Top 6 Renowned Technical Writing Courses in Bhopal

Are you looking to add some special skills to your resume? Do you wanna set up a standard for yourself in this competitive market? Are you trying to find a niche for your career? Then technical writing is a skill that you can add to your armory. This article will lead you on the path of making you a technical writer, giving you all the required information on how to get enrolled yourself in one of the best technical writing courses that may define your career in the upcoming future. Forgetting all the myths about technical writing that only a tech-savvy person can pursue in this field, this article will provide you with information about the top 6 technical writing courses in Bhopal, where you can enroll yourself and can get equipped with a good demanding skillset of technical writing in your resume.


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is a style of describing complex technical terms of hardware, software, engineering terms, medical, finance, etc, and their meaning in such a simple and attractive way that can be encapsulated by a common person who is not related to that sector at all.


Earlier technical writing was extended to only user manuals or the infographic which usually act as a manual only. Now things have changed and technical writing is no more only a manual writing sector, it involves various things like reports, press releases, briefs, handbooks, product descriptions, business proposals, and yes manual writing, etc, and much more.


Technical writing plays an important part in the success of any product or the company’s product launch and for any service-providing company, it not only involves the company product or service but also engages the consumer in a lucrative and easy way that directly affects the sale of a company. This article will make you aware of the best technical writing courses in Bhopal and across the country.


What does a Technical Writer do?


Well, before getting into the thing of what the job of a technical writer is, it is important to know who are technical writers. A technical writer acts as a bridge between the technical team and your consumers who are gonna use your service and products, and it’s the job of the technical writer to make it easy for the consumer to understand all the technical aspects of your service or products by their way of writing and making them understand in a more simple and efficient way.


A technical writer has to keep many things in mind before writing anything such as;

  • Who is going to be the targeted audience?
  • What is the purpose of the document which is been written?
  • How some difficult terms can be written in an easy way to understanding


Opportunities in Being a Technical Writer


If we tell you that there is a big market for technical writers then we won’t be lying and if we tell you that being a technical writer is not everyone’s cup of coffee still we are not lying. To be a technical writer you need to need to have multiple skills.


Firstly, you need to have a good understanding of the technical terms of your company’s products and services. Secondly, you need to have creative writing skills so that you can jot down that knowledge for the people who are gonna be your consumer with little or no knowledge of what you are serving to them.


There are many companies who need technical writers for their press releases, journals, business proposal, handouts, manuals, and many more such things, and if you are good at your work then the pay is really up to the mark.


Before applying for the job of a technical writer, you need to have a good portfolio of your work so that you can show your work to the companies and they can evaluate your work before giving you a job. And for making a good portfolio, you need to have proper knowledge of the work like how to start and where to apply.


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How to Become a Technical Writer?


As the profile name suggests, to be a technical writer you need to have a command over two segments firstly over your technical aspects and secondly you need to have good writing skills, it is generally seen that if you are from a technical background and you are learning to write then it can be a bit easy for you to catch up but vice-versa i.e. if you are from writing background and working on your technical knowledge then it can be a bit daunting task for you.


Many people who are working as technical writers are generally from technical backgrounds like Engineering, Finance, IT, medical or from research backgrounds, etc. A technical writer needs to follow a few steps pinning down any article;


Before writing about anything develop a good ability to research the topic thoroughly, from its history to its present scenario. A researched document is everywhere accepted and it has the authenticity to get published on the internet.


Being a Tech Nerd

It’s an obvious thing which you need to be, before applying anywhere for the job you should be familiar with various content developing software and if you aren’t good at this get a piece of good knowledge about them by taking various courses.


Efficient Planning

Before creating your content on any technical aspect make sure to have a planning form where to start and what should be the key points that are needed to be mentioned in a sequencing manner.


Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Bhopal


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skill is one of the renowned and prestigious institutes for Technical Writing courses in Bhopal. IIM Skills’ main office is situated in Delhi and they run their classes online and have flexible time slots for the working professional as well. The trainees are well encapsulated with thorough knowledge.


IIM Skill generally focuses on skill development courses for people who are looking to deliver beyond their abilities. The institute offers the course under the name Technical Writing Master Course and is divided into various modules designed from root level to an expert level. It also provides you with all the required materials and recorded classes.


Under this course, you will also learn the use of various writing tools and hacks which will help you to deliver your work in the most efficient way to your client. They also run an internship program under this course that will allow you to get exposed to the real market and clients and its internship program will really nurture you a lot to become a professional technical writer. They will also award you with a certificate on successful completion of the course which will give weight to your resume.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Highlights Of Technical Writing Course

  • The course includes practical knowledge of topics such as;
    • White papers and journals
    • DDLC
    • Discourse writing
    • API Documentation
    • Datasheet and user guide
    • Proofreading and publishing
    • Case studies
  • You will get a practical knowledge of 60+ practical assignments
  • Internship program to get live exposure to the market.
  • A dedicated placement cell for the people looking for a job or aspiring to be a freelancer.
  • A certificate on completion of the course.
  • Practical knowledge of various technical tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus.
  • The institute will provide you lifetime access to the course via their LMS; Learning Management System



The course will run for 5 weeks with 20 hours of lectures.


Mode of Learning

IIM Skills run there all the course online with live classes and will provide you with the recording of that class as well.



