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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Dubai With Placements

If you have a creative streak and want to explore your choices, writing can be a successful and meaningful career that you can opt for after studying creative writing courses in Dubai. A form of writing known as creative writing transcends the conventional boundaries of formal, academic, professional, or technical writing. Instead, it includes a variety of diverse genres and writing styles from both the fiction and non-fiction writing professions, including storytelling, playwriting, poetry, prose, journalism, and much more.


In general, any form of writing that is original and self-expressive can be termed creative writing, despite the definition’s sometimes ambiguous nature. It is typically distinguished by a concentration on narrative craft, which highlights components like character development, narrative, and storyline while also infusing its framework with creativity, originality, and tale.


Why is the Department of Creative Writing Important to Your Company?

Writing creatively can help you build a solid foundation, so stop thinking it’s all fantasy. The team of talented writers builds a clever case utilizing evidence that is supported by research. Prior to beginning, make sure to cover the fundamentals and gain a firm understanding of the subject.

From there, try to create work that leaves an impression. At work, poor communication might result in unneeded confusion and difficulties. Your close relationships could suffer, your reputation could be jeopardized, and your contributions would actually be less significant.

However, you can increase your effectiveness in your firm if you can improve your business writing. So, let’s quickly review the top rules for successful business writing you would learn from Creative Writing Courses in Dubai and offer suggestions on how you might put them to good use.

  1. Match your style of writing to the objectives of your audience.
  2. Adjust your tone to the situation at hand.
  3. Utilize organization and formatting to increase clarity
  4. Uphold consistency
  5. Good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  6. Have a call to action in mind while you write.


Different Types of Creative Writing:

Words can be used in countless variety of ways to describe human experience. The fun of the craft is this and is learned from the Creative Writing Courses in Dubai. Following is a list of some of the most popular forms of creative writing and their general structure:

  • Autobiography: Narrative writing based on the author’s personal experiences.
  • Flash Fiction: Character and plot are presented in flash fiction, which has a word count of six to one thousand.
  • Novel: A lengthy piece of narrative fiction, often between 80,000 and 100,000 words in length.
  • Novella: A shorter work of narrative prose having a word count between 10,000 and 40,000.
  • Play: A dramatic work mostly composed of conversation designed for theatrical presentation.
  • Poetry: Poetry conveys meaning through the beautiful and frequently rhythmic aspects of language. Poems may not adhere to a narrative format.
  • Screenplay: A piece of writing by a screenwriter created for a movie, television show, or video game.
  • Short Story: Prose fiction of 5,000–10,000 words that is often read in one sitting.
  • Personal Essay: A personal essay is a brief piece of autobiographical nonfiction that is written in a conversational style and with a sense of closeness.
  • Speeches: Speech writing is a technique for expressing ideas or messages to readers while employing appropriate grammar and expression.


Talents From a Creative Writing Degree:

Here are five examples of skills you could acquire by obtaining a degree in creative writing courses in Dubai.


1. Storytelling

Creative writers have the ability to grab and maintain the interest of their readers with their work by using storytelling. They can also provide information and knowledge to readers about a business or brand that is simple to understand. To get their points across, they could employ figurative language, including metaphors and imagery.

Strategic keyword placement can also be used in storytelling to help readers understand how the content connects to them. For instance, a landing page for an orthodontist’s practice may describe the advantages of wearing braces if a customer searches for reasons to pursue orthodontic treatment. These terms match the reader’s search query.


2. Research

Professional writers carry out research to gather up-to-date and accurate data about their subjects. They can learn enough about the issue to be able to communicate it to the audience in engaging ways, which helps them to make their writing convincing.

When given a new job, writers frequently start by conducting research. They might study the writing of rival organizations while looking for reliable sources to learn how to make their writing more memorable. Competent research abilities include in-depth data analysis and accurate citation of the original authors of materials.


3. Editing

Professionals edit their work after writing it to find and fix spelling and grammatical errors. To make the writing simple for the audience to read and understand, they could also change the vocabulary and sentence structures. Industry employers frequently create style manuals that specify the tenor and format of their external communications.

