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Top 10 Excellent Financial Modeling Courses in Dublin

Are you hunting for a rewarding Financial Modeling Course in Dublin to scale your understanding of the ins and outs of finance? Money can be a terrible master but is for sure an excellent servant. It works subtly but effectively for utmost prudence in handling everything from personal finance to million-dollar enterprises.


Financial modeling is a scientific representation of numbers of a company’s operations in the past, present, and the forecasted future. Such models are designed to aid decision-making tools. Company executives resort to them for estimating the costs and project the profits of a proposed new project.


Financial analysts employ them to discern or anticipate certain events’ counter-effects on a company’s assets, such as stock. The ripple effects could result from many internal factors, including a change of strategy or business model. Even external factors such as a change in economic policy or regulation could be of a powerful impact.


They are also employed strategically to test various scenarios, calculate the cost of upcoming projects, decide the budget size, and allocate corporate resources. Discounted cash flow, sensitivity, and an in-depth appraisal are different forms of financial modeling.


Let us Understand Financial Modeling Through a Real-life Example


The outcome of sales growth is determined by only two inputs in a financial model; Current and previous sales. The financial modeler assigns one primary cell for the prior year’s sales, cell A, and the secondary cell for the current year’s sales, cell B. Cell C’s third cell is designated to store a formula dividing the difference between cells A and B. The procedure is hardcoded into cell C. The inputs of Cell A and Cell B get changed.


Doing a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin; Why is it Critical?


As the situation warrants, financial models are highly flexible and vary in type and complexity. Aspirants of the Financial Modeling Course in Dublin should know that gaining expertise in Financial modeling insights is central for forming decisions and even performing financial analysis for any company.


Within an enterprise, financial modeling knowledge gets leveraged by professionals to make informed decisions:


  • To Determine the results of merger and acquisition on the parent company. Hence whether or not to make acquisitions.
  • The extent of capital generation covering debt and or equity.
  • The nature of organic business growth entails entering into emerging new markets and setting up new merchant stores.
  • Determining asset or enterprise valuation.
  • Determining discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Figuring out, based on forecast tools, the future prices for markets/Products.
  • The size to which business units and assets have to be sold or divested.
  • The need to plan in terms of budgeting and forecasting.
  • The size of capital allocation in terms of priority to invest in which projects.
  • The need to work out financial statement analysis/ratio analysis.
  • The need for articulate Management Accounting.
  • It enables business houses to estimate ideas and risks cost-effectively.
  • It helps create a powerful representation of the financial status of a business concern.
  • It can prove the financial prowess of a company mathematically.


For those inclined to do a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin, you will get well-versed with the following models. The knowledge of the following perspectives will set you apart as an advanced financial modeling ace professionally.


  • The full-blown three-statement financial modeling
  • The discounted cash flow model
  • The leveraged buyout Model
  • Merger and Acquisition Model
  • Sum of the Parts Model
  • Comparative company analysis Model
  • Comparable Transaction Analysis Model


Who Will Hire me if I do a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin?


Today, almost every company under the sun requires financial modeling professionals without any exceptions. They need to understand financial assets’ performance before making investment decisions. For finance professionals, Financial Modeling can be a potent add-on to their wings. When offering jobs in finance, employers look out for candidates who know financial Modeling and the basics of business valuation, project finance, and portfolio management.


Are you a Professional in Finance Keen on doing a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin? You can look for Openings Primarily in the Following Sectors.


  • Equity and private equity research
  • Stock trading and portfolio management
  •  Credit analysis
  •  Investment banking
  • Corporate Development
  • sector research and analysis
  • company profiling
  • extracting research-relevant quantitative data
  • writing a research report
  • Building models from scratch
  • Building financial test models working on ad-hoc global sector/company research.


Finance professionals in Ireland can add this in-demand Specialization to their resume by doing a top-notch Financial Modeling Course in Dublin.


