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Top 6 Content Writing Courses in Bangladesh With Placements

Writing isn’t as single-faceted as it used to be, there are many ways of expression and utilization. Content writing is a part of this and was recognized in a limited sense, individuals and organizations have come to acknowledge honing such a skill. While writing itself is something everyone can do, there is a wide gap between professional writing and general writing. Signing up for an appropriate course at the right institute is essential to identify means which will help you get noticed. This article lists some of the best content writing courses in Bangladesh through which you will gain additional knowledge on this subject.




Consumption has increased on all fronts, mainly that of online content. As people rely on the information given through web-based means, there is a need for writers and creators. Since there are different types of content, some of which are invented and published every day, organizations welcome such writers and creators for increasing their visibility on the Internet.


While businesses have mastered the art of content marketing, there are still some organizations that are new to the concept of using content to elevate their positions. Writing content for marketing is a faster way to bring attention. Not just organizations but individuals are establishing themselves through their content using social media and websites.


There is no dearth of creators on the internet, however, content writing courses in Bangladesh can help you become a better content writer or creator. Through concentrated efforts, using this to your advantage can make you a well-noticed writer. Content writing as a subject has become a vast pool of knowledge that keeps adapting with time. Searching for every single category can be time-consuming, so here are some that are often used currently:


  • Blogging – A series of online entries consisting of details of official or personal written prose about an individual or an organization. The entries are curated carefully and displayed on the internet for viewing. Blog posts can contain videos and photos to enhance the written structure.


  • SEO Writing – Search engine optimization (SEO) writing is one of the newest forms of content writing that is gaining traction. While writing and posting can be prepared quickly, popular search websites need much more than that to recognize the write-ups. Learning this gives individuals and companies an edge over their competitors to become more noticeable.


  • Video Scripts – Before formally putting a video online, a format is created for proper execution. The script contains the anatomy of the whole video from beginning to end. The format is dependent on the essence of the script. Examples include corporate training videos, product introduction videos, application usage videos, etc.


  • Legal Writing – It is a specialized form of writing that requires precision in every manner. There are facts, rules, regulations, etc that should be carefully considered before drafting. Briefs, memorandums, contracts, etc. come under this purview.


  • Ebooks – These are similar to ordinary books with some exceptions and are intangible. These can be formal and informal in nature, as some writers may prefer publishing their content in an individual capacity for personal pleasure while others may approach publication houses or companies who are willing to handle this on their behalf.


  • Ghostwriting – These kinds of writers are employed and paid for their write-ups but their names don’t appear anywhere. There might be many reasons for this, some organizations might want to emphasize different parts of the article or post rather than the author while some writers prefer to stay anonymous. Either way, the writing is given more importance than the writer.


  • Email Marketing – Products and services use many means to bring themselves before consumers’ eyes, this form of marketing is one of them. The writer’s job is to prepare catchy phrases with useful information that makes readers notice. The placement of words, pictures, or videos should be pleasing.


All these and much more are part of the curriculum of institutes offering content writing courses in Bangladesh that provide both online and offline courses. These can be learned through self-initiative but earning a certificate from a reputed institute that offers content writing courses qualifies you to take up a variety of content writing jobs.


This topic is subjective in nature and is dependent on the changes people require on a personal or organizational level. Mostly used as a means for online recognition, it has the ability to reach a wider readership and viewership. Earning such a base is one of the goals for people pursuing this field which leads to making higher goals. Keeping up with such constant variations through content writing courses in Bangladesh is necessary for progress.


Opportunities Available in Bangladesh


One of the fastest growing economies, it is a developing nation with a foothold in sectors like shipbuilding, food processing, textile, etc. Although it has a heavily export-reliant industry, the service sector is a major contributor to the country’s growth. Due to privatization, there are multiple entities part of the service and private industries that uplift the economy.


It has a mixed economy and is predicted to be one of the next eleven countries along with the BRICs slated to become a progressive country in terms of politics, trade, and macroeconomic stability. This gives a positive indication for this country that can increase its prospects for economic and financial growth.


Many entities may have created plans that will be utilized for the above purpose however there are additional skills required for achieving their targets. While content writing may seem insignificant at first from this perspective, it is one of the driving factors in marketing and promotion.


Using words and phrases, learned from registering for content writing courses in Bangladesh, that instantly capture the attention of the target consumers is step one in introducing a product or a service. Each type of sector, whether established or upcoming, are in need of content writers who can create the noticeable structure of words that ultimately lead to distinctness.


The ability to communicate in a considerate manner that sensitively manages the various factors to be satisfied before publishing content is a trait fulfilled by a content writer who has learned these tactics from studying in well-known educational institutes offering content writing courses in Bangladesh.


