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Is Content Writing Work From Home A Good Career Option

Content writing work from home offers benefits that rarely any other job in the world does. Find out how you can earn more and also be happy at the same time.


Content Writing Work From Home


One of the main reasons for the surge in interest for the content writing career was the opportunity to work from home. Even while earning a very good income. Content writing is one of the best careers for work from home.


This is because most of the work can be done online. This includes client prospecting, briefing, research, content creation, delivery, and payment. There is absolutely no need for a content writer to meet their clients in person. All work can be fulfilled online.


Although in the case of a big project, clients prefer to meet their content writers in person. But in most cases, this is not a necessity.


Why do businesses need professional content writers so much?


Any business in the world knows that content is the main attraction of a website. Content is what brings users to the website. It hooks the user. And content is what makes the users convert into customers.


Content is central to any digital marketing campaign. Therefore, any digital marketing course that has no section for content writing is a waste of time.


All businesses looking to build a content strategy absolutely need  a professional content writer. Professional writers bring onboard many benefits that amateur writers or non-professionals simply cannot.


Professional content writers bring specialized skill-set to the table


Professional content writers are experts who know inside out of content writing as well as content marketing strategies. They have this knowledge by virtue of their experience and industry familiarity.


Professional content writers are practiced in various skills in content writing. Some of them are- including the right topics, doing the SEO, promoting the content on appropriate channels, designing the content for the right audience, creating value for the reader, converting the user into paid customers, and so on.


As a result, the content provided by a professional content writer would be a much more effective tool for content marketing. They manage a much higher click-through-rate and their professional writing reduces bounceback rate. This makes the user spend more time on the webpage and read the complete content.

A high CTR and low bounceback rate help the page improve its ranking on the search engine results page eventually. A low CTR and high bounceback rate, on the other hand, lower the rankings as the search engines treat the content as not relevant.


Professional writers deliver original work


Another advantage of professional content creators is that they deliver original work. Work that has not been published before. The problem with many non-professional writers is that their content is mostly copied from other sources.


When search engines recognize a website that has duplicate content, it tends to penalize the website. This hurts the rankings of the website. In the long term, duplicate content may cause a permanent ban of the website from ever appearing in the search results. This is a huge disaster and renders the website domain essentially useless.


Even if the content is transformed enough not to be flagged as plagiarism by search engines, there is another problem. Non-professional writers fail to be consistent with the objectives and values of the business for which they are creating content.


By not creating original content, they fail to recognize the individuality of each business. This later generates a problem where the brand cannot be recognized distinctly amidst the clutter and noise of hundreds of other similar brands.


A work that is original reflects the true character of a business, its values, and its mission. This creates a distinct image of the brand among the audience, which is the ultimate purpose of every marketing strategy.


Besides, publishing copied content can land a website in legal trouble if the original publisher finds out. The content could be copyrighted.


It also avoids the situation where a wrong piece of information gets copied in the new content since the writer has not done his/her research.


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Content marketing is better


There are two kinds of traffic that websites get. One is organic. The other is paid. Organic traffic comes from search engine results, social media links, e-mails, and such ways.


By the nature of these ways, organic traffic is free-of-cost. There is no direct money involved in acquiring viewers through the organic route.


However, paid traffic, as the name suggests, costs money. The payment model is called PPC, or pay-per-click. Here, the advertiser pays a certain amount of money for every click on the ad. These ads are shown on the search engines and the ad network.


Content or blogs, attract users through the organic route. The only investment required for acquiring users is content creation. This is where businesses hire professional content creators and content writers.


This investment is much less compared to acquiring users through paid traffic. Therefore content creation by hiring content writers is a much better option than other paid models.


Content writers are the most beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises. Content writing can help them market their brand and reach out with much smaller budgets.


Content helps users


The major reason users love blogs is that blogs help them find information and solve problems. If there is content that can completely understand what a user intends to find, and deliver that to them in a user-friendly format, it will be successful content.


When users look for similar information and find a website that answers all their questions, they become loyal audiences. This makes them come again and again for any information on that subject.


In case the website belongs to a brand that uses the site to market their products, good and helpful content increases both the reach as well as the likelihood that the user will become a loyal customer.