The price of this course is INR 14,900+ GST


Other Courses


2. Udemy


Udemy is one of the world’s recognized online learning platforms offering various numbers of courses including technical writing courses in Bhopal as well and if you want to be an expert in that field then this platform will not disappoint you by offering one of the best technical writing courses In Bhopal.


Many trainers offer their individual courses as well on this platform. Udemy provides the course of technical writing at a very reasonable price with a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Udemy has also launched its application for users who study via their mobile phones.


The material of the course is entirely downloadable. For the technical course student who is willing to enroll needs to have basic English grammar knowledge, the student needs to have a mobile phone or a computer with an internet connection as the course runs entirely online. 


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3. VSkills Certification


VSkill Certification is one of the most remarkable online platforms that offer great technical writing courses in Bhopal and all over the country. The institute offers a free online technical writing course, as well as various tools and approaches to help the students in writing more professional way.


It has combined a government-certified certificate with 9+ hours of learning lectures, and to get a government-certified certificate a student needs to clear a test conducted by the institute consisting of 50 questions in 60 minutes with a maximum score of 50 and a passing score is 25 marks. It also provides access to e-learning for a lifetime.


The certified students also get opportunities to get placed in big companies as well, they are included on the list of reputed job search websites such as shine.com and mosterindia.com. During the course student is get to learn various aspects of technical writing example;


  • Laboratory reports
  • Research reports
  • Consulting report
  • Design and feasibility report
  • Progress report, etc.


The course approaches several languages, structures, styles, and content that you may encounter while you are up to deliver the result of your research. The institute offers different types of technical and digital courses from which one can surely enhance skills and ability to get a job in a reputed company.


Even if you are a job professional you can easily approach the course to have a better skill set in your work or if you are struggling and looking for a breakthrough that may help you settle down in the market then this course is definitely for you.


4. J.K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology


J.K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology is one of the most prominent universities in Bhopal and has a good status across the country as well. The institute intends to provide the highest level of technical education to the students, training, and research and presses for the development of the students in the field of engineering and other technical sectors.


Institute approaches in the field of Electronics and Communication and Computer Science. They run degree courses for the Bachelor Of Technology, Masters of Technology, and Master of Science. J.K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology offers one of the best technical writing courses in Bhopal providing various future opportunities as well.


In the technical writing course, the institute has included hard copy study material and various different projects to give students better practical knowledge to make them write in a more professional way. During this course, you will learn to produce quality technical documents, including instruction and technical reports. The course also provides various other significant information on the technical writing field.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


5. United Institute of Technology


United Institute of Technology is a renowned institution that was founded in 2007. The institute offers great technical writing courses in Bhopal and various other courses as well. The institute is approved by all the technical education counsel throughout the world. 


The educational material designed by the institute is highly professional in nature, and the trainers are very well equipped with the knowledge in their particular sectors and are highly experienced as well. The institute provides coaching and training to learners and job seekers, the institute offers various other courses as well alongside technical writing courses at very affordable prices.


The trainers of the institute provide practical knowledge to the students and support them until they are placed in a reputed company. It is a great distance learning platform for anyone who is looking to upgrade their skills in various sectors.


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6. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is a globally recognized institute that offers various types of courses to the students taught by well-trained faculties in their niche. Henry Harvin’s main headquarter is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, and has several other branches across the country after the pandemic the institute runs the courses entirely online.


Henry Harvin offers various types of writing courses like content writing, digital writing, and technical writing as well. With a focus on more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge if you are looking to get enrolled in technical writing courses in Bhopal then you can bet blindly on this course.


The course Technical Writing by Henry Harvin is designed in a stepwise way starting from basic reaching to an expert level. The key highlights of the course are;


  • The course offers 16 hours of live online class interaction sessions, followed by 24 hours of live online brush-up sessions, and 50 hours of e-learning access.
  • The institute provides one-year LMS access with an alumni status.
  • It covers various things including lab reports, research reports, plans, feasibility reports, counseling reports, and many other topics.
  • The course offers an internship program for the students as well.
  • On successful completion of the course, it also awards students with a certificate that has great value in the market.
  • It also has a dedicated placement cell for the students.




1. Who can enroll in the technical writing courses in Bhopal?

There are no such criteria for being a technical writer or getting enrolled for the course, anyone who has a creating writing skill or looking to learn this skillset can avail of these courses.


2. Is there a good career ahead after pursuing the technical writing courses in Bhopal?

There is never a surety in anything you do and the same applies here it won’t be like that you will get a big leap after considering these courses it all depends on your hard work and your creativity you will surely learn something different and can make a good career out of it depending on how much you will give in.


3. How long does it take to complete technical writing courses in Bhopal?

The duration varies for different institutes or the websites from where you are availing the course but generally, it takes around 6-8 weeks for the entire course to get over.




There are many sectors of writing like content writing and digital writing and if you are a bit tech-savvy then one of its aspects can be technical writing. The article might provide you with all the required information on how and where to get enrolled but you also need to dig out all other aspects of being a technical writer and how it will mark an embarkment in your career, things might not be easy while you start your journey but it will definitely take you to your desire goal if you just need to pace up with the market, get updated with the all the information of this market because in this digital world things are changing every second.


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