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Top 11 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kochi

The trending term BAT stands for business accounting and taxation. It is at a soaring height in Kochi, Kerala for its enormous high-paying job opportunities in all working sectors of the economy. Students and working professionals must take up business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi to enhance their skills as per new norms of the Government of India at state and center levels. It is essential to keep the monetary records of the finances, investments, and expenditures in a systematic crystal clear format.


Maintaining the records of the business is a tough and complicated task daily as well as for the entire financial year so companies hire a team of professional individuals who excel in the updated skills for business accounting and taxation process for the accounting department.  The task to be fulfilled by the professionals is to keep a systematic record of the position of the company in the market.

To know the precise cash flow and the profit or loss of the company, the value of assets and liabilities, filing for taxes, etc., professionals who completed their studies ages ago must take up these business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala so that they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the current generation and overcome their obsolete methods and knowledge.


What Are Business Accounting and Taxation Courses?

The Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Kochi give a detailed study of the different types of accounting and taxation which are: cost accounting, tax accounting, managerial accounting, financial accounting, credit accounting, GST, VAT, service tax, property tax, sales tax, service tax, entertainment tax, etc, to its aspirants.

The different tasks related to tax filing for estate, income, capital gains, etc are taught deeply as per industry standards with the updated rules and regulations imposed by the Finance Ministry of India. Keeping track of business and taxes helps in better growth of the economy of the Nation as a whole.

These courses focus on imparting polished knowledge fruitful in the working for creating financial models, estimations, execution of budgets, and strategic approach to decision-making in the corporate sector. It is always important to have polished updated skills for an individual to keep growing in their profession for better salary structure and stability in the fast-track of the career.


Why Should Anyone Pursue Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kochi?

There is a minor difference between Accounting and Taxation courses. Both these terms go hand in hand in the practical world. With accounting, the professionals judge the profit and loss of the assets and liability of the company. With taxation, the books are maintained clearly by paying the respective kinds of taxes to the Government at the state as well as national level for the economic growth of the country as a whole.

Business accounting and taxation are the foundation of any company to know its track and growth in each financial year. By pursuing BAT courses in Kochi, the professionals create a systematic approach to the working of the company according to the updated rules, laws, strategies, and regulations imposed by the Government of India.

Professionals are high in demand in each industry sector for their complex job responsibility and are paid highly for their knowledge and skills. Accountants and Auditors use budgeting software for financial management. With these courses, the professionals are enhanced in the skills like problem-solving, communication, systemized analyzing, critical thinking, attention to minute details, and time management which helps in their accounting career enhancement and growth with a steep rise in salary structure.

After pursuing BAT courses in Kochi, job opportunities increase for professionals in both the private and government sector. It is essential to know knowledge of both accounting and taxation because one professional has the work responsibility to create the revenue details, maintain the salary register of all the employees which comes from the profit and loss of the company, filing for various kinds of taxes according to the work structure of the company and eventually creating a flawless balance sheet at the end of each financial year.

Since it is an ever-growing field, the recession in this sector of working professionals is least expected. Professionals earn by working full-time as well as part-time in this field. Companies hire professionals according to their scale of business. All kinds of businesses either big or small need the help of accounting and taxation professionals to maintain their records.


Job Opportunities After Completing the BAT Courses in Kochi:

  • Finance department
  • Banking sector
  • Government support services
  • Real estate
  • Insurance companies
  • Create their firm of Auditing experts
  • Corporate sector
  • Taxation department
  • Revenue agent
  • Personal finance consultant
  • Budget analyst
  • Accounting manager
  • Account and Tax consultancy firm


Prominent Institutions to Impart Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kochi



This is one of the leading ed-tech institutions on the internet for its varied professional courses and most importantly for business accounting and taxation courses as per industry standards of the current scenario with advanced software tools and techniques. The online sessions are held for more than 120 hours.