To make sure their work reflects the company’s or client’s brand, creative writers can compare it to the style manual. Writing well and ensuring that their work is ready for people to consume both depend on the ability to edit well.


4. Being Independent

The capacity for productivity in the workplace without the guidance of others is known as self-sufficiency. It can be vital for creative writers to hold themselves accountable to make sure they finish their assignments because they frequently have their own techniques for narrative. They can examine their own work performances to gain knowledge on how they can advance in the future.

They can efficiently monitor their development and adjust to a fast-paced setting. For instance, a communications director might put their weekly quotas and all of the assignments in their queues in the hands of a copywriter.


5. Management of Time

When creative authors work on several projects at once, time management can help them fulfill deadlines. They can learn how to plan their days at work so that they can complete each stage of the writing process. For example, they might spend one hour learning about the subject and considering the approach they want to take, followed by two hours carrying out their plans.

They can also turn in well-written homework by deadlines that are set. For instance, writers can adjust their calendars to focus on the assignment at hand and submit it on time if a client requires a piece by the end of the business day.


Job Profiles After Completion of Creative Writing Courses in Dubai:


  • Copywriter

Drafting text that highlights a product’s features and benefits.


  • Content Writer

A specialist is one who creates interesting and informative pieces to support brands in illustrating their goods. They produce the greatest written or graphic material possible forms of writing, including technical writing, freelance writing, content writing, and blogging.


  • Novelist

Fiction writers utilizing extraordinary creative abilities, and writing novels develop characters and stories that may be made up or based on actual occurrences. A full-time writer’s position normally requires a bachelor’s degree.


  • Author/Book Writer

Writing original storylines in any genre for novels, plays, television screenplays, and films are one of an author’s duties. Aside from generating the ingredients of a story, authors often rework and edit the writing of other authors. The charm and creativity of the author determine popularity.


  • Script Writer

Develops the script’s blueprints and specifics based on notions or ideas. They have a knack for dialogue writing in particular in order to transform the creative vision into stories for production, creating story elements while having a thorough understanding of the plot and the intended audience.


  • Article Writer

Writing articles on a range of subjects, including business, education, sports, and entertainment as well as food, and health.  Typically, they are in charge of producing written material for businesses in the form of articles and other original content.


  • Technical Writer

A specialist tasked with translating or producing documentation that makes the features and advantages of the product clear. To ensure that all the information is present for readers to quickly understand what they’re reading, they concentrate on issues like content strategy and product scope.


  • Lyricist

Lyrics for songs are written by authors who excel in using metaphors, poetry, and figures of speech. One responsible song lyric entertains, conveys a message, evokes an emotion, or all of the above. Lyrics are created, arranged, and edited.


Other best courses in Dubai:


Top 5 institutes for Creative Writing Courses in Dubai:

Below is a list of the Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Dubai. Depending on which is more convenient for prospective students, they are provided by a variety of institutions and offer both classroom and online learning choices. The list is as follows:


Rank# 1. Creative Writing Courses in Dubai


The objective of their Live online and self-paced learning programs is to offer World Class Education at affordable prices. They are constantly putting in a lot of effort to find different skill development programs that are in demand and can assist professionals in Upskilling their careers in a short period of time.

IIM SKILLS was founded following the launch of a popular instructional blog after it attracted 1 million visitors. It is on the list of top 5 creative writing courses in Dubai. They made the decision to start their first comprehensive training program to provide digital career assistance. They began with the Content Writing Master Course, which completely changed the content education sector.

IIM SKILLS Simplified: Learning Skill-Based Courses. IIM SKILLS simplifies difficult ideas into manageable actionable advice, making it simple for laypeople to comprehend each idea clearly. Their courses are all thought-provoking, instructive, and guaranteed to go above and beyond your expectations.


