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Top 12 Business Analytics Courses in India With Placements

Analytics is one of the century’s most significant developments. Data is key for modern Indian companies, including for-profit and non-profit organizations. We’ll go over the best business analytics courses in India to provide you with a clear understanding of what to anticipate from data analysis training programs.


What is Business Analytics?

Business analytics is the process of translating data into actions in the context of organizational decision-making through analysis and insights. It is supported by a variety of tools, including Microsoft Excel and its add-ins, commercial statistical software programs like SAS or Minitab, and more complicated business intelligence suites that link data with analytical software.

Many Industries use it to improve customer relationships, marketing, and sales, human capital, finance, and supply chain. Some of the benefits of Business Analytics Courses in India are listed below.

  • Leading financial institutions utilize analytics to predict and prevent credit theft.
  • Analytics are used by manufacturers for planning and control, buying, and stock management.
  • Retailers utilize analytics to provide product recommendations to customers and to improve advertising strategies.
  • Pharmaceutical companies employ it to get life-saving treatments to market faster.
  • Analytics is used in tourism sectors to analyze historical sales data, and customer behavior, enhance website design and optimize itineraries and bookings.
  • In order to optimize income, airlines, and hotels employ analytics to dynamically set pricing over time.
  • Sports clubs use it to decide game strategy as well as appropriate ticket prices.


Several research studies have revealed substantial correlations between a company’s financial performance, sales, shareholder return, and its usage of analytics. Research Studies reveal that the job market for this profile would rise at a CAGR of 14.3% by 2026. Companies are prepared to pay more for analysts, particularly qualified expert-level employees. Let us see the different types and opportunities.


Types of Analytics

Business Analytics Courses in India may be classified into three types. That is descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and prescriptive Analytics.


Descriptive Analytics:

Descriptive analytics is the most often used method for analyzing firm performance in order to identify problems or areas of potential, as well as to find patterns and trends in data. Data is summarized into relevant charts and reports using descriptive analytics. “How much did we sell in each region?”

“How much sales and profit did we make last quarter?” “How many complaints did we resolve, and what sorts of complaints did we settle?” “Which of the following factories has the lowest productivity?”  These are the common question that descriptive analytics may assist answer. Descriptive analytics also assists businesses in classifying clients into distinct categories, which allows them to design customized marketing campaigns and advertising tactics.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics attempts to forecast the future by analyzing previous data, discovering patterns or correlations, and then projecting these associations forward in time. Predictive analytics can forecast danger and discover links in data that standard analysis cannot.

Predictive analytics may assist find hidden patterns in massive amounts of data by segmenting and grouping data into coherent groups in order to forecast behavior and find trends. A bank manager, for example, may seek to identify the most valuable clients, estimate the likelihood of a loan application defaulting, or warn a credit-card consumer of probable fraudulent activity.

Predictive analytics can assist answer issues like, “What will happen if demand declines by 10% or supplier prices rise by 5%?” “How much should we anticipate paying for petrol over the next few months?” “What are the chances of losing money in a new business?”


Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics use optimization to determine the optimal solutions for minimizing or maximizing a given objective. Prescriptive analytics is employed in various business domains, such as operations, marketing, and finance. For example, we may determine the greatest pricing and advertising approach to maximize income, the ideal quantity of cash to keep in ATMs, or the best mix of investments in a retirement portfolio to limit risk.

Prescriptive analytics answers problems such as, “How much should we create in order to optimize profit?” “What is the most cost-effective method of exporting goods from our factories?” “Should we alter our plans if a natural calamity shuts down a supplier’s manufacturing, and if so, how much?”


Skills Required to Make a Career in Business Analytics

The big data world has shifted dramatically, making it difficult for professionals to determine where to focus their development efforts. However, taking business analytics courses in India can give you a career as a good business analytics practitioner.


Soft Skills:

A strong communicator who knows how to communicate with a diverse range of people. This involves both spoken and written communication. An empathic person must listen to others in order to comprehend their worries before attempting to fix any difficulties

A Persistence and flexible person – When the going gets tough, especially on extended projects or when dealing with challenging stakeholders, he need to be persistent and adaptive. He will be able to adjust to shifting conditions and players.