The Top Guns of Finance in Dublin are Looking for Such Expertise in Finance Professionals: 

  • Citi
  • Bank of America
  • Jp Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fidelity Investments
  • BNY Mellon
  • Mastercard
  • Bank of Ireland
  • HSBC
  • Allied Irish bank Allianz
  • BNP Paribas
  • Wells Fargo
  • Barclays
  • Fiserv
  • Fidelity International
  • Northern Trust
  • Standard and Poor’s 
  • Moody’s 
  • Fitch
  • Hedgeserv
  • Mazars
  • ESB
  • Deloitte
  • Amundi


So if you have a number-crunching attitude and finance is your cup of tea, these hotbeds of career opportunities await you. So to get started, enroll in a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin.


Top Careers in Financial Modeling


Finance Graduates in Ireland can aim for any of the following specializations by doing an exhaustive Financial Modeling Course in Dublin.


Financial Modeling Analyst

They are required to furnish conceptual models of an investment product or business based on which the analyst will calculate, forecast, or estimate financial numbers. 


Fund Services Operating Model Optimisation Project Manager

The project manager for optimization is responsible for coordinating departmental resources and tasks to improve a company’s operational efficiency. 


Finance Transformation-Finance Strategy & Operating Model

A finance transformation consultant will be working closely with finance executives to define their strategy and take a leading role in ensuring that their vision gets implemented across the organization. 

Financial Services Banking Audit Manager

An audit manager’s responsibility is to entail the complete audit of finances in any organization. Their responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the process of audits.
  • Making policy recommendations.
  • To ensure that the organization fulfills international and governmental compliance obligations.
  • Banks hire them wherein they are answerable to the audit committee.


Senior Analyst

Primarily a senior business analyst guides businesses to find opportunities to improve their efficiency. Senior business analysts are experts in in-depth analysis services while suggesting strategies to key partners and stakeholders of a company.


Financial Services Advisory

The advice they provide could be for a consolidated financial plan or individual investments towards a larger financial goal.


Financial Instruments Reporting Accountant

His role is to prepare financial statements and reports needed for a business to comply with regulatory requirements. He will organize and present financial information to company managers. Further, the company might summon his assistance to prepare company tax filings.


Financial Controller

They are primarily responsible for providing timely and accurate company records by managing the accounting function. Their duties vary from preparing the financial closure process, financial statements, and reports to guiding decision-making. If the idea of ratios and accurate projections of risk and profit fascinate you, then go for throttle by enrolling in a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin.


List of top 10 Institutes Offering Financial Modelling Training in Dublin and Beyond


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a highly motivated and purpose-driven ed-tech organization offering a diverse catch of professional courses. They include courses in finance, taxes, marketing, writing, etc. The institute provides the best financial modeling course in Dublin. The forward-driven upskilling nature of their financial modeling and online business accounting and taxation courses makes it unique and appropriate to every single learner, whether beginner or professional.


Course Curriculum

  • Intermediate and Advanced Accounting ideas in Excel
  • Financial Statements
  • KPI/Ratio Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Financial Modeling
  • Types of Financial Models
  • Business Valuation


 Course Highlights and Advantages of Financial Modeling Course in Dublin

  • Access online from any device and learn from any part of the world
  • Highly flexible; Even working professionals can enroll.
  • Access to Learning Management System for life
  • Certification upon successful completion of the course from the Globally recognized IIM Skills.
  • Dedicated placement assistance
  • Mentorship post completion of the course


Duration of the Course: 3 months

Fees: 495.17 Euro +taxes


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Building Effective Financial Models: A Practical Approach by Chartered Accountants Ireland


The idea behind this course is to acquaint people with spreadsheet modeling and related analysis. In the study, trained participants will structure a model from scratch and teach how to deploy it to achieve outcomes.


Course Structure  

  • Key variables and rules in Model Design and Pitfalls.
  • Designing error-free financial models.
  • Building various Models – Sales, Cost of Sales, Payroll, Overheads, Fixed Assets, Working Capital
  • Generating Reports (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow) from linked sheets.
  • Compilation of operational KPIs and substantiating them with graphical representation where appropriate.
  • Enabling the Key reporting dashboard.
  • Promoting the use of Scenario Manager.
  • Deducing scenarios from Models built.
  • Editing, adding, and deleting scenarios.


