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Top 9 Renowned Technical Writing Courses in France

In today’s world, more and more companies are relying on technology to conduct their businesses, and these companies must explain their methods of doing business to consumers as well as to shareholders. Communication with the end-user should be clear and effective. Therefore, the purpose of technical writing is to provide the reader with clear and concise information that makes it easy to understand. Technical writing can be a lucrative career choice if you are good at explaining complicated topics in an easy-to-understand manner. Anyone interested in pursuing technical writing should know about the Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in France.


What is Technical Writing?


In technical writing, the task is to translate technical information from subject matter experts into readable, usable content for a wider audience. Most of us have encountered technical writing at least once in our lives, whether it was in a user’s manual for software or equipment that we purchased.


Almost every business in every industry imaginable needs occasionally to convey technical information to users or customers. Technical writing addresses the needs of end-users (the readers of technical material). It contains instructions that guide the end-user through the process.


Technical writing frequently includes describing steps and processes. Technical writers write technical manuals such as equipment manuals, technical support documents, or operating and maintenance instructions. They write manuals for particular products and services.


Also, they use charts, diagrams, and sketches to illustrate the material. The purpose of technical writers is to produce content that is easy to understand, to deliver clear, concise instructions, and to convert complex concepts into sentences that are easily understood by the users or the customers.


Technical writers need to be able to work with technical staff, such as engineers, in order to make products and instructions easier to use. In the course of developing brand-new products, they usually work not only with engineers or programmers, but also with quality assurance, marketing, and safety staff.


How Is Technical Writing Different Than Other Forms of Writing?


Technical writing is objective and technical writers do not share opinions. They only present facts in a clear and detailed way. Entertaining and persuading the audience is not a part of technical writing, but education. It is based on a formal way of writing with presenting straightforward content.


In technical writing, you use specific words and terms presented in an objective manner that is targeted to a specific audience. Writers of technical documents usually write policies and procedures, manufacturing standards, specifications of an item, instruction manuals, and proposals, among others.


Why is Technical Writing In High Demand?


Today, technical writing is becoming increasingly common because of the high-tech nature of the workplace and day-to-day living. We live in a rapidly changing world. Technology is constantly developing, and the processes by which our work and routine tasks are carried out rarely remain the same for very long.


The technological sophistication of many industries has increased. Any development in a product or technology needs to be communicated in a meaningful manner so that it will be understood by others. The company’s mission is to simplify processes and make products easy to use.


That is when hiring technical writers becomes necessary. Writers who specialize in technical writing are employed to create a variety of content that distills detailed information with ease and clarity; including product manuals, how-to guides, website help sections, journal articles, and other technical documentation.


The wages of technical writers vary greatly depending on the job location, area of expertise in writing, and the number of years of experience. A technical writer with a technology background is definitely among the highest-paid professional writers. Software development documentation and medical writing are also among the well-paid specialties of technical writers.


Technical writing courses or any training relevant to this sector are the best sources of skill development in the technical writing field. As you gain the essential skills and knowledge necessary to become a technical writer, you should identify the area of technical writing you wish to focus on, and finally enjoy the benefits of this rewarding career.


What Are The Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in France?


Technical writing can be learned in many different ways, the most common ones being online or university courses. Considering a technical writing course is a great chance to learn how to become well versed in developing technical documentation for major corporations in the IT industry, information technology, financial and medical industries, as well as the public utility organizations.


The following list contains the most recommended Technical Writing Courses in France for anyone interested in technical writing or who wants to improve their existing skillset.


1). IIM Skills


Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in technical writing can benefit from the Online technical writing courses in France at IIM Skills. Expert mentors with years of experience in the technical writing domain have carefully crafted this courseware of the highest quality and uniqueness. The course includes 5 weeks of live online classes and will provide you with 1 month of guaranteed internship and lifetime support.


Technical Writing Course Includes

  • How to write Technical Reports
  • How to write White Papers and Journals
  • Learn about Conversational Writing
  • How to do Scientific Research
  • Learn about Medical Writing
  • Application Programming Interface Documentation Practices


As a Result of Taking This Course, You Will Be Able to:

  • Recognize various forms of technical communication
  • Explain complex technical concepts clearly so that the average person can understand them
  • Observe formatting rules and other documentation guidelines
  • Create compelling technical documents after an audience analysis


With this technical writing course, you will gain knowledge of all relevant software tools necessary for technical writing, including:

  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • Scribus
  • Git


It will cost you 180.20 Euro to take this course and you will get a certificate of completion.


