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Top 6 SEO Courses in Kochi With Placement Assistance

Search Engine Optimization has become a need for organizations and also for self-improvement in online content management. It’s an internet marketing strategy that is used by businesses, entities, individuals, etc. Although it has existed for almost 22 years, education centers have only recently adopted it as a separate subject for online study. In this article, you will find some of the top SEO courses in Kochi that will provide the guidance you need in this subject.



The internet, used for both business and self-entertainment, contains search engines that aid users by pointing towards content they search for. The words used for searching are an indication of these search engines. Using these words or terms, a list of websites is shown, and users select the link/s that are appropriate to what they are looking for. 

If a website or page would like to appear in these lists and provide solutions to users through their content, they would opt for search engine optimization also known as SEO. In a traditional setting, a person-on-person approach to leading customers toward buying a product or service has been followed for many years.

It is still necessary, but with the boom of online shopping, this task has to be followed digitally as well.  The surge of television, radio, and billboard advertising has lent a helping hand in reaching the masses. But the internet is an ever-increasing network that can never disappoint in terms of gaining information, downloading files, communicating, and also promoting commodities. 

On the entertainment side, whether it’s blogs, news, videos, or photos, new content is published online by millions of users in just one second. While posting things on the internet can be done easily, staying in the eyes of millions of users long enough to be recognized is easier said than done. This is where SEO comes in.

Through proper Search Engine Optimization, you can identify the concerns that your website/s is facing and build on the factors that users find interesting. A website or page includes not only text and images but also is optimized in a way that searchers find helpful such as:

  • Links to related content
  • Easily opened on multiple devices
  • Navigation that leads to the right content
  • Infographics, images, videos, etc. 
  • Similar words and sentences of searched terms


Search engines are a form of the entry point to your content, and SEO will help you gain entrance to these. Search engine optimization, born around the mid-1990s, has expanded from these three words to include other factors that help segregate this area of knowledge, let us look at some of these factors below:


On-page SEO

The overall improvement of the position of your website on search engines is attributed to on-page SEO. It includes the HTML, keywords, domain authority, location, etc. All these need to be updated with relevant factors that are up-to-date. Reading the guidelines of search engines is one of the ways for staying updated. 


Off-page SEO

SEO is used for promoting your website and on-page SEO uses the content posted on your website to become visible. Off-page SEO involves making your site noticeable in other ways such as social media, content marketing, reviews, link building, etc. Both on-page and off-page SEO combined is necessary for good website optimization. 


Voice Search

A handy tool that uses the words we speak to look for relevant details and display results. Just like the words, we type, the terms we utter can be grouped into categories. The most uttered terms can then be used while tagging content so users can find your online pages. Popular digital voice assistants have pre-set filters to catch words that match the uploaded lists or ones found on the internet. 


Technical SEO

For uploading content onto a webpage, certain technical criteria need to be met, similarly for your webpage to rank and be visible specific search engine technical aspects need to work. Some of these are URL structure, Javascript, site architecture, etc. These functions are important as they enable users to browse through your content easily. 



A universally used video streaming and sharing site that lets you upload, distribute, and view content. Before videos could be identified only by their titles but after upgrades, they are many other ways for identification. With SEO, you can utilize terms that are most relevant to the content in your videos and fit them aptly in the text description, captions, title, hashtags, etc.  



Online stores use certain phrases, quotes, names, etc. that are unique to their products, services, or brands. These businesses also use common product terms that are generally utilized and are available at their stores. Potential customers in a bid to find them online use these phrases often, so businesses optimize these words into their websites and online shopping stores.

This way they are more visible. All these factors and much more can be learned with proper guidance through theoretical understanding and practical implementation. Usually covered as a chapter or topic part of analytics, marketing, or programming course, it has developed into a separate subject that needs detailed coverage. 

Various education centers conduct SEO courses in Kochi for individuals and corporates. They have noticed the rise in the use of website optimization and the need for its proper usage.

For a website to thrive, increasing footfalls online through the use of suitable tools and applications can be taught through institutes providing SEO courses in Kochi. Through their classes, you can absorb the essential points bit by bit and apply them to your websites, blogs, content, etc. 


Opportunities Available in Kochi

Kochi’s economy is flourishing, thanks to the various sectors such as manufacturing, tourism, health services, etc. that generate high income. Considered one of the metro cities, it contributes almost 15 percent to the state’s GDP. Situated near the Arabian Sea, it also enjoys revenue from the Kochi Port and the Cochin Shipyard via exports, and imports.  

Since Information Technology is growing rapidly, there are also plans made to develop a special economic zone that will aid manufacturers to expand the production of electronic hardware. It is also seen as a financial and commercial center of Kerala.