Your Takeaway From Financial Modeling Course in Dublin 

  • Understand the modeling process, including the gains as well as pitfalls.
  • Polished skills to make your model (from course guidelines), bringing the whole process together.
  • Derive insights into how best Analysis data to input into modeling.


 Important Points to be Noted  

  • Test session. Before your course, if you want to test your connection and setup, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] or 01 6627700. 
  • Two monitors. Two recommended monitors allow the trainer’s screen and the other to run your application.
  • Microsoft Office version. They use Microsoft Office 365 Professional. Kindly update if you have an older version to avoid file incompatibilities.
  • The files are prepared and delivered to the course using Windows 10. 
  • Any problems faced by users with other platforms will stand addressed during the test session.



A group of chartered accountants in Ireland having multi-domain experience involving Real Estate, Banking, Finance, and Management.


 Duration: 1 Day

Pricing £468.75

Member Price: £375


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3. The Excel Financial Modeling Course By DCM-Dublin City University


This course aims at empowering you to understand a company’s financial statement with the help of analysis and projection of future economic circumstances of concern. It will also establish critical linkages of an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The contents herein are structured to enable you to build advanced financial models logically incorporating the concept of circularity.


Course Highlights of Financial Modeling Course in Dublin

  • Geared to help develop a solid understanding of Financial Models using Excel
  • Build efficient and error-free Financial Models
  • Professional formatting of data
  • Inputting base data
  • Efficient leveraging of Excel for maximum output
  • Getting well-versed with existing and new Financial Models



  • Introduction to principles of Modeling
  • Learning fundamentals of Model Building
  • Auditing
  • Evaluation


Learning Outcomes 

  • Conceive and design practical and robust financial modeling applications. Have a firm grasp of financial forecasting. 
  • Manipulate models with multiple scenarios.
  • Discover and use several support tools and techniques in spreadsheet programs.
  • Make use of sensitivity and scenario analysis.


Duration: 1 Day

Price: £895


4. Udemy


Udemy, with a global rank of 342, is an online learning and teaching universe with over 155,000 courses and 40 million students. Over 35 million students worldwide have benefitted by advancing their careers and passions by mastering new skills on Udemy. While the global marketplace is constantly growing and updating, Udemy connects people everywhere with online courses on the latest in-demand skills.


Course Highlights

  • Avail 6 hours of on-demand video
  • Access to three articles
  • 18 extensive downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access to troubleshooting doubts
  • Get easy access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments to instill knowledge and confidence
  • Certificate of completion
  • An unconditional Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Previous experience is not mandatory.


You will develop the Following Skill Sets.

  • Able to confidently deal with crucial finance, accounting, and modeling concepts
  • Become proficient in using over a dozen of the most useful Excel features & techniques
  • Confident in creating three distinct financial models from scratch



Symon and Brandon will be the two finance specialists for this course. The former is an MBA from Stanford University, while the latter holds a master’s in Real Estate Finance from Tulane University.


Duration of the Course: 5 Hours

Fees: INR 639


5. Business and Financial Modeling by Coursera


The Financial Modeling Specialization offered by the Wharton Business school will enable you to make informed business and financial decisions. Post completion of the Specialization, you’ll be ready to use your data to describe realities, build scenarios, and predict performance. Hence, a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin from Coursera will bring a lot of brand recall due to its association with the Wharton School of Business.


Course Highlights

  • Shareable Specialization and Course Certificates
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Course Videos & Readings for continuous reference
  • Practice Quizzes to deepen understanding
  • Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  • Graded Quizzes with Feedback


 Get Sought for the Following Skillsets

  • A proper grasp of regression analysis, Probabilistic Models, and Linear Programming
  • Understanding Cash Flow 
  • Design your quantitative models
  • Discern the measurement and management of risk
  • Exploit the power of spreadsheets to map and predict data
  • Formulate your decision-making for optimum results



Most of the mentor guides in this program come from the Wharton Business School. So rest assured about the quality of training undertaken. It is world-class, period.