Content Writing Course Learning Outcome:

  • You’ll start to write every day as a habit.
  • Learn to write more effectively and creatively. Boost your writing confidence.
  • Distinguish traditional writing from writing for the web.
  • Following the best practices for each subject type as you gradually study other subject types.
  • Discover the importance of research and how to do it on any subject.
  • Understand the importance of headlines and hone your headline-writing skills.
  • Develop a website and build your own blog platform with web development.
  • Make use of a range of content writing tools to learn as much as you can about keyword research.
  • Recognize the critical role that search engine optimization plays and provide content that is SEO-friendly.
  • Produce captivating content that is clear and easy to grasp, and proofread and edit like a pro.
  • To make the process easier, learn how to use various tools for article writing. Among these are tools for plagiarism, keywords, phrase structure, and grammar (duplicate content).
  • Also, take into account how the information will be distributed when it has been planned and constructed.
  • Furthermore, you’ll gain some design skills.
  • Overall, enrolling in a content writing school can enhance your communication and writing skills and raise your employability.
  • Before accepting a job, consider doing an internship to gain firsthand experience in the position of content writer.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Detailed Course Content:

Find out how to write original material for your fiction and non-fiction books, poems, scripts, dialogue placements, and more. Recognize the distinctions between the audiences for creative writing and those for copywriting and content writing.

  • Create a First Book (Fiction – Nonfiction)
  • Draft the first version of your artistic work.
  • Create a brief tale.


You’ll Use These Tools:

  • Gmail Books
  • Direct Publishers on Kindle
  • Canva Google Docs


Duration: 4 weeks


Final Outcome After Completion of the Creative Writing Course From IIM SKILLS:

  • Working at home
  • Get a career writing content
  • Run a content marketing business
  • Create one’s own brand
  • Advance in the direction of their entrepreneurial objectives


Rank# 2. Creative Writing Courses in Dubai

2. Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology, Dubai:

Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology is one of the top 5 places to learn creative writing courses in Dubai. The development of writing abilities occurs in a student-centered manner in the creative writing course. The Writing course provides a variety of techniques to aid in your growth as a writer.

The main focus is on making this really practical, with several exercises and activities created specifically to not only spark but also maintain the writing impulse. Remember that all stories are based on “telling tales” and come from a time before records were kept of them. They will assist you with writing strategies, aspiring authors, and writing endeavors.


Who Needs a Course in Creative Writing?

  • Independent authors
  • Journalists and publishers
  • Writers at all levels who desire to improve their writing


Learning Outcome:

  • Be able to confidently craft a little tale (a modern fable) to share with the class or a small group.
  • How to keep a reader interested in a well-planned novel with surprising plot twists.
  • Making a plausible tale for the rest of the class to hear while brainstorming concepts for a group “Modern Fable” based on several plot lines.
  • Recognize that the reader’s assumptions are greatly influenced by the character descriptions in narratives.
  • Write some of their own character descriptions after analyzing how writers have portrayed various characters.
  • Recognize that the reader’s perception of the environment is greatly influenced by how places are described in stories.
  • Develop the creative writing skills of narrative style by developing a strong start to a modern fable tale. Recognize what authors have done to establish a distinct spirit of a place and produce someplace descriptions of their own.
  • Create a captivating and exciting opening for a story, paying close attention to the language you choose to elicit a certain response from readers.
  • To keep the reader interested, use a variety of sentence starters to develop the narrative of the contemporary fable.
  • Recognize that the reader will be engaged if you use a variety of sentence lengths.


Detailed Course Content

Prose Novel and short story

  • Getting concepts
  • Advice & Methods
  • How to deal with Bloch the writer
  • Getting Organized Prompts for writing
  • Personality Development
  • Developing Stories
  • Reading a number of articles
  • Reading Recommendations



  • Poets’ fundamental practices
  • Poetry exercises
  • Blogging
  • Onstage poetry
  • Many poetic forms
  • Reading a number of articles
  • Reading Recommendations


Must Check:


Rank# 3. Creative Writing Courses in Dubai

3. Lead Academy:

The Quality License Scheme has approved this course for its top-notch, unregulated provision and training programs. The Skills and Education Group, a premier national awarding organization for giving top-notch vocational certifications across a wide range of industries, is the source of the Quality License Scheme and amongst the top 5 for Creative Writing Courses in Dubai.