Hard Skills:

Testing – ideally some experience or a strong grasp of how to test requirements. Analysis entails understanding how to ingest and analyze information from multiple sources. Analyze the data to identify patterns and generate conclusions that may be utilized to address problems.

Writing entails understanding how to express thoughts accurately using words. You should be able to modify your writing style to different audiences and situations.

Visual communication- use Visio or PowerPoint to build diagrams and process flows. This might be useful for documenting the existing status of business processes and detecting and conveying changes to them.


Other best courses in India


Top 12 Institutions for Business Analytics Courses in India


1. Indian School of business

The cutting-edge curriculum is ideal for professionals who want to strengthen their data analytics skills in order to manage data science and analytics teams and increase functional performance using analytics. This 12-week certificate program combines hands-on experience with real-world application to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of data analytics for business.

The learning journey includes Orientation week, Weekly goals, flexible and convenient online classes, debriefing sessions, and Leaning support.


Course: Applied Business Analytics


Programme Module

  • Data pre-processing
  • Data analytics using ML
  • Data-driven business insights


2. Texas McCombs and Great Lakes, Great Learning

Great Learning’s PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics is a professional managerial training given by one of the leading analytics institutions. Great Learning is offering business analytics courses in India, in collaboration with The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin and Great Lakes in India.

This 11-month in-depth PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics certification course covers all of the most recent analytics tools and approaches. It also allows you to investigate their commercial applications. The training integrates both practical and theoretical knowledge.


Course: Program in Data Science and Business Analytics


The Course Highlights Are:

  • Industry-relevant subjects
  • Small groups of 15 students with individualized mentors
  • Case studies and curricula focused on the new application
  • Hands-on expertise with several programs such as Tableau, Python, R, and Advanced Excel.
  • Job-friendly and will assist you in establishing a career in Data Science.


Program Module

  • Data Science Foundations
  • Data Science Techniques
  • Domain Exposure
  • Visualization And Insights


3. Purdue University, Simplilearn

This course is intended for professionals interested in pursuing a career in business analysis, understanding business analysis methodologies, gaining hands-on experience, and learning the newest technologies and frameworks utilized by the Agile network. This curriculum trains learners how to address complex business challenges with in-demand tools.


Course: Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis


The Course Highlights Are:

  • Industry Masterclasses from IBM specialists
  • Industry Masterclasses from IBM specialists
  • Be eligible to join the Purdue University Alumni AssociationProgramme



  • Business Analytics with excel
  • Tableau training
  • Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Mathematical Optimization for Business Problems
  • Capstone


4. IIT Madras, Intellipat – Advanced Certification in Data Analytics for Business

This online advanced certification course in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence offered by IIT Madras professors intends to help you acquire all of the fundamental and advanced skills required in the fields. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree who are eager to learn about AI and data science, IT workers interested in a career change seeking to advance in their IT careers, and Project Managers and Developers can apply for these business analytics courses in India.


Course: Advanced Certification in Data Analytics for Business


The course highlights are:

  • Get an Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI from the IIT Madras center.
  • Live lectures by IIT Madras faculty and industry experts.
  • 1:1 mentorship


5. Imarticus Learning

Learn From Business analytics courses in India how to apply data science in the real world and create analytical models that improve business outcomes. This job-guaranteed program is suitable for recent graduates and professionals looking to advance their careers in data science and analytics.

Learn the principles of data science, Python, SQL, data analytics, power BI, and tableau via their practical applications. It is one of the best Business Analytics Courses In India


Course: Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics & Machine Learning



  • Advanced Excel
  • SQL
  • Python Program
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data visualization with Tableau and Power BI


The course highlights are:

  • An extensive curriculum is delivered by qualified teachers through an interactive module and hands-on training techniques.
  • Data science, Python, SQL, data analytics, power BI, and tableau practical applications
  • Comes with a job guarantee that guarantees you a position at one of over 500 top-tier partner organizations.


