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Top 9 Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah With Placements

Sharjah is the third most populated city in the United States Emirates and is very famous for tourism mostly for the historic places. This city became most popular for the public sector when the government announced 4 days as a working day and 3 days as a weekend on January 1st, 2022. With the city’s emerging time and growth, the city’s educational status is also becoming vast in different fields of learning, and as a business is spreading and reaching heights, understanding the business is becoming difficult. So, to make that easy the career option in business is also becoming advantageous for beginners, There are many public and private educational institutes that provide business analytics courses in Sharjah to make the youth employed and successful in their respective fields.


What Are Business Analytics?

The actual meaning of Business Analytics lies in the name only i.e., an analysis of data with the most important goal to convert the given data into the most meaningful sharp insight for making the profitable decision for the company. This also includes the problem-solving process by first identifying the trend, pattern, or root cause of the problem and then solving that with modern technologies and some statistical methods to present meaningful data in front of the next positioning body of the company.


What is the Role of Business Analytics?

  1. The first and foremost thing a BA does is understand the company /organization completely.
  2. Knowing the areas of improvement in the company and then assessing them.
  3. Gather the concept of problematic areas of the company
  4. Presenting the company’s fault or misleads in a meeting after the complete and careful analysis so that new planning and strategy can be made to place the company in a good/profitable condition.


Top Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah


1. IIM SKILLS – Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah

IIM SKILLS is one of the top Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah. They have excellent exposure in business courses all over Sharjah and nearby cities. The best faculty and other essential facilities are provided by the institute. This is an online institute with more than 10 courses available online with the best source of teaching in every course.

The business analytics course by IIM SKILLS has a vast course curriculum. The difference lies in the course- a 2-month internship provided by the institute which is completely optional.


The course curriculum is as follows-

  1. Communication
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Recourses Management
  4. International business management
  5. Basic to advanced business analysis techniques.
  6. Important Tools and Methodologies for the Analysis of Business.


Why choose IIM SKILLS for a business analytics course-

  1. 100% job placement
  2. 24*7 help
  3. Practice projects with live companies
  4. Paid internship.


For more information about the course, you can contact us at [email protected]


2. Core Business- Information Technology and Educational Institute

The core business is the leading institute for learning everything about IT-related courses in the city. They have 10+ courses to get a master’s in business courses and are one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah. They have a good collaboration with the different companies in Sharjah and even in Dubai who work with the institute and give the students internships and jobs.

Over more than 500+ students pass out every year and many of them get assured institute placement with the best salary. They have a top faculty and management team to assist the student throughout the learning period and after the course. The course for business analytics is of 1-year duration and is extended to 6 months of compulsory internship.


The mode of learning of the course is – Online.


The syllabus of the course Includes the

  1. Business, economics, data management.
  2. Organizational behavior.
  3. Data visualization.
  4. Financial management.
  5. Strategic Management.
  6. Some important tools.


The course fee – 3,984.85 United Arab Emirates Dirham (INR 90,000)


Eligibility criteria to initiate the courseGraduate from a certified institute in economics, statistics, information management, data science, or a related topic.


Other courses by core business-

  1. Data analytics course.
  2. Accounting courses.
  3. Business management course
  4. Human resources course, etc.


Why core business?

  1. Best faculty
  2. 100% placement guarantee
  3. 24*7 help service
  4. Practical learning
  5. Live projects.
  6. Tool-driven learning.

For more details visit the website [email protected]


3. Technical Institute of Business and Data Analytics by TADA Company.

TADA Company is the leading company for running education-related organizations in the United States Emirates. More than 100+ education sectors under the company are running. They have huge data-based company links in Sharjah and nearby cities.

The business analytics course by TADA Company is the best option among all the Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah to initiate the career, they provide the best knowledge, practice, experience, and assured job.

They have live projects directly from the top associated companies of the city to work with and get the best knowledge out of real work so that the learner can have a job-ready profile with them in the learning period only.


