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Top 8 Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool With Placements

The majority of us enjoy writing, expressing our emotions, and even discussing books or critics. However, in some circumstances, it may be difficult to put them into the proper phrases, formats, or structures. There are countless writers in the world today, some of whom have succeeded in connecting with readers, but a few are still trying to figure out the best method to express their ideas in a way that would connect with readers. If you want to be proficient in it, must enroll in the listed creative writing courses in Liverpool.


The process of writing is never-ending. There are various ways to communicate one’s thoughts, emotions, and ideas, as well as to engage readers. Why is enrolling in a creative writing course necessary? Anyone looking for creative writing courses in Liverpool will find in this article all the information they need to know about the program and more information on how to apply.


Table of Content

What is Creative Writing?

What is the purpose of Creative Writing?

Types of Creative Writing

Who is Eligible for Creative Writing courses in Liverpool?

List of Top Universities for Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool.

Why Creative Writing is important?

What are the career options on completion of the Creative Writing course?




What is Creative Writing?

Imaginative expression of our emotions and thoughts through writing is what we might refer to as creative writing. Books on mysteries, diaries, narrative sort tales, poetry, and other literary works are all types of creative writing in narrative and factual or documentary categories.

Creative writing is essentially a different approach to expressing yourself because it doesn’t adhere to any boundaries as other writing genres do. Let’s now see the list of Institutions and Universities that provide the best creative writing courses in Liverpool. Before that let us learn the purpose of Creative Writing.


What is the Purpose of Creative Writing?

Knowing the aim of what you are writing is crucial to understanding what creative writing is. When a student enrolls in this creative writing course, they are required to write stories that will amuse and impact the readers with insightful knowledge.

The interaction between the author and the reader should be understood. Most of the time, creative writing is utilized for communicating a purpose to the reader, whether it is for entertainment, emotional expression, knowledge, or another reason.


Types of Creative Writing



Essays can be written in formal or informal language, but they typically take the shape of paragraphs. Writings may be written in the first person (I, ours, mine), but most academic essays should be written in the third person (people, he, she). Unlike the majority of published sources and papers, essays do not require extensive research, yet they nevertheless must credit all literary sources used.



It is communication between a storyteller and more than one listener while narrating a narrative. The story being told is influenced by the listeners’ reactions. In actuality, the narration of stories results from the communication and mutually beneficial efforts of the narrator and the audience.

Specifically, the narration of the story avoids building an artificial wall between the narrator and the audience. This is one of the ways that narrative differs from stage genres that make use of a fictitious “fourth wall.”



Fiction describes something that is imagined or invented; the phrase is typically applied to literary works written in prose or everyday language that does not have a set meter, like poetry. Contrarily, the term “nonfiction” refers to writing that is based on real-world facts, events, and characters. Even though fiction can relate to written works, plays, and movies.



The art of creating screenplays is known as script writing (or screenwriting). Writing a script entails incorporating the characters’ gestures, vocabulary, and facial emotions into a predetermined structure. The process of creating a script differs greatly from that of producing a book, a poem, or an essay. To communicate successfully on the screen, special formatting techniques are required.



Any written log is a journal. You could use a notebook for your accomplishments, memories, dreams, or thankfulness. Many authors keep universal or idea journals, which can be used for anything from daily free writing to project planning and brainstorming.


Who is Eligible for Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool?

Higher Secondary or 10+2 with literature or the arts as the primary discipline is the minimum educational need for applying to a creative writing course. These courses must last a minimum of one year. Most colleges and universities offer creative writing courses as electives for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

It is not necessary to have a professional degree to write creatively. Success for a creative writer depends on their ability to write with imagination, creativity, and invention. Academic knowledge in English literature, journalism, or communication is a bonus for a great career in creative writing.


List of Top Institutions for Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool



The training that IIM SKILLS offers is popular all over the world. It is the best and most well-known online service for creative writing courses in Liverpool. They offer an online creative writing course which is a part of the Content Writing Course that lasts for 4 weeks.

