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Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai With Placement

When you want to start or run a smooth and successful business, what is one important thing you consider? The answer is the optimum use of available finances. The importance of finances cannot be denied; properly managed will help the business flourish and grow. Various steps followed under the financial model are – Researching, planning, executing, and making the best use of available finances. People interested in working in this industry can learn the tactics of finance management through various courses. There are many online and offline courses. Here we will discuss available options for financial modeling courses in Dubai.


What is Financial Modeling?


No business can grow and flourish without proper planning, execution, and use of finances. Finance is the main component or the deciding feature behind all the choices made in the business world. What, how, and how much to invest is properly calculated and executed. And most importantly, the possible perils which could be faced in the present and future depending on the level and extent of investments are properly and thoroughly studied and discussed.


And for implementing and executing these studies, the role of financial modeling comes in. For understanding the other factors, let’s first discuss the meaning of financial modeling. The word ‘Financial’ comes from the word Finance which owes its history to the Middle English word ‘finer’ which comes from the Latin language word ‘fin’ and the particular meaning is the payment of a debt, compensation, end, limit, etc.


The process of planning expenditure and putting it to use is called financing. The description of such expenditures from earlier use, present needs, and prospects are called modeling. These models are the deciding factors for almost all decisions. The whole endeavor behind this is to manage the finances. Financial modeling can be called a hypothetical description of a real commercial financial situation.


Financial Modeling Techniques:


There are various techniques used for Financial Modeling, the spreadsheets are maintained and a model is made over it. Various applications are used to analyze investments. The valuation of the company is calculated. Prior forecasting is done to create a financial model.


Need for Financial Modeling:


It serves as one of a business’s basic requirements as it predicts its future financial performance. And later use it for different objectives related to the financial consumption of the finances in an optimum way.


Scope of Financial Modeling:


The wide scope of Financial Modeling cannot be overseen in present times. The most important aspect is that the investors are already aware of the advantages and disadvantages of any financial move they make which in turn decreases the market risk hence monetary hazards are encountered. The financial models are the foundation stones and lay the base for all the inside and outside decisions to be taken by the business bodies.


Job Opportunities in The Field of Financial Modeling:


The various jobs available after pursuing the Financial Modeling course are:

  • Credit Analyst
  • Equity Research Associate
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Junior Research Analyst
  • Merger and Acquisition Associate
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Debt Syndication-Junior Executive
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Consultancy Firms


The Major Components of a Financial Model:


  1. Income Statement

In the income statement, the various elements related to finances are presented. The total income, revenue, expenses, sales, gains, losses, etc.


  1. The Balance Sheet

In other words, it can be called the statement of financial positions. The total assets and their source either debt or equity are presented on the balance sheet and are dependent on the equation of Assets=Liabilities Equity.


  1. Cash Flow Statement

A cash flow statement is a financial statement showing the total data about the finance inflow from ongoing actions and external investments. It also includes all finance outflows used for business activities and investments during a particular period.


  1. The Debt Schedule

A debt schedule states all debts a company has with the schedule based on its maturity. It is a money flow analysis. These components help check debt repayments and borrow more cash if needed.


Types of Financial Models


a) Three Statement Model-

The Three Statement Model is used to predict the financial position of a company on the whole. It has three types of financial statements –income, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. These three are linked with each other.


b) Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model-

The Discounted cash flow (DCF) Model is about the expected finance to be generated after a particular investment by a business organization. It discusses the value of investment today and how it will happen in the future.


c) Merger Model (M&A) –

A merger model is used for the description of the financial status of two companies coming together as a merger through the M&A PROCESS. These companies come together as a consolidated set-up.


d) Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model

In this Model, a privately-owned business is transformed into a public company and the shares are traded on a stock exchange.


e) Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model

This model is used to leveraged buyout transactions. It is built in Excel. Both the acquired and acquiring company assets are calculated. The company’s debt and equity both are taken into consideration.


f) Sum of the Parts Model-

What is the Sum-of-the-Parts Valuation – This Model describes the value of the company by putting forth the aggregate division worth if it is spun off or acquired by another company.


g) Consolidation Model-

A Consolidation Model is made by consolidating the financial results of various parts or units like revenues, profits, costs, productivity rate, etc.


h) Budget Model-

Budget modeling is used to create an alignment between the current situation and the prospects of a business organization. Estimates for various features like cash flow sales and expenses are taken into consideration.


Here are a few other best courses available in Dubai


The Various Options Available for Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai Are:




IIM SKILLS offers a wide variety of professional courses, and the financial modeling course is not an exception. It is one of the best options available for financial modeling courses in Dubai. Different tools and models are covered under the offered course. This in the future helps the learner work proficiently on different financial interpretations.


All the skills required for this field are properly polished. The internship is provided to the students. Real projects and situations are given during the training and students are trained to face them. Once the course is done, the students become so competent that they can work with any establishment. With the internship, the students become adaptive to real-world situations.