The career-oriented assignments are for more than 60 hours and are designed by experienced mentors after a deep research on the topic and structuring according to the working corporate environment. The aspirants are trained with mock interviews to enhance their skills for placement opportunities at the top companies of Kochi and all around the Nation.

The duration of the Master Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) course is 4 months. The certificate earned is recognized at the national as well as international levels. The recorded sessions of the LMS are available to the aspirants throughout their lives. The humble highly experienced mentors give placement assistance and guide them through internship opportunities.


Email: [email protected]


BAT Course Module:

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Accounting
  • Types of Accounting and its detailed study
  • Tally ERP
  • Tally prime
  • Introduction to GST and its detailed study
  • TDS
  • TCS e-filing
  • Payroll and its policies as per the guidelines of the Government
  • Types of taxes and their implementation
  • Working on excel as per industry standards
  • MIS reports


A few other best courses in Kochi


2. EduPristine

This is a renowned institute, a member of Adtalem Global Education since 2008. The online sessions are held by highly experienced mentors who mold the aspirants for ideal working in the real world. The name of the highly appreciated online course by this institution is Post Graduate Program in Business and Accounting and Taxation (PGP BAT).

There are a total of 9 modules to be taught over 5 months and students are eligible to learn at their own pace with the flexibility provided by the institute. During this period, aspirants are expected to complete 14 projects with 4 software tools and applications to have hands-down experience at the industry standards.

After the completion of the BAT courses in Kochi, the aspirants earn a total of 4 certificates which are globally appreciated and recognized.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Types of Accounting
  • Accounting Tally ERP
  • Preparing financial statements as per the company standards
  • Direct tax
  • Introduction to GST
  • Filing for GST and preparing e-way bills
  • GST in Tally
  • Using Excel for accounting and MIS
  • Payroll
  • SAP
  • BUSY software


3. The Institute of Accountants (TIA)

To introduce the ISO Certificate in the field of accounting institutions, TIA (the institute of accountants) is the first. The certificate earned for the business accounting and taxation courses by this institute is universally acknowledged in around 180 countries.

The guaranteed internship is for 6 months which enhances the skills for interview preparations according to top companies. The fee is 60,000 INR  and an installment facility is provided for the dedicated aspirants. The name of the course is PG Diploma in Professional Accounting and Taxation.

It is a Tax Practitioner course for aspirants looking for business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi. The duration of the course is 12 months and a bonus of 6 months of internship certificate is provided.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to trading, manufacturing, and non-trading business models
  • Mastering MS Excel
  • Financial accounting and its details
  • Company accounts and details
  • Management accounting and its detailed study
  • GST
  • Income tax
  • Tally 9 ERP
  • TDS
  • Import and export as per Government rules
  • Branch accounts
  • Tax computation
  • VAT
  • Audit
  • ESI
  • EPF


4. National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM)

NIFM is the top institute in Kochi, Kerala for business accounting and taxation courses. The curriculum is updated every financial year according to the rules and regulations imposed by the finance ministry. Hence providing up-to-the-date studies to the aspirants for their trending skills is highly appreciated by the top hiring companies of each working sector.

The certificate earned by this institute of Kochi is highly recognized all over the globe. The job assistance is vast in its capability by the mentors of NIFM ranging from banks to CPA firms, the corporate sector, and all the other kinds of financial institutions.

The business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala by this institute are held both in the form of online sessions as well as offline sessions depending upon the feasibility of the aspirants. After completing the course, aspirants are eligible to appear for SEBI and NSE examinations.

Along with enhancing knowledge and skills, the highly acclaimed institute prepares for a much higher level of career growth. The official name is the Diploma in Financial Accounting and Business Taxation (DFABT). The duration of the course is 6 months. The nominal fee is INR 45000+ GST. For the facility to the aspirants, there is an option of 4 installments where the students have to pay INR 55000 + GST.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to basic and advanced accounting
  • Basics of TDS deduction and rates
  • Income tax returns
  • Types of returns
  • Due dates of filing and submission
  • Income tax
  • Goods and services tax
  • TCS detailed study
  • Tally ERP 9
  • GST
  • Audit


5. Cochin Institute of Accountants

This institute is a franchise of IACT which is nationally recognized for business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala. The smart classrooms are highly equipped with updated tools. The comprehensive syllabus is prepared by a highly experienced faculty of mentors after detailed research of the updated terms and conditions by the government at the state and center levels.

There is 24*7 assistance for doubt clearance and job assistance. The name of the course is Diploma in Taxation and Accountancy (DTA). With the nominal fee presence, the aspirants can easily enroll themselves for this course and get the advantage of getting trained by highly experienced mentors according to the standards of the current top hiring companies.



  • Principles of accounting and taxation
  • Introduction to the Indian tax system
  • Introduction to Global accounting policies
  • GST
  • Income tax
  • Eway bills
  • Audit
  • Ms Excel
  • Service tax


6. Udemy

Since blended learning came into a trending habit, Udemy has become the most popular for its comprehensive courses in all streams. The online sessions impart a great deal of education to the aspirants for it as it is curated by highly educated experienced faculty members of the industry respectively.

The BAT courses in Kochi on this online platform are divided into numerous parts so to have complete knowledge from the basic level to the advanced level, the aspirant has to buy all of those courses. Some of those are accounting and tax for professionals, financial study, data analytics, MIS, learning all about Audit, business management detailed study, etc.

The recorded sessions are easy to enroll in and watch at the aspirants learning pace. The certificate earned is globally recognized at all top hiring companies in every industrial sector. The faculty is authorized in Tally and office to practice as an experienced practitioner of GSTN.

The sessions held are Licensed, Version Tally. After the completion of each module, the aspirants are supposed to pass the quiz to reach the next level. The most acclaimed course is the Complete Accounting and Taxation Course and it is mostly preferred by people who are looking for business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala. The duration of the course is 32 hours for a nominal fee of 455 INR.




  • Basics and advanced Tally prime
  • GST
  • Income tax
  • TDS
  • Detailed study of accounting systems
  • Introduction to accounting and tax system
  • Tax management
  • TCS
  • Introduction to finance accounting
  • Preparing models and valuations


7. Finprov

The three decades old chartered accountants and industry experts have hold of this institute which is highly famous for providing education on advanced software tools used in tax systems. The intense study is full of case studies, mock interviews, projects, and practical knowledge to prepare the aspirants for the top hiring companies and career enhancement.

The institute provides a blended learning method. The online sessions are held as well as classroom sessions too. The business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala became widely famous by this institute. The hybrid sessions are held in both English and Malayalam languages. The highly experienced mentors are available for placement assistance during and after the completion of the course.

The name of the course is Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT). The duration of the course is 6 months for a nominal fee of 40,000 INR. The intensive training period is for more than 200 hours and the aspirants have to deal with more than 10 case studies of the practical corporate standard.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to accounting and detailed study
  • Detailed study of preparing, finalizing and analyzing profit&loss of the company for each financial year
  • Preparing flawless balance sheet
  • Tally prime
  • GST
  • TDS
  • Income tax
  • Advanced tax learning
  • Latest Corporate laws
  • ESI
  • PF
  • MS Excel
  • Payroll
  • Introduction to the use of Accounting and tax software


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8. Leora International Academy

This is a renowned leading Institue in Kerala for providing career-oriented guidance to postgraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs, accountants, and tax experts. With the presence of authorizations and certifications in the field of financing, accounting, and taxation, the job opportunities for professionals are wide.

The self-employed professionals are trained in a manner where they can start their consultancy firms. The name of the business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala by this institute created by highly experienced accounting experts is Advanced Diploma in Corporate Accounting and Taxation (ADCAT). The internship period under the guidance of faculty members leads to guaranteed job placement at top hiring companies.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to the basics and advanced level of Accounting
  • Traditional and modern computerized accounting methods
  • Live projects training
  • Introduction to accounting practices for manufacturing, partnership, and corporate sector
  • Accounts training at Indian and international levels
  • Payroll management
  • Introduction to basics and advanced study of Income tax
  • GST and the process involved
  • Introduction to IFRS


9. Synergy School of Business Skills

This is a division of the CADD center which provides numerous short-term crash courses and the most appreciated are business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala. Due to its vast connections with SME, MNC, manufacturing units, and NGO sectors, there is a vast variety of courses ranging from soft skill enhancements and operational excellence for the corporate sector.

