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Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Australia With Placement

Financial Modeling is the financial equivalent of the Oracle from the Matrix for businesses, bankers, and private analysts, save all the human characteristics. Modeling creates devices to visualize the future growth/performance of a firm, in turn allowing proactive change and restructuring products for profit maximization. Financial Modeling permits you to alter the course of negative business trends by raising capital and gives you all the information needed to believe in your business/investment, like the Oracle. If you feel your business needs prescience too, here are the best financial modeling courses in Australia for you. But before we begin, we must clarify and define.


What is Financial Modeling?

It is the process of creating an expense and revenue sheet of a business, its sales and operating as well as direct costs, over a given period to map expected growth and returns in a company’s profits, and how that will affect stock projection and equity of a company.

It is a useful way to provide a numerical representation of a firm’s current value and also, its future value in present terms, by using the almost magical methodology called DCF or discounted cash flow valuation. All the jargon aside, finance is a growing field of value generation for a varied set of parties, that holds a large scope for the banking sector and businesses all over the world, definitely in Australia.

Financial Modeling Courses in Australia teach the basics of finance and how the managing of expenses, profits, and the trends they follow can be tapped into to show future progress and hiccups and much. For example, financial modeling assumes certain statements about your business and its profitability and the nature of your products, considering your profit margins, trends, and other market factors.

If you find yourself in a place where your business is knee-deep in loss but future projections procured through finance models provide a positive outlook, then, it becomes easier for an entrepreneur to find investors to fund his/her firm because of the traceability of funds. This is only a fraction of the value that can be provided by financial modeling to your business/investments. 


Skills Required For Financial Modeling:

A model is no better than the assumptions and the data it works to interpret and financial models working with hundreds or thousands of sets of data can be extremely hard to manage and permit little room for error because most economic decisions are predicated on their accuracy and reliability. Therefore a skilled professional is compulsory to ensure the proper and efficient use of financial details and establish accurate assumptions for the proper predictive power of the model.


Some Required Skills for Financial Modeling Are:

  • A familiarity with finance-related fields or a practitioner or job professional in the finance market
  • Good analytical and critical skills to examine financing properly
  • Understanding of the workings of finance-related software like Excel, etc.
  • A good grasp of explaining complex economic phenomena simply.
  • Comprehension of Accounting and Business budget practices
  • In-depth knowledge of computer and algorithm models and economic/banking formulas
  • Patience and persistence


All these skills predispose you to be a great professional for financial modeling and to learn them thoroughly, we present for you the best financial modeling courses in Australia.


About Australia:

The Oldest Continent is well-known for its diverse wildlife, a wide array of habitats, and natural beauty aplenty, it is the home of the deadliest as well the prettiest on the planet. Despite its rather dark colonial past, it’s become one of the most developed countries in the world with great leaps in technology, military might, and oil & gas production under its belt.

Today it is home to some of the biggest companies in the world, namely BHP and Commonwealth Bank, and boasts a big opportunity for finance and other economic courses. Thus, the financial modeling courses in Australia are some of the best on offer. 


The Best Financial Modeling Courses in Australia:


1. Online Financial Modeling Course by IIM SKILLS:


IIM SKILLS has a course constructed by industry leaders and experts in finance that is extensive in its material, content, and instruction. They stand tall on industry standards and deliver a learning experience that orients you towards practical knowledge and job as well as real-time work.

This comprehensive course helps you achieve a proper financial understanding of statements and sheets, creating rigorous, reliable, and cost-time-effective models to predict future outcomes and using metrics and ratios using previous accounting data. Credited as one of the best financial modeling courses, this course subsumes 6 modules, namely:

  • Basic to Advanced Level MS Excel
  • Accounting and Financial Statements
  • KPI and Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Modeling: Introduction
  • Types of Financial Models
  • Variations In Business



  • Master Certification with MSME recognition
  • Expert Faculty and Job Support
  • Acquisition of Advanced Excel Skills
  • Flexible, Upto Date Learning Resources 
  • Resume Preparation, Referrals, and much more…


In conclusion, IIM SKILLS is a globally accepted educational organization that offers a Financial Modeling Course of pristine quality and nourishing care. Its comprehensive approach to learning not only a knack for finance-related concepts but also its forethought to prepare a course that is flexible enough to cater to those working full-time is truly remarkable.