Due to all these factors, businesses, entities, and individuals face high competition in Kochi. Only having skills and qualities is not enough, you should be able to use the platforms available and make yourselves known to potential employers nationally and internationally. By creating a website with your portfolio, or consistently publishing content that holds peoples’ interest the chances of being scouted will become higher. 


A few other best courses in Kochi


Basic knowledge of website creation, content creation, website optimization, etc. can help gain a foothold on search engines. As your content, or webpage begins ranking higher the number of visits and therefore the number of potential employment opportunities will also increase.

With Search Engine Optimization, you can achieve these goals and as education is an important factor in Kerala, with Kochi itself having a literacy rate of 98.5 percent, you can find many reputed institutes offering SEO courses in Kochi that can teach you the importance, fundamentals, functions, and technicalities of this subject.

And after gaining a certificate, degree, or diploma in this subject, there are possibilities of earning income through individual projects or salary ranging between ₹ 1.9 lacs to ₹ 9 lacs. 


Below is a List Containing Some of the Institutes Offering SEO Courses in Kochi, in Classrooms and Online: 




IIM SKILLS is an online education services provider that offers skill development courses in subjects such as writing, marketing, and finance. The Advanced SEO course is a nine-module program that trains you in the most predominant aspects of this subject. Setting up a niche is an important factor before learning to publish your content online.

Through the second module, you will learn to cultivate your niche into something that interests the readers or viewers. Apart from publishing, you will also be able to maintain your site whenever necessary through the tools and tips taught by experts.

Other topics include an introduction to PBN, building pillar content, sitemap, etc. Before signing up, you can watch the introduction video or register for a demo session to gain insight into these SEO courses in Kochi.


Duration: 12 weeks

Fees: ₹ 14,900 + GST

Material: Recorded sessions + tools + live projects + documents 


Learning Benefits of SEO Course:

  • A better understanding of search consoles for improving your website’s visibility
  • Ability to use SEO reports to track progress
  • Ability to use your niche and build consistently well-performing online content
  • Using on-page and off-page strategies for website optimization
  • Ability to use words in your content that can increase conversion rate


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


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A digital marketing institute that specializes in training in digital marketing and SEO. There are thirteen modules in SEO courses in Kochi, where you will get to learn the process of preparation of SEO reports, functions of a search engine, writing optimized content, etc. Besides the inception, the overall performance of your site’s optimization also needs to be checked periodically.

This too is covered in their modules. The live projects and interaction with experts will strengthen your understanding of this subject. Other subjects available for learning on this site include affiliate marketing, google analytics, social media training, etc. There are one on one as well as group training programs and you can choose to enroll in the one that suits your interests. 


Duration: 20 Hrs

Fees: ₹ 10,000 for group and ₹ 15,000 for individual

Material: Assignments + video tutorials + PDF documents


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of the functions of search engines
  • Ability to write content that is ideal for search engine optimization
  • Ability to track the conversion of site visits to leads
  • Improvement in the execution of basic webpage design
  • A better understanding of tools that help in website functioning


3. Organic Digi school 


It is a long-term and short-term course provider in subjects relating to digital marketing. Their SEO courses in Kochi consist of five sections that explain the minute details that come with maintaining a well-functioning website. Topics such as caching, crawling, indexing, live chat integration, RSS feeds, etc. are covered for optimal learning.

They make sure the students or learners execute the practical aspects of the theory sections and are given international projects for training. Since SEO is used by almost every economic sector, the projects are given keeping this in mind. The course also includes internship training where you will get to handle real projects. At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate that can be updated on your resume. 


Duration: 1 month

Fees: ₹ 16,000

Material:  Live projects


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of various google tools that help with on-page and off-page SEO
  • Ability to analyze trends for better content creation
  • Learning competition analysis and using it to improve your content
  • Ability to earn income from multiple channels
  • Ability to create a better navigation system for your webpages


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4. Coursera


An online learning platform that contains both free and paid courses, it offers SEO courses in Kochi through online learning programs from institutes such as UC Davis, Google, Coursera Project Network, etc. The specialization from UC Davis is simply titled Search Engine Optimization, it includes five courses with the last one being a capstone project.

Each course is divided into weeks and an approximate timeline for completing the modules. The assignments and peer grading system will allow you to examine others’ progress as well as your own. It begins by explaining the functioning of search engines and their algorithms and moves towards using social tactics for increasing your online presence. The project will help you use your knowledge to make a website from start. 


Duration: 3 months or 6 months

Fees: ₹ 2,604 per month for 3 months or ₹ 1,953 per month for 6 months

Material: Recorded video lessons + practice quizzes + assignments


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of consumer psychology and search behavior
  • Ability to come up with customized SEO solutions
  • Identifying opportunities for improving webpage optimization
  • Ability to incorporate strategies according to client’s expectations
  • Ability to use interconnected channels for improvement in rankings


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5. IIDE 


The Indian Institute of Digital Education offers courses mainly in digital marketing. As SEO is considered a part of marketing strategy, learning this subject will come in handy when you are promoting your content online. The syllabus of the SEO courses in Kochi is divided into six modules focusing on the integral parts of optimization.