Content writers can help create the perception that the brand understands the user’s problem. This is because professional content writers themselves understand users. This understanding comes from years of experience in the industry and firsthand communication with the audience.


A positive brand image is of the utmost significance to develop brand loyalty among customers as it directly correlates to customer retention.


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Why is content writing a great career for work from home?


As is evident from the above lines that content is the best form of promotion in terms of return on investment. This means most brands, especially small and medium-sized businesses, put content marketing central in their marketing efforts.


Due to this reason, there is a huge demand for professional content writers. We already saw why most brands want to hire professional content writers and not just do it themselves.


But now let’s discuss why content writing is also a great career to work from home.




Money is essential for everything in life. It is never enough. And if there is an option of earning more without even leaving your home, most people would exercise that option.


And content writing is the simplest way where skilled people can use their knowledge in their fields to write content for other brands.


Content writing is a great option for professionals like engineers, researchers, healthcare workers, lawyers, accountants, business owners, and artists to earn extra income. Skilled professionals get much more remuneration since finding content writers in highly specialized fields is difficult.


But even for professional content writers without a specific niche, content writing is a sustainable source of income. Every person can write pieces of content as per their expertise in any field.


This is a good source of income for college students who are trying to support their education or earn extra for their expenses. Income through content writing is more than enough to sustain them.


Housewives also find content writing work from home a possible career option so that can contribute to the family financially. It also helps them earn financial freedom and not depend upon someone else.


You can always check what other people in a similar position as yours are earning on portals like and And if a writer can manage to write for about 8-10 hours per day, there is immense potential for a good income. Find out how much content writers earn.


The best part of the income earned from content writing is that writers can set and demand their own rates. This especially when they have worked for a few years and have a proven track record and a strong portfolio.


An advantage that freelance content writers working from home have is that there is no agency that takes any commission. In case of writers working for some agency, they get fixed salaries while the agency gets all the payment. Writers working for an agency realize that for the same amount of work, they could have earned much more.


Dynamic working hours


Content writing work from home is a versatile profession. It offers a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to working hours. A person who does content writing work from home has the option of working anytime they want as long as they deliver the assignment before the deadline.


Content writers can work as much as their schedule allows them or as little as they need to. Students and housewives who usually can take out 3-4 hours every day can do that while working from home.


Even working professionals who have a day job can take out 2-3 hours every day to deliver work. Professionals like engineers, doctors, legal experts, etc. can find time after the work shift and earn extra income.


Content writers working from home can work at any time during the day, any number of hours in one session, or even work for two days in just one day and take a holiday anytime they want.


The greatest perk is that content writers can also work while traveling. This is a huge boon for many as they can fund their trips while traveling simultaneously. All they need to do is take out a few hours for work.


Work/life balance


Content writing work from home offers the most precious benefit in the form of a work-life balance. Professionals early in their careers often work insane hours in hope that someday they will have enough money and retire early to live life peacefully and do everything they are not able to do today.


They do daily commute, work late shifts, work overtime, and miss important milestones of life.


But time flies. And as they work, they can never save enough even while sacrificing everything else for work- their family, friends, and fun. It’s a bitter awakening.


Work from home saves them from such situations. Work is of course important but there is more to life than work. And content writing sometimes pays even more than what corporates do.


A content writer, due to the dynamic nature of the work, can take more work sometimes and reduce workload other times to accommodate other important events in life. They do need to ask their boss for a leave to attend a family wedding or don’t need a favor from someone so that they can leave the office early to attend their child’s birthday.


Online nature of work


Almost all the benefits of content writing come from the fact that content writers do not need to personally meet their clients to gain work. However, it is advised to do so, most of the work does not necessitate an in-person meeting. A phone call is enough.


This is true for freelance content writers. A content writer who is working in a content or a marketing agency will need to show up at the office. This is because agency contracts are often with bigger brands and they purchase various services in addition to content writing such as ad-film shoot, social media management, SEM, or maybe a complete digital marketing campaign.


Due to the online nature of work in content writing, precious time that could have been wasted in commute is free. The content writing work from home allows writers to avoid the daily rush of traffic and save their health and mental well-being.


The advantage here is that students get more time for their usual activities, housewives get more time for their family and working professionals can have a second source of income without going out of home again.


