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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Dubai

Dubai ranks top in the Arab world and third worldwide in terms of FDI attraction, according to data from the Dubai FDI Monitor. Due to the emirate’s desire to expand its earnings from non-oil sources, Dubai is likely to soon become the world’s center for developing technology. These latest developments make Dubai extremely prospective for a lot of lucrative career opportunities. There is a surge in demand for content writers in the business world. Therefore it is always advantageous to enroll in content writing courses. So if you are looking for the best Content Writing courses in Dubai, this article provides a specially-curated list of the top 5 Content writing courses in Dubai. 

Let us begin by delving deep into the concept of Content Writing.

Content Writing: An Overview

The ability to communicate content (words) and publish it on various platforms is known as content writing. In the past, the content was only released through newspapers or a small number of channels; but, in the age of modern digitalization, content is distributed through a variety of channels, including emails, social media, and Google Search Engine.

It takes much more than just innovative writing to produce quality content. A content writer’s job is to produce original content for the web. The ideal piece of content in the desired area should be produced by content writers who can conduct extensive research.


What is the relevance of the Content Writing Course?

Just because you are talented at writing stories or poems doesn’t mean you are proficient in other types of content creation. Writing forms and strategies vary depending on the type of content. Your objective of establishing yourself as a content writer will become a successful one once you enroll in a course that will teach you how to become proficient in all kinds of content writing in an organized and structured way. Some of the benefits of enrolling in a Content writing Course are – 

  • Develop a writing habit – A professional content writing course can help you stay motivated to write frequently and finally develop writing as a habit. You must set aside a fixed period each day to do your writing assignments.
  • Guidance – In content writing, proper guidance is crucial. One cannot always learn everything there is to know about content writing and content marketing on their own due to the variety of available content. Professional instructors with experience in teaching professional content writing courses offer advice, tips, techniques, and strategies to help students write effectively.
  • Practical Assignments – Live Projects and practical assignments are frequently beneficial for gaining first-hand experience, and trainers also regularly provide comments to help detect problems. Self-learners can’t always recognize their errors.
  • Certification – In every sector, a training certificate is crucial. You can earn certification and get help finding a job if you take a professional content writing course. To advance your profession, you will receive placement aid in addition to learning.


Types of Content Writing 

As mentioned earlier, Content Writing is a wide area that covers a plethora of writing forms and styles. These are – 

Article Writing – An article is a paragraph or piece of information that is frequently published in print or online media for consumption by a larger audience. It can be news, a study’s findings, or academic analysis. Learn the finest strategies and elements for writing articles.


Blog Writing – Blogs, which are essentially conversations, are often written by people or groups and have an informal vibe. Learn how to weblog, share your experiences, and publicize your passions and areas of expertise in a way that is personal to you.


Academic Writing – Its formal tone and writing style indicate that it is non-fiction. Learn to write academically in a clear, concise, organized, and evidence-based manner.


Business Listing – Putting your company’s brand online? Find out the dos and don’ts of crafting a powerful, professional company listing.


Ads Copy – Every company requires top-notch advertising text. If you are creative with great punch lines and taglines and can engage and persuade people via words, ad copy can be your expertise. Find out how to elicit a response and a response from your target audience.


E-book writing: E-books are now common thanks to devices like Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kindle, and Kobo. An electronic book is just a book that has been made available digitally. To take advantage of the e-book business, learn to write e-books like a pro.


Business Writing: The purpose of business writing is to provoke a business response. Learn the art of effective communication in all its aspects, including persuasive, informational, instructive, and transactional.


Writing Press Releases – Do you need to announce new product launches, mergers, and acquisitions, new collaborations, or rebranding? If so, how should you write your press releases? Enter the traditional press release, which is no longer a traditional method of delivery. To make use of press releases, learn how to compose them.


Writing Product Descriptions – Attract your audience with sales-boosting product descriptions. Find out the guidelines and persuasive phrases for writing outstanding product descriptions.


Video Scripting – Plain text lacks the power of visuals and graphics. That is an obvious choice. There is no amazing tale without a great script because all videos are stories, whether they are about a person or a product. Learn how to create captivating video scripts from conception to completion.


Drafting Business Emails – The most effective method of connecting with clients and gaining their support is through electronic mail. Learn the format and strategy for writing successful business emails.


Writing for Web Pages – Your website serves as the public face of your company and brand. Be careful how you present it. Learn to create landing page content that is high quality and SEO-optimized.


Designing Brochure: Think of brochures as adaptable marketing tools that exude competence. Striking a balance between the sales pitch and the product information will teach you how to make them effective.


Social Media Post: Social media postings are used to build brand awareness, generate leads, or keep customers. Develop your writing abilities to communicate in a compelling, professional way to produce interesting content that people will want to click on.


Digital infographics: Infographics are nice diversions from the eye-wearying abundance of plain text. Learn how to create an integrated, engaging infographic by finding the right balance between the design and information, text and pictures.


Let us now discuss in detail the top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai.


The first institute to feature in this list of top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai is IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS offers the best professional courses to remodel your career and assist you in making the best choices based on your preferences. IIM SKILLS has created courses that are both career- and industry-relevant. Each professional course’s curriculum is carefully thought out to assist students to advance their skills and receive the greatest training.

Content Writing Course

This course includes 4 weeks of live sessions, 16 hours of classroom lectures, and 60 hours of practical learning within the classroom program. Students also have access to a 3-month internship program where instructors help students develop their writing abilities for a variety of material types. Among the many modules covered in the course are fundamental subjects like web development, making your website and blog, user interface, keyword research, writing excellent content for all mediums, Google local pages, and social media material.

It is ideal for small- and medium-sized business owners, freelancers, traditional marketers, students, stay-at-home moms, aspiring bloggers, and nascent content producers. Anyone who has the desire to create engaging content for their target audiences will find it helpful. No wonder, this course comes first on the list of top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai. 


Course Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. WordPress web Development
  3. Digital Content (Blogging, Articles, WebPages)
  4. Copywriting
  5. Marketing Collaterals
  6. Email Writing
  7. Video Scripting and Social Media Writing
  8. Creative Writing
  9. SOP & Business Listing
  10. Legal Writing
  11. Technical Writing
  12. Search Engine Optimization
  13. Content Marketing
  14. Affiliate Marketing & Adsense
  15. Reliance on Content Writing
  16. Resume Writing


Course Deliverables

  • You’ll develop the practice of writing every day.
  • Learn to write more effectively and with more creativity. Boost your writing confidence.
  • Separate writing for the web from traditional writing.
  • studying various subject types in stages while following the ideal procedures for each type.
  • Learn the value of research and how to research any topic.
  • Recognize the value of headlines and develop your ability to write compelling headlines.
  • Develop a website and build your blog platform with web development.
  • Utilize a variety of content writing tools to absorb everything you can about keyword research.
  • Recognize the critical role that search engine optimization plays and provide SEO-friendly content.
  • Proofread and edit like a pro to produce compelling material that is free of grammatical mistakes and simple to understand.
  • Learn how to use different article writing tools to make the process simple. Tools for grammar, phrase structure, keywords, and plagiarism are among them (duplicate content).
  • Additionally, you will pick up some design abilities.
  • Overall, taking a content writing course can improve your writing and communication abilities and increase your employability.
  • Before accepting a job, consider doing an internship to gain firsthand experience in the role of a content writer.


Salient Features:

  • Comprehensive Courseware
  • Personalized Attention
  • Industry Experts as Trainers and Moderators
  • Free Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
  • Free Tools INR 35,000
  • Master Certification

Course Duration: 4 weeks of Training + 3 Months of Internship

Course Fees: AED 689 (approximately)

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CW demo invite1 VK


2. Skills Upgrader

The next institute that we are going to cover in this list of top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai is Skills Upgrader. The consulting and counseling firm Skills Upgrader is committed to helping clients advance their careers and develop personally. They provide a range of programs for businesses and corporate clients in addition to several on-demand training options for personal development and distinctive career enhancement programs. Whether you are choosing a major, looking at career options, applying for jobs or internships, or looking for professional courses, Skills Upgrader is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your professional goals.


Content Writing Course

The goal of this content writing course in Dubai is to equip each student with the skills necessary to write well in any genre, from conducting research to combining brilliant writing techniques.

All interested students can enroll in a content writing course that is delivered online with comprehensive learning resources, authentic certifications, and support for developing content writing abilities. This is why this course is a must-mention in this list of top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai. 

Course Modules 

This detailed course has the following course content –

  1. Content Writing – Introduction
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Website Creation
  4. Understanding the Writing Process
  5. Brief Understanding of SEO
  6. Keyword Research
  7. Using Social Media for Content Marketing 
  8. Using Content Writing for Lead Generation 
  9. Email Marketing


Course Deliverables

  • The capacity to translate ideas into reader-friendly language.
  • With the help of our content writing course, you may strengthen critical language skills and write for international clientele using British and American English grammar rules.
  • Become better at identifying potential target audience personalities for your content.
  • Get practical suggestions for managing social media marketing for your clients.
  • With the help of our content writing course, develop crucial abilities to launch effective email campaigns.
  • the capacity to translate ideas into reader-friendly language.
  • You may strengthen critical language skills and write for international clientele using British and American English grammar rules.
  • Become better at identifying potential target audience personalities for your content.
  • Get practical suggestions for managing social media marketing for your clients.
  • Develop crucial abilities to launch effective email campaigns.


Course Assignments:

Website Creation

  • Buying a Domain Name 
  • Purchasing Web Hosting
  • Integrating Domain and Hosting
  • Accessing WordPress
  • Setting up HTTPS Secure Server
  • Installing Plugins
  • Creating Logo and Design for Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Researching Optimal Keywords
  • Researching Competitor Keywords
  • Implementing On-page SEO Strategies

Social Media Marketing

  • Creating Social Media Profiles 
  • Creating Content Marketing Calendar 
  • Using Power Words in Content

Freelance Portfolio

  • Using Lead Magnets
  • Creating a Portfolio for Freelancing
  • Reaching out to Real Clients

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Course Fees: Rs. 8260 INR or AED 407.84


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3. Edoxi Training Institute

A premium professional training center, offering one of the top 5 content writing courses in Dubai, Edoxi Training Institute. This institute offers both students and professionals unmatched learning and training opportunities. They work in collaboration with corporate businesses and people to address their specific needs by offering feedback and instruction that aids in the accomplishment of their professional and business objectives.

Financial Modeling Course

This course is a very important addition to this list of top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai, for several reasons. To grasp financial modeling, firm valuation, discounted cash flow analysis, merger models, sensitivity analysis, accounting fundamentals, financial statement analysis, and other topics, this Financial Modeling program is designed to give you the most useful skills, tools, and training. 

You will obtain your financial modeling certification and the practical skills necessary for a prosperous career in corporate finance, investment banking, corporate development, treasury, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), or accounting after completing the training.


Course Modules

  1. Accounting
  2. Forecasting, Budgeting, FP&A
  3. Excel
  4. Finance
  5. Financial Analysis
  6. Financial Modeling
  7. Presentation
  8. Valuation


Course Deliverables:

  • You learn practical skills that enable you to open a blank sheet and conduct analysis as well as the theory behind finance modeling.
  • Your interviewer, manager, and colleagues will respect you more if you can demonstrate your legitimacy by earning a certification from a reputable institution and listing it on your resume. However, describing financial models in depth is another way to establish trust.
  • By finishing a financial modeling certification program, choosing Edoxi Training Institute for finance modeling certification training in Dubai gives you complete access to best practices.
  • By earning your certification as a Finance Modeling practitioner, you show that you have the drive and determination to be in charge of your learning and skill development.
  • You will be introduced to various methods and at least one new technique for creating financial models by completing a certification program.
  • Our financial modeling course in Dubai places a lot of emphasis on Excel proficiency so that you become a pro.
  • Many positions in corporate finance require certification. Therefore, being certified might set you out from the competition and set you apart from other financial analysts.
  • Building a model is not as difficult as you may have believed after taking a Financial Modeling Course from an Institute like Edoxi, which will increase your confidence and help you succeed in your job.

Course Duration:  Live Training – 36 hrs

                             Classroom Training – 6 hrs

Course Fees: [email protected]


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4. Education & Career Times (ECT)

A very prominent institution offering one of the top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai is Education & Career Times (ECT). For people who want to work in writing, they offer content writing courses. All students receive placement support in addition to interactive sessions to help them clear their doubts.


Content Writing Course

You will receive three months of training from ECT, including 1.5 months of internship and 1.5 months of classroom instruction. 32 hours of classroom lectures made up in this 1.5-month program will teach you all there is to know about the techniques and tactics of content writing and content marketing. 60 hours of video sessions follow. The reasonable course fees and compact course structure make this course one of the top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai.


Course Modules

  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. Boost Your Vocabulary
  3. Avoid Grammar Errors in Writing
  4. Learn different tools, tips, and techniques for Writing
  5. Non-Fiction Writing Skills
  6. Fiction Writing Skills
  7. Business Writing Skills
  8. Technical Writing Skills
  9. Academic Writing Skills
  10. Writing Specific Pieces of Content
  11. Content Marketing
  12. Monetizing Writing Skills
  13. Book Publishing


Course Deliverables:

  • Along with 50 hours of online learning resources, students will receive 32 hours of live instruction.
  • Assignments and real-world projects will be offered to you to improve your ability to apply your learning.
  • Each of you will receive complete placement support.
  • By educating you on the methods you might employ, the course will provide you with the self-assurance you need to publish your book.
  • You’ll discover how to create your blog.

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: Rs. 8260 INR or AED 407.84


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5. Digital Academy 360

One of the top 5 Content writing courses in Dubai, Digital Academy 360 provides a creative content writing certificate program that seeks to teach creative writing abilities to content writing enthusiasts through online and in-person training sessions.


Skill Diploma in Content Writing

In the three months of the content writing course, they cover 18+ modules that cover every type of writing, including copywriting, blogging, technical writing, web content writing, web development fundamentals, traffic generation strategies, and all the other industrial requirements that aid students in achieving their goals, be they jobs, side gigs, blogs, or simply a writing hobby. Such an extensive range of topics, undoubtedly puts this course, among the top 5 Content writing courses in Dubai. 


Course Modules:

1. Introduction to Content Writing

2. Brief Understanding of the Writing Cycle

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Website Development


Course Deliverables:

  • Assistance with placement and qualified trainers
  • Certificate recognized worldwide
  • Case Studies and Live Projects
  • running paid advertisements
  • Possibility of working on independent projects
  • Practice interviews
  • interview queries and responses
  • Personality Development, Career Counseling, and One-on-One Mentoring

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: INR 20,000 + GST (18%) = INR 23,600 or 1165.25 AED


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FAQs on the top content writing courses in Dubai

These are some Frequently Asked Questions on the topic of top 5 Content Writing Courses in Dubai –

1. What free content writing courses are available in Dubai?

A few content writing courses are available for free. Some excellent free online content writing courses are available in Dubai and many other countries across the world on Udemy, Skillshare, Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, and Open2study.


2. How much do content writers in Dubai earn?

According to the job profile. The pay for content writing positions ranges from 9170 to 31000 AED. An individual makes about 19500 AED on average per month.


3. What are the factors that make up good content?

The following are the key facets of good content –

  • Attractive headline
  • Long-tail keyword phrase
  • Providing value with Content-Related Images
  • Authentic links
  • A body of research-based, SEO-friendly material

Conclusion on the leading content writing courses in Dubai

Today, there are many options for freshers to work in a profession we like. Taking content writing classes might assist young job seekers to become independent and skilled enough to secure a solid job. Anyone who completes this course will be aware of the different branches you can choose from in the highly sought-after field of content writing. Enroll in content writing classes in Dubai to launch a glorious and prosperous career. I hope you found this post on the top 5 Content Writing courses in Dubai to be helpful. Best wishes for the future.


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