Those who wish to become successful creative writers should take this course. You will learn about Prose in this course, along with successful writing strategies. Additionally, this course will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to improve your writing by using adjectives, adverbs, punctuation, and fundamental grammar.

This online creative writing course will also teach you how to use original thinking to make your writing more captivating. You will learn the difference between active and passive sentences by taking this course, giving you a solid foundation for crafting information in the most effective way.

By the end of the course, you will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for producing stunning writing as well as theoretical knowledge regarding creative writing online courses. The Quality License Scheme has given this course and/or training program its seal of approval for its high-quality, unregulated offering and training programs.



This Creative Writing Course gives you the opportunity to join the relevant job market through a new door and gives you the chance to gain the in-depth information and necessary abilities to quickly become successful. Additionally, you’ll be able to improve your career, add your new abilities to your resume, and increase your competitiveness in your industry of choice.


Learning Objectives:

  • Boost your creative writing career
  • Increase your knowledge and expertise in your topic of choice in just hours, not years!
  • Study a straightforward course.
  • Study when it’s convenient for you to save time and money.
  • Have access to tutors at any time you need them


Detailed Course Content

  • Resources Add-On – Creative Writing Course
  • Introduction to Creative Writing for Novices: Improving Your Prose
  • Beginner’s Guide to Writing: Introduction To Prose
  • Adverbs and Adjectives in Simple English
  • The Active and Passive Voice in Prose for Novices
  • Beginning Prose: Special Punctuation
  • How To Write Numbers in Prose for Novices
  • Prose for Novices: Avoiding Useless and Fancy Words
  • Absolutes and overgeneralizations in Prose for Novices
  • Beginning Prose: Clichés and Overused Words
  • How to Use Interjections in Prose for Novices
  • Vague writing and initial coordinating conjunctions in Prose for Novices
  • Prose for Novices: Adding Variety
  • Prose for Novices: A Summary


Rank# 4. Creative Writing Courses in Dubai

4. Udemy

This creative writing course is intended to inspire you to write your own works of fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction, the four genres of creative writing. It is both entertaining and useful. In order to help you find, develop, and share your unique writing voice, writing strategies, literary devices, and specialist knowledge will be covered here in the final one in the list of top 5 for creative writing courses in Dubai.

The actual writing projects you will complete as you go toward your goal of being a successful and confident writer will be the true test of your progress, even though review quizzes over key concepts are offered along the way.



  • This is an engaging and useful creative writing course meant to inspire you to produce your own work.
  • The four categories of creative writing are fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction.
  • How to find, develop, and communicate your own writing style.
  • a number of real-world writing challenges made to help you develop the abilities you need.
  • Techniques, literary methods, and specific knowledge are used in writing.
  • Opportunities for publication, podcasts, and locations to build a credible creative writing portfolio.
  • How to become a confident and successful writer!


Course Outcome:

You will enhance and strengthen your own writing style by enrolling in this course as you:

  • Learn about the four types of creative writing.
  • Use writing strategies to succeed
  • Investigate a variety of writing ideas and how they apply to your own writing.
  • Analyze the positives and negatives of writing assignments.
  • Make examples of various writing styles that are scaffolded.

As you succeed and gain confidence in your writing abilities, you will also find a variety of public forums through which to share your writing with others.


Course Module:

The material from COMPLETE Creative Writing, plus a bit extra, includes:

  • Poetry 101: An Overview of Poetic Writing Projects and Styles
  • You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • Writing Techniques & Skills for Success: Fiction Crash Course!
  • Playwriting for Beginners: Write a Play to Get It Produced!

A total of 43 videos. Each lesson is divided into a number of video lectures, which include:

  • A brief writing task that supports the day’s objectives.
  • A lesson outlining a section of the syllabus.
  • A project for real-world application.
  • 37 online tests covering key subjects.
  • The purpose of quizzes is to review key ideas covered in class.
  • Each lesson includes graphics, notes, assignment forms, or outside resources.


Duration: 12 Hours.