Instructors are always available to help if the student faces some difficulty. This institute provides its best services to make students’ careers. The various topics covered are Excel, accounting, financial statements, ratios, KPI analysis, modeling indexing, different types of financial models, business valuation, forecasting, etc.


Financial Modeling Course Highlights

  • Duration of the course:3 Month
  • Course fee:39900
  • Internship provided
  • Interactive classes
  • Practical-based Assignments
  • Placement opportunities
  • 5+case studies

To know more visit:


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Other Courses

GST Certification Course

BAT Course


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Wall Street Preps Premium Package


This is an online course and works according to your demand. When one wants to learn financial modeling for a successful career, the basics cannot help in the long run. It is another option available for financial modeling courses in Dubai that will take you to the advanced level. More practical knowledge is needed in order to succeed.


That is where WSP’s premium package serves this purpose. It helps the learner from the very first day to bring the model to the ground. The various topics covered are financial statement modeling, DCF modeling, M&A modeling, trading comps modeling, and LBO modeling. This course is more practical with a real industry perspective. It’s less of an academic theory and more practical fieldwork. Many banks choose to train their employees by them.


  • Duration: 35-45
  • Online on demand
  • Level: Intermediate


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3. Financial Modeling and Analysis From The University of Cape Town


This is another institute offering financial modeling courses in Dubai. The skills like accounting, finance, business, and spreadsheet are covered under this course. These skills help the learner with strategies for long and short-term business needs. After the course, the learner can deal with various accounting statements, determine which ratios to look for, and how to use them in the future, put earlier data with present data, and how to rectify and to interpret data.


The learner is made to focus on sensitivity and scenario analysis, modeling businesses, decision-making, valuation, and so on. Almost everything related to financial modeling is covered here in this course. Learners can enroll in this course as it is a good option for financial modeling courses in Dubai.


  • Duration of course: 8 weeks (8-10 hours per week)
  • Mode:  Online
  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate


4. Delphi Star Training Center


This institute is providing financial modeling courses and helps learners by providing guidance to them and hence shaping a successful career. By the end of the course, the students can efficiently manage funds. Instruction is provided by highly qualified, expert, certified, and experienced trainers.


  • There are instructor-led classes.
  • Live classes are imparted.
  • Access to live classes, recordings, and access to practice questions are available.
  • Timings are student-centric.
  • Suitable Assistance regarding placement is given.
  • The best study material is provided.
  • Exam pass guarantee is given.


This is one more option available for financial modeling courses in Dubai.


The Various Courses Offered Are:


This is the highest demanded course in the field of finance. The learners after doing this course become eligible for the most prestigious designation in this industry. This course is considered by employers as something that has a role and function in almost every sector of the finance industry. The curriculum is designed according to today’s ongoing trends and the needs of the market.


This course is recognized in many countries and is one option for financial modeling courses in Dubai. It is the best quality course, economic and can be learned part-time. This course opens a whole new world of opportunities to the aspiring learner, it helps in career growth and takes one upside on the earning ladder by increasing overall pay.


  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or
  • 4 years of experience or
  • Combination of work and study
  • Registration cost: One-time enrolment fee-USD 450(registering first time for Level 1 exam)
  • More fee of USD 250 if you reschedule(exam)

  • Global Financial Risk Manager

This course is designed to prepare the learner for a career in risk management, trading, etc. The knowledge helps the learners to get professionally equipped with the ongoing needs and trends of the market. This course is offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals and is globally recognized.


The curriculum is graduate-level. With this course, the learner joins a network of professionals in many countries. It has been setting global standards for more than 20 years. The course is designed by the world’s leading risk practitioners. As an outcome, the learners turned into highly skilled professionals who can deal with the ever-changing financial conditions of the industry.


The organizations find it supremely helpful with the presence of these masters to deal with ongoing changes in the industry. The certified professionals help the companies grow and succeed. The whole course revolves around the market and non-market risks. This course is a qualification for professionals engaged in things like evaluating, controlling, and analyzing possible risks.


This is one of the best options available for financial modeling courses in Dubai. These people are employed by the financial management of banks, firms, and many times with government bodies.


Various Courses Under This Are:

A) Diploma in IFRS by ACCA

Duration: 3 Months 1 Exam


B) Be a Global Financial Risk Manager

15 Month

2 Exams


C) Diploma in IFRS by ACCA

3 Months

1 Exam


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5. Virginia Institute of Finance:


Virginia Institute of Finance is one of the best and most reliable places to look for financial modeling courses. The learner can get beginners courses as well as more specific courses according to their needs. They have proven their quality and worthiness from time to time. The students get an ample chance to get in touch with real-world situations. The learners get experience by using basic models, various tools, and methods to help organizations grow their businesses.