6. IIM Indore, Jigsaw Academy

In collaboration with Jigsaw (A UNext Company), the Integrated Program provides a great combination of Data Science and Management abilities to help aspirants succeed in their professions and become Future Leaders. The online training curated and delivered by top-tier SMEs from IIM Indore and Jigsaw (A UNext Company), helps Business Leaders and aspiring Managers learn the essential principles of Business Analytics.

Aside from that, the strong and thorough curriculum of the 10-month program adheres to the 5D Framework, guiding learners through trendy and advanced subjects and technologies. The curriculum of this 10-month online Future Leaders Program includes technical and business elements of Analytics & Data Science application. It begins with establishing a solid foundation of necessary tools and processes.


Course: Integrated Program In Business Analytics



  • Analytics Intro and Descriptive Statistics
  • R Program and SQL
  • Inferential Statistics with Excel
  • Predictive Statistical
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Text Mining & Introduction to NLP
  • Capstone Projects


The course highlights are:

  • 150+ hours spread across 12 modules
  • Mode of delivery: Online Live Classes
  • Develop and improve your business analytics skills by completing a rigorous program based on the 5D Framework.
  • Hands-on Business Analytics training is provided through addressing tough business challenges using data and Business Analytics approaches (10+ graded assignments comprising MCQs and case studies, 1 mini capstone project, and 1 BYOP for each batch).


7. LIBA Chennai, Upgrad

The most in-demand industry talent is data-driven decision-making. Learn how to use data and analytics to make smarter business decisions to succeed in today’s fast-paced corporate world. According to the NIRF Rankings 2021, LIBA is India’s third-best college.

With this cutting-edge program, you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge. This is an AI-powered and personalized platform with best-in-class content, live sessions, and mentoring from industry leaders.


Course:  Executive Post-Graduate Programme in Business Analytics



  • Python for Business Analytics
  • EDA and Data Visualization
  • Business Machine Learning


The course highlights are:

  • A virtual hiring drive that allows you to interview with upGrad’s 300+ hiring partners.
  • Portal for Job Opportunities to  Gain unique access to upGrad’s Job Opportunities platform, which contains at any one moment 100+ positions from upGrad’s hiring partners.
  • To obtain an advantage in the application process, be the first to learn about available positions.


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8. IIM Kozhikode, Talentedge

Business analytics is a collection of tools and procedures that may be used to evaluate vast amounts of noisy data in order to enhance business performance through fact-based decision-making. It fosters the integration of data warehousing, data mining, statistics, and machine learning; applies in many functional areas of business and management to uncover patterns in relationships; and develops capacities for businesses to compete effectively in the market.

It has been demonstrated to be quite beneficial in areas such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, travel, and healthcare, among others, and to have a very good influence on corporate decision-making. The program is intended to teach an in-depth understanding of data-driven decision-making via the use of real-world case studies.

The module-based curriculum would provide participants with sequential learning based on a solid foundation of data analysis methodologies, followed by real-world applications across several areas.


Course: Professional Certificate Program In Business Analytics



  • Analytical & Problem Solving skills
  • Statistical inference
  • Data Processing and Predictive model building
  • Exploratory data analysis on Marketing and CRM


The course highlights are:

  • Assist participants in understanding key ideas in business analytics and research, such as study design, data processing, and data analysis.
  • Improve scientific knowledge of complicated procedures used in corporate decision-making.
  • Assist participants in efficiently applying analytical principles in real-life scenarios.


9. XLRI Jamshedpur, Talentedge – Executive Development Program In HR Analytics

The management of talent in the workplace is a critical problem for all managers, not just HR specialists. As a result, all managers, regardless of functional area, are relied upon to tackle challenges involving substantial Talent Management concerns.

Finding, acquiring, training, and keeping high-quality personnel will be easier with basic knowledge and a deeper grasp of Talent Management. Furthermore, these business analytics courses in India aim to help HR professionals educate employees by assisting them in developing their abilities and consistently motivating them to enhance their performance in order to achieve the organization’s shared objective.


