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Top 6 SEO Courses in Surat With Placement Assistance

In this fast-paced transforming digital world, do you also plan to make space for yourself in the digital market? Do you wish to rank better on the search engine pages to be found quickly by a greater number of people? If that is the case, you are precisely where you need to be. This article talks about the best and top-rated SEO courses in Surat with all the pertinent information such as curriculum, fees, batches, mode of study, and so on.


What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?


Search engine optimization is the craftsmanship of getting your page rank higher on web crawlers like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. when people look for goods or services connected to your company or service. Nowadays, search engine optimization is a crucial component of digital marketing since every year consumers conduct trillions of searches to make purchases. As a result, search is currently the main source of internet traffic. Therefore, to differentiate your company or service from that of your rivals, you need higher search engine optimization outcomes for your website.


What is the Advantage of Learning Search Engine Optimisation?


If you are a business thriving in the digital market, search engine optimization is what can save you and make you stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of benefits that you can get from a proper SEO technique. Some of them are listed below:


1. Search Engine Optimisation Gets You Quality Traffic

When you opt for Search Engine Optimisation, you get inbound quality traffic, like the people who are looking to buy your service or product will land on your website, unlike the paid outbound links, where they display ads to even the people who are not your target audience.


2. You Don’t Need to Pay for Search Engine Optimisation Ads

It means that once you have created content on your website that search engines find worthy of directing their users to, your page will rank in the top pages for days, months, and maybe years. And you do not require to invest further into it.


3. Search Engine Optimisation Gets More Clicks PPC

Most of the users trust the organic ratings rather than the paid ads, it is observed that 71.33% of people open up the organic results.


What is the Eligibility to Enroll in SEO Courses in Surat


SEO is a skill that anyone can learn and master with dedicated guidance and practice. These skills do not require you to hold any degree, you just need to have interest and passion to get into the profession. SEO is a very crucial skill that plays a major role in marketing, and yes, good SEO practices make the most leads. Hence, skill is the only need that a firm or company looks for. Whether you are a 12th pass or a graduate, you have equal rights to educate yourself about SEO and become a professional.


There are a number of SEO courses in Surat that are assisting learners around the globe through their online courses, but in this article, we have tried to list down the top institutes that are highly appraised by the students and professionals, so that you will end up enrolling in the most trusted courses and gain excellent skills.


Joining a course is very crucial to gain permanent skills and meet the industry needs as the courses are taught by experts with years of experience, they put all their learnings to teach you. And, of course, nobody can make you a professional rather than guidance from a professional. You can leverage the opportunity to know about the most recent trends of SEO under the guidance of professionals by enrolling in the top-rated SEO courses in Surat mentioned in the post below.


The institutes are listed after a deep study of their reviews, and you can trust them in order to enhance your skills and confidence. The courses also provide you the weekly assignments so that you will ingrain each concept in-depth. The assignments provided are also designed by the experts and they really help you to foster your creativity and skills to come up high.


So, you must have gained enough understanding of how courses help you gain skills and get good employment opportunities. So now is the time to delve into the list of the most opted and highly recommended SEO courses to build your skills. Below is the list of the best courses.


Here are the other best courses in Surat


If You’re Someone Looking for SEO Courses in Surat, Here’s a List:


1. IIM Skills


Fees: ₹ 14,900 + 18% GST

Duration: 12 Weeks

Mode of Study: Online


About Advanced SEO Courses in Surat offered by IIM Skills:

One of the best SEO courses in Surat with case studies and practical application is offered by IIM Skill’s top-notch Advanced SEO course. It also offers the Master’s Certification that corporates most trust. IIM Skills offers thorough instruction with the weekly application. You also have access to tools for keyword research and SEO, as well as paid themes. With their customer help center and community of 14000+ SEO Professionals, IIM Skills provides immediate online support. Additionally, receive free access to all new updates via live and recorded courses.