Envisioning a future in content writing can be easy once your goal is clear. There are many ways to begin your journey in this field:

  • You can set up your own content writing/marketing agency
  • Apply for freelance projects as an independent writer/author/editor
  • Seek job roles in organizations/entities that provide content writing services
  • Enroll in add-on courses such as web development or graphic designing along with writing programs


For fulfilling one, some, or any of these above goals, studying at an institute providing content writing courses in Bangladesh that teaches a maximum of the topics related to content writing and creation is a must. These institutes conduct classroom, live online meetings, and recorded video sessions training, and use technological devices such as smartphones/tablets/computers. The study materials can be accessed anytime from anywhere. You can gather as many details as possible about this subject through content writing courses in Bangladesh at the convenience of your preferred location.


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Below Are Some of the Institutes That Have Programs and Curriculums Which Cover Existing and Brand New Concepts Regarding This Subject:




A leading online educational services institution that caters to the needs of aspirants willing to take the next step to accomplish expertise. Their content writing courses in Bangladesh will help you establish yourself as a writer. In a paced manner all the relevant topics are covered with real-life examples that will drive the concepts into your mind.


The trainers are available for guidance whenever possible and are equipped to answer your queries and give individualistic suggestions. Utilizing your writing in the right manner through major online channels is the specialty of this course. The case studies include interesting marketing campaigns that use writing to pull the audience. With their well-designed exercises, you will know the position of your abilities. Whether you want to be a freelancer or join any content-related job role, this course is for you.


Duration: 4 weeks

Fees: 18,928.72 Bangladeshi Taka + GST

Materials: free tools + recorded video sessions + reading material available on LMS


Learning Benefits of Content Writing Course:

  • Utilize top-notch practices of each form of writing in your own content
  • Usage of research tools that will enhance the quality of your writing
  • Ability to gain rewards from your write-ups using relevant websites
  • Adaptability into different voices and tones of writing based on different sectors
  • Recognizing the intent of hirers/clients when creating and publishing content
  • Simple and easy steps that help you in strengthening your content


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. LILAC Education


An e-commerce co. providing various online services has also forayed into education, which includes content writing. This program is divided into five semesters and gives an opportunity to join their team as a freelance writer whenever you finish the first semester successfully. From articles and paragraphs to statements of purpose, there are various types of writing covered in each semester.


You can also go through their English department before enrolling in this course and pass the IELTS exam for an additional certificate. Through weekly discussions, you can voice your concerns and get relevant suggestions to improve your presentation. Since the company is based in Dhaka, the lessons are available in both Bangla and English. Through these content writing courses in Bangladesh, you can kickstart your career as a professional writer.


Duration: 4 months

Fees: 450 BDT Registration fee + 5000 BDT per semester fees

Materials: recorded video sessions + instructions for writing tasks


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to fulfill writing tasks that will make you adept in handling complex topics
  • Successfully build a writer’s portfolio that attracts hirers/employers
  • Better judgment skills when creating content will decrease unnecessary mistakes
  • Publish your write-ups in the company’s magazine and add that to your resume
  • Summarize your content into a readable format and gain more readers
  • Write flawless content using proofreading and editing techniques taught in lessons


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3. Kraftshala


A specialist training program provider for marketing and sales, it offers content writing courses in Bangladesh under the marketing launchpad initiative. The concepts of advertising, promoting, and social media are given heavy significance in their modules. They give weightage of the training to both your writing and the ability to present yourself to potential employers.


The last few weeks focus on the internship part of the program. They have mapped out all the necessary things that will be taught in the sessions, however, before enrolling, there is a screening process that tests your knowledge before accepting admissions. Since marketing and content go hand in hand in this course, you will gain additional experience that can further your prospects.


Duration: 20 weeks + online + full time

Fees: ₹ 14,000 upfront + 3 months salary after placement

Materials: Writing tools


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to identify problems and convert them into content writing strategy
  • Successfully build a personal brand of your content that will attract readers
  • Formation of a plan for focused growth in your writing
  • Utilize marketing to create and advertise unique content
  • Usage of various tools for better execution in your writing
  • Comprehensive learning techniques that will ensure improvement


4. Udemy


Just writing is not enough these days, so Shubhi Saxena and Vishal Singh Jadon make sure that you know the major topics that are a part of their complete content writing course. The topics may seem familiar but the videos are taught from writing as well as a marketing perspective.


The information on the most recent trends in the world of content writing is acquired and imparted through these lectures with adequate materials for reference. After each module (which is not more than 40 minutes) you can attempt the tests and check your understanding.


There are other content writing courses in Bangladesh as well from different creators such as Steve McDonald, Mick Dickson, Ken Wells, etc. The short videos in these lectures can make things easier to track and at affordable rates you will gain immense awareness of the world of content.


Duration: 3 hrs 37 mins

Fees: ₹ 3,399

Materials: 8 articles + 12 downloadable resources


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to identify qualities that can make you a prolific writer
  • Successfully gain more viewers or audiences to your content
  • Usage of simple tips and tricks to stay ahead in the content market
  • Ability to write engaging articles or posts that are more shareable
  • Usage of marketing techniques to promote your writing
  • Use secret formulas for creating powerful content, etc.


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5. ECT


Education & Career times is a Government of India-recognized institute that teaches content writing courses in Bangladesh. Their curriculum contains elements of both creative and non-creative writing with tips to improve your vocabulary. The modules also include tools for developing ideas.


You will also be interacting with actual clients for live projects that can put your skills at the forefront. Through this, you can identify strong points in your methods and learn how to satisfy your readers. From upgrading your CV to brushing up on existing and upcoming writing techniques, this course steers you towards a better future.


They also train in marketing and personality development which can be useful for individuals and non-individuals. You can register on their site to view a sample video and decide if it is worth enrolling in.


Duration: 3 months

Fees: ₹ 15,000

Materials: 50 hrs E-learning + 60 hrs video lectures


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to use words and phrases appropriately according to given topics
  • Successfully use your writing to promote yourself
  • Using reference styles from top universities in your own drafts
  • Execution strategies for client acquisition
  • Read recommended material and improve vocabulary
  • Avoid words and phrases that may cause damage to your write-ups, etc.



6. Henry Harvin


The content writing course is one of the most popular courses by the Henry Harvin writing academy. While preference for writing can be easily determined, sharpening those skills requires time and patience. Through their carefully planned modules in content writing courses in Bangladesh, you will be able to ascertain the important aspects of this subject.


These methods or techniques can then be utilized when applying for a job or becoming an independent writer. There are sub-topics that focus on using the internet to your advantage for writing purposes and highlight the need for strategizing. Simple tasks such as email writing, social media writing, blogging, etc can be made more impactful through your unique words and phrases. Their alumni gold membership prepares you to face interviewers and clients through life support.


Duration: 40 Hrs

Fees: ₹ 17,500

Materials: 100+ writing tools


Learning Benefits:

  • Effective utilization of freelance websites for seeking work
  • Usage of different forms of writing for official and personal correspondence
  • Ability to use basic words and jargon in your write-ups
  • Successfully utilize the online ramifications of rules for publishing your content
  • Ability to set achievable goals for national/international projects
  • Usage of software that will beautify your content that is pleasing to the eyes, etc.


The details provided regarding these institutes delivering content writing courses in Bangladesh will shed light on some of the suitable factors that will help in deciding the best place/s to learn. Speaking with a professional who has experience working in this field can aid in knowing the content writing environment better.


Even after registering for content writing courses in Bangladesh, being present and active by interacting with your teachers and peers can make the learning process fruitful. You may acquire more than one certification from these institutes that can boost your confidence and your resume. Those who enter this field are always rewarded for their efforts when they have the right guidance.


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What is Content writing?

A facet of writing that is notably online based typically used in marketing and advertising, content writing can be utilized to emphasize words and phrases favorably. It is viewed through a restricted lens such as writing articles or posts on websites but through the magnification of this lens, you will find that its scope can be expanded. A cursory browse through the internet will show you numerous results regarding content writing and its types. Here are some of them:

  • Social media writing/marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Review writing
  • Legal writing
  • Technical writing
  • News/Journalistic writing
  • Research and report writing, etc.


How is it going to help my career?

As mentioned before, content writers have an unrestrictive reach, thanks to the internet. The opportunities are not region specific and require knowledge of writing tools, designing software, and an ability to discern an opening for better influence.

  • You can work from the comfort of your home or anywhere around the world through remote job roles
  • Become an entrepreneur if running a writing service/marketing/advertising business is something you want to explore
  • Sign up with an agency and work on different projects based on your preferences

There are other ways, except the above, you might come across that suit your needs. Experimenting will help you realize which of them are worth pursuing in the long run.


Where and when can I apply for this course?

The institutes listed above and others that offer such courses mention details of the curriculum along with other important information on their websites. You can visit them or request a brochure before enrollment. The dates may vary as these institutes are from different regions, inquire with the admissions team or the team that handles these courses. Some of them may have screening processes or interviews that are conducted for your and their benefit. When you answer those questions, they may give suggestions for a smooth transition into the learning programs.


What are the opportunities available for content writers?

One of the thriving fields during the COVID-19 lockdown and still promising to be so, there are lucrative roles available in organizations. There are different sectors that require a specific style of writing, if you have a degree or have majored in a particular subject, you can choose positions in entities or organizations in that sector.


Some of these sectors are mentioned below:

  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Marketing/Digital Marketing
  • Tourism, etc.


If planning on applying for roles in these sectors, you could search for the following:

  • Creative content writer
  • Social media executive
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Senior/Junior Content writer
  • Content writer and analyst, etc.

Marketing, web analytics and development, digital designing and editing, etc. are some of the extension subjects that make negotiating for a higher salary easier. An all-around experience and understanding of important aspects of this field can help you reach your goal faster.

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