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Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Surat

Do you really want to know where to take admission for the Business accounting and taxation courses in Surat? Then your wait is over. This article will help you to identify the best courses in this growing field. Accounting and taxation are important to an organization. Accounting allows a company to maintain, track, analyze, summarise, and extract financial data.


Surat is the fastest-growing textile industry. It also manufactures automobiles and has numerous opportunities in the Private and government sectors. Surat is known as the “CITY OF SILK and DIAMOND”.  A number of businesses create lots of opportunities in the field of Business Accounting and Taxation. This article contains The Top 10 Business accounting and taxation Courses in Surat. This article also covers all eligibility criteria, the Importance of this course as well as demands and scope.


What is BAT Course?


BAT, Known as Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT course), is a certified educational program for students who want to excel in this profession. This program is offered by a few academic institutes in India. The Business Accounting and Taxation program combines practical and observational learning to help students become industry-ready accountants.


The courses are usually designed by industry specialists with years of experience in taxation and accounting. The BAT education program primarily focuses on the architecture of financial accounting and a company’s financial health. It also looks at the tax system, which requires a group, organization, or individual to pay the state a portion of their income or earnings as a charge for developmental projects.

Why is BAT Important?


Every corporation, no matter how large or little, must maintain business accounting and taxation to conduct its operations effectively and avoid legal ramifications. This department can be run by a group of professionals from various large corporations or by a single person in a small business.


It Is Also Important Because:

  • Business accounting aids businesses in determining where they spend money and where they make money. They can plan their finances with this information.
  • When a corporation maintains appropriate business accounting and pays taxes on time, shareholders gain confidence in the company.
  • Taxation is important because every company must pay taxes to the Government. As a result, accountants assist businesses in properly managing their taxes, resulting in decreased tax payments.


The Demand for Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Surat


It’s a profitable field for commerce students, practical knowledge is more important than bookish knowledge to work in accounting and taxation. To get a decent job in this field, you’ll need to master a variety of approaches, strategies, and practical experience. This course covers taxation, funding, auditing, analysis, and indirect taxation, among other topics.


It will also assist you in creating a bright future for yourself. The Educational Institute will prepare you to take on the challenges of this position. Because it is an industrial boomtown, there are numerous work prospects. After completing the training, several institutes provide job placement chances. Freshers earn between 3 lakhs and 8 lakhs per year on average.


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The Following Are Some of the Skills You’ll Learn in Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Surat:


Finance, like all other businesses, requires a diverse set of talents. These abilities will ensure that you succeed in a highly competitive employment market. The most important and frequently neglected aspect of a skill is that with enough effort and supervision, anyone can learn it. If you lack abilities, make sure you behave and be the best version of yourself possible to succeed professionally.


  • Interpretive Thinking:-  Resourceful and interpretive thinking are vital aptitudes an individual pursuing a profession in the financial area should keep. An analytical mind will instinctively seek out the most viable solution to any difficulties that arise. As a tax consultant, your job will entail coming up with legal ways to protect your client’s money.


  • Business Intelligence:- You must-have business intelligence in addition to technical and soft skills to reach the company’s top management. It implies you should be aware of economic, social, and political developments in the business world that could have an immediate or indirect impact on your company.


  • Professionally Versatile:- Like the rules that govern taxation and financial reporting, the accounting profession is constantly changing and evolving. Accountants must be constantly adaptable to new standards and protocols, as well as technological improvements, workplace Advantages, and new consumer contact platforms.


  • Detailed Informative:- Working in the financial industry necessitates a thorough comprehension of the subject. To achieve the greatest outcomes, experts will require a thorough awareness of the regulations and procedures, without which it will be nearly impossible to work in the financial industry. As a result, tax education, both online and offline, will be beneficial.


  • Communal Strength:- The increased use of accounting software and artificial intelligence has a substantial impact on accounting professionals’ skill sets. In today’s tech-driven business atmosphere, accounting professions now involve empathy and relationship development.


  • Employers are always on the lookout for qualified individuals who can work with technology. It makes the workflow more active and saves time. As a result, make sure you have a basic understanding of the Microsoft Office suite, such as Word and Excel.


  • Query Resolver:- Above all, accountants are financial Query Resolvers responsible for avoiding legal and assent issues, spotting market trends, and strategizing for upcoming planned success. In the modern accounting industry, this entails leveraging data analytics and financial reporting tools to provide accurate and simple-to-understand reports for diverse stakeholders.


  • Rather than depending on automation, professional accountants must use the resources at their disposal to produce evidence-based judgments and financial plans that align with their firms’ essential business goals.