Key Features of IIM Skills’ SEO Courses:

  1.     4 Weeks of SEO Training Course followed by 8 Weeks of paid Internship
  2.     16 hours plus Live Lectures with Practical Assignments and Weekly Assessments
  3.     Free Tools worth Rs 20 thousand.
  4.     Hands-on Training with 2 Live Projects
  5.     Lifetime Access to all New Updates with Live and Recorded Lectures


Learning Modules:

Introduction to SEO

  1.       Understand what is SEO
  2.       Types of SEO
  3.       Why SEO is Important
  4.       Tentative Time Requirements for SEO to show Results


Setting up the Right Niche

  1. Selection of Right Niche
  2. Micro & Competitive Niches
  3. Understanding your Website’s Credibility
  4. Understanding User Interface
  5. Understanding User Experience


On-Page SEO

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Types of Keywords (Short Tail & Long Tail)
  3. Keyword Competition Level (Low Medium or High)
  4. Keywords Intent > Informational, Navigational, Commercial, Transactional
  5. Keyword Density
  6. Landing Page Content
  7. Competition analysis to rank higher
  8. SEO For Local Pages
  9. SEO For Domestic Pages
  10. SEO for International Pages
  11. Images & Video Optimisation
  12. What Are Permalinks and How to Structure Them
  13. Headings & Title Structure
  14. Content Structure (headings 1,2,3,4)
  15. Internal and External Linking
  16. Focussed Keyword and Alt Keywords
  17. Cornerstone Pages
  18. Building Pillar Content
  19. Indexing and no indexing
  20. SEO For Social Sharing Optimisation
  21. Meta Description
  22. Tags
  23. Categories
  24. 301 Redirect
  25. 404 Error
  26. Canonical URLs


Off-Page SEO

  1. Introduction to Off-Page SEO
  2. What are backlinks
  3. Types of Backlinks
  4. Generating Quality Backlinks
  5. Web 2.0, 3.0 Strategy.
  6. Content Marketing Strategy
  7. Google My Business
  8. Local SEO
  9. How to Generate Quality Backlinks
  10. Cold Email Outreach for Guest Blogging
  11. What is Thin Content
  12. How to Create Quality Content.
  13. Duplicate Content


Technical SEO

  1. HTTP vs HTTPS Servers.
  2. Content Delivery Network (What it is? And How to Implement?)
  3. XML SiteMap
  4. Speed Optimization
  5. 301 Redirect
  6. 404 Pages
  7. Permalinks
  8. Internet & External Links
  9. Broken Links
  10. Title Length
  11. Meta Length
  12. Structured Data
  13. Schemas (Implementation & more)



  1. How to Register to Search Console.
  2. Technical Implementation of Search Console
  3. Benefits of Search Console
  4. Overview of Search Console
  5. URL Inspection
  6. Search Results
  7. Discover Your Site Performance
  8. Site Coverage
  9. Sitemap (What is it)
  10. Submission of SiteMap (Indexing, Crawling Rate)
  11. Removals (disavow bad backlinks)


Google Analytics

  1. What is GA
  2. How to Register with GA
  3. Dashboard Introduction
  4. Custom Reports
  5. Alerts


Reporting in SEO

  1. Learn How to Design an SEO Report
  2. Weekly Progress Reports
  3. Monthly Reports
  4. Structures Used in Agencies
  5. Freelance SEO Reporting


Bonus Module:

  1. Career Planning
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Resume Preparation
  4. Best Practices
  5. Introduction to Paid Internship


Tools You Will Use With This Course:

  1. Keyword Planner
  2. Answer the public
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. SemRush
  5. WordPress
  6. Canva


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IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite




Fees: ₹6,355

Duration: 12 Hours

Mode of Study: Online

Timings: 9 Am to 12 Pm


About IIDE:

IIDE is modernizing the way of teaching completely. IIDE doesn’t use traditional teaching methods like the use of PPTs like other institutes. They favor teaching techniques and material that are individualized, condensed, and applicable to the real world. IIDE provides an Online SEO Course that uses a cutting-edge teaching approach among the many specialist courses offered. High-quality self-paced video lectures are seen at the start of the course, followed by live online sessions. They also give assignments and mock exams to gauge your understanding more effectively.