Course structure for business analytics by TADA Company-


Course Curriculum








Communication and other soft skills



Elevating the data








Organization knowledge


Behavior of organization

Management process

Finances of the organization







Strategy learning


Understanding the company’s goal

Methods of working process

Decision making

Strategic making







Operational tools (Extra work)



Zeppelin by Apache

Meta base and many more.










Economics of marketing

Under Hiring









Understanding the company statistics

Interrelating the other factors of statical data


Course duration and details for the Business analytics course in Sharjah by TADA Company

  • Three courses are for Business analytics courses with different durations-
  1. 3-month course- include complete syllabus.
  2. 6-month course- include a complete syllabus with an unpaid internship of 3 months.
  3. 1-year course -include a complete course with a paid internship of 6 months.


Course fee-

  1. The 3-month course fee is 1,770.78 United Arab Emirates DIR (INR 40,000)
  2. The 6-month course fee is 2421.84 United Arab Emirates DIR (INR 55,000)
  3. The 1-year course fee is 3303.22 United Arab Emirates DIR (INR 75,000)


Mode of learning-

  • Both online as well as offline

For the complete information kindly visit [email protected]

Contact details for Business analytics courses in Sharjah by TADA Company-

[email protected]


Another course by the TADA Company-

1. Data analytics course.
2. Human resources management course.
3. BBA.
4. MBA.
5. Other business-related courses.


4. Be a BA -Academy and Training Hub

One of the top-rated and highly recommended Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah. With complete course learning and training, one can also have sources to know about the other inter-related subjects.


Carrier support provided by the institute

  • 100+ in-house placements every month.
  • Live mentorship for the good carrier.
  • Mock interviews
  • Industry expert advice
  • Hiring partners
  • Good salary package
  • Alumni carrier transitions.

They have all the basic to advanced technologies and teaching methods that can make you from nothing to a job-ready professional within 6 months.M You can initiate your freelancing work as BA too by learning this course from one of the top Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah. This institute has been doing a great job for the last 15 years in this business field, more than thousands of BAs have been passed from the academy and placed in the top MNCs throughout the world.


Course learning manual headings-

  • Basic- Advanced-
  1. Communication Business Data collection
  2. Teamwork Identification of useful data for the business
  3. Time management Analysis and verification of the data of the business
  4. Decision-making Meet the need
  5. Work dedication fulfills the requirements
  6. Commitment manner Statistical optimization of company work


The mode of learning-


Location of the institute

Maleha St – Institute Land – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

Duration of course-

6 months + 4 months of compulsory internship.

Course fee

3524.45 United Arab Emirates DIR (INR 80,000)

Contact details-

For any query, contact [email protected]


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5. Microlearning Course for BA Specialization

An ultimate master course to be a Business Analytics in your city, learn and work with the best working professionals of the top-rated company, and get the best role of work in top MNCs all over the United States Emirates. This institute is one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah with 2 leading branches in the city.

The institute provides microlearning i.e., very detailed and descriptive training on every topic of BA. The course curriculum is made in such a way that during the learning period, students can have their working experience in the meantime only and can become job-ready just after the completion of the course.


Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to the complete course.
  2. Briefing about the skills and techniques used by BA.
  3. Statistical and technical understanding and complete analysis techniques.
  4. Understanding the company’s policy, aims, desires, expectations, and many more things to put into the business profitable data.
  5. Presentation techniques of collected and analyzed data in front of the decision-making body of the company.


Course Duration

6 months + 3-month paid internship (optional)

Course fee-

2863.69 United Arab Emirates DIR (INR 65,000)

Mode of learning


Location of the Institute-

University City Rd – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates P. O. Box 27272


For more details kindly visit the institute or you can enquire about the course at [email protected]


6. CSM Learning School-

Thinking of becoming a master in the computer/ technical world to have the best career with the best salary, then CSM (computer and skills management) school is one for you. This institute teaches more than 10+ courses related to skill development and 15+ courses in the technical field among all the Business Analytics courses in Sharjah.


Course Curriculum-

  1. Soft skill development
  2. Company profiling and editing for the profit of the company
  3. Brief learning of the company/business aim/goal to reach the maximum profit
  4. Complete analysis techniques and methods
  5. Presentation part
  6. Resume making and expertise Ing in related topics.


