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8 Best Financial Modeling Courses in Hong Kong

Are you a finance professional, or looking for a career in the finance sector? If you find yourself nodding yes, then read on. Here we will discuss the best places to look for Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong. With top decision-makers in financial institutions and corporations relying heavily upon financial Modeling, achieving proficiency in this area will make you a much sought-after professional and give your career a big boost. So just sit back and take notes as we take you through our list.


First, Let’s Understand What Financial Modeling is:


Financial Modeling entails preparing a detailed report of a company’s income and expenditure using an electronic spreadsheet, to carry out a thorough analysis and forecast future financial events and their impact on the company’s finances. It’s an important tool used by financial planners to assess the current and future financial standing of their own and/or others’ companies.


Decision makers use financial Modeling to estimate the risks and benefits of business ideas and then plan their future course of action accordingly. Let us look at a few examples that give us a clearer view of the utility of financial Modeling. This will impress upon you how the Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong will advance your career.


A company can use financial Modeling to analyze its sales growth for the last three years and predict the sales growth in the coming year. A venture capitalist or investment bank can use financial Modeling to evaluate the current financial health of a company, forecast its future state, and then decide whether or not to invest.


A financial model will help a company to predict whether or not a merger or acquisition of another company will be beneficial in the long run. These are among the many applications of Financial Modeling. 


Next, let’s talk briefly about Hong Kong, and what makes it such an excellent destination for those looking to do a financial Modeling course, or for that matter any course or degree in finance. Hong Kong is an economic powerhouse, and among the top financial centers in the world (the others being places like New York, London, Shanghai, Singapore, Zurich, Tokyo, etc.).


The principal reason for this is that Hong Kong has long been a gateway between China and the rest of the world. Particularly, it is a conduit between China and the United States. In addition, Hong Kong’s transparent judicial system, excellent infrastructure, and low tax rates enhance its attractiveness. So, Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong will be particularly advantageous. The list is as follows: –


1. IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is an online education institute headquartered in New Delhi, India. It is among the most popular and most trusted providers of online education in the market today. IIM Skills have several skill-based courses that provide working professionals with the opportunity to master a variety of in-demand technical skills and knowledge.


The courses are hands-on and provide extensive practical training. Its Financial Modeling Course comes with an in-built MS Excel training module. Those who choose to do this course from IIM Skills will get lifetime access to course materials. They will also be able to avail the benefits of a dedicated placement cell and mock interview preparation.


They also offer online support. Students can share their doubts and queries via email, WhatsApp and call, etc. They are reputed to reply fairly quickly. Those who complete the course get a Master’s Certificate in Financial Modeling, which is recognized by MSME, Govt. of India.


If you choose to go with IIM Skills, rest assured that by the end of the course, you will have attained mastery in financial Modeling, and will be able to build useful and accurate models on your own, as well as do thorough analyses and make accurate forecasts. The Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong offered by IIM Skills will help you to become the blue-eyed boy/ girl of your company’s CEO and board of directors. 


Number of  Modules: 6

Mode of Course Delivery: Live virtual training

Duration of Course: 3 months

Course Fees: 3,957.44 Hong Kong Dollar


Phone: +91 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


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2. Kaplan Professional:


Kaplan Professional is a renowned education provider with a global presence. It is a subsidiary company of Graham Holding Co. Starting as a small tutoring business in Brooklyn, America in the late 1930s, today they have a presence in over 30 countries. Besides finance and accounting, they offer courses in several areas including English.


Kaplan university in Hong Kong is reputed to be among the finest education providers in the region, so they are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enroll in Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong. They fully understand the value of financial Modeling and consider it a necessary skill for every finance professional.


By including activities such as group projects and case studies in their course, they try to make the course practical. Every effort has been made on their part to make the course as practical as possible.  As per their website, their lead faculty for the course is a vastly experienced finance professional who has worked with top financial institutions like Morgan Stanley and has expertise in areas as diverse as private equity, real estate investment, hedge funds, and mergers and acquisitions.


The medium of instruction for the financial Modeling course is English. A certificate of attendance is provided after the completion of each module. An Executive Certificate in Financial Modeling is provided after completing 2 Modeling courses in a time window of 18 months. 


Number of  Modules: 4

Mode of Course Delivery: Live virtual training and on-campus training in Hong Kong

Duration of Course: 18 months


Phone: +852 2523686

Email: [email protected]


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3. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI):


Founded in 2016, the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, has quickly made a name for itself as one of the leading providers of online finance-related courses in the world. They focus on providing practical training that is in line with the industry standards of the day so that the students who pass out from CFI can hit the ground running after completing the course.


