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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Vietnam With Placements

No one can deny that we live in a digital era. With numerous emerging technologies, new professions are coming that are hard to fill and require upskilling and a profound commitment to learning. One such vocation is a business analyst. So, what it is, what job prospects are, and how to become a business analyst are just a few of the many questions this article will address. Therefore, we invite you to read it and learn more about the best business analytics courses in Vietnam to build a successful career. Let’s start.


The Role of a Business Analyst

Regardless of your location in the world, you are affected by digital transformation. So, jump on the bandwagon and embark on one of the myriad contemporary occupations that come out almost daily. A prime example is a business analyst job. If you wonder what this profession entails, it is not just a fancy name but a role that helps businesses grow by practically applying data.

Your responsibility in this position is to amass, process, and construe data — something that is called business analytics. Ultimately, this process enables companies to achieve productivity by arriving at momentous, fast decisions.

Business analytics is a comprehensive method and includes different types, tools, and techniques to collect data and transform it into actionable insights. The following types of business analytics prevail:


  • Descriptive analytics, as its name indicates, outlines and summarizes data. It is beneficial for determining buyer behavior, dissecting competitive advantage, knowing the competition, and evaluating internal and external risks. In plain language, it addresses the “what has already happened” question.


  • Predictive analytics forecasts the forthcoming outcomes by using earlier data. It is essential for anticipating customer drop-off rates, anti-fraud measures, threat assessment, demand projection, and affinity analysis. In other words, it gives insights into what could happen in the future.


  • Prescriptive analytics harnesses historical records and estimations to advise the best-laid game plan. It finds its use in logistics efficiency, competitive pricing, asset allocation, activity-based management, and health policy and management. Simply put, it answers the “what should happen in the future” question.


To wrap up, business analytics enables better decision-making. It brings many benefits for all types and sizes of businesses, from identifying trends, picturing purchasing patterns, and enhancing client satisfaction to decreasing expenditures, raising incomes, and streamlining operations. Consequently, the employment perspective is high, and investing in the best business analytics courses in Vietnam is wise.


Business Analysis Vs. Business Intelligence Vs. Data Analysis

Several terms are used interchangeably: business analytics, data analytics, and business intelligence. Although they share many similarities, they also differ. Let’s see each of them in more detail.


  • Business intelligence helps corporations in reaching decisions by discovering and accumulating data. It utilizes new technologies for generating reports, panels, and visualizations.


  • On the other hand, business analysis goes even further, enabling companies to grasp the needs and challenges for further refinement. It provides information that allows businesses to comprehend past actions to prognosticate future actions that could recur in the same or new form. Aside from exploiting data, business analysts work closely with stakeholders like customers, employees, and managers for a deeper understanding of their requirements.


  • Similarly, data analysis derives meaning from data, embracing refining, adjusting, and organizing data to spot standards and directions. It employs a range of data analytics techniques, tools, and sources, seizing the power of AI. Compared with business analytics, data analysis is focused on data per se. In contrast, business analysis produces solutions for the company’s needs. Find out more at: What is Data Analytics? – Definition, Importance, and More.


As technology transforms rapidly, expect to see more developments that will introduce new procedures, methods, and tools. If you want to tread a business analyst career path, proceed with the article to discover the best providers of business analytics courses in Vietnam.


Business Analyst Skills

You may wonder how to learn business analytics and where to start. Even though the employment opportunities are vast, the business analytics job market is highly competitive. Hence, you must develop the most sought-after competencies to stay in the game. This includes understanding different business analytics techniques, tools, and types, such as follows.


  • Predictive modeling enables organizations to stay ahead of the game and proactively detect problems before they eventuate.


  • Data gathering, cleaning, and analysis: Everything starts with collecting information that must be cleansed to become functional and ready for interpretation; following, examination produces implementable recommendations.


  • Data visualization: Information is useless if it can’t be understood. Therefore, this process creates dashboards, panels, and visualizations for non-technical stakeholders.


  • Data management involves manipulating, maintaining, and storing data for further use.


  • Data mining is a segment of business analytics in which raw data is exploited to get revealing insights. Also, check Data Analytics vs Data Mining.


  • Machine learning is a fraction of AI that takes advantage of computers to recognize patterns and foresee new sets of information.


Don’t feel overwhelmed; business analytics doesn’t require much coding, math, or IT skills. Of course, you must be tech-savvy, but more importantly, you must be adept at problem-solving and analytical thinking, have excellent communication, and possess deep industry knowledge. Continue reading for the top business analytics courses in Vietnam and a business analyst career path.


The Best Business Analytics Courses In Vietnam

The following providers are well known for delivering the top business analytics courses. In Vietnam, you can access many e-learning platforms, including the following ones.


1. IIM SKILLS: The Best Business Analyst Training Online

When it comes to the best business analytics courses in Vietnam, one education institute in particular excels. Namely, IIM Skills delivers various online training programs, including a comprehensive Data Analytics Course. Here is a synopsis:


  • Duration: 6 months of live business analyst classes and 2 months of apprenticeship
  • Teaching method: Over 160 hours of instructor-led lectures plus more than 100 hours of practical exercises
  • Internship: Yes, 2 months of an internship program
  • Job placement: Yes, dedicated job assistance
  • Pricing: 17,080,000 VND (700 USD)
  • Business analytics tools covered: Excel, Power BI, Python, R, Alteryx, SQL, Tableau
  • Business analyst certification: Yes, a professional certificate awarded by IIM Skills, recognized by the Indian government.


The ultimate advantage of this institution is its pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to teaching. As an intern, you will build business analyst skills, portfolio, and confidence, which are all crucial for landing a job. Moreover, you get all the necessary help from IIM skills in your journey, so with their resolute assistance, getting employed is very likely. On top of this, you get access to in-demand software applications used for data processing, an employer-recognized qualification, and the maximum cost-effectiveness.


2. UpGrad: The Second Best Business Analyst Training

UpGrad is an Indian online distance education system offering a range of high-quality courses worldwide, particularly in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. It is similar to Coursera and EdX, the world’s leading MOOC providers (Massive Open Online Course). At this e-learning platform, you can study many programs renowned e-schools deliver. One of them is a professional certificate in data science and business analytics from the prestigious University of Maryland. Here is a glance at this business analytics course:


  • Duration: 31 weeks (self-paced) with 12-15 learning hours a week
  • Teaching method: More than 300 hours of hands-on learning, over 50 hours of live video classes, 20+ case studies, and practical projects
  • Internship: No
  • Job placement: No
  • Pricing: 47,000,000 VND (1,937 USD)
  • Business analytics tools covered: Tableau, MySQL, Python, and Excel
  • Business analyst certification: Yes, a professional certificate awarded by the University of Maryland.


We recommend UpGrad if you want to learn business analytics from scratch and become job-ready. For more business analytics courses in Vietnam, please continue reading. And in case you ask yourself how business analysts are vital, the Importance of Business Analytics In This Digital Era will give you detailed insights.


3. Wharton Business Analytics

The Wharton School is a part of the esteemed University of Pennsylvania, and its business analytics certification program is indeed one of the best in the world. It is taught by experienced teachers with impeccable track records and covers relevant topics, enabling you to pick up desirable business analyst skills. Have a look at its summary:


  • Duration: 9 weeks with 6-8 hours of study per week
  • Teaching method: The combination of recorded and live e-learning sessions with individual assignments
  • Internship: No
  • Job placement: No
  • Pricing: 61,390,333 VND (2,530 USD)
  • Business analytics tools covered: Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, A/B testing, forecasting, simulation toolkit, regression analysis, decision trees, etc.
  • Business analyst certification: Yes, a certification issued by Wharton.


All in all, arming yourself with an acclaimed professional qualification will help you stand out from the crowd. On the flip side, this choice can be pricey for beginners and people without employment. Likewise, the program is aimed at mid to senior-level participants like consultants, c-level executives, and analysts. Thus, total newbies might struggle with this option. Please keep reading to find out about other business analytics courses.


4. ExcelR: Great Business Analytics Certification Program

ExcelR is well-known for its first-class online education programs, and it is pretty logical why it is grouped among the best business analytics courses in Vietnam. This training provider has a global presence, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Romania, Australia, and Malaysia, contributing to its reliability and expertise. ExcelR delivers a broad spectrum of highly sought-after courses; the business analytics certification program is one of many. Here is its brief outline:


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Teaching method: Over 180 hours of learning, 60+ case studies, and practical assignments
  • Internship: No
  • Career support: Yes
  • Pricing: 25,478,201 VND (1,050 USD)
  • Business analytics tools covered: Excel, Tableau, My SQL, and Power BI
  • Business analyst certification: Yes, the one coming from ExcelR.


The best thing about this e-school is that you, as an alumni, can access many hiring partners that employ ExcelR graduates. On the negative side, your access to online learning materials is limited to one year. This business analyst training is still considered an excellent value for the money.


5. Simplilearn Business Analyst

Concerning distance learning, Simplilearn is another big name in this industry. Unsurprisingly, this Indian institute offers one of the best business analytics courses in Vietnam. In collaboration with the American Purdue University, you can take the post-graduate program in business analysis on this e-learning platform. This online boot camp is ideal for graduates looking to boost employability and become job-ready. Take a quick look at this business analytics certification program:


  • Duration: 6 months
  • Teaching method: An online boot camp with case studies and assignments
  • Internship: No
  • Career support: No
  • Pricing: 72,794,861 VND (3,000 USD)
  • Business analytics tools: Business analysis, planning, monitoring, life cycle management, Excel, Tableau, MySQL, Google Bard, Power BI, R, ChatGPT, etc.
  • Business analyst certification: Yes, the post-graduate certificate from Purdue University.


Nonetheless, this option’s drawback is that you must have completed a bachelor’s degree to enroll. On top of that, it might be costly. Anyway, this choice is recommended for those who want proven qualifications and peace of mind when investing money in training since job prospects are high with this certificate.


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6. EdX Business Analytics

Courses in Vietnam can be taken with EdX, which offers numerous industry-recognized certifications. For those who don’t know, EdX is famous for providing online education worldwide, enabling students from all over the globe to access learning with eminent faculties. When it comes to business analyst training, you can find many options on EdX. I would single out a professional certificate in statistics for business analytics from the Australian University of Queensland. Take a look at the essential facts of this program:


  • Duration: 5 months (self-paced) with 6-8 hours of learning weekly
  • Teaching method: 3 consecutive courses
  • Internship: No
  • Employment assistance: No
  • Pricing: 13,758,228 VND (567 USD)
  • Business analyst skills: Probability, testing, regression analysis, statistical methods, etc.
  • Business analyst certificate: Yes, the one provided by EdX.


Overall, the EdX Business Analytics Certification Program is affordable for newcomers to get entry-level business analyst skills and qualifications from a reputable institution.


7. Coursera: Advanced Business Analyst Classes

This list of the top business analytics courses in Vietnam won’t be complete if it omits Coursera. As the world’s largest provider of online courses, Coursera has much to offer to those who have chosen a business analyst career path. Suppose you are already in a business analyst job and want to upgrade your knowledge. In that case, the advanced training program offered by Coursera and the University of Colorado Boulder is an excellent fit for you. Here is a brief overview:


  • Duration: 5 months with 3 hours of study per week
  • Teaching method: 5 courses in specialization with a capstone project
  • Internship: No
  • Employment assistance: No
  • Pricing: 6,066,238 VND (250 USD)
  • Business analyst skills: SQL, DataViz, mathematical optimization, predictive modeling, etc.
  • Business analyst certification: Yes, the one given by Coursera.


In general, business analyst classes on Coursera are affordable, especially when you subscribe to Coursera Plus. Additionally, they are provided in cooperation with leading schools, making this MOOC a preferred pick for many learners in Vietnam and broader.