Mode of learning-


Institute location-

Buhaira Corniche, Al Mahaz 1 Street Near – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

Fee of the course-

3964.45 United Arab Emirates DIR (INR 90,000)


This institute is best for business analytics courses in Sharjah as

  1. They have 20 years of experience in teaching the BA course.
  2. They have the best faculty for every topic and tool technique of business analytics.
  3. Once you enroll for the course you will be eligible to take two more subject-related courses for free like the BA course the other two courses you can take are Data Analytics and soft skill management.
  4. They provide inter-campus placement in the companies run by the institute in Sharjah and nearby cities based on the performance of the student.
  5. They provide access to the important tools and techniques required to analyze the complete business during the learning and internship period.
  6. They also provide laptop and internet access for the duration of the course.
  7. 24*7 support system
  8. Specialization in the most important tools used for the analysis of the data like-

OmniSci, Spago BI, Matomo.

Other courses by the institute-



                 Skill development courses-                                                   


                            Technical courses-  

CommunicationWord processing complete course
Time managementBA course
Decision makingDA course
CreativityDM course
LeadershipContent Writing Course
TeamworkTechnical writing course
Adaptability and many more.SEO courses and many more


For more details about the BA course and other courses kindly visit the institute or you can contact us at [email protected]


7. Hi-tech Institute of Business Analytics and Data Analytics in Sharjah.

More than 100 and 1000s of courses are available online for business analytics courses in Sharjah but not all of them are promising, here in the hi-tech institute the 100% guarantee for learning as well as the job is assured to the students the moment, they enroll for the course.

The master-certified course can add value to your career with the most significant subject matter from the beginning to the end of the training period. The training is handled by the top trainers picked from the high-rated leading companies of the United States Emirates via online sessions to make a good profiling of the student’s resume.

The hi-tech institute is also very popular for its placement percentage, every year more than 500+ students pass out from the institute with the highest package all over Sharjah in the best companies. They also have the Data analytics course learning in their institute and a combo course for both DA and BA.


The business analytics course is divided into three sections-

  1. The learning part in which all the theoretical portion is added with all the necessary and important topics of business analytics.
  2. The insertion of important tools and techniques in the data to analyze it in a very precise manner
  3. The practical/practice part is the most important for the completion of the course.

Learning part-

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Learning important skills and techniques
  3. Collection to the submission of the data portion in a very brief manner.

Tools and techniques-

  1. Python, Tableau, meta base, Birt, and a few more tools in detail with theory and actual functioning
  2. Techniques development of analysis with shortcuts and inserted keys.

Practice session-

  1. 3 practical classes in a week
  2. 1 live project in a week
  3. 3 months of actual work experience as an internship part after the completion of a 6-month course.


Mode of learning-


Course duration-

  • 6- months of the training program (including the theoretical and practical portion)
  • 3-month compulsory internship

course fee-

2,644.43 United Arab Emirates Dirham (INR 60,000)

Another course

  • Data analytics master certified course for 6 months
  • And a combo of both DA and BA courses in which both the courses are covered with a proper course curriculum.

For more information regarding this course kindly contact [email protected]


8. Skyline Institute of Business Learning and Management.

As the name of the institute, it brings the sky height of success in your career. Skyline Institute is one of the leading Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah and has almost 10+ business courses in their course manual. The institute was launched in the year 2011 to increase the awareness of business tactics in the industry with more profit in less time to get to the heights of the company’s success.

Mr. Abdul Habib is the founder of the institute, and he is the leading business person handling more than 10 companies in Sharjah and Dubai and providing employment to every eligible and capable person in the position of handling. The institute provides major courses related to business and 8+ courses of carrier-oriented profile.


Business analytics course-

This covers all the important topics of the course with all the necessary methodology and techniques.

The course duration is 8 months and they have a training and internship period of 4 months which is paid and compulsory and included in the complete course curriculum.