Besides the oral lectures given by instructors, they also demonstrate the important points through animation. Google is given weightage here as its one of the top search engines, so by the end of the SEO courses in Kochi, you will be well-versed in handling google’s tools and developing content that will be detectable on the google search engine. You can attempt practice tests to know where you stand and also create a demo website. 


Duration: 14 hours

Fees: ₹ 6,355 + taxes

Material: Tools + live and recorded video sessions + assignments


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to analyze site performance with analytics tools
  • A better understanding of components that will improve the number of site visits
  • Ability to use blogs and PR for promoting products and services
  • Identifying factors that affect site performance through auditing
  • A better understanding of the importance of error pages



6. Nestsoft


An SEO services provider started in 1997, it also conducts courses in technical and marketing subjects. Their SEO courses in Kochi take a step-by-step approach to teaching this subject in five parts. The construction and functioning of your content on a webpage can be tedious.

The experts in SEO courses in Kochi begin by showing the designing methods through basic HTML, page layout, do-follow links, etc. And proceed towards making this webpage live by making it more interactive. They also make you understand the different kinds of SEO that is prevalent online.

You will also learn to gauge the positions of other websites compared to yours and see a detailed analysis. In this course, there are options for enrolling in direct as well as online classes, you can also explore their other courses on their website.


Duration: 1 week to 6 months

Fees: ₹ 2,500 onwards

Material: Live projects + live and recorded video sessions


Learning Benefits:

  • A better understanding of topics such as quality link building, initial ranking analysis, etc. 
  • Ability to execute projects using knowledge of digital marketing and webpage designing
  • Ability to set up tools for analysis and monitoring of your web content
  • Ability to optimize words, images, and videos on your webpage
  • Learning the importance of user-friendly navigation


The presentation of content has seen significant developments and knowing about SEO can become a strength. Online services are sought increasingly due to the heavy use of technology. SEO as a part of this has become a means for online survival for businesses and individuals selling content.

The internet and Search Engine Optimization have evolved side by side, and education centers have embraced it as a skill enhancement subject. After the boom of online education, this subject has become available for learning across the globe.

Some of these institutes offering SEO courses in Kochi listed above conduct both online and offline classes. You can get in touch with a counselor or the admissions department to know more about SEO courses in Kochi before registering. 


FAQs About SEO Courses in Kochi


Q1. What is SEO?

It is a process undertaken to support the existence of your content online through constant maintenance. This requires technical support such as link building, keyword optimization, tagging, etc. The body of your content is examined through SEO tools that aid in suggesting methods to make it noticeable. The efforts of this support are visible on search engines through ranking.

Content, and webpages that rank better receive more recognition and also more income as consumers rely on these rankings. Marketers use search results ranking as a passage towards gaining more viewership and consumers. According to recent statistics, almost 70 percent of online marketers agree that SEO works better for generating leads and sales.


Q2. How is it used?

For a website or a webpage to be recognized it needs to fulfill certain guidelines and parameters. Knowing to optimize the details inside the webpage according to these guidelines can help your page rank better on search engines. This is one of the main purposes of search engine optimization. There are different types of optimizations such as:

  • On-page
  • Off-page
  • International
  • Local
  • Black hat 
  • Technical, etc. 

Using these you can increase site visits by users and convert them into opportunities where your content can produce revenue. There are tools such as Semrush, YoastSEO, etc. that will help you track the progress of your site and suggest changes that can improve its position before consumers’ eyes.


Q3. Where can I learn SEO?

It can be learned through institutes, or schools offering courses in this subject or can be studied as one of the topics in a digital marketing, programming, or web analytics program. As the online presence of individuals and organizations has seen a huge upswing in recent times, many reputed institutes, including the ones mentioned above, are conducting training that covers a whole range of sub-topics in SEO. It is adapting to the current changes in the digital world and expanding into different industries. Having a skill like this can prove to be an asset, you can speak with experts and understand the requirements of this field before selecting a course for enrollment. 


Q4. How will SEO help me progress in my career?

This subject can be considered as a part of a marketing strategy that will benefit individuals and organizations in the long run. Knowing SEO and related topics can create an optimum virtual presence. It also increases revenue for your website or your employer’s web content. Whether you are setting up your digital marketing agency, looking for freelancing opportunities, or applying for jobs, gaining this skill can be useful in all these areas. 

These Are Some of the Positions That You Can Look Out for Applying:

  • SEO developer
  • Digital marketing associate
  • SEO strategist
  • Senior/Junior SEO analyst
  • Content Editor
  • SMO analyst, etc. 

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