Key Highlights of IIDE’s SEO Course:

  1. 10+ hours of live lectures
  2. 2+ hours of video lectures
  3. Expert Trainers
  4. Dedicated Team for helping support
  5. Access to all the video lectures for a month


Who Should Enroll in Their Online SEO Courses in Surat?

  1. Freshers
  2. Content Writers
  3. Content Marketers
  4. Bloggers
  5. Performance Marketers


Course Syllabus:

Keyword Research: Integral Part of On-page SEO

  1. Understanding how Google SEO works
  2. Learn how you can find the right keywords


On-Page SEO Tutorial

  1. Structuring your web pages for on-page Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Discover optimizable on-page components


Google-proofing your website

  1. Find SEO tips for more website traffic
  2. Learn about technical concepts
  3. Learn why error pages are important


Off-Page SEO Tutorials

  1. Learn how to use blogs & PR to improve the ranking
  2. Discover the importance of auditing your website


Google Search Console

  1. Learn how to measure a site’s search performance
  2. Using Google Analytics & Google Search Console


Blackhat Techniques

  1. Get familiar with Blackhat techniques
  2. Learn how Blackhat techniques impact ranking


3. Weetech Institute


Fees: NA

Duration: 2 months to 3 months (Depends on the course you select)

Mode of Study: Online


About Weetech Institute:

Completing more than 250 successful Search Engine Optimisation projects for their clients, Weetech offers a Search Engine Optimisation course for students who wish to get hands-on experience. In their experience, they have observed that students learn more easily and quickly when they see direct implementations of theory in front of their eyes. Keeping this concept in mind, WeeTech Institute involves their students in live projects to help them understand better. The live projects offer a huge advantage over the conventional theoretical way of learning.


Key Features of Weetech SEO Course:

  1. Fast and Quality Learning.
  2. Doubts and query solving through practical demonstration.
  3. Opportunity to work with skilled SEO Executives
  4. Chance to get hands-on training experience
  5. Helpful for final-year students with their project work
  6. 100% Placement assistance


Tools That You Will Learn:

  1. Webmasters’ tools
  2. Related keyword research tools
  3. Analytics
  4. Keyword Planner
  5. Trend Analysis Tools
  6. SEO Marketing Tools
  7. Website Analysis Tools


Contact Details:

Address: WeeTech Institute

A – 401/402, Astha Square

Near Kapodra-Utran Bridge

Utran, Surat – 394105

Email: [email protected]


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4. VJ SEO Marketing


Fees: NA

Duration: 2 months to 3 months

Mode of Study: Online


VJ SEO Marketing offers Advanced SEO Courses in Surat with Practical Sessions.


They offer two types of SEO Courses in Surat:

  1. multiple student coaching
  2. one-to-one training.


About multiple student coaching:

Multiple Students in a single session.

90 Days [3 Months]

3 Days in a Week [Monday, Wednesday, and Friday]


Timing: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM [1 Hour – In Morning]

Location: Online through Video Call on Google Meet or Zoom


Personalized SEO Training – One to One


Morning Batch (One-to-One Coaching)

60 Days [2 Months]

3 Days in a Week [Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday]

Timing: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM [1 Hour – In Morning]

Location: Online through Video Call


Night Batch (One to one Coaching)

60 Days [ 2 Months]

3 Days in a Week [ Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday]

Timing: 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM [ 1 Hour – In Night]

Location: Online through Video Call


About the Course Syllabus:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Site Architecture
  3. On-Site Search Engine Optimisation
  4. On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Technical Search Engine Optimisation
  6. Link Building
  7. Local Search Engine Optimisation
  8. Video Search Engine Optimisation
  9. Pinterest Search Engine Optimisation
  10. Search Engine Optimisation Audit
  11. Creating Search Engine Optimisation Strategy
  12. Search Engine Optimisation Tools
  13. Search Engine Optimisation Updates
  14. Search Engine Optimisation Career Guidelines
  15. Search Engine Optimisation Freelancing


Address: G503, A Milestone G Building, Ugat Canal Rd, Jahangirabad, Surat, Gujarat 395005.