Following the successful completion of the course, you will be assigned a three-month internship based on your extensibility. The 30-hour course is broken down into 16 hours of lecture instruction and 14 hours of internship sessions. In addition to all of this, they provided access to tools worth 35,000 INR and free lifetime access.

As you think about publishing your content more creatively, the course here enables you to learn how creative writing is employed. This also enables you to comprehend the differences between creative writing and content writing.


Learning Objective in Creative Writing:

  • Make a First Draft of Your Book (Fiction – Nonfiction)
  • Create a rough draught of your creative content.
  • Make up a short story.



  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • WordPress Web development
  • Digital content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Email Writing
  • Social Media Writing and Videos Scripts
  • Creative Writing


You Will Need the Following Tools:

  • Books on Google
  • Publishers on Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Canva and Google Docs
  • SOP and Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing 101
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Artificial marketing and Adsense
  • Freelance Content Marketing
  • Resume Writing


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Liverpool Hope University

The top creative writing programs in Liverpool are provided by the renowned Liverpool Hope University. The primary goal of this degree is to enhance your creative writing abilities. This improves your writing skills in both fiction and nonfiction. Candidates will receive training in professional writing techniques for blogs, reviews, and other media-related tasks.

Studying creative writing will provide you with the technical know-how to present your work to varied audiences as well as an improved command of your art, more self-assurance when expressing your ideas and feelings, and knowledge of the principles that guide your writing practice.

Studying with well-known academics and writers will improve your writing, and you’ll get a variety of workplace skills to get ready for rewarding professions.


Course Details:

The course will be a 3years curriculum


Year One

  • The Creative Writing Process
  • Writing Practice
  • Writing Techniques: Poetry, Prose, and Creative non-fiction


Year Two

  • Critical and Ethical Concepts in Writing
  • The Writing and Reading Interface
  • Writing Workshops in Poetry, Prose, and Creative Non-Fiction


Year Three

  • The Research Project
  • The Vocational Seminar
  • Advanced Studies in Poetry, Prose, and Creative Non- Fiction


For more information, kindly contact the university:

+44 (0)151 291 3000

[email protected]


3. University of Liverpool

The University was founded in the year 1881 and its goal is to help students develop into highly employable, imaginative, and culturally literate graduates. The University of Liverpool provides unique modules in creative writing courses in Liverpool that enables your writing skills.

These modules help to develop skills professionally through the activities such as writing in exhibitions, running creative writing workshops, and more. A collection of creative work along with insights on the experience and needs of the post as a writer. You will hone your writing skills and gain a stronger understanding through foundational courses in modern literature and drama and screenwriting.


Course Details

Course duration is for

Full Time: 12 months

Part-Time: 24 months


Modules Include


Creative Writing 1 and 2:

The objectives of this module are to give students the chance to think about how critically-informed creative practice needs to engage with a globalized world, economic equality, political and environmental issues, and human rights; Expose how creative and critical forms can support one another, with an emphasis on textual practice; Establish services in creating quality composing in a core concern throughout poetry, prose, drama, and other forms of writing.


Creative Writing Workshop 1 and 2:

The purpose of this module is to give students the chance to improve and hone their creative writing skills. Students can create their unique approach to creative practice in the module’s encouraging environment. Students will be taught to read as writers by engaging in reflective reading, which should include a reading by their peers and well-known authors as well as reading for pleasure.

By doing this, they will be able to draw from the techniques and methods of other writers while also placing their project within a larger context.


Also, check here the top-ranked:


4. Oxford

Oxford is well known for creative writing courses in Liverpool. The University provides its own style of teaching in the form of tutorials. Through interactive small group seminars, the student’s knowledgeable tutor will promote independent and critical thinking sessions.

Those who have enrolled in this course will have to produce two pieces of independent work for this course (either essays or problem sheets), which their instructor will assess in a 1:1 or 2:1 session. The students will also have the chance to talk with their instructor about their work and their comments in tutorials.