Anybody who wants to learn about banking and accounting, or wants to get thorough knowledge of financial modeling. Any finance graduate or fresher, or somebody looking to increase their knowledge can do this course. It is an option for financial modeling courses in Dubai. The course offered for Financial Modeling is:


Investment Banking Financial Modeling course:

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling Best Practices
  • Financial Modeling for a Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Financial Modeling for Discounted Cash Analysis
  • Risk Consideration for M&A
  • Leveraged Buyouts Characteristics
  • Financial Modeling for a Leveraged Buyouts Financing


As part of the certification, the learner will be able to develop various skills like Corporate Valuation Modelling Characteristics and Organizational Structures, M&A Modelling Characteristics & Organizational Structures, Modelling the Bases of the Business Valuation Analysis Process, The Financing Model of the structure of an LBO Transaction.


Once the course is completed, the learners can create, compare, and contrast models for building and buying strategies, develop the required models in M&A & LBO transactions, develop models for the different methods of valuing corporations and understand & use the basics of valuation concepts within a financial model. It is an option for financial modeling courses in Dubai.


To know more you can contact:


6. Kaplan Genesis:


It is based in New York but has proven its presence in many other places like UAE etc. The Kaplan professional Middle East is a part of Kaplan Genesis. The programs run globally and are certified locally. They are well-known educators with a name in digital learning. Balanced training is provided and learners are made well equipped with the ongoing needs of society.


Stanley Kaplan was the founder of this very idea and later took it to educate and literate so many individuals. The various available opportunities are certification programs, leadership, and professional development. With endless services and education thousands of people ranging from professionals to freshers, from private and government sections, have served so many people.


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


It has more than 11 million students worldwide. It is available in more than 128 countries. It has been transforming lives for more than 180 years. The institute offers various financial modeling courses. Candidates can choose these courses according to their needs and expertise.


The Offered Courses Are:

  • Financial Analyst Foundation Program
  • Excel Analytics for Finance Professional
  • Three Statement Modelling & Valuation
  • M&A and LBO Modelling
  • Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)
  • Bank Modelling
  • Project Finance Modelling
  • Real Estate Modelling
  • Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM)




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7. Corporate Finance Institute


This is an online platform providing education options to finance professionals. There are courses on subjects like financial modeling, corporate finance, etc. It provides in-depth practical knowledge with business strategies to make learners able to run their careers properly. All the skills provided in these courses are needed in modern-day finance models.


The presentations of data in MS Excel, presentations and visuals are much needed. Knowledge of accounting, balance sheets, and various business strategies is also required. Learners can go for individual courses if not certificate courses. The criteria for receiving a completion certificate are to obtain 80% in assessment and pass a final exam.


The Various Courses Offered Are:

  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)
  • Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst (CBCA)
  • Capital Markets and Securities Analyst (CMSA)
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analyst (BIDA).
  • Mode: All courses are available online.


8. Zabeel International Institute:


This institute offers finance training courses, such as CMA, CPA, ACA, etc., and various other courses. These courses help students to build better careers with the help of developed skills. This is one of the world-class institutes and one of the best options available for financial modeling courses in Dubai. It offers accounting courses and finance training courses. Study material is provided to the learners. It is serving people for 30+ years.


Contact: [email protected]




Question1: What is the eligibility for the financial modeling courses in Dubai?

Answer: The interested candidate must have completed their 10+2 from a certified Indian board with accounts, finance, and math as major subjects for UG Course. For a PG degree, Bachelor’s degree is needed. For the certificate course and Diploma course, 10+2 is required. The candidate should have a keen interest in accounts and stats.


Question 2: Is the financial modeling course difficult and are there many options available for Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai?

Answer: This course could be difficult if no proper guidance is taken. Under a proficient trainer, the course could be a lot easier. The more you will practice better, the more you will learn and will be able to use and execute the knowledge. It will help build a nice career and a well-paid job. Yes, there are many options available for Financial Modeling Courses in Dubai.


Question3: Is the Financial Modeling course in demand?

Answer: The demand for Financial Model courses cannot be denied in today’s setup. The old methods of accounting have been replaced by the new finance models. These make the demand and expenditure of finance a click away for the user. The business houses find it a lot easier to take decisions and plan further their business ideas.


Question4: What is included in the Financial Modeling course?

Answer: Some topics included in the Financial Modeling courses are:

Company Valuation, Real Estate Investing, Excel Modelling Financial Accounting, Excel, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Investment Banking, Corporate Finance.


Question5: What is the fee for financial modeling course?

Answer: The fee will range between 50,000 to INR 10,00,000, depending upon the course you choose. The fee depends more on the duration of the course.




As discussed in this article, there are many options available for financial modeling courses in Dubai. Theoretical studies with practical assignments can help to shape a beautiful and successful career ahead for the student opting for the course. Some courses can take you to one of the highest in-demand and paid jobs. The old traditional methods have been replaced with these new models. These models give ample chance to the learners to develop their skills, and on another hand, the companies find more appropriate and correct data much needed for their organization’s growth and development. There are many online and offline courses available to reach the desired goal.

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