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5. CK (SEO Career Kickstarter) Program


Fees: NA

Duration: 10 weeks

Mode of Study: Online


About CK Institute

CK institute is one of the top-ranked education centers that provided excellent courses in SEO. The courses are suitable for all level aspires, whether beginner or professional, here you will end up gaining all the necessary skills to master the art of SEO. The trainers here are well-experienced and follow an excellent teaching approach to make their students highly skilled and professionals. This is a 10-week training program during which you will learn a variety of tricks and techniques to grow your business with ease.


Key Highlights of CK’s SEO Courses in Surat:

  1. 10-Week Training Programme
  2. Conducted by Sanjay Shenoy
  3. Cashback Rewards of 10,000 for completing the assignments


Tools that you’ll get with this course:

  1. High-performance Astra Pro Theme worth Rs 17,000.
  2. WP Rocket Premium WordPress plugin worth Rs 18,000.
  3. World’s fastest hosting service, WPX Hosting worth Rs 5,250.
  4. RankMath Pro Premium plugin worth Rs 5,000.
  5. Ultimate SEO playbook course worth Rs 10,000.
  6. Content Marketing Mastery course worth Rs 10,000.
  7. List of 1000+ High authority domains to create backlinks worth Rs 10,000.
  8. A Priceless WhatsApp community of your peers and mentors to guide you through your SEO journey.


About the Course Syllabus:

Week 1 – Basics of Search Engine Optimisation.

Week 2 – Keyword research.

Week 3 – On-page Search Engine Optimisation.

Week 4 – Technical Search Engine Optimisation Part 1.

Week 5 – Technical Search Engine Optimisation Part 2.

Week 6 – Off-page Search Engine Optimisation Part 1.

Week 7 – Off-page Search Engine Optimisation Part 2.

Week 8 – Local Search Engine Optimisation.

Week 9 – YouTube Search Engine Optimisation.

Week 10 –Search Engine Optimisation Audit, Pitching Strategy, and Proposal.


For more details about SEO Courses in Surat, contact- [email protected]


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


6. TopsTechnologies


Fees: NA

Duration: NA

Mode of Study: Offline


About Tops Technologies:

The educators at Tops Technologies are the most knowledgeable about the most recent techniques for optimization employed in the market. They cover important subjects in their SEO training, like SEO engagement, lead creation, link building, search engines, and others. You will master sophisticated strategies and tools, including SEMRush, Yoast SEO, Google Search Console, Woorank, and many others, with the help of their individualized training.


Their extensive training is geared toward preparing you for employment. Their methods of instruction are useful and interesting. To ensure that you begin your career with Tops Technologies, you will work on real projects and receive placement support.


Key Features of Tops Technologies’s SEO Courses in Surat:

  1. Hands-on Training
  2. Flexible Timings
  3. Industry-Based Training
  4. Expert Training
  5. Affordable Fees
  6. Placement Opportunities
  7. Limited Students Batch
  8. Personalized Attention
  9. Highly Qualified Teachers
  10. Flexible Batch Timings
  11. Interactive Learning
  12. Live Projects
  13. Career Support
  14. Job Oriented Training


Course Curriculum:


Introduction to Digital Marketing

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Introduction of Students
  3. A career in Digital Marketing
  4. Working on Project and Assignment
  5. Using Lab
  6. WWW
  7. Web Server
  8. Web Site
  9. Home page


Digital Marketing Strategies:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Planning
  4. Visibility
  5. Traffic
  6. User Engagement
  7. Lead Generation
  8. Planning Tools
  9. What is a Search Engine
  10. How it’s Works
  11. Search engine Optimization
  12. Ranking Factor
  13. Link building


SEO in Digital Marketing

  1. What is Html
  2. Html tags
  3. Keyword
  4. Keyword research tool
  5. Types of Quires
  6. Robots.txt
  7. Content marketing
  8. Blog
  9. Videos
  10. Press release
  11. Local SEO
  12. Tools
  13. Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool
  14. SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools
  15. Yoast SEO Tools
  16. PageInside
  17. Woorank: SEO Ranking Tool
  18. Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool
  19. Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool
  20. Screaming Frog – SEO Spider Tool
  21. Majestic: Marketing SEO To
  22. Hubspot


Tools for Digital Marketing

  1. Google webmaster tools
  2. Google Analytics.


Contact Details:

Tops Technologies offers offline SEO Courses in Surat and have two centers in Surat.