They have trained over 1 million people since their inception. Their financial Modeling course is called the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification program. It includes 31 courses, and students are required to complete 14 out of these to earn their certification.


The program takes around 6 months to complete. CFI’s courses have been designed keeping general financial principles in mind, rather than the financial system of any particular country. As such, the knowledge and skills imparted are globally acceptable and attract students from all over the world. 


The FMVA certification coursework is divided into three parts. There are 7 preparatory courses (all optional) for those who need to bring themselves up to speed on basic concepts in finance, 11 core courses (all mandatory), and 12 elective courses, out of which it is mandatory to do a minimum of 3.


Crucial topics like accounting, corporate finance, business valuation, forecasting, and budgeting are covered. If you choose CFI to do Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong, you will get your money’s worth, and a sizeable advantage over your peers in the financial job market. 


Mode of Course Delivery: Live virtual training and on-campus classes in Hong Kong

Duration of Course: 6 months

Course Fees: $497 per year


Phone: 1-(800)-817-7539

Email: [email protected]


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4. Financial Modeling Institute (FMI):


The Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) is another organization of recent origin. FMI was founded in 2017, and already has a presence in 50 countries. As per their website, their core team focuses mainly on assessment, while the task of training students has largely been entrusted to partner organizations such as Wiley Efficient Learning.


However, FMI does offer a 10-hour course on financial Modeling, called ‘FMI Foundations’. This course is designed to impart basic knowledge related to financial Modeling. The exam for this is MCQ based. It is not an accrediting exam. FMI’s USP is the accreditation exams carried out by them – the AFM and CFM exams.


Instead of throwing MCQs at students, these exams give them simulated business assignments, such as using Excel to build a financial model from scratch using provided data, aiding a manufacturer to strategize for the future by forecasting future operating profits, advising an investment bank about the best available financing option for a major asset acquisition, etc.


The accreditation exams are very tough. They are designed to simulate difficulties faced in real-time while executing business projects. Accreditation by FMI holds great value in the market and will help your career to grow by leaps and bounds. 


Currently, FMI Offers Two Accrediting Exams: 

Level 1 – Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) 

Level 2 – Chartered Financial Modeler (CFM)


Mode of Course Delivery: Live virtual training

Duration of Course: 10 hours for FMI Foundation course, 75-100 hour time commitment required for AFM and CFM exams.


Course fees: $195 for FMI Foundations, $695 for AFM and CFM exams


5. Coursera:


Coursera is the world’s leading provider of online education. Founded by ex-Stanford University professors in 2012, Coursera offers courses on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from physics and mathematics to business and accounting to linguistics. Some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Stanford, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania offer courses on Coursera. On Coursera, you can find courses offered by around 150 universities from around the world.   


Several courses on financial Modeling are available on Coursera. A few examples are: – 

  • Business and financial modeling (judged to be the best overall course in financial Modeling in 2022)
  • Discounted cash flow modeling
  • Fundamentals of quantitative modeling 


The great thing about the financial Modeling courses on Coursera is that courses of all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced are available here. Also, you can learn at your own pace without worrying about any deadlines, as these are self-paced courses – perfect for busy working professionals. 


There are several benefits of doing the financial Modeling courses offered by Coursera. The quality of all content on Coursera is unquestionably high. The same applies to the financial Modeling courses. Aside from the study material, a separate training project is also part of the financial Modeling courses and provides an opportunity for hands-on training.


Coursera also has a very good support system for students. There are very active discussion forums for each course, and students can expect to receive a quick response whenever they reach out to their instructors if they have any doubts. EMI options are available for payment of course fees. Coursera also provides financial aid to those who face difficulty arranging funds for the course. At the end of the course, you will receive a shareable certificate that you can share online and attract prospective employers. 


Mode of Course Delivery: Recorded online video lectures 

Duration of Course: 6 months


Course Fees: Rs. 6236 (for the Business and Financial Modeling course). EMI options are also available.

Contact Info:


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6. Udemy:


Launched in 2010, Udemy is among the top online education and skill training platforms today. In terms of the number of students enrolled and the number and variety of courses, they are unmatched, with over 50 million students and around 200,000 courses. Udemy focuses primarily on providing job-related skills such as financial Modeling.


They offer a variety of courses on financial Modelings, such as Introduction to financial modeling for beginners, financial modeling for business analysts and consultants, financial modeling for start-ups and small businesses, etc. The financial modeling course for start-ups and small businesses, in particular, is considered quite good.


