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Top 3 Best Technical Writing Courses in Dubai

Do your friends and family turn to you when trying to understand complex technical manuals or articles in simple language? Are you well versed in technical knowledge? If you resonate with these things to some extent, weaving a career in technical writing can be a great option for you. Dubai is transforming into a technology hub and it is at the top when it comes to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in sectors like AI and Robotics, and the launch of various funds to attract more tech investors and companies dealing in technology, this is the best time to be a technical writer in Dubai. This article will help you find the best Technical writing courses in Dubai. With technical writing focusing more on workflows and manuals, we will also do the same with this article. So before discussing various institutes offering technical writing courses in Dubai, we will look into the various aspects of being a technical writer.


Who is a Technical Writer?


Simply put, technical writing describes complex technical terms and processes simply for anyone to understand. People find themselves with instruction manuals that come with appliances, software, some industrial machinery, a vehicle, or sometimes even with some complex toys and DIY kits. The job of a technical writer is to write complex instructions in easily understandable terms and pointers.


Technical writing is a different domain than any other form of writing. A technical writer is expected to write clearly and in a flow that connects with any last or the next pointer every time. Technical writing needs extensive research, and a good perception of the audience, like age, gender, and technical proficiency. TecDubai’s technical writing courses l teach you how to be a professional technical writer described above.


Career After Pursuing Technical Writing Courses in Dubai


As mentioned above that Dubai is a booming technology hub with more companies, and heading to Dubai in pursuit of growing their business is a good choice. With many tech companies in Dubai, it will be a wise decision to pursue one of the technical writing courses in Dubai. With the rise of the number of tech companies in Dubai, the need for technical writers is growing manifold.


Technical writers are required to write not just for tech companies but also with companies that are in the field of industrial manufacturing, or companies that provide parts to other businesses and manufacturing units.


Technical Writing Can Be Divided Into Two Domains Roughly:


  • Business to Business Technical writing
  • Business to Consumer Technical writing


Business to Business Technical Writing


Every business needs some kind of software or hardware to run their business smoothly and accordingly serve their customers. Many businesses provide business solutions like these to other businesses that are not available to normal consumers or are not beneficial for a normal consumer to use those solutions specifically made for a business.


These business solutions always come with an instruction manual to help the purchaser or the installing team guide through the process, tips & tricks, safety & hazards, operating instructions and conditions, and various other information. A technical writer is responsible to write these manuals.


Apart from manuals, a technical writer is also given the task to write reports and reviews for other businesses to understand, in specific cases, a medical or scientific white paper, the flow of a UX of an app or website, use case studies, etc.


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Business to Consumer Technical Writing


We find ourselves purchasing appliances, smartphones, laptops and desktops, software, DIY kits, etc. and these always come with an instruction manual. These instruction manuals contain instructions that guide the user to easily operate the product. A technical writer is responsible to understand the process from the team and pass it on in simple terms in the form of instruction manuals.


If we look beyond instruction manuals for products and services, a technical writer can also write a book on a specific subject detailing everything about that. Case studies can also help end users make a decision. These are some of the aspects of being a technical writer.


Although apart from being called a technical writer you can also advance and be an expert in a specific field or subject and can be a technical writing professional like a technical creative writer, a technical finance writer, a technical communications consultant, etc.


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Earnings After Doing Technical Writing Courses in Dubai


Making money is the ultimate goal for any individual to acquire new skills. The first question when it comes to mind is how much am I going to earn after doing technical writing courses in Dubai. As discussed earlier after doing a technical writing course you can choose from a variety of job roles that will come to you as you grow and gain experience in the technical writing field. We are listing some of them here with average salaries for you to weigh your decision of being a technical writer.


Core Technical Writing

Although technical writing is divided into various streams many companies still hire people by the job profile of technical writers and give them all sorts of technical writing assignments like instruction manuals, white papers, program and repair guidelines, research papers, product specifications, etc. This type of job can also be an entry-level job and you can choose your stream as you gain knowledge and experience and are inclined towards a specific kind of technical writing.


Salary: average 233,976 AED/year


Technical Editor


While technical writer crafts different manuals and papers, a technical editor is responsible for making sure an error-free copy is being sent for final publication by manually checking and correcting errors and discrepancies (if any) from the final draft. The job is to look for grammar errors, spelling mistakes, some punctuation errors, or sometimes factual data or formatting of the copy. Let’s see how much a Technical Editor can earn after doing technical writing courses in Dubai.


Salary: up to 309,275 AED/year


Medical and Scientific Paper Writer


Although Technical writing has domains that don’t need much scientific knowledge and just inputs from the Research and Development team are enough to form an instruction manual. This particular job is more niche-based in the Technical Writing domain. For being a Medical or Scientific Paper technical writer, you need to have thorough information on the subject before writing this kind of paper. Medical and Scientific Paper writers find themselves in Scientific research facilities and the pharma industry after doing a technical writing course.


Salary: Average 260,595 AED/year


Grants Writer


If being the kind of writer you enjoy being is not enough here we are giving you another reason by adding a social cause to it. Grants writers are mostly hired by NGOs (Non-Government Organisation) for writing grants application to appeal to the government, some trusts, or other foundations for grants that can be used for social causes to help needy people, the nature, or animals. A grants writer is responsible to craft an application that is clear and powerful enough to make the granting organization realize the need and then award a grant to the requesting organization.


Salary: Average 191,001 AED/year


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Technical Book Author


If you are an expert in a certain field then you can share your knowledge with the world by being a technical book writer or author. Authoring a book can be a tedious task, but it is equally rewarding. Having a book in one’s name is an accomplishment that many people long for.


You can fulfill your dream of being a technical book writer can be accomplished by two means, the first is self-publishing a book, and the other is finding a publisher that can publish your book under their brand name. First-time authors sometimes find it difficult to get their book published by a big publishing house, so they can opt for a self-published book.


Self-publishing, although, incurs money but can be a good starting point in your journey as an author. The other way is to send your manuscript and if the publisher approves it they will publish it under their brand name and you will get the royalty without incurring publishing costs.


Business Plan Writer


Business plan writers work as professionals that create lucrative and appealing business plans for new or existing businesses. Business plans include, setup costs including machinery, manpower, software, etc., the potential of a business to make money, functioning of a business, etc. Business plans are often written as and when a new or existing business needs to apply for a loan. You can open your firm or work as a freelancer, however, there are also jobs for business plan writers.


Salary: Average 203,890 AED/year


Case Studies Writer

Case studies are solution-based contextual writings on various problems experienced by customers while using a particular product. Case studies are generally marketing tools to show potential customers the benefits of a company’s products. Case studies are generally written as stories for easy understanding of people so that people can relate to them. Case studies writers play an important part in a brand’s marketing department and are crucial for sales.


Salary: Average 175,489 AED/year


These were a few of the career paths one can choose when opting for doing one of the technical writing courses in Dubai. Most of these offer a handsome pay to live and sustain a good life.


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Eligibility to be a Technical Writer

Although some of the jobs we discussed are niche-based, Technical Writing can also be a career for those with a graduate degree in any discipline. However, it should be understood that you can write only about the topics you know or say you have your degree in. For niche-based jobs like a Scientific or Medical Paper writer, you need to have those as subjects in your degree.


The Basic Prerequisites for Being a Technical Writer Are:


  • A graduate degree in any discipline
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • A flair for content writing
  • Basic understanding of the internet


Without a specialized niche-based degree you can launch yourself as a technical writer in the niche of your graduate or post-graduate degree. With all sorted let’s look at the various options for Technical writing courses in Dubai


Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai


#1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading global online education platforms. IIM Skills aims to provide skill-based learning courses in a simplified manner. With more than a decade of experienced teachers, IIM Skills conducts virtual interactive classes with skill-developing assignments.


With industry contacts and robust career counseling, IIM Skills will surely direct you to your success path in a matter of a couple of months. IIM Skills provide lifetime access to course contents and recorded sessions all with a single payment plan. The certifications provided by IIM Skills are globally recognized. With students getting placed with top recruiters like Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Cisco, etc. IIM Skills course is one of the best technical writing courses in Dubai.