8. EdX Business Analytics Certification Program 2

As previously mentioned, EdX offers various options for a business analyst. Classes last from a couple of weeks to several months. Suppose you want to learn business analytics from ground zero. In that case, a top selection is a professional certificate in business analytics fundamentals from Lehigh University. Go over the essentials below:


  • Duration: 5 months with 2-4 hours of learning weekly
  • Teaching method: 3 consecutive courses
  • Internship: No
  • Employment support: No
  • Pricing: 11,719,972 VND (480 USD)
  • Tools: Python, statistics, economics, etc.
  • Business analyst certificate: Yes, the one issued by EdX.


This option will suit you if you are looking for introductory training and paying less than expected. However, you must realize that you need more than this program to get employed. You must continue studying and investing more to acquire the necessary competencies for a business analyst job.


Job Outlook for Business Analysts

Since data is the world’s most valuable asset, modern companies depend on data-driven decisions. In the highly competitive markets, making accurate and quick decisions is crucial. All organizations make use of business analysis to gain a competitive edge. Logically, a business analytics job prospect is high in all sectors, and many people consider business analytics courses.

In Vietnam, business analysts can earn 617,053,665 VND per year. However, the best thing with this line of work is that you can perform it from home. Thus, when you graduate, you can work worldwide remotely. In this respect, median wages for this position go up to 120,000 USD (2,911,794,466 VND) annually, depending on seniority level and location.

Take the US market, for example; the demand for business analysts is anticipated to increase by 15% in the next ten years. Other countries, including Singapore, the UK, Australia, and Japan, follow the same trend. Aside from the USA, the highest salaries are in Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada. Among the most profitable industries are hardware, finance, software, entertainment, energy, and mining sectors. For instance, Google’s average salary for business analysts is a whopping 250,000 USD (6,066,238,471 VND) yearly.

Accordingly, it is entirely worthwhile to pursue a business analyst career path. So, seize the opportunity and learn business analytics.


Frequently Asked Questions: Business Analytics Courses in Vietnam


1.     What institutes are the best to learn business analytics courses in Vietnam?

There are many ways to learn business analytics. You should choose the program depending on your current proficiency in business analytics tools and your circumstances.  For instance, if you are a beginner with a tight budget, then EdX is your go-to option. Similarly, suppose you have some knowledge of the subject but still need something reasonably priced. In that case, no one can cost-effectively beat Coursera’s advanced programs.

If money is not an issue, consider the Wharton or UpGrad. Likewise, if price is not an obstacle, and you hold a minimum of a bachelor’s, Simplilearn is suitable. Lastly, for the best value for the money, post-course support, and practical learning, go with IIM Skills.


2.     How long is business analyst training?

It depends on the learning program you select. On average, comprehensive business analyst online courses, such as IIM Skills, Simplilearn, and EdX, take six months to a year. By contrast, shorter specializations focused on one topic and aimed at refreshing your knowledge last from a few days to several weeks, as is the case with the Wharton School. Anyhow, take into account what you want to achieve and your existing level of skills before taking any business analyst classes.


3.     Does business analytics require programming?

Business analytics, together with data analytics, doesn’t require coding. It differs from IT jobs due to relying on statistical tools such as R and Python, which are open-source programming languages. However, you must be tech-savvy and good at math for a business analyst job.


4.     Is business analytics a rewarding career?

Yes, it can be concluded that a business analyst career path has a bright future due to the surging demand for business analysts on a global level. This need affects all types of organizations and industries — no wonder the earning perspective is high and why many people flock to a business analyst job.


The Bottom Line: The Best Business Analytics Courses in Vietnam

In Vietnam, as well as all over the world, business analytics is essential for all organizations. It enables organizations to adapt to constant changes — allowing them to break away from the pack. The heavy demand for this profession is expected to rise even higher. For this reason, gunning for a business analyst job is a good call. In that respect, consider any of the proposed business analytics courses in Vietnam that will prepare you for the challenging business analyst career path and point you in the right direction. Other than that, the recommended e-schools will assist beginners in the most critical phase, i.e., job-hunting. Thus, choose wisely.


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