Course: Executive Development Program in HR Analytics



  • Talent Management
  • Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Compensation and Rewards
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Talent Development
  • Career and Succession Planning
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Talent Management


The course highlights are:

  • All participants will also get access to Talentedge’s Cloud Campus, SLIQ 2.0, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which includes learning aids, study materials, reference materials, exams, case studies, and assignments.
  • XLRI’s professors will deliver lectures, interactive sessions, and class activities to assist participants to develop knowledge and comprehension of critical areas of Talent Management.
  • Tackle Various Talent Management Issues


10. IIM Kozhikode, Eruditus

Understanding the industry’s market requirements, IIM Kozhikode created the business analytics curriculum to give a thorough understanding of business statistics and analytics. The training is useful for professionals who want to improve their decision-making abilities by translating data into effective business strategies.

It is one of the best Business Analytics Courses in India. This program is designed to help early and aspiring mid-career professionals who want to improve their skill sets, make a career change, or advance their careers in business analytics and data-driven decision-making. Joining this program will also help consultants working on client initiatives centered on data-driven strategies using analytics.


Course: Business Analytics for Decision-making



  • Introduction to Statistics and Data Overview
  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Generalizing sample information to the population
  • Testing a claim or idea
  • Hypothesis testing


The course highlights are:

  • Live Webinars with Program Faculty, as well as 96 video lectures and demonstrations
  • Discussion boards and assignments, as well as eight office hours with industry practitioners
  • IIM Kozhikode Certificate of Completion


11. IIM Calcutta, Eruditus

The Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics employs cutting-edge pedagogical techniques to provide mid to senior-level executives with better analytics tactics and frameworks. Participants will explore how analytical breakthroughs are causing disruption in the corporate sector, with an emphasis on industry-proven frameworks and best practices.

This program has been carefully designed for Managers and Senior Managers seeking a practical grasp of analytics to drive present or future strategic initiatives, as well as to confront business challenges utilizing analytics inside their organizations in order to advance their careers.

Business/Systems/Data Analysts in data-centric jobs that aim to investigate the business value of analytics in order to match business objectives with analytical outcomes


Course: Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics



  • Business value for Data Analysis
  • Statistics or Data Science
  • Experimentation and Data Source
  • Predictive Analysis


The course highlights are:

  • Learn how to discover strategic possibilities for using business analytics solutions for a competitive edge.
  • 9 Months Online Classroom Session
  • Improve your ability to give vision and guidance by 75+ Hours of Classroom Sessions &

25+ Hours of Online Classes


12. Spjimr Mumbai, Eruditus

The Executive Certificate Programme in Business Analytics from the S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) in Mumbai offers a sequential modular approach to translating data into corporate insights for meaningful data-driven business decision-making.

Investigate sophisticated data analytics and hone your skills in prescribing optimal company strategies by combining descriptive and predictive analytics insights. Furthermore, if you complete this program and meet all of the academic criteria, you will be eligible for the renowned SPJIMR Executive Alumni Status.

The Business Analytics courses in India are useful for Early to mid-level professionals seeking to establish a solid foundation in current business procedures through the use of sophisticated analytical techniques.


Course: Executive Certificate Programme in Business Analytics



  • Foundation of Business Analytics
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • Principle Component of Predictive Analysis
  • Text Analysis
  • EDA, Visualisation, and Storytelling
  • AI and ML


The course highlights are:

  • SPJIMR webinars and business conclaves are open to the public. On-campus access to the SPJIMR library
  • Three 90-minute courses led by industry leaders in career management
  • An online platform is used to publicize, apply for, and track the progress of job placement help from partner firms


FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in India


Q1. Why attending business analytics courses in India could be beneficial?

Business analytics is a data-driven approach to business that employs statistics and data modeling to provide new business insights. This combination of technology and business makes it an excellent choice for anybody interested in programming or dealing with large data.


Q2. Is studying business analytics courses in India simple?

Business analytics is more about obtaining real-world insights from big amounts of data than it is about hard-core technical skills, particularly when contrasted to data science.


Q3 What is the key to success in business analytics?

One of the keys to success is to use big data and data visualization to create revenue and drive growth. Properly gathering and managing data to understand more about consumers and cash flow can be the difference between failing and successful firms.


Q4 Is doing business analytics courses in India a viable choice for career development?

A career in business analytics may be both enjoyable and lucrative for those with an aptitude for analysis, great listening and communication skills, and outstanding writing and documentation talents.

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