An independent website rated it as the best financial Modeling course for entrepreneurs in 2022. They offer lifetime access to course materials. They also provide training in MS Excel. Students get a certificate of completion on finishing the course. An important plus point about udemy courses is that they are very budget-friendly. So, they are very good for students and new professionals. Udemy is one of the preferred destinations for those who are looking for good quality educational content at a reasonable price.   


Mode of Course Delivery: Online training

Duration of Course: 11.5 hours of on-demand video (Financial modeling for start-ups and small businesses)


Course Fees: Rs. 3499/-


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7. AMT Training:


AMT training is another reputable online provider of courses related to finance. As per their website, all of the top 10 investment banks in the world are their clients. They provide Excel Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong. The faculty at AMT training are all experienced professionals from the world of finance.


They provide extensive training in MS Excel as a part of their financial Modeling course. Special emphasis is put on learning Excel formulae and keyboard shortcuts, as well as other useful tips and tricks of the trade. For students who need some basic knowledge about financial Modeling, they provide a ‘Financial modeling boot camp course and ‘financial modeling fundamentals’ course.


These courses have 1.5 and 2 hours of video content, respectively. Courses by AMT training make it a point to deliver thorough theoretical knowledge and practical skills so that on completion of the course, their students can build and analyze financial models independently.  


Mode of Course Delivery: Live virtual training

Duration of Course: 1-2 months


Course Fees: Rs. 39,900 (+18% GST)

Phone: +852 3905 3058 (Asia Pacific office)


8. Computer Academy:


The financial Modeling course offered by them is completely practical in knowledge. They specialize in providing practical skills that will help you immediately boost your productivity in the workplace. So, the Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong offered by Computer Academy will give you a definite competitive edge over your peers.  


Recognizing the fact that MS Excel is the key tool used for building financial models, the assignments designed by Computer Academy mostly entail working with Excel so that students can get hands-on training. You will be allowed to master critical computational skills used in financial analysis and forecasting.


A whole host of topics critical to the work of a financial modeler will be taught to you, such as various types of analyses and cash flows. Keeping in mind the busy schedules of students and working professionals, Computer Academy has designed a very flexible class schedule.


Both evening and morning classes are available, so you can attend the training session at a time that is most convenient for you. All in all, the Computer Academy is n excellent choice for anyone looking to do financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong.


Mode of Course Delivery: Online training

Email: [email protected]




Q1. Why is a course in financial Modeling so important for finance professionals?

Any skill set that is critical for a particular sector is important for the professionals who are working in that sector. Today, financial Modeling is used everywhere in the financial world. No big company, bank, or any other type of financial organization will undertake a big and important undertaking without planning and obtaining an educated estimate of the impact such an undertaking will have on their financial standing. In such a scenario, the role of a financial modeler attains prime importance. Analyzing and predicting financial scenarios is an essential part of a finance professional’s job today. A course in financial Modeling by a reputed institute will help you to fulfill this role in the workplace.


Q2. Do I need to be from a finance background/ have a degree in finance to do Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong?

No. Almost all the institutes that provide a course in financial Modeling in Hong Kong are offering this course to everyone regardless of their background. The course is usually taught from scratch; all of the basic concepts and ideas are taught thoroughly before moving on to more advanced topics. Also, in the job market, a person’s degree and educational background are not as important as the actual skill-set they have. So, if you are from an arts background and want to pursue a career in finance, we recommend that you do Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong. It will provide you with many employment opportunities with corporations and organizations looking for competent financial modelers. 


Q3. Will I be trained in other skills besides modeling, if I do Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong?

A financial Modeling course is very comprehensive. Skills and knowledge about several areas will be imparted to you. Financial analysis and forecasting are integral to the job of a financial modeler, so you will be trained in these areas as well. So, if you opt to do Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong, you will acquire a very well-rounded skill-set.


Q4. Relocating for the course might be difficult for me, so is it possible for me to do financial modeling courses in Hong Kong in online mode?

Yes. Post the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of courses are now being offered online. Most of the institutes that are offering a financial Modeling course will give you the option to complete this course in online mode.


Q5. What type of job offers can I expect to get if I opt for Financial Modeling courses in Hong Kong?

As already discussed, a financial Modeling course is a very comprehensive course that trains students in a wide variety of skills and trains them to accomplish many different types of tasks. This provides them with the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of careers, such as financial modeler, risk manager, investment banker, auditor, equity research analyst, etc.  

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