Eligibility Criteria for Business Accounting And Taxation Course in Surat:


  • Any Graduate and Non- Graduate students who passed Grade 12.
  • To enroll in the post-graduate program, you must have completed your 12th grade in commerce.
  • Anyone with 0–2 years of experience, whether a student, business owner, or housewife is eligible.
  • Anyone interested in learning or improving their accounting skills and mastering in-demand accounting.


The list of Top 10 Business Accounting And Taxation Courses in Surat are the Following:




IIM Skills is one of the top reputed global institutes which provides professional courses to students. Their mastery-level courses and online interactive classes have gained a lot of traction in the ed-tech world. Top blogs and media outlets have highlighted their statements, referring to them as a major ed-tech brand.


IIM Skills programs are suited for persons at all career levels and are aimed at providing training at an accessible price. It is also acknowledged as a top institute for content writing, digital marketing, finance, and taxes training due to its significant contribution to the learning environment.


The institute is developing and expanding to educate more and more people, riding high on its success. As a result, they are able to track their student’s growth and advancements in their careers. IIM Skills is also an excellent provider of Financial Modeling Courses in Ahmedabad and Surat.


More Information about BAT Courses in Surat:-

IIM Skills offers one of the best Business Accounting And Taxes courses in Surat. IIM Skills’ Master BAT Course is designed to make a significant influence on financial business. GST, Income Tax, and TDS are all included. Individuals interested in pursuing a profession in accounting or taxation should take Business Accounting and Taxation Courses.


Course Syllabus and Structure:

Professional Experts with a Wealth of Experience Designed this Course:

  • Tally Accounting Fundamentals
  • GST Fundamentals
  • TDS Fundamentals
  • Payroll policies and elements 
  • Income Tax
  • Advanced Excel & Management Information Systems Reporting 


Course: Master BAT Course

Course Period: 4 months.


 Benefits Included in the BAT Courses in Surat

  • You will learn how to use tools like Tally, GST, Quickbooks, and Excel.
  • Obtain instruction from top CPAs.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to all course materials, session recordings, tools, and approaches for the rest of your life.
  • Internships are available.
  • Sessions for interview preparation
  • Strengthen your abilities for industry-specific positions by doing practical projects and case studies.
  • Get a recognizable and shareable certificate to add to your LinkedIn profile or CV.



  • Freshmen with a, CMA, BBA, LLB, or another related degree
  • Experts in Taxation
  • Finance professionals that are currently employed
  • Entrepreneurs, sometimes known as “solopreneurs,” are those who run their businesses.
  • Whether you’re an MBA student or a working professional,
  • Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries
  • Startups


IIM Skills also offers the following certifications:

GST Certification Course

Financial Modeling Course


2. EduPristine


This institute offers a wide range of accounting courses. The institute’s principal mission is to equip students with the tools they need to realize their goals and contribute to the global community. It is also one of India’s top finance, accounting, and analytics educational institutes.


The institute offers a post-graduate course program in Business Accounting and Taxation that is both experiential and practical. The business accounting and taxation courses in Surat aim to prepare students to work as accounting specialists in the industry.


What is The Post Graduate program of BAT?

Candidates should have a thorough understanding of accounting and be familiar with the industrial methodology. Because a graduation degree is not enough in all aspects of accounting, this post-graduate program is designed with considering these factors in mind, and candidates are taught industry-specific skills. The components of this BAT course were produced, vetted, and structured by industry specialists, and the course details are as follows:


Course Period: 190 Hrs.


BAT Courses in Surat Syllabus:

  • Accounting Fundamentals & Tally Accounting
  • GST Fundamentals & GST in Tally
  • Income Tax Fundamentals Income Tax in Tally
  • The components of a payroll
  • Finalization of Financial Statements in Excel for Accounting and MIS
  • BUSY Applications
  • Soft Skills 
  • SAP


Why EduPristine?

  • It’s one of the leading institutes in this field.
  • They employ both practical and theoretical methods.
  • They offer complete job aid.



  • Graduates with business experience or those interested in learning business accounting.
  • People with 0-2 years of experience wish to improve their skills.


The Admissions Procedure:

Applicants can apply in person or online through the company’s official website. On their official website, you can get all of the information you need about admissions, course structure, and class times, among other things.


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3.  iClass Training


iClass Training is India’s largest educational network, with learning locations all over the country. iClass training in Surat provides IT software, management, networking, and computer hardware training courses with a strong foundation of placement support, real-time teachers with MNC company experience, and a customized course syllabus to help the students achieve their career objectives and guide them to be a working professional. 


In Surat, iClass Surat offers placement-oriented Accounting & Finance education. Their Accounting & Finance curriculum offers fundamental to advanced levels of training, as well as classroom and online choices. The Accounting and Finance course syllabus will prepare you to get jobs in prominent MNCs in Surat as soon as you complete your Accounting and finance training.