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6. Introduction to Financial Statement Modeling by Wall Street Prep


An introductory but pragmatic course in nature that will empower you to build a three-statement model. The model works around inputting historical data and assumptions to project financial statements. The building of the model entails selecting, locating, and developing appropriate projection drivers. The training is suitable for students and professionals pursuing a career in private equity, investment banking, equity research, or corporate finance.


Course Highlights

  • Designed to be self-paced, comprehensive, and intuitive
  • Transcends academics to produce a real-world Investment banking Training
  • Private online tutoring for an additional fee with seasoned investment bankers


Course Prerequisites

  • Proficiency in Excel and Accounting is a must.
  • Such students should enroll in Accounting and Excel crash courses.


What you will Learn

  • Learn frequently used Excel shortcuts and functions in Financial Modeling.
  • Learn best practices in Excel settings and formatting 
  • Engage the revolver and cash sweep to create model plugs
  • Learn Model Building is a fully integrated 3-statement model based on established forecasting and schedule conventions.
  • Learn to Deal with circularities in the modelBuilding 
  • Gain proficiency in balancing the model and inserting automated checks
  • Get confident in Performing sensitivity & scenario analysis
  • Learning to check models for errors, accuracy, and integrity efficiently



The tutors rich in experience at Wall Street Prep are Global Investment bankers who know their subjects like the palm of their hands.


Duration of the Course: 10.5 Hours

Fees: 199$


7. Applied Financial Modeling and analysis by Financial Edge


Financial Edge, established on Wall Street, has become a powerful underwriting syndicate for banks and other financial institutions. Financial Edge continues to train all incoming financial analysts in all the four leading investment banks of the world as rated by Financial Times. The course is structured to transform you into market-excelling at par with the same Wall Street instructors. Rest assured that your accreditation will have solid gravitas if you aspire to do a Financial Modeling Course in Dublin from Financial Edge online.


Course Highlights

  • Have a one-on-one interaction with our Wall Street instructor team
  • View screen shares from Excel files
  • When in doubt, Instantly message your instructor
  • You have the opportunity to appear ‘in front of the class.’
  • Work collaboratively and productively with the group via whiteboards and annotations.
  • Refer to recordings of the live classroom once it has finished
  • Upon completing this course, your names will be added to their prestigious alumni on LinkedIn at par hires at the top 4 investment banks.



What you will Learn

  • Learning to build a three-statement model concerning circular iterations
  • Honing core excel skills needed to work quickly and efficiently
  • Creating a simple forecast model using a company’s consensus estimates for revenues and EBIT
  • Trading comparables using underlying source documents and market data
  • Practical application of WACC Analysis
  • Making a simple financial model for understanding the critical effects of acquisition at different prices



The faculties are Jonathan Rugg & Gerard Kelly. Jonathan launched his financial training career in 2008. Gerard’s ability lies in teaching accounting, financial analysis, and Modeling. He began his career in the area of taxation, working for Arthur Anderson. 


Duration of the Course: 5 Months

Fees: 459$


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8. Financial Modeling and Business valuations Trainee Program by Finocontrol Consultancy Services


Finocontrol Consultancy Services LLP has a legacy in imparting training services, consulting, education, and advisory while being ranked as the “Top 10 Best FM Companies in the world” concerning the following. 


  •  financial markets,
  •  investment banking,
  •  business, economics, 
  • tax, 
  • artificial intelligence,
  • blockchain, 
  • machine learning, 
  • corporate standards,
  • technical education Nationally and Internationally


Trending topics covered here have rigorous and in-depth analysis. The case studies provided help one understand with real-time examples. Finocontrol has officially partnered with premier institutes like IIM Lucknow, IIM Sirmaur, IIM Rohtak, and XIMB to excel in their campus engagement programs (Live Projects, Internships, Guest Lectures, and Placement drives).