Add on top of their LMS-based learning modules, expert faculty, Advanced Excel usage, and 24/7 support, as well as doubt-clearing classes, they produce the effect of the quintessential course that leaves no stone unturned to give the best experience to its students, thus scoring a smooth entry on recommendations for the best financial modeling courses in Australia.


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2. Business and Financial Modeling Specialization by University of Pennsylvania (Coursera):


This course teaches you how to build businesses and financial models and use spreadsheets to make data-driven final decisions. It is designed to help you make informed financial and business decisions. In these foundational courses, you will learn about spreadsheet models, financial modeling techniques, and how to use them for investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and more. Upon completion of the Specialization, you will be able to describe realities, build scenarios, and predict performance based on your data.


There Are 5 Courses in This Specialization Course, namely:

  • Fundamentals of Modeling (Quantitative)
  • Introducing Spreadsheet Models
  • Risks and Realities of Modeling Methodology
  • Real Scenarios and Decision-Making Situations
  • Wharton’s Capstone for Financial Modeling 



  • Recognized Certification
  • Online and Flexible course
  • Beginner Level Course 
  • Offers Real-Time Work with Capstone Project


Overall, this course will help you learn how to create quantitative models on your own, understand the management of finances and the risks involved, the power of spreadsheets to predict data, and gain skills in connection to Microsoft Excel, regression analysis, cash flow, and much more.

Under the tutelage of 6 adroit instructors, you can rest assured that you will learn world-class financing skills at the nominal price range of 30-60 AUD/per month. Thus, it easily scores the first slot as our recommendations for the top financial modeling courses in Australia, and even the world.


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


3. Project Financial Modeling Course by Pivotal180:


The course is a streamlined and robust collection of Information and study material catered to fulfilling and creating the best lessons through the means of an infrastructure case study. It teaches a great deal about PPPs and their economic and social infrastructure.

Pivotal180 helps in the development of finance skills and is crafted for senior professionals, students, and analysts to augment their resumes for their finance/banking/analytical disciplines. Financial modeling courses in Australia don’t get much better than this course, which offers up to 3 delivery options ranging from online and customized (personally tailored) courses, starting at 1420 AUD.


The Course Includes Topics Such as:

  • Pre-Reading Material (Excel functions etc.)
  • Introducing Project Finances
  • Project Loans
  • Driving Cashflow
  • Waterfall Summary
  • Core Outputs and Others
  • Modeling Quality Checks and Error Clearances
  • Optimization of Real & Proper Models and more…



  • 26-Hours of Content and 40-Hour Work Through Time
  • Meant for Beginners, Intermediates, and Experts
  • Online and Customized Training Available
  • Course Completion Certificate and Membership to Pivotal180 Alumni Network
  • Year Around Access to Study Material i.e. lecture slides, downloadable notes


Prestige and expertise are embodied by this course with ease as its overwhelming flexibility in the delivery of the content, as well as adaptability to your learning style, in tandem with Ivy League college professors turn this course into one of the best around.

Its focus on deal-making, creation of properly formatted statements, and attention-grabbing, and clear output presentation combined with the repertoire it already offers makes it one of the most exemplary financial modeling courses.


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4. Beginner to Pro in Excel: Guide to Financial Modeling and Excel by Udemy-


A bestselling 16-hour course on the globally renowned learning platform, Udemy, promises to turn you into a financial valuation expert using Excel. It promises to ingrain in your brain MS Excel and all its advanced features, creation of valuation and financial models, and even much more technical business statements and analysis like discovering valuation and organizing P&L statements from raw data extraction, etc.


This Course Puts the ‘t’ in Thorough, Providing Its Learning in 27 Sections and 299 Lectures Consisting of:

  • Introductory Lesson to Excel
  • Tips/Tools Use in Excel
  • Shortcuts and Key Functionalities
  • Case Study for P&L
  • Financial Functions and Introduction to Charts
  • Introducing Valuation Companies
  • Valuing Companies with Multiples
  • DCF Models in MS Excel
  • Budgeting- Case Study and Theory Etc.


All of this content is priced at a cheap 10-12 AUD on discount (&67 AUD without any offers).



  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Extremely Cost-Efficient
  • 600+ Downloadable Utility Resources
  • 15-Hour Video Sessions with Assignments


Culminating, this course by 365Careers is an easy, affordable and fundamental beginning for learning financial modeling. It offers variety in its learning content and delves deeper into MS Excel and its functionalities and workings and helps you take the first step to enter the field of financial modeling.

It also requires little to no understanding of Excel and allows you to become a professional in one of the most important tools of the trade. For this alone, this course is a fine addition to our recommendations of the best financial modeling courses in Australia.


5. Financial Modeling & Valuation by The Wall Street School


Good financial modeling courses may come and go, but this course by The Wall Street School exemplifies a merit-based course that assures success to all who are selected through an interview by some of the best ex-finance/banking professionals.

It’s a sublime and entirely practical course aimed to provide you with a job if you succeed in following through with the instructions provided and teaches the techniques of investment banking, equity market research, models for mergers, etc.

180+ hours of rigorous learning are provided through 10 modules to bridge the gap between real-world situations and abstract concepts & hypothetical studies.  


The Learning Curriculum Looks Like This:

  • Learning Excel 
  • Perfecting Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
  • Concepts of Finance- Basics
  • Feasibility Study for Business Growth
  • Comparative Firm Analysis
  • DCF Valuation Process
  • Precedent Transaction Analysis/Deal Comps
  • Buyouts with Leverage
  • Editing Resumes and Preparation through Mock Interviews



  • Transparent Alumni Placement
  • Success-Based Fee Structure
  • A TWSS Certificate of Completion
  • Learning from Quality Educators
  • Time Flexible Course (Weekend/Weekday)
  • Merit-Based Selection Process for Admittance


Although a 1000 AUD course is costly in all circles of the Old Continent, we can say with confidence that this one is well worth the money, with world-class placement cells, all-encompassing lessons by highly skilled professionals, and the best fee structure in the industry.

The Wall Street School Financial Modeling and Valuation course is an unparalleled learning opportunity. Therefore, for its unsurpassed services we do not even hesitate before recommending it as one of the best financial modeling courses in Australia.


6. Learn Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Course by IB Institute:


This course provided by the IB institute is a superb addition to anyone’s skillset that’s looking to become an investment banker or finance professional and aims to close any chinks in your skillset by providing some of the best services of any online courses like models for all types of companies and research models for equity researchers, investment bankers.

The best part is there are two different courses, delivering content at the pace you want. Some of the highlighted lessons of this course are:

  • Advanced from Fundamentals Excel
  • Macro Programming
  • Financial Models for Companies like Tata Motors, Colgate, etc.
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method and Analysis
  • Transaction Valuation Technique
  • Company Profiling
  • Capstone Assignment and In-Depth Assessment
  • Pitchbook Benchmarking, Price Rebasing, and much more…



  • Offer Great Placement Support
  • Experienced Trainers Teaching through Video Back-up
  • Interactive Sessions and Flexible Scheduling
  • Access to Resources through Mobile App
  • Delves into Financial Models, Techniques, and Practices to Render Quality Education


Keeping in mind that the course is not very cost-efficient at 270 to 450 AUD, its nuanced content and 11 years of experience in the industry, with the 100% placement claim make it a great prospect for anyone looking to dip their toes into the financial modeling courses in Australia. 


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


7. Financial Analysis ProDegree by Imarticus Learning:


The 180-hour course ensures you know the tiniest details of the fundamental concepts regarding finance and analysis. It involves training from KPMG professionals, unpacking around 25 hours of work, and practical assessment.

You are allotted a trainer that encourages you to excel at all levels of finance, augment learning theoretical concepts with industry-insider tips and tricks, and add to it a nurturing environment that allows for networking and connections for furthering job prospects, etc.

They focus on future-proofed learning through Program Mentors to ensure that learning is job-oriented and does not turn obsolete as soon as students enter the job market.


This 12-week Course Branches Into 3 Curriculum Highlights, namely:

  • Finance and Accounting Models
  • Strategy for Corporations and Valuations 
  • Equity Research and Overall Training for Job Application



  • 127 hours of learning with video lectures, quizzes, and more
  • Career Mentorship, Resume Building, and Other Prep for Interviews
  • Certification of Completion Guaranteed
  • Comprehensive Projects & Case Studies
  • Tech-Enabled Learning with Self-Paced Videos


Even though the course falls around 1300 AUD, its systematic training schedule is something unique for this sphere, and its assurance helps you transition into better careers and relevant skills for creating the workforce of the future. Its 360-degree learning program works wonders in inculcating the appropriate thinking patterns to become a successful financial analyst and modeler.

Coupling all that with elite, educators training you as program mentors turn this course into a necessary recommendation for you if you want to learn from the best financial modeling courses in Australia.


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8. Advanced Business Financial Modeling by Curtin University


Financial modeling courses have an ineffable beneficial effect on students, and Curtin University, situated in Perth, offers just that. Ranked among the top 1%, it’s a course that teaches not only the basics of Excel and VBA but much more. (Eikon)


Some of the Concepts It Introduces Can Be Listed as Follows:

  • Time Value of Monetary Funds
  • Budgeting Capital
  • Statistics and Subsequent Analysis
  • ACC and Introduction to Portfolio Theory



  • Education from One of the Best Universities in the World
  • Meritorious Selection Process
  • In-person Teaching Process
  • Expansive Teaching Material and Options for International Students to Avail of Scholarships


Overall, this is a simple course that hides nothing in deep pockets, but its upfront nature lends it credibility, and the quality of education received is superior to most institutions. Over and above that, an honorable institution leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best lessons to its students and maintain the good word of its established university.

Thus, with this reliability and simplicity in mind, we had to do the needful and recommend this course to anyone looking for financial modeling courses in Australia.




Q1. What are the remunerative options for a professional who completes one of the recommended financial modeling courses in Australia?

These financial modeling courses are jump pads to already working professionals and students as well. Depending on your situation, 92 thousand AUD to 135 thousand AUD is the normal range for working professionals who have FMCs in their portfolio. Job experience, SOL, etc, dictate the exact level of income but overall, these professionals score higher incomes with a 50 AUD/hour minimum salary.


Q2. What are some jobs I can apply for after completing these financial modeling courses in Australia?

The alumni of these courses find plenty of jobs all along the financial spectrum, ranging from a financial expert for the government, equity research analyst, private finance manager, investment banker, and working NPO financing and budgeting as well.

All These Jobs Are Readily Available on Sites Like:

  • Seek
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Hays 


Q3. What are the usual prerequisites for applying to financial modeling courses in Australia?

Usually, an FMC focuses on freshers as well so they try to be as beginner friendly as possible, however, certain courses like the financial modeling course offered by Curtin University may have certain specific criteria to fulfill before enrolling in the course. So, checking the landing page of a course online thoroughly before applying is advised, and learning the basics of finance and a good grasp of MS Excel as well as some level of communication skills may lend you the edge you need. 


Q4. What are some cost-efficient courses I can apply to?

If you are still uncertain about the field of study you want proficiency in, you can dabble with courses like The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania (Coursera) and Udemy Courses to know if this field is suited for you.



Concluding, we hope you find these 8 courses satisfactory for your intended purpose with finance. Financial Modeling as a whole has a bright future as big companies grow bigger and look for professionals who can handle their back-end financials while they create the magic in the front, based on models and the predictive powers of these aforementioned models. Possessing the ability to leverage this skill will only become more important and we hope you find some way into a finance discipline to draw in the big bucks after learning finance from the best financial modeling courses, helping the world and yourself in your way. 

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