Other Courses


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2). American Management Association (AMA)


If you are in search of Technical Writing Courses in France you should have a look into the online technical writing program offered by the American Management Association. AMA provides a range of educational services and management development to individuals and organizations around the world in order to achieve performance excellence. In the field of professional development, AMA advances individuals’ skills to help them succeed in business.


In This Course You Will Cover:

  • How to employ the standards of technical writing
  • How to get started efficiently with the technical writing process
  • How to assess your writing style based on the audience
  • How to best display visual information
  • How to achieve clarity and precision


In What Ways Will You Benefit From This Course?

  • You will be able to create technical documents with solid structures
  • You will learn to prepare detailed messages for technical and non-technical readers
  • You will be able to use templates to quickly start the writing process
  • You will discover how to overcome writer’s block


This course is recommended for professionals in engineering, science, IT, and computer fields who are looking to enhance their skills in technical writing.


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3). University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire offers numerous education online courses to assist people from different professions to stay up to date and develop their careers. Different technical writing courses in France are available to suit the needs of all levels of technical writers. Those searching for Technical Writing Courses in France might be interested in the course recommendations below, which include:


  • Technical Writing for Current Technical Writers
  • Basic Certificate in Technical Writing
  • Intermediate Technical Writing
  • Advanced Technical Writing
  • Technical Business Writing for Engineers


As you advance through these courses, you will gain an understanding of the basics of technical writing and furthermore enhance your technical communication skills.


4). Universal Class


Universal Class is an online learning platform for providing education courses to individuals and companies throughout the world. Those looking for Technical Writing Courses in France can take advantage of this platform, which offers a self-paced online program that lasts for 6 months.


The Lessons of This Course Include the Following Topics:

  • An Introduction to Technical Writing
  • The Technical Writing Process
  • How to Effectively Write About Technical Topics
  • Developing Project Management Skills
  • Technical Writing Tools
  • Available Formats of Deliverables


You will Accomplish a Number of Benefits After Completing This Course, Such as:

  • Understand what technical writing is
  • Determine what types of technical writing are required
  • Outline the steps involved in technical writing
  • How to find technical writing projects using the best resources
  • Complete a project in a timely manner by demonstrating time management skills
  • Creating effective technical materials


It will cost you $80 to sign up for this course and a certificate of completion is included in the price.


5). Oregon State University


The Oregon State University is another institution to be considered amongst those looking for Technical Writing Courses in France. This University offers online courses that you can take at your convenience with instructors who are experts in their fields.


In This Technical Writing Course, You Will Be Able to Gain Skills That Will Help You to:

  • Define technical writing
  • Understand the difference between technical writing from other forms of writing
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Create document layouts
  • Identify the target audience
  • Understand the importance of UX design for technical documents


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6). Udemy


Udemy is another major provider of online courses for both working professionals and students. The most popular technical writing courses in France include:


  • Tech Writers Master Class


This Course Will Help You Learn:

  • how to write technical documents
  • use the best words and the right graphics
  • how to proofread and edit your documents
  • understand the best types of writing styles


The program requires you to have basic knowledge of English and basic writing skills.


  • How to Write Software Documentation


This Course Will Help You Learn:

  • Explain the process for preparing and delivering software documentation for the consumers of software products
  • Create graphics that are required in your documentation
  • Craft your own documentation project
  • Use important technical writing tools


The program includes 13 hours of on-demand video, 8 articles, and 15 downloadable resources.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


  • Mastering the Art of Technical Writing


This Course Will Help You Learn:

  • Definition and Goal of Technical Writing
  • Categories of Technical Writing
  • Definition of Technical Communication
  • Editing and Formatting Techniques in Technical Writing
  • Graphics in Technical Writing


The program is intended for subject-matter experts, authors, and bloggers, and it doesn’t require any prior knowledge.


7). ACS Distance Education


ACS is an internationally recognized college that has developed over 600 online courses. This Institution provides useful courses for professional development for all who are interested in developing a career in technical writing. This course includes an extensive curriculum.


