about market, investment, and researching business models then this course is definitely beneficial for you.


9. DataTrained

DataTrained also offers its post-graduate program in investment banking in collaboration with London Governance & Compliance Academy in India with global recognition. It’s pre-recorded and live online training on weekdays and weekend batches for 6 months.

Learners will be able to get a job-related in-depth understanding of skills that will be useful in the global investment bank. A dedicated career assistance will be provided and learners will get the opportunity to be with the program manager on call and chat for student support.

In this 6 months of course duration learners will be able to get practical and theoretical learning from the basics to the advanced levels of the I-banking program which includes the extensive range of syllabus of basic finance, financial statements, financial modeling & valuation, advanced Excel, cost of capital, relative and start-up valuation, Merger & Acquisition along with LBO and financial management startups with case study. DataTrained provides training and courses at an affordable cost. You can visit the website directly for more queries and doubts.


10. Udemy

If you are living in Mumbai or anywhere in India and looking for an online course for convenience in investment banking, then Udemy is another option available that brings a complete course in Investment banking. In this course, learners will be able to get knowledge of core I-banking which includes the modules of financial analysis, modeling, valuation, and report writing.

This course includes downloadable resources and full-time access to materials. Finance or non-finance students looking for the best option to acquire knowledge in Investment banking and professionals that want to level up their knowledge of some segment of business can consider Udemy’s Investment banking course from Mumbai or other parts of India.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Investment Banking Courses in Mumbai


Question 1) Why make a career in investment banking?

Answer: Many young millennials are attracted to this field because of its growing prestige and earning potential. Young students going into Investment banking usually need to have practicals to break out of the confines for innovative purposes. There are some genuine reasons why Investment banking as a career could be a good option for you:

  • If you are interested in skills such as Excel, and financial modeling to be an Investment banking analyst.
  • If you want to learn more about high-profile transactions, financial markets, and how the company makes financial decisions then this is for you.
  • If you can accommodate a fast-paced environment with long hours.


Question 2) What is the career scope in investment banking?

Answer: To have a career in the Investment banking industry, you must have a good grasp of mathematics and strong communication skills. To become an investment banker, you can start a career in this sector after completing an intermediate or graduation in banking, finance, or business administration. Candidates looking to make a career in Investment banking can look at some of the popular banks below:

  • JP Morgan
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Barclays
  • Rothschild etc.


Question 3) What are the differences between mergers and acquisitions?

Answer: A merger occurs when two separate entities combine forces to form a new organization. The biggest difference between a merger and an acquisition is that a new company is formed under the merger, whereas no new company is formed under the acquisition. The purpose of a merger is to reduce competition, while the purpose of an acquisition is to achieve immediate growth.


Question 4) What are derivatives and equity in investment banking?

Answer: The main difference between derivative and equity is the value or the driver of the value. The value of equity is derived based on the market conditions such as demand and supply and events related to the company/economy. A derivative, on the other hand, derives value or price from an underlying asset such as an index, stock, currency, etc.


Conclusion: Investment Banking Courses in Mumbai

An investment bank plays multiple roles in the financial activities undertaken by companies, and governments in overcoming financial challenges. Therefore, it works as a bridge between financial activities. It is the third largest sector in the banking Industry. An ambitious and enthusiastic individual can have a great and promising career in Investment banking courses in Mumbai with a variety of roles, opportunities for growth, and lucrative/high income.

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