  1. Surat (Varachha)
  2. Surat (Ring Road)


Surat (Varachha) Address and Contact Details:

Address: 407 Dhara Arcade Opp Swaminarayan temple, Mahadev Chowk Mota Varachha Surat 394101 Gujrat


Call on: +91 7383023957

Office Timing: 9 AM – 8 PM


Surat (Ring Road) Address and Contact Details:

Address: 301 Jeevandeep Complex Next to Nirmal Hospital Ring Road Surat 395002 Gujrat

Call on: +91 70695 98828

Office Timing: 9 AM – 8 PM


Frequently Asked Questions:


Question 1: What is the benefit of learning search engine optimization?

Answer 1: There are a lot of benefits of Search Engine Optimisation:

  1.     Search Engine Optimisation increases Organic Discovery
  2.     It brings High-Quality Website Traffic
  3.     It offers Impressive ROI
  4.     It improves Credibility
  5.     It improves User Experience
  6.     It enhances PPC
  7.     It increases the Search Visibility


Question 2: What are the four types of Search Engine Optimisation?

Answer 2: The four types of Search Engine Optimisation are:

  1.     On-page Search Engine Optimisation (on-site SEO)

The On-page Search Engine Optimisation is carried out directly on the website.

  1.     Off-page Search Engine Optimisation (off-site SEO)

Off-page Search Engine Optimisation focuses on all the SEO activities outside the website.

  1.     Local Search Engine Optimisation

The Local Search Engine Optimisation is specific to the locations, it deals with ranking in a specific state, city, or town.

  1.     Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Technical Search Engine Optimisation refers to all the Search Engine Optimisation activities that help to improve the site and make it easier for the users to navigate.


Question 3: Do you pay for Search Engine Optimisation?

Answer 3: There are two types of Search Engine Optimisation: good Search Engine Optimisation and bad Search Engine Optimisation, if you employ your time in a good Search Engine Optimisation campaign it will get your website the top ratings over google and other search engine pages. A good Search Engine Optimisation will cost you at least Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. Remember that the more you pay for Search Engine Optimisation, the more quickly you are to see the results.


Question 4: What are the various job profiles you can work for after pursuing SEO courses in Surat?

Answer 4: Search Engine Optimisation Trainer, Search Engine Optimisation Analyst, Search Engine Optimisation Strategist, Search Engine Optimisation Manager, Search Engine Optimisation Specialist, Digital Marketer, and a lot more career options are open for you if you pursue a Search Engine Optimisation course.


Question 5: What skills do you need to have to handle Search Engine Optimisation?

Answer 5: To Master Search Engine Optimisation, you need to have or develop the following skills:

  1.     Critical Thinking
  2.     Speaking & Writing Ability
  3.     Technical & Programming Skills
  4.     Social Skills
  5.     Analytics Skills
  6.     Data Skills
  7.     Drive, Motivation & Adaptability and,
  8.     A Sense of Humour.




Implementing high-quality Search Engine Optimisation for your website will give you long-term beneficial results. Hence, SEO is a great skill to be learned in 2022 as it is already dominating digital marketing. And because of this, the job requirements for Search Engine Optimisation are increasing by 6-7% each month.  At the same time good Search Engine Optimisation results take time and patience, it takes a lot of effort and a minimum of 6 months to show results. Therefore, if you are someone who wishes to build a career in this field, you can enroll in SEO Courses in Surat from the above-mentioned institutes.

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