• Syllabus includes-

1.      Introduction of the course

2.      Learning and skill development portion

3.      Collection, segregation, mixing, and mining of the data

4.      Tools and techniques

5.      Verification of the data

6.      Methods and way of submission of the data


• Course fee-

4,415.56 United Arab Emirates Dirham (INR 10,000,0)

Mode of learning-


Location of the institute-

University City Road Industrial Area 6 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Other courses by the institute-

1. Business-related courses

i. HR management

ii. Digital marketing

iii. BBA

iv. MBA

v. Data Analytics

vi. BCA

vii. MCA

2. Other courses-

i. soft skills courses

ii. other subjects’ mastery courses.

For more details about the courses, you can contact us via mail id- [email protected]


9. Business Analytics Learning by GO Group Carriers

Go Group Carriers is an association that gives every kind of learning in anything and everything a person can think of having a carrier in, and they also have business analytics course learning for the carrier opportunity. This group is very popular in the whole United Arab Emirates for its vast and fast expertise and is one of the leading business analytics courses in Sharjah.

They run single-handedly and are divided into sub-groups in each city of the United Arab Emirates and their network is very branched to reach every person for their needs and choices. For part-time, full-time, remote, urgent jobs they have an option already prepared for you, the same as for the business analytics course.

They place you in such training which turns out to be the best and most beneficial for both the organization you will learn in and to you in a career vice option.


Business analytics courses in Sharjah by GO Group Carriers have 2-course structures-


6-month training + 3-month internship(unpaid) with the actual company-

  • The first two months will be the learning and burning period in which, they will teach you the business tactics and necessary analysis methodologies.
  • The next two months will be the tools and technique month in which they will provide you with the gadgets and inserted tools to implement on the company data to get the most profitable data out of it.
  • The last 2 months will be the practical session months in which the written part will be presented to you and you have to apply the learned tools and techniques and submit the analyzed data to the institute so that they can further analyze what you have learned in the full course period and based on the results of your submitted work they will give you the stipend internship of 3-months.
  • Fee- 2206.88 United Arab Emirates (INR 50,000)


6-month training + 3-month internship(paid) + 6 months of actual work with GO Group Carrier (with salary)-

  • 6-month training + 3-month internship is the same as the above structure except for the paid portion
  • After completion of the 3-month internship, the GO Group Carrier provide a 6-month assured job (terms and conditions applied) with the best salary of your ability.
  • Fee- 3089.62 United Arab Emirates (INR 70,000)


Other course areas of GO Group Carrier-

  1. Induction training courses in every field (1-year course)
  2. Soft skills
  3. Art and Designing
  4. Subject matter courses for all the subjects (from 6-month course to 2-year course)
  5. Quality training courses
  6. Mental health training
  7. Managerial courses
  8. Technical skills-related courses
  9. Safety training courses
  10. Leadership courses and many more


Mode of learning –

Some courses are online and some are offline

The business analytics course is an offline learning course.

Location of the office for business analytics courses in Sharjah by GO Group Carrier-

Industrial Area – Muweilah Commercial – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates


For more details about the GO Group Carrier and Business Analytics course kindly contact us at our email id- [email protected]




  1. Can I choose this course to begin my career, if I am from a background other than science and coding?

The answer to this question depends on what type of course you are into, If you want to do a Bachelor’s or master’s degree course then it is important to be from any of the three science, commerce, and arts backgrounds. And if you want to do a crash course you can apply from any background it is agriculture, vigenary or any vast and different background.


  1. What is the starting salary of a business analytics?

Well, this mainly depends on a person’s ability and from the institute they are completing the course. The more skills and abilities developed by the person will mark the salary scale. And if we say the average salary of a BA then it can be from 25k to 30k in the beginning.


  1. Can I do business analytics work as a side hustle too?

Yes, this can be done as a side hustle/freelancer work.


  1. What are the most important qualities/skills a business analyst should have?

Significant and critical thinking is the foremost skill of a BA, machine learning/technical learning is also necessary for doing an advanced analysis, programming/tools implementation in a better and faster analysis, data visualization, and examination that data is a key feature of a BA and presentation of the data in front of the leading body.

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