The highly experienced faculty members are certified business coaches, project management professionals, and software engineers. Their approach to imparting education and training is career oriented with 24*7 student assistance as per the industry standards.

The Business Accounting and Taxation Basics Course is for any graduate. The study material is available for lifetime access. The certificate earned after the completion of the course is highly recognized all around the globe.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to practical accounting methods
  • Ms excel at the advanced industry level
  • Payroll
  • Service and goods tax
  • Income tax
  • Introduction to Tally
  • GST


10. Horizon Institute of Accounts and Tax Studies

The certificate earned after the completion of the course by this institute is internationally appreciated and widens the hope for job opportunities in the corporate sector of the globe. The name for the business accounting and taxation course is Diploma in Business Accounting and Taxation.

In this course, the aspirants are polished with personality development, decision-making skills, interview cracking skills, and communication skills. The mentors help in resume and portfolio building as per industry standards.

Email: [email protected]



  • Introduction to finance and accounts
  • Tally basic and advanced
  • GST
  • VAT
  • Payroll
  • EPF
  • ESIC
  • MIS report
  • Ms Excel
  • Internship and job orientation


11. Henry Harvin

To learn about financial business operations, it is essential to opt for the Certified Business Accounting and Taxation course (CATP) by this famous online platform. The accreditation and affiliations are NSDC, ISO, Jain University, Microsoft, MSME, and Skill India. The training period is accompanied by the internship of the students.

After earning the globally recognized certificate, there is 100% guaranteed placement assistance for a year. The online interactive sessions are held for 172 hours where the students can learn at their own pace. The nominal fee for this CBAT course is 34500 INR.



  • GST practitioner study
  • Income tax
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9
  • MS Excel
  • HR Payroll management
  • Resume and portfolio building
  • Litigation management
  • Analyzing balance sheets
  • SAP


Frequently Asked Questions About BAT Courses in Kochi


1-What are the eligibility criteria for taking business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala?

The eligibility criteria for taking up business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi are:

  • Should have completed 10+2 years of school
  • Graduate and postgraduate in commerce stream (B.COM, BBI, BAF, and M.COM)
  • Students pursuing or who have completed an MBA degree
  • Students pursuing or completed CA and CS
  • Major in finance
  • Tax experts and professionals who have at least 2 years of experience
  • Finance professionals
  • Proprieters and entreprnuers
  • Have basic knowledge of ms office and excel


2-  How much is the expected salary after completing business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala?

After having a piece of deep knowledge of the stream of business accounting and taxation, the professionals can expect a hike in salary which ranges from 3 to 4 lakhs per annum in India. There is scope for practicing this profession around the globe with the expected salary to be 6-8 lakhs per annum.


3- What are the expected job opportunities after completing business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala?

Individual professionals can join top companies under the role of tax filing experts, GST practitioner-experts, and chief accountants, and even start their accounting and taxation consultancy firms. The scope is vast and the earning capacity is rising.



The business accounting and taxation courses in Kochi, Kerala provide in-depth knowledge to professionals who are looking for a successful stable career in the accounting and taxation field with a hike in salary structure. The key components of this course consist of GST, Income tax, TDS, GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A, e-invoicing, and ITC procedures. Professionals have a wide area for job acceptance like auditing offices, real estate financing, taxation, and budget analysis companies.

With the presence of lifetime access to the LMS by the above-mentioned institutions,  aspirants will have a constant database, audio recording, video recording, assessment details, case study details, presentations, and reading materials for doubt clearance and any guidance in the future if needed.

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