Course Highlights

  • It covers all aspects of financial Modeling
  • Identifies with model drivers and assumptions
  • Train to run simulations and measure the cost of new programs
  • Teach to set budgets and allocate corporate resources
  • It enables one to think of alternate ways of calculating different financial parameters
  • The program ensures its pupils graduate with sound financial and technological know-how


Prominent Things you will learn 

  • The skill to discern Financial Statements in-depth
  • How to create financial statements for a simple business
  • Grasp the relationship between all the Financial statements
  • Understanding the importance of Valuation & Modeling
  • Making future Corporate & Business Exposure ready
  • Introduction to two critical methods of valuation – intrinsic and relative



The mentors are top-notch as the institute comes under the purview of the ministry of corporate affairs, India.

Duration of the Course: 3 months

Fees: 9999 INR


9. Certificate in Financial Modeling and Valuation by Ernst & Young Global Limited


EY refers to Ernst & Young Global Limited, a multinational professional services partnership headquartered in London, England. Along with Deloitte, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, it is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms. The company operates in two lines of service – Audit, and Assurance. Financial Statement Auditing, Fraud Investigation, and Forensics comprise its significant scope of operations. 


Course Highlights

  • 36+ Hours of Learning in-depth Videos
  • Exhaustive Presentations 
  • Online Assessments
  • Certificate on Completion of Course
  • Query clarification through Email
  • Six months of LMS access after the course


Course Coverage 

  • Best practices Nurtured in Financial Modelling.
  • Articulate structuring and designing models
  • Exposure to sector-specific dynamics of revenue and expense
  • Discerning possibilities to compute different line items forming part of financial statements
  • Calculation of Tax
  • Integrating financial statements to bring about a cohesive output
  • building macros
  •  To Explore various approaches to valuation to apply them best.
  • An appealing and meaningful presentation of the output


Who Should Sign-up for this Course?

  • Investment banking and equity-based Finance professionals
  • Finance professionals working in research
  • Finance managers
  • Corporate finance, private equity, and M&A professionals
  • CA, FRM, MBA Finance, CFA course candidates
  • Self-employed finance professionals
  • Graduates


Duration of the Course: 3 months

Fees: 126.44$ + Taxes


10. Financial Modeling and Valuation using Microsoft Excel by CFI-Corporate Finance Institute


Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is a learning platform for finance and investment professionals, providing courses and certifications in finance concepts such as financial modeling/valuation, budgeting, accounting, and a commercial banking/investment certification. Particular emphasis is on polishing skills that CFI deems critical – such as acing Microsoft Excel, visuals, and presentations – and a rock-solid grasp on accounting and business strategy. 


Course Highlights

  • Avail 80+ Hours of Instructor-led Live Online / Classroom Training 
  • 30 Hours of Practical Project-Based Learning
  • Highly sought Soft Skills Training & CV Building
  • Prepping to shine in interviews & 100% Placement Assistance
  • Detailed Study Material & Recorded Lectures 
  • Prepare for AFM, Certification from FMI, Canada


Course Curriculum

  • Essential to Advance ExcelMS PowerPoint in MS Excel
  • Deep Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Valuation of DCF
  • Analysis of Comparable Transaction
  • Consolidation of effective sales attributes to form a practical Pitchbook
  • Effective representation of powerful company attributes in company profile 
  • Capstone Project


Duration of the Course: 3 months

Fees: 497$ Self-study

847$ Full-Immersion 




Q1. What exactly is financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling is a system or process that helps link different monetary values and metrics. It is a mathematical framework that simplifies the relationship between various aspects of finance through variables.


Q2. Where may Financial Models be used?

Financial models used vary in several cases and in many different ways. Often an economic model is used to justify or direct a set of decisions while also serving as a deterrent against making poor judgment calls in your business dealings. 


Q3 Is Financial Modeling challenging to learn?

Learning a financial model on your own typically requires more work, as it may require you to invest your time watching videos or reviewing guidebooks. Although free training is available for learning sophisticated Excel operations and accounting principles, you’ll usually have to hunt for appropriate videos, books, or other resources. 




Now that you know some of the most popular Financial Modeling Course in Dublin, you can choose how to become a Certified Financial Modeler. While many leading colleges provide free financial modeling courses, You may compare online courses to find the top 10 in your area. Enroll for the best Financial Modeling Course in Dublin. Good Luck.

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