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Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Leeds With Placements

Creativity speaks a thousand words that no grandiose gesture ever can express. We often define creativity as the art of expressing one’s opinions through different creative outlets. Creativity is the essence of every decision we take; it is the catalyst that equips us to think over the conventional bounds of a perceived notion. If you want to possess creative writing skills, enroll in the below-listed creative writing courses in Leeds.

The flow of performing various tasks coherently with a spark of unconventional ideas marks the essence of creativity. Whether it be media houses, the publishing industry, business magnates, or authors, creativity pioneers the process of brainstorming and building brands that leave an impact on the lives of consumers.

Creative writing can be often defined as the free expression of words that use fantasy and imaginative themes to bring out refreshing stories and symbolism to the brand or the plot required. Creative writers are often great orators and storytellers who have mastered the art of narrating a story with their words both written and verbal.

They are well established in the science of verbal and nonverbal communication which helps them understand the reader’s psyche and curate a story that creates a long-lasting impression on their minds.

Creativity is often said to be a trait people are born with, but as simple as it sounds creative writing can be mastered by consistent practice. In this article, we discuss how we can learn creative writing through creative writing courses in Leeds.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is intended to evoke an emotion in the reader by telling them about a topic. In storytelling (including books, movies, graphic novels, fiction, and many video games), a theme is the centerpiece of the work. Take the movie (and the novel it’s based on) Jaws, for example.

The story is about a shark that threatens a marine community and the men assigned to kill the shark. But the film’s themes include humans’ desire to control nature, tradition versus innovation, and how profit can lead those in power to make dangerous, even deadly, decisions. A theme is not the only thing that defines creativity.


Here are some other common features of creative writing: 

  1. Connect, or at least try to connect with the reader’s feelings
  2. Write from a specific point of view
  3. Organize the text around the storyline
  4. Story structure can be complex or simple and serves to shape how the reader interacts with the content. Use descriptive and/or descriptive language


Creative writing courses in Leeds generally use literary devices such as examples and metaphors to build a story and express a theme, but this is not a requirement. There is also no dialogue, although you will see it used in many works of fiction. Creative writing does not have to be fiction either. Real-life stories,  autobiographies, and lyrical essays are all forms of creative writing. What is not a text?

In contrast, research papers are not creative writing. Nor is it a research essay, a persuasive essay, or any other type of academic essay. Similarly, personal, and professional communications are not considered natural writing, so your email, social media, and official office statements are all firmly in the no-writing zone.

These types of texts convey information, but they do not convey a theme. Their purpose is to communicate and educate, and in some cases to collect information from readers. And although they may inspire readers, that is not their primary purpose. But what about things like blog posts?

Or a personal essay? These are broad categories, and specific pieces in these categories can qualify as creative writing if they meet the criteria listed above. This blog post, for example, is not creative because it wants to explain, but a blog that guides the reader through a first-person account of an event can be creatively written. Creative Writing courses in Leeds help you understand writing styles in a better way


Creative Writing Styles 

Creative writing comes in many forms. These are the most popular:


1. Novels

The novels were born in the 18th century. Today, when people think of books, most think of newspapers. Novels are short stories that are usually told in 60,000 to 100,000 words, although they can be as short as 40,000 words or over 100,000.

Stories that are short enough to be novels, but cannot be properly called short stories are often called short stories. In general, stories between 10,000 and 40,000 words are considered short stories. You may also see the word “novelette”, which is used to refer to stories between 7,500 and 19,000 words.


2. A short story 

A short story is a piece of fiction usually between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Like novels, they tell a complete story and have at least one character, some kind of conflict, and at least one theme. When a story is less than 1,000 words, it is classified as a work of fiction. Creative writing courses in Leeds help you learn about writing a short story


3. Song 

Poetry can be difficult to describe because as a genre it is open. Songs do not have to be long. It does not have to be loud. There are many forms of poetry from cultures around the world, such as sonnets, haikus, sestinas, open verse, limericks, and blank verse. The rules of poetry often change unless you are writing a specific type of poem, such as haiku, that has specific rules about numbers or structure.

And although a poem does not have to conform to any specific length or structure, or use perfect rhythm, it must move the reader’s feelings, from a certain point of view. look and express the subject. And when you put poetry and music, you have music.


4. Sports, TV shows, and movies-

The pieces are intended to be performed on stage. Scripts are meant to be made into movies; TV scripts are meant to be made into TV programs. Video articles produced for other platforms fit into this category. Plays, television shows, and movies have a lot to do with novels and short stories. They tell stories that evoke emotions and present themes.

The difference is that they are meant to be translated rather than read, so they tend to be more conversational because they do not have the luxury of long explanatory sections. But writers have more than just a working dialogue; Writing a play or film also includes stage writing or stage direction. Each type of script has its formatting requirements.


A non-fictional creation 

Creative writing courses in Leeds cover creative non-fiction covers all types of non-fiction writing. Here are some examples:

    • Personal Essay: A personal essay is an accurate story told through a narrative structure. Often, memories of events are combined with thoughts about those events and descriptions of yourself and your feelings about them in this type of writing.


    • Literary Journal: Think of a literary journal as a novel that complements the creative writing process. It’s the kind of story that’s often published in outlets like The New Yorker and Salon. Narrative essays tell stories but do so in a way that makes them look like personal essays and short stories.


    • Memoirs: Memoirs are too personal writing and novels are too short stories. In other words, a memoir is a long-term collection of personal recollections, usually based on a specific story, which often includes thoughts, epiphanies, and emotional insights into the story.


    • Autobiographies: Autobiographies are books you write about yourself and your life. Often, autobiographies highlight major events and may focus on one aspect of the writer’s life, such as his career as a technology developer or his career doing professional sports. Histories are often in the form of memoirs, but instead of being a collection of memories centered around a particular event, they often tell the story of the author’s life in chronological order.


    • Humorous writing: Humorous writing comes in many forms, such as comedy series, political dramas, and humorous essays.
    • Lyrical Essays: In poetry, the writer breaks the rules of grammar and style when writing about an idea, event, place, or feeling. In this way, an essay is like a long poem. The reason they are considered essays, not long poems, is that they often provide a more specific analysis of the subject than a poem would.


Skills You Need to Have to Be a Creative Writer

A distinct voice– Every writer need to have a unique voice of his own, it is very important to not get submerged by the requirements of the clients and lose your tonality in writing. Your individualistic style and tone of writing should never be lost amidst the expectations of writing with perfectionism and a rich vocabulary.


Good command over words– A creative writer should have a very good command over words. They should know which word would perfectly fit where and how their words would be perceived by the readers. An enriched vocabulary of words enhances the quality of your work. However, try to be as clear and precise as you could be and avoid technical jargon.


Storyteller– A good writer is also a good storyteller. Storytelling is the art of playing with words to create a story in the minds of the audience. Writers must know how to narrate their stories with the syllables they bind their writeups with


Ambition and Patience– This field requires a lot of patience and perseverance. It would take a lot of failed attempts and consistent writing to become a recognized writer. You have been excited about writing something new every day though you do not have the motivation. Discipline makes a writer set goals for himself and is focused on achieving them.


Reading– A writer is also a reader. A writer needs to be a reader and it cannot be emphasized enough. Reading books opens your mind to a plethora of imaginative plots and storylines and can help you find your eureka moment for your writing.


Tenacity– A writer needs to be thick-skinned. You should be able to take criticism well. Essentially filtering out constructive criticism and deriving lessons from it helps you improve as a writer.


Versatility as a writer– As a creative writer you are expected to deliver unique and fresh pieces every day. It is often a tasking job to produce new content daily. A creative writer should be well-versed in different forms of content to be best at his work.


What is Writer’s Block and How to Tackle It?

Creativity is a state of mind in which the brain functions in the flow state. It is something that happens naturally and cannot be induced. Artists and writers often deal with creative block, where their mind is overstimulated with thoughts, and their creative juices are obstructed by the fear of not being creative.

Writers frequently have their stimulated periods over the year where their art does not naturally come to them. It becomes difficult to even write a single piece that oozes out their creativity and makes them believe in themselves. Experiencing a creative/writing block can oftentimes be frustrating and rejecting.

Creative writers are expected to deliver a story that differentiates itself from others easily. In their writing block here are certain practices that they follow to eliminate writer’s block by enrolling in the creative writing courses in Leeds.


7 Activities That Help You Deal With Writer’s Block

1)Journaling– Jotting down your thoughts, in a free flow of writing and observing them greatly helps during writer’s block. Rant journaling and plot-based journaling are two ways of being self-aware of your thoughts and surroundings.


2)Reading– Exposing yourself to the fantastical world of imaginative realities of various authors allows your mind to wander and break the monotony. As a writer, it is important to be open and explore new perspectives in the world. Reading will help you relax your mind and generate new ideas.

3)Talking to new people– Gaining new perspectives from people completely new to your domain and broadening your horizons will always help you to get out of the rut.


4)Poetry/Writing workshops– Workshops that help you get creative are always a great start in leveraging your writing skills. Writing workshops often help you write systematically and give you insightful feedback on your writing. Prompts that are given often help build a consistent writing habit.


5)Competitions– Writing competitions are always a great way to start writing again. In a competitive environment, productivity often thrives.


6)Meditation– You can only write well only when you have a calm state of mind. Being calm and composed often helps you come out of the mental rut and ink it on a piece of paper.


7)Exercising– Going out in the sun and moving your body often reenergizes you and inspires you to write.


Creative Writing Courses in Leeds That Help You Learn Creative Writing



5 Years Of Greatness:

IIM SKILLS has been exceptionally steady in offering the best web-based exploratory writing course for the beyond 5 years now. In these 5 years, IIM SKILLS have accomplished achievements that just not many different foundations could accomplish. In such a speedy period, IIM SKILLS has figured out how to keep an exceptional spot among others in the substance composing industry.

It is an extremely famous association that not just trains the understudies with the best web-based exploratory writing course yet additionally with different abilities expected for the overwhelming majority of different callings in the substance composing industry.

Every one of the important abilities expected for the greater part of the types of content composing could be mastered through IIM SKILL’s best internet-based exploratory writing course.



The principal explanation for IIM SKILLS being evaluated as the best web-based exploratory writing course is the personnel. The staff is liable for keeping up with such an open learning environment for understudies. A gigantic measure of examination has been finished to foster the modules of this best internet-based exploratory writing course.

IIM SKILLS through its best internet-based exploratory writing course has helped a large number of possibilities to advance a bit nearer to truly amazing jobs. IIM SKILLS are appraised as the best web-based exploratory writing course by numerous understudies.

The personnel guarantees that the understudies while chasing after this best web-based exploratory writing course go through legitimate preparation by finishing every one of the fundamental tasks and different assignments.


Master Mentors:

The coaches of this best web-based exploratory writing course are industry specialists who have been in the business for over 10 years now. These coaches have worked for the absolute best associations and have seen all the promising and less promising times of this industry.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Through every one of these promising and less promising times, these gifted mentors have figured out how to construct an exceptionally steady and effective vocation in happy composition and exploratory writing. This is the explanation they are the most reasonable individuals to counsel about any experimental writing-related inquiries and disarray.

These coaches through this best internet-based experimental writing course have helped a large number of understudies and experts to support their professions. The mentors of this best web-based exploratory writing course by IIM SKILLS are profoundly qualified, gifted, capable, and experienced, making it simpler for the understudies to get familiar with internet-based writing necessary exploratory writing abilities.


Content Writing Course Modules:

One more such justification for IIM SKILLS to be evaluated as the best web-based content composing course is the scope of subjects it covers through its educational program. This best internet-based experimental writing course includes subjects going from the extremely key to an exceptionally proficient degree of exploratory writing, assisting the understudies with emerging as expert innovative scholars.

IIM SKILLS through its best web-based experimental writing course has prepared north of 4300 experts in excess of 1000 preparation programs across 33 nations. The details show why this is the best web-based exploratory writing course. Numerous thousand understudies among the people who finished this best web-based exploratory writing course by IIM SKILLS have been set into various organizations.


2- British Council 

  • In-Person/Online: Online classes on weekends
  • Price: INR 10,000
  • Duration: 36 hours over 9 weeks
  • Paper: Yes


Although the course is conducted online, there is a set time for attending sessions. The course also includes 14 hours of interaction and peer learning through the British Council’s learning platform. You must have an intermediate to advanced level to be eligible for creative writing courses in Leeds.

The online course of the platform includes 14 hours of discussion. The teachers conduct research between the courses and at the end. The course content covers a range of topics, including Content from the British Council’s Creative Arts Course for Adults – Module 1


3- Creative Writing Workshop From Xavier Institute of Communications 

  • In-Person/Online: The In Person Class
  • Location – Mumbai
  • Eligibility – No
  • Price – 8000 rupees
  • Duration: 8 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Paper: Yes


Xaviers Institute offers a variety of writing programs. Your content will be reviewed by professional writers and peer reviewers. The goal is to help you improve your writing through constructive feedback. This course is especially useful for young fiction writers who want to understand the different aspects of writing.

I like this one of the best creative writing courses in Leeds because it is cheap, the schedule is flexible and there are new classes every 2 months. Creative writing course courses in Leeds can equip you with great creative skills.


Recommended Reads:


4- Writing: Essay: Writing Skills: Punctuation (Udemy) 

  • In-Person/Online: Access the Internet on mobile and PC
  • Price: 1600 – 1800 INR
  • Duration: 30 hours of video on demand
  • Paper: Yes


This is one of Udemy’s creative writing courses in Leeds for writers who want to publish a book. Course content includes articles and downloadable resources and 30 hours of on-demand video. This tutorial aims to help you improve on different things like character development and plot. As part of the writing training, you will learn how to self-publish books on digital platforms such as Amazon. The budding arguer through using the way to change their characters.


5- Circumstant Technology: Article, Edothery 

Writing 4- Get the text, continue to write (vomy)

  • With one / online: Internet online on television and television
  • Price: 5300 – 5500 INR
  • Time: Video on One hour request
  • Book: Yes


For starters who want to show their forms, it is one of the best educational programs to text experts offer professionals. It gives you useful tips to start writing every day to improve your writing skills. The point of this tutorial is to let your creativity run free and let you tap into all those amazing ideas.


6 – Best in terms of the University of Michigan 

  • In-Person/Online: Online
  • Price: Registration is free and financial assistance is offered
  • Duration: about four months
  • Paper: Yes


The title of this course is good with these words: Specialization in Writing and Editing. These creative writing courses in Leeds offer English writing lessons for adults. This specialization is offered by Coursera and has four sections for writing and editing. The online creative writing courses in Leeds focus on all aspects of creativity. From word choice and word order to how to write better sentences.

You will learn skills in creativity, editing, and proofreading, The goal is for you to use beautiful words, thereby improving your writing skills. By having English writing lessons like these, you are guaranteed to manage both short-term and long-term projects with ease with the help of creative writing courses in Leeds.


7- Wesleyan University Creative Writing Specialization 

  • In-Person/Online: Online
  • Price: Free registration
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Paper: Yes


Wesleyan offers specialized creative writing courses in Leeds that can help you learn all the essentials of a story. The purpose of this course is to give you skills in short story writing, fiction writing, creativity, and copywriting and editing. The main points of focus in this lesson include:

The main points of focus in this lesson include:

  1. Plan
  2. Technical skills
  3. Settings and details
  4. Type


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


8- Masterclass: Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling 

  • In-Person/Online: Online
  • Price: Free trial
  • Duration: 19 video lessons (4-5 hours)
  • Paper: Yes


If you are looking for creative writing courses in Leeds, then this course offered by Masterclass, a video-based learning course, is one of the best. Masterclass teachers are not professional English writers or teachers. They are true masters in their work. Neil Gaiman is an award-winning bestselling author and bestselling author who leads this master class in storytelling.

The series consists of 18 chapters that focus on everything related to creating a story. Some of the chapter’s content includes word building, editing, and dealing with writer’s block. Masterclass: Neil Gaiman teaches the art of storytelling, creative writing


9- Henry Harvin 

  • In-Person/Online: Interactive online classroom sessions
  • Price: INR 12,500
  • Duration: 24 hours of two-way live sessions / 1-year subscription
  • Paper: Yes


Henry Harvin is an ed-tech company that provides this writing system in India. This course requires you to have language and technical skills as prerequisites. Creative Writing Lessons for creative writing courses in Leeds will teach you about poetry, creative non-fiction, fiction, and film.


Frequently Asked Questions: Creative Writing Courses in Leeds


1) What are the careers that can be pursued in creative writing?

-As a creative writer you can be a scriptwriter, a brand manager, a songwriter, a novelist, an author, a poet, a professor, etc. Creative writing marks its application in marketing, designing, and content writing as well. You can become a creative writer by studying specializations in the same or by attending workshops and masterclasses.


2) How much do creative writers earn?

As of July 2021, the typical salary for a creative writing position was around $63,395 per year or about $30 per hour. If you have some experience writing, a solid education in writing, or a combination of the two, you may expect to be paid in this range.


3) What is the basic difference between creative writing and technical writing?

Technical writing, in contrast to creative writing, does not need to arouse the reader’s emotions; instead, it aims to present complex information in a way that is simple to read and understand. Creativity is still possible in technical writing. It is a nuanced kind of writing that demands a high level of usability and comprehension.


Conclusion: Creative Writing Courses in Leeds

Creative writing is a type of writing where the focus is on the author’s creativity. Examples of this type of writing include poetry, short stories, novels, and other works that employ strong written images and emotional effects to tell a story. There are a wide variety of writing styles. You already know that not all writing reads the same way. While other types of writing often merely leave the reader with facts and information instead of emotional intrigue, creative writing employs senses and emotions to build a vivid vision in the reader’s mind. With creative writing courses in Leeds, you can learn one of those skills that can eternally get better at with practice.

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