There will also be sessions where the other student’s unique viewpoints will be discussed. A certificate and recommendation letter from your tutor will be given to you once the course is complete.


Course Duration:

2-year, part-time master’s degree course.

Fees details – $12,880


5. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is also a well-known University for creative writing courses in Liverpool. This University is a commitment to valuing and facilitating lifelong learning while promoting the broadest possible access for students to the university.

They create, deliver, and curate a portfolio of world-class, research-informed short courses as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of subject areas. This is accomplished by utilizing the knowledge that ICE, the collegiate University, and its larger networks possess.

Delivering cutting-edge, career-relevant courses to working professionals and those who are planning to change their careers, ICE serves as an accessible entry point to the University for students looking to engage in higher education for the first time or return after a long break. It also offers opportunities for learning in later life. ICE carries out its aim by offering reasonably priced courses.


Aims of the Course

  • To acquaint the audience with the lyric essay subgenre of creative nonfiction.
  • The chance for pupils to practice methods and experiment with other forms.
  • To provide a basic overview of the genre’s application in politics and as a form of identity expression.


Course Duration

Online: 7 Weeks

Fees: $395



You can enroll in this course without any prerequisite knowledge or expertise because it is open to everyone.

Observe that only English is used throughout instruction. To profit the most from the training, you should be able to speak English like a native.


6. Coursera

Most of us would want to enroll in a course while we work and Coursera is the best online platform that provides amazing creative writing courses which can be learned with ease. For anyone who is looking forward to enrolling in creative writing courses in Liverpool, this is one of the best choices I could say.

The short story, the narrative essay, and the memoir are three of the main creative writing genres that are covered in this specialization. You will learn the techniques that great writers use to create a gripping story full of memorable characters set in an intriguing setting and written in a unique descriptive style.

You will analyze and evaluate peer writing constructively. You will draught, rewrite, and finish a considerable actual script in the art form of your choice for the Capstone. Anyone interested in writing, from aspiring short story writers to seasoned novelists, can benefit from their classes.

This expertise gives you the skills to accomplish your objective, regardless of whether you have a completed manuscript on your desk that needs a new perspective or has had the seed of an idea for ten years.

You will improve your ability to not just improve your writing but also critique writing in general and discover inspiration in the writing you are already reading through four courses, each of which focuses on a crucial facet of writing and may be taken in any sequence you want.


Course: Online Platform and is made flexible.

Modules: 5 Courses are available

Duration: 7 Hours Approximately



7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course gives writers the tools they need to convey their imagination via language, including a compelling vocabulary. The course gives students the freedom to think outside the box, expand their vocabulary, and get rid of mental monotony by allowing them to escape the limitations of their daily lives.


Learning Benefits

  • Find and share your unique writing voice
  • Experience hands-on learning by completing several real-world writing tasks designed to help you develop the skills you need.
  • Become proficient in a variety of writing processes, styles, and specific knowledge.
  • Discover and share your voice.
  • Understand the basics of creative writing
  • Develop into a creative writing enthusiast who follows the basic writing protocols.
  • Demonstrate a wide awareness of English literary masterpieces and the role they play in the formation of fiction writing and novel/book writing.
  • Write articles, blogs, stories, or poetry using creative writing concepts.
  • Learn the techniques for writing excellent fiction.
  • Create compelling characters for your work that become lovable real-life people.
  • Create catchy structures that influence the characters’ worlds
  • Learn how to craft compelling stories that catch readers and make your writing stand out.
  • Find your special writing strength.


Course Module

  • 24hrs of training that includes (8hrs of Writing Assignments + 16hrs of Live Sessions.
  • Free access to Tools worth 20k.
  • 3 months of paid internship in which you earn a Certificate, flexible, and this will be optional.

About the Fees, one can contact the team at the helpline number +91 9891953953.


8. Bangor University

Bangor University holds 2nd place for Graduate Prospects of Creative Writing. This University is well known for Creative Writing courses in Liverpool. The study of what has not yet been written—from prose and poetry to screenplay, Twitter fiction to short stories, journalism to stream-of-consciousness, and experimental writing—is what creative and professional writing is all about.