Course Fee : 715.64 AED + GST


Technical Writing Course Key Features:

  • 5 Weeks of live interactive online training
  • 60+ hours of practical learning based assignments
  • Software tools
  • Google aligned course material
  • 1 month guaranteed internship
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • Lifetime consulting and technical support
  • Portfolio development
  • Getting to publish your first white paper
  • Getting to publish your first scholarly article/book chapter



  • Introduction
  • How to write
  • Creating your content
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers/Journals
  • DDLC & Versioning
  • Conversational Writing
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and application notes
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Study – Application notes from Texas


You Can Contact IIM Skills At:

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503

Email: [email protected]


Other Courses


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


#2. Center for Executive Development


The Center for Executive Development is the continuing education arm of the University of Dubai. It provides multiple courses under 10 different domains. This course aims to provide you with the knowledge to be a good technical writer. The instructors have multiple years of experience and are celebrated in their fields.


Key Features:

  • Learn to write with clarity and focus
  • Difference between technical and other types of writing
  • Ethical issues while doing technical writing
  • Advanced grammar rules
  • Learn to research effectively
  • Developing strategies to prepare for the exam



  • Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Your Role as a Technical Writer
  • Common Types of Technical Writing
  • The Seven Principles of Good Writing
  • Writing as a Process
  • Research
  • Organization
  • Rough Draft
  • Revising and Editing
  • Writing for the Web and Social Media
  • Certification
  • How to Find a Job in Technical Writing (Optional Lesson)
  • Final Exam
  • Externship (Optional)


Course Fee: 6,570 AED


You Can Contact the Center for Executive Development at:

Phone: +971 455 66977

Email: [email protected]


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#3. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin Education provides online (live and self-paced) and offline classes in various subjects. The Noida-based Ed-Tech company serves many clients with professional training programs and workshops. Henry Harvin Education is often quoted as a multi-course online upskilling and reskilling platform.


Key Features:

  • 9 in 1 course
  • 1 Year gold membership of the writing academy
  • 100% practical technical writing course
  • Job Support and Alumni status
  • 36 hours of training
  • Internship assistance
  • Multiple tools covered



  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Components of a Technical Document
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • How to create a Technical Document Template
  • Overview of formats of Technical Documents
  • Advanced Technical Writing tools
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


Course Fee:

756.47 AED for the pre-recorded course

840.52 AED for the Live Online Course


You Can Contact Henry Harvin Education at:

Phone: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 What can we learn in technical writing courses in Dubai?

Technical writing courses provide you with the knowledge that will help you build a career in the lucrative field of technical writing. Technical writing courses teach you various aspects of technical writing. You can learn to write white papers, research papers, business plans, product manuals, thesis, End-user documentation, etc. Technical writing courses also focus on advanced grammar, editing, technical writing techniques, different formats of various technical writing documents, and technical writing tools.


Q.2 Which one is the most affordable among technical writing courses in Dubai?

The best value for money course is tin Technical Writing Master Course by IIM Skills. This course provides lifetime access to course material and class recordings, while other courses are either pre-recorded courses or provide only one year of access to course material and recordings. IIM SKills provides one-to-one interactive live classes with previous and future class recordings included with the course fee. IIM Skills course is worth ~715 AED for life all live sessions, internships, and lifetime access to recordings.


Q.3 What kind of career can I pursue after doing technical writing courses in Dubai?

You can choose various career paths after doing technical writing courses. Technical writing courses provide you with enough knowledge to pursue your dream career. The different job profiles can be, traditional technical writer, white paper writer, research paper writer, policy writer, business plan writer, technical communications specialist, technical editor, case study writer, medical and scientific paper writer, etc. to name a few. You can also pursue your dream to be a book author but authoring a technical book. Technical writing jobs also provide a handsome income to live a fulfilling life.


Q.4 What are the prerequisites for doing a Technical writing course?

Although a technical writing course doesn’t require you to pursue a specific kind of degree, some niche-based technical writing jobs might require you to do graduation in a certain stream. It is advised to pursue some kind of graduation before pursuing a technical writing course. A graduation degree will impart you with basic knowledge of a field and you can choose to become a technical writer in that particular domain. Apart from this, good communication skills and a good grasp of the language you want to write in are key to becoming a successful technical writer.


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