Content writers can find new assignments on freelancer sites like Upwork and fiber. This way they can get new work and their payment is also protected by the platform itself.


Blogging opens up avenues


Many people think of blogging or content writing as an inclusive field without much to do except writing content. But blogging opens up many avenues for writers.


Many people who started blogging a few years ago are now industry experts in their niche. These people are treated as thought leaders and expert supporters or critics with important views.


They are invited to seminars, industry events, and even asked to address the audience in those events. They are often widely known in the industry circle which brings professional recognition and respect.


Bloggers often get new work when clients come across their already published work on the web.


Moreover, blogging is a way through which writers can express their opinion and show their knowledge.


Practice writing skills


This can be a personal motive for many people. The only way to improve writing skills is to write more. And content writing work from home is a perfect way to do that.


The act of writing serves as practice. Eventually, it improves a person’s articulation of thoughts and people get better at organizing information indie their heads. This is an extremely important professional skill. Clarity of expression is helpful in explaining complex ideas in a simple manner. This improves efficiency of communication.


Eventually, these people doing writing become good at communication, not just in professional but also in personal life. This greatly improves the quality of their relationships.


This is why content writing work from home offers good practice for students preparing for exams that have subjective answers. These exams include public services exam and language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS.


Writing is the only way a person can internalize the rules of grammar and various intricacies of any language. It also helps remember new vocabulary if the person is learning that.


Content writing work from home also helps in finding out the reading preferences of audiences. Writers often know what audiences love to hear and what could offend them. This is also the reason why most social media managers are the people who are themselves part of the platform and know the culture.


Develop research skills


Before a content writer starts to work on a piece of content, it is customary to do quite some research on the subject. There are various ways of doing research. But most of the time it involves reading up authoritative sources of information and subject matter books.


The act of researching is a skill because it takes to identify which sources can be trusted and which ones can’t. When a content writer is presenting information for thousands of people to read, there is a sense of responsibility. The writer cannot provide any wrong information.


For this reason, it is important to check and verify all facts, figures, as well as quotes and official statements.


In rare cases, the writer will need to interview concerned people or parties to acquire information. This is common while writing news articles and press releases.


A personal benefit of researching so much is that it increases a person’s general knowledge. This is because, during the act of research, the writer comes across many fascinating pieces of information that can really be used during a conversation. And in case someone ever doubts you, you can always cite the source.


Some writers who stick to particular niches, become as knowledgeable about the field as the experts. For example, a writer who chooses to write only about wildlife would eventually be full of amazing facts and useful information about wild animals and plants.


You can also find what kinds of information in a niche is more interesting to the users by looking at pieces of content that rank high and those that rank low.


Creative outlet


Writing is a form of expression. It is a subjective skill and everyone does it a little differently. It is possible to learn the rules of grammar but there are no rules to writing.


Aspiring artists or working professionals looking for an outlet to their creativity will find content writing work from home very fulfilling.


This is because, during the act of writing, writers always manage to find new ways to express information and opinion. This is even more valid in case of opinion blogs that need writers to express different viewpoints to spark conversations.


Editorials in newspapers are nothing but opinion columns. But most publications have internet blogs where there are many more writers, from different fields of work, expressing their opinion over public matters.


Other than that, there are many blogs that encourage their writers to be creative for publishing content like short stories and poetry.


Different blogs on the same topic may contain similar information but what makes them truly distinct is the style of writing. A blog that is written in an engaging manner will make users stick for longer than a blog that is boring and purely factual.


Creatively written pieces of content always get more positive feedback. People who loved it would even comment on the blog. This can also help the writer understand what are the tastes and preferences of their audiences.


Q. What is content writing?

Ans- The craft of developing content in a way it brings genuine organic audience attention to a website, page, product in order to generate leads and sales is called content writing.

Q. What are some of the content writing practices?

Ans- There are several practices followed for content writing and some of them are on-page SEO, keyword research, keyword stuffing, and content structuring as well.

Q. What are some content writing tools?

Ans- There are lots of content writing tools and some of them are UBERSuggest, SEMrush, etc.



As we have seen in this article, content writing is one of the few jobs that offer so many benefits, all the while providing great stable income and respect.


Content writing work from home is and will be a great career option for many years to come.


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