Final Outcome After Completion of the Creative Writing Course From Udemy:

You will improve and enhance your own writing style by enrolling in this course as you:

  • Learn about the four types of creative writing.
  • Use writing strategies to succeed
  • Investigate a variety of writing ideas and how they apply to your own writing.
  • Analyze the positives and negatives of writing assignments.
  • Make examples of various writing styles that are scaffolded.
  • As you succeed and gain confidence in your writing abilities, you will also find a variety of public forums through which to share your writing with others.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Rank# 5. Creative Writing Courses in Dubai

5. Henry Harvin

With the help of a captivating vocabulary, Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Course enables authors to express their imagination via language. The course enables students to be free from the constraints of their everyday lives and broaden their vocabulary, think of original concepts, think outside the box, and get rid of mental tedium.

This practical creative writing course has been created to inspire you to develop your own projects in the four categories of skilled creative writing: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Through creativity and imagination, the course teaches students how to create a background for a storyline, formulate a thought, form plots and subplots, and build a sequence of the story toward its climax.

This creative writing course seeks to improve your writing abilities by using idioms, similes, metaphors, dialogue, and other literary elements. The overall goal of creative writing instruction is to stir up emotions in pupils in order to elicit a writer’s reaction, rather than simply familiarizing them with the material. The pupils develop their creative writing skills over time and use the right writing norms.


Learning Outcome:

  • Find and share your unique writing voice
  • Through a series of genuine writing projects designed to help you develop the abilities you need; you will engage in hands-on learning.
  • Learn a variety of writing methods, styles, and specialist knowledge.
  • Discover and share your own voice.
  • Recognize the fundamentals of creative writing
  • Become an enthusiastic creative writer who follows the fundamental guidelines when writing.
  • Show that you have a thorough knowledge of English literary greats and how they influenced the development of fiction and novel/book writing.
  • Use creative writing techniques to create poems, stories, blogs, or articles.
  • Develop the abilities necessary to write excellent fiction.
  • Create engaging characters for your work that become lovable real-life people.


Essential Skills Required for Creative Writing Course:

In addition to strong writing abilities, a proficient creative writer needs the following    abilities to begin a career in creative writing:

  • Language Abilities (listening, speaking, and reading)
  • Motivation and self-control
  • impressive imagination
  • Excellent vocabulary and research abilities
  • Effective communication skills Time management
  • Persistence and perseverance


Detailed Course Content:

  • Initiating Creative Writing
  • Literary Elements and Technique
  • Creating Stories
  • Fiction Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Poetry Writing


Duration: 24 hours


Final outcome after completion of Creative Writing course from Henry Harvin

  • creative writing’s four genres
  • How can you put effective creative writing methods into practice?
  • How can you compare a variety of writing ideas to your own work?
  • How can you evaluate your personal writing project management strengths and weaknesses?


FAQs About Creative Writing Courses in Dubai


1. What subjects are included in creative writing courses in Dubai?

The genre of creative writing encompasses a wide range of writing styles and genres that go outside of the more formal boundaries of academic or technical writing. Creative writing infuses its framework with creativity and storytelling by focusing on concepts like character development, narrative, and storyline.


2. Is it a viable career option?

Writing can be a successful and fulfilling career if you have a creative streak and want to explore your options. They are storytellers who create original works of literature or art using their imagination. They may also offer editorial services such as copy editing, proofreading, and beta reading.


3. What types of jobs are available for Creative Writers after Creative Writing Courses in Dubai?

Creative writing career options

  • Writer for children.
  • Consultant in communication.
  • Event planner.
  • Critic and many more.


4. Do Creative Writing jobs pay well?

If you love to create words and enjoy coming up with ideas, you can make money from anywhere even if you’ve never been paid for writing before. Thousands of writers do it every day, despite the fact that it seems impossible.


5. Is it tough to write creatively?

Writing creatively is a difficult genre for many students to master because it takes a lot of time to learn and hone the discipline. Some people must go through this procedure for years. But enrolling yourself in the top institutes for Creative Writing Courses in Dubai would actually make learning easy.



This entire article was about Creative Writing Courses in Dubai. Learning all the technical details and prerequisites for any creative writing work should be prioritized by those who are genuinely passionate about creating original material and establishing a secure and prosperous career in that field.

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