Their Accounting and Finance instructors are certified and seasoned working professionals with real-world expertise. The institute has created the course material and syllabus to meet the needs of students to help them achieve their career objectives.


Course Name: Accounting & Finance Training

Course Period: Regular Classes – 7 weeks, Weekend –  9 weeks, FastTrack Training – 42 days


BAT Courses in Surat Syllabus:

  • Basic Accounting Concepts
  • Principles
  • Policies in Financial Accounting
  • Secondary Books for Double Entry Accounting
  • Balance sheet Test
  • Accounts 
  • An overview of Management Accounting
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Analysis of Cash Flows
  • Costing
  • Understanding Break-Even Analysis and Marginal Costing
  • Alternative Choices-Involved Decisions
  • Standard Costing in Budgetary Control


4. National Institute Of Financial Market:


The National Institute of Financial Markets is a leading learning institute. It offers well-designed Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in surat. The institute, which has fifteen locations around India, focuses on job-oriented programs that include hands-on training. They use a teaching strategy that includes live projects to improve course programs and students’ expertise. Financial Markets, Stock Markets, and Accounts are among their job-oriented training courses.


Course Name: Diploma in Financial Accounting, Taxation, and auditing.

Course Period: 6 Months


NIFM BAT Courses in Surat Syllabus 

  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Accounting (GST)
  • Tally ERP 9 
  • TDS / TCS
  • Auditing 
  • Taxation (Income Tax)


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 5. NIMB (National Institute of Management and Business Studies)


The National Institute of Management and Business Studies offers online education programs that use cutting-edge technology to allow students to learn from the convenience of their own homes. CAS and MBAs make up the institute’s faculty, which provides a hands-on, job-oriented learning experience.


NIMB’s well-respected Diplomas also come with a 100% placement guarantee. Students study the ideas clearly at the institution while interacting with mentors and like-minded peers through the institute’s round-the-clock support system. The institute uses the most up-to-date curriculum, which was developed with the help of industry and academia to ensure that students are job-ready.


NIMB’s Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Surat cover a comprehensive range of finance accounting and taxation topics. It familiarises students with the framework of Finance Accounting and examines a business’s or company’s financial status.


Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Course Period: 6 months 


Benefits of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Surat by NIMB:

  • There are 6 modules in all.
  • There are 2 projects in the works.
  • Industry-recognized 
  • Live classroom batch 
  • Assistance with Certificate Placement
  • Sadaptable Schedule


6. SLA Consultant


On weekends and weekdays, SLA Consultants offers Accounting and Taxation Classroom Training with GST. After completing the Accounting and Taxation degree, their faculty assists you with interview preparation and sends you to several companies for interviews. GST registration, returns and refunds, GST rules and regulations, job work and composition levy in GST, and much more are covered in the course.


To assist students with practical knowledge and conceptual understanding of Accounting and Taxation, the institute uses coursework and projects from real-world firms.


Course: Advanced BAT Course – GST, ITR, BSF, Custom, SAP Free SAP FICO Certification

Course Period: 200-210 hours


Syllabus of BAT Courses in Surat

  • Advanced GST
  • Advanced  Income Tax Practitioner 
  • Advanced TDS practitioner
  • Banking and Finance Customs or Import and Export Procedures, as well as finalizing the balance sheet or preparing financial statements
  • Advanced Tally Prime & ERP 9
  • Advanced Excel and MIS for Accounts and Finance Advanced SAP FICO Certification Financial Reporting – Advanced Excel and MIS for Accounts and Finance


Benefits of Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Surat by SLA Consultant:

  • Accounting & Taxation course graduates receive industry-accredited certification, allowing them to advance their careers.
  • 4 or 5 CA or FCA specialists with more than 10 years of experience will provide live online e-filing assistance and practical training.
  • Their dedicated placement team arranges interviews until placement when students have completed 70% of the Accounting and Taxation degree.
  • With technical test series, accounting and taxation practical training help you gain exposure to the corporate sector.
  • SLA workshop is particularly distinctive and exciting for learners because of real-time projects and outstanding case studies.


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7. Udemy


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses in one place. Business accounting and taxation courses in surat are available on Udemy. If a combined course for business accounting and taxation is not available, you can purchase individual courses. Before purchasing any course, be sure to read the course description and the number of reviews. 


Which Benefits Provided by Udemy

  • Professionals that have been trained and are experts in their field.
  • Following the conclusion of the course, students will receive a certificate.
  • Udemy has a lot of courses that are quite affordable.
  • You can learn any time anywhