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5 Best Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney

Everyone needs to have a strong grasp of financial modeling, from being an assistant to a financial analyst to working as a chief financial officer. The importance of financial modeling cannot be overstated in today’s digital age where data reigns supreme. A career in financial modeling opens up opportunities for professionals to analyze and present data for making strategic business decisions. Many accounting graduates struggle with the concept of financial modeling, and to perform their duties, they need to be able to build transparent and easily understandable financial models.


To create good financial models, one must become familiar with the best principles that underpin financial modeling. If you are thinking about enhancing your career by enrolling in a financial modeling course, this article will help you to get information, in regards to the 5 best financial modeling courses in Sydney. Before we dive into the 5 best financial modeling courses in Sydney, let’s first understand what financial modeling is and why it is an important skill to have.


What is Financial Modeling?


Financial modeling is a method of building a summary of a company’s expenses and earnings with the help of a tool that enables you to make spreadsheets like Microsoft-Excel, which can be used to forecast or calculate the impact of a company’s future events or decisions and company’s financial performance in the future.


The forecast is based on assumptions about the future and the company’s performance in the past. Financial modeling is a representation of a company’s operations in numbers. Financial models help companies in the decision-making process, like


1) Does the company need to raise more capital?

2) The current valuation of the business is enough to make acquisitions.

3) Can we open more outlets?


It involves preparing an income statement, making a balance sheet and cash flow statement, it is used for decision making and financial analysis whether it is used by inside executives or an outsider. Company Executives use the financial models to explain and anticipate the impact of the company’s decisions and future events on its stock.


This model is also used to compare businesses, you can compare your financial model with other peer companies in the competition. Company executives might also use them for estimating the costs for a project, deciding the budget for new projects, and project the profits from a proposed new project. Financial models are also used for the valuation of a business.


Why is Financial Modeling Important?


Imagine yourself having a special mirror that will tell you about your business’s future performance in the market, this would reduce the risk and will give you a chance to plan things accordingly and make decisions the right way so that you will have a clear picture of what will happen in long term and short term to your company’s performance.


Of course, no such mirror exists but financial modeling is a process that aids you to build a good model which will represent in numbers all your company’s operations in the past and present and is based on assumptions, this way we can know what the future holds.


Whenever a decision regarding Mergers and acquisitions, investment, Raising Capital and disinvestment, and Planning business growth has to be made, financial models are put to use. Enrolling yourself in the best financial courses in Sydney can help you learn about financial modeling in detail.


What Are the Skills Required for Financial Modeling?


Skills that are required to create sound financial models are:


  • The person building a financial model should have a good problem-solving approach and should be able to present their work in a clear and understandable format. You should know how to simplify a problem.
  • Have good information about what data goes into different kinds of financial models. One should know what is the income statement and balance sheet, what is cash flow statement, what is discounted cash flow analysis, how to make a good financial model with the use of historical facts and assumptions and should know what is sensitivity analysis.
  • Financial models look more attractive and are clear to understand if graphs, charts, and tables are also used in them, so you should know how to use all these to make your financial model better. The financial model helps in decision making, so the work that will go into making one should bring out the accuracy. That’s why you need to make sure that you design your financial model well.


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Uses of Financial Modeling


  • It helps in the valuation of the business.
  • It aids in Mergers and Acquisitions, you can decide whether to merge with the other entity or acquire it.
  • Financial models give a clear picture of what will be the returns from an investment made by the company, so you can find out which is the most suitable project to invest in.
  • These models are a very valuable tool to give better insights into risks associated with the decisions that are made. It will help the executives to make the right choices for the development. Like a business can grow by entering into new markets, financial modeling will help you by predicting what is the profitability of the company’s operation in a particular market.
  • Financial models are also used by various Stakeholders, it will give your shareholders a better understanding of their investment in your business.
  • With the help of financial modeling, you can decide whether to raise capital via Debt or through equity.
  • Financial modeling also helps with the process of capital allocation.
  • It also helps in budgeting and forecasting for your business. A good financial model gives a better understanding of what the future holds and what should be the budget for various activities of your business.


Now that we have understood what financial modeling is and why it is very valuable for businesses today, because of the dynamic business environment you need to look after uncertainty and make profitable choices for the sustainability of your company. Let’s now talk about the 5 best financial modeling courses in Sydney so that you can choose the best one for yourself.


5 Best Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney


1. IIM Skills:


First on the list of best financial modeling courses in Sydney is the financial modeling course by IIM SKILLS. They offer you professional courses for a highly rewarding career. They provide multiple courses worldwide and are very dedicated to helping you upskill. The institute provides multiple reasons and benefits to the students and that is why it is the top priority of the learners.



Here’s a List of Things That Makes This Online Financial Modeling Course Different:

  1. Interactive live online Classes
  2. Practical assignments and tool-based practical learning
  3. 4 live projects and more than 5 case studies to learn from
  4. Hands-on learning
  5. Mentorship by top-level specialists.
  6. 2 Months Guaranteed Internship and Mock Interview Preparation From Dedicated Placement cell.
  7. Get authorized Master Certification from IIM SKILLS.
  8. Get lifetime access to LMS. It consists of all class recordings and study materials.
  9. 100% Money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied after the first session.
  10. Round-the-clock support from our team.