You can learn the craft of language at Bangor University in a variety of ways and through a variety of media. You’ll discover how to refine your creativity and thoughts. Learn to write so that you may communicate with a wider audience as well as yourself.

You will spend your three years studying this practical topic honing the rhetorical and critical thinking abilities required to work in the creative sectors, including publishing, editing, copywriting, and the media. You will create a portfolio of your work that will serve as a record of your evolving abilities, range of skills, and growth.


Course Module

The course is for 3 years and is a full-time course.



  • Issues in media and journalism.
  • Visual Cultures
  • Introduction to playwriting
  • Introduction to practical journalism
  • Creative practice
  • Introduction to mass culture
  • Introduction to media practice
  • Film language
  • Theatre making
  • E-Publishing
  • Film Industry Development
  • Digital Advertising
  • Short Film Production
  • Theatre and Performance


Fees: $9,000 per year

Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 2DG, UK

+44 1248 351 151


Why Creative Writing is Important?

After understanding the list of Universities and Institutes for Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool, let’s now understand why Creative Writing plays an important role. By discovering your distinct thoughts and presenting your point of view without boundaries, you will be able to convey your views to the world.

Because of this, practicing creative writing entails much more than just enhancing your vocabulary, syntax, and spelling. Writing creatively fosters innovation and the ability to think beyond the box, which in turn motivates you to come up with fresh ideas. Both of these abilities are worthwhile.

It’s typical to have to blend things, including characters, emotions, and settings, that have nothing in common with your own experiences when building a fictitious world. By taking this stance, one may develop compassion and understanding for those who may have experienced circumstances extremely dissimilar to their own.

Your ideas and ideologies may be explored further or mirrored in your characters or their surroundings. After some practice, you’ll find that speaking your mind in public comes more naturally to you.


What Are the Career Options on Completion of the Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool?

Most of us would want an answer to this question as to what kind of jobs are available on completion of the creative writing course. Well, here’s a list of jobs that can be considered.

  • Copywriter
  • Novelist
  • Publishing Copy-Editor / Proofreader
  • Newspaper Journalist
  • Technical writer
  • Talent agent
  • Grant writer
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Web content manager
  • Film director
  • Lexicographer
  • Academic librarian
  • Blogger
  • Concept artist
  • Marketing Executive
  • Social media content creator
  • Public relation officer
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Creative director


FAQs About Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool


What is Creative Writing?

We might refer to creative writing as an imaginative expression of our emotions and thoughts through writing. Books on mysteries, diaries, narrative sort tales, poetry, and other literary works are all types of creative writing in narrative and factual or documentary categories. Creative writing is essentially a different approach to expressing yourself because it doesn’t adhere to any boundaries as other writing genres do.


What are the roles and career scope in Creative Writing?

Creative writing now has a multitude of chances thanks to the development of IT and the IT industry. The Department of Labor estimates that between 2020 and 2030, there will be a 9% increase in jobs in the writing and publishing industry in the United States, which is roughly as fast as the nationwide average for all industries. As a result of this expansion, there will be 5,400 new employment openings per year in a range of industries. The present workforce’s retirement is a major factor in many of these job opportunities.


What are the eligibility criteria for creative writing courses?

It is not necessary to have a professional degree to write creatively. Success for a creative writer depends on their ability to write with imagination, creativity, and invention. Academic knowledge in English literature, journalism, or communication is a bonus for a great career in creative writing.



This article’s main objective is to give the field of creative writing studies academic validity. The above listed are well-reputed Institutions and Universities for those who are looking for Creative Writing Courses in Liverpool. The history of the discipline must be studied to best achieve this goal; more specifically, it must be understood how the foundational theories and pedagogies of creative writing practice inform its separation from the core curriculum and its binary conflict with academic criticism. The list claims that creative writers frequently feel underappreciated about the latter.

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