Some of the Main Topics Are:

  • Nature and Scope of Technical Writing
  • Developing a logical structure of a technical document
  • Writing Technical Descriptions and Specifications
  • Writing Manuals, Guidelines, and Procedures
  • Definition of Proposals and Proposal Categories
  • Writing Project Reports


This Course Has the Following Objectives:

  • Identify situations where technical writing is used and where you can apply your technical writing skills
  • Learn how to write for a defined audience
  • Write technically accurate instructions using different equipment
  • Develop formats for different documents with logical structure


Whether you are a technician, a product developer, or a scientist, this technical writing course will polish your technical skills and improve your career prospects.


8). World Translation


In addition to the Technical Writing Courses in France, there is also an online program offered by the World Translation Institute. It is an excellent opportunity for training in technical documentation and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. This training for technical writers is an internationally recognized online course. It is conducted in English via an e-learning platform and lasts for 36 weeks.


The Following Topics Will Be Covered in their Technical Writing Courses in France

  • Concept Development
  • Principals of Project Planning and Management
  • Context Analysis
  • Content Creation and Presentation
  • Media production and Publication


This training for technical writers has no admission requirements except for good English skills so that you are able to fully participate in the program. Technical writers, technical communicators, project managers, marketing professionals and people working in documentation departments can all benefit from this training.


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9). Learning Tree


Learning Tree International is a training company that also offers a solid technical writing course that can be attended online.


Duration: 4 days


In This Technical Writing Course You Will Cover the Following Topics:

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • The Writing Process
  • Clarity and Readability
  • Structure of information and data in the documents
  • Documents Design
  • Graphics, Photos, and Drawings


There Are Multiple Benefits of Attending their Technical Writing Courses in France

  • You will be able to effectively write technical documents, white papers, and manuals
  • You will know how to use charts, diagrams, tables, and other graphical tools
  • You will be able to develop documents that meet the needs of your audience

Frequently Asked Questions


1). What skills do I need to become a technical writer?

The most important skills in the field of technical writing are:

  • Writing skills. It will be your job to explain complicated things constantly, so the information you are providing should be understandable for your readers. To be successful and effective, technical writing must be clear, concise, accurate, and careful.
  • Technical Skills. A technical writer who has a special background in a certain industry is much more knowledgeable about the processes and concepts in that field. It is crucial that they have a clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of the product.  For creating high-quality content, they must be able to work with different modern tools and programs. Depending on your company and the product profile, these software tools will be required.


Additionally, successful technical writers need knowledge of the industry, proofreading and editing skills, and excellent communication skills.


2). Do I need to have a background in technology to be a good technical writer?

For technical writing, a background in fields such as science and engineering may be helpful but is not essential. Being curious about technology and how things work are also qualities of technical writers.


3). How will a technical writing course help me?

By enrolling in a technical writing course, you will quickly be able to get started writing technical documents by yourself. You will learn which software tools to use and what practices and rules to consider. Having a course certification can definitely increase your chances of landing an interview and getting a job offer.


4). Where can technical writing be applied?

There are numerous industries that employ technical writers. Some of the most common include engineering, computer hardware and software, chemistry, biotechnology, robotics, electronics, and aerospace.


5). What is the purpose of technical writing?

Technical writing should teach the audience about a certain subject. It needs to provide correct and easily digestible information to the user or the customer. The purpose is to describe how a particular object works or how to complete a certain task or project. The goal is to provide accurate, relevant, brief, and useful information to the end-user in order to solve a particular problem.




Every day, we come across almost all forms of technical writing. Instructions for how to assemble a shelf resumes, manuals, and product labels, are all technical documents written by technical writers. Technical writing can be a rewarding career path. It is a skill that is needed by all types of industries and professions. In order to explain the technical usage of their products in a simple language that is understandable by the average person, companies need technical communicators.


Thus, a career as a technical writer is a viable option for anyone who likes technology and science and enjoys writing. The above suggested Technical Writing Courses in France would greatly benefit you if you are wishing to learn more about technical writing, launching a business as a technical writer, or if you simply work in a tech-related industry and are ready for a full-time technical writing position.


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