This course is designed by people who have a lot of experience in the finance industry. A lot of research, time, and thought has been put into creating the curriculum for this course, it is particularly customized to steer learners to market-level jobs.


The Online Financial Modeling and Valuation Course Program Aims:

  1. Providing you with knowledge, confidence, and best practices in financial modeling to construct professional financial models.
  2. This course aids you in becoming more capable and analytical to compete and thrive in global standard financial markets.
  3. To successfully conduct business valuation and prepare valuation reports.


Tools That You’ll Use to Learn:

  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Whom Does This Course Benefit:

  1. Fresh Graduate.
  2. CA (pursuing or professional).
  3. MBA/FRM/CFA (pursuing or professional).
  4. Finance department professionals.
  5. tech or Engineers.
  6. Anyone who wants to know it all about financial modeling out of passion or curiosity.


Contact Details:


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2. The University of Sydney:


Next on the list of best financial modeling courses in Sydney is a course by the University of Sydney. This course introduces you to disciplines and techniques underpinning the constructions of financial models that are transparent and easy to use. The course curriculum is designed around tried and tested best practices, that are often learned the hard way over many years of working in the industry as a professional. It is taught engagingly, making use of practical exercises, including case studies.


  • Course Name: Financial Modeling Course Online: The Complete Guide
  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Fees: 890.00AUD


This Course is a More Detailed Compilation of Their Other Two Courses:

  • Financial Modelling Best Practice Course
  • Financial Modelling Course: Integrated Financial Statements


Here’s a List of Things That Makes This Online Financial Modeling Course One of the Best Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney.

  1. Self-paced online course
  2. Videos introducing each concept
  3. Activities to reinforce the concepts learned and open discussion of the concepts on the classroom forums.
  4. Practical problem-solving.
  5. Videos provide step-by-step guidance on the construction of the case study model.
  6. At all stages, you’ll have the help of mentors.
  7. You’ll gain access to all exercises and teaching materials covered in the classes.



This course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the best financial modeling, providing you with the knowledge and confidence to build easy-to-use financial models.


Intended Audience

This course is suitable for people who are already working, or about to start working in a career that involves using tools like Microsoft Excel to build models.

  1. Participants studying commerce discipline: Accounting, Finance, Economics.
  2. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students (including MBA students).
  3.  Engineers
  4. Finance department professionals.


You’ll have 120 days to complete the course from the date of commencement at your own pace, and learning is self-managed through an online learning management system (canvas).


Contact Details:


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3. NYIM Training:


This course is a 5-day financial analyst program where you’ll learn and build a strong foundation in Excel with formulas, shortcuts, tables, etc. Review corporate finance and financial accounting concepts, including enterprise value financial statement analysis, discounted cash flow modeling techniques, and more are covered. Participants will also learn advanced Excel for financial Modeling and build a comprehensive valuation model on a public company using current financial data. This boot camp is the most efficient way to gain skills and be at a top financial firm.


  • Course Name: Financial Analyst Training Programme
  • Duration: 5 days (35 hours)
  • Fees: $1295


Here’s a list of things that make NYIM Training Unique and one of the Best Financial Modeling courses in Sydney.

  1. You can take either an on-campus class in NYC or attend a live online class from anywhere with live interactive classes.
  2. Time-tested curriculum and supporting material.
  3. From industry experts with teaching experience.
  4. Retake the course for free within one year.
  5. Hands-on training in small groups.
  6. Verified digital certificate of completion.
  7. They also provide setup assistance.


This course is beginner friendly.


For more details regarding the Bootcamp, you can contact them via:


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4. Plum Solutions:


They have over fourteen years of experience in financial modeling and analysis in a range of industries. Based in Sydney, Australia, Plum Solutions offers professional financial modeling solutions.


  • Course Name: Online Financial Modelling Bundle
  • Duration: 12 months + 16 weeks of support
  • Fees: 525 AUD + GST


This is one of the best financial modeling courses in Sydney. Here are the course details for the online financial modeling bundle. The plum solutions financial modeling series contains three online courses:


  • Financial Modelling for Non-Financial Modelers: For the ones either new to Financial Modeling or with little information about Excel.
  • Financial Modelling in Excel (Intermediate): Suitable for the ones already doing some Financial Modeling, and who use Excel on a semi-everyday basis.
  • Advanced Financial Modeling in Excel: If you have taken the Introduction or Intermediate course, or have a good understanding of each Excel and Financial Modeling, this route will take your Financial Modeling abilities to the next stage.


Each Module in their Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney contains:

●      4-6 Videos.

●      Around 3-5 hours of video content.

●      Contains a combination of talking to the camera, live classrooms, and screenshot instruction in Excel.

●      Sample models and exercises

●      As well as the videos and Excel files, most modules contain PDFs, reading links, and quiz questions.

●      Year access to the Excel Modelling Support Centre.


You Must Have:


●      Access to High-speed Internet

  • Any version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer
  • The ability to commit to 8-16 hours of instruction over 12 months


What You’ll Get:

  • A certificate of completion
  • Online support during the course
  • Four weeks subscription to the Plum Solutions Financial Modeling Support Centre following the completion of the course
  • Plus you’ll get an E-book version of Using Excel for Business and Financial Modeling, as well as Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies, included when you purchase the bundle!


This course is a great way to upskill yourself and is on the list of the best financial modeling courses in Sydney, if you wish to get more information on how many modules are there in the online financial modeling bundle course, you may visit their website.


Contact Info:


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5. Corporate Finance Institute


Managed by leading instructors, innovative curriculum designers, and proprietary technology, CFI provides the necessary resource for finance professionals globally, including productivity tools, certification, and online training for financial modeling, valuation, capital markets, data science, and business intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and more.


Course details for the course by CFI in financial modeling are as follows:


  • Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)
  • Duration:
  • Fees: You can buy CFI Subscription either for
    • Self Study – $497 / year
    • Full Immersion – $847 / year


The FMVA certification program helps you gain the essential skills required to perform practical financial analytics. It can help you learn financial modeling skills to streamline a budgeting and forecasting process and help you to improve your competency level. The FMVA certification provides you with all the skills, tools, and methods required to become a world-class financial professional.


How the FMVA Program Works


  • Preparation Courses (optional): Now you don’t need to worry if you do not have any basic knowledge of finance. To prepare for the program, they provide you with 7 optional preparational courses to learn the fundamentals.


  • Core Courses:
    1. Accounting Principles and Standards
    2. Budgeting and Forecasting
    3. Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
    4. Business Valuation Modeling Part I
    5. Business Valuation Modeling Part II
    6. Dashboards & Data Visualization
    7. Financial Analysis Fundamentals
    8. FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
    9. PowerPoint & Pitchbooks
    10. Professional Ethics
    11. Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel


  • Elective Courses: Choose a minimum of 3 electives (out of 12 available) to explore more advanced topics and specialized subjects.


  • Final Exam: You will have to take the FMVA final exam (with a minimum of 70%) on completion of the course to earn your program certificate.


  • Get FMVA Certified: Upon completion of the program, you will receive a blockchain digital certificate with your brand new credentials. You also have the option to get your physical certificate delivered to your doorstep.


What Makes the FMVA Course the Best Choice:

  • 31 courses: Consisting of over 2100+ lessons.
  • 190+ interactive exercises.
  • New monthly courses: On need-to-know subject matter.
  • Blockchain certificate: Earn the prestigious, in-demand FMVA certification.


Career Options With The FMVA

For More Details Contact:


You can become a good financial modeler by learning from the best financial modeling courses in Sydney, which can give a great start to your career as a financial modeler.




1. What is a financial modeling course?

A financial modeling course is what will educate you on various types of financial models that can be created and are commonly used by different businesses. It will also teach you about various software to use while building a financial model like Microsoft Excel. It will give you knowledge about the best practices and skills you need to acquire to build good and easily understandable financial models and will make you work on real-life case studies for better understanding.


2. What jobs use financial modeling?

Financial modeling is significant in today’s era, many jobs use financial modeling but to name a few jobs that use financial modeling are as follows:

  1. Investment Bankers
  2. Equity Analysts
  3. Market Research Analysts
  4. Financial Manager and Financial Analysts
  5. Accountants


3. Are Financial Modeling courses in Sydney difficult?

Well, a lot goes into making a financial model, it can be a little tricky sometimes if you are entirely trying to figure out the complete financial modeling on your own. However, there are multiple great courses available on the internet for you to enroll in and learn financial modeling. These courses will teach you and give you a great start, and now that you have begun your journey with financial modeling, you can practice and get better at it.


4. Can I get a job after financial modeling courses in Sydney?

Yes! You can get a job. After acquiring the skill of financial modeling, a candidate can start his or her work in equity research companies, in private financial institutions as a financial analyst, and as an investment banking analyst. After learning financial modeling you can earn from 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum.


5. Who can do financial modeling courses in Sydney?

Anyone who knows about the basics of accounting and has a good understanding of how to use Excel can do a financial modeling course. Of Course, if you don’t know about them you can easily learn by enrolling in courses offline or online. There are no such strict guidelines on who can enroll in a financial modeling course but both of these things will give you a base to get started.


6. How much time will it take to learn financial modeling?

It can take one to three months to learn financial modeling depending on the length of your course, and of course, practice is the key because it makes a man perfect.




Doing a course in financial modeling is beneficial because you will get to learn and comprehend different skills that are used in the industry, you will enhance your decision-making skills, and will be able to make clear and robust models. It is one of the important skills that is required in the finance industry. You will become a certified candidate, which will give you an edge when getting selected for a job position. I hope that this article on the best financial modeling courses in Sydney adds some information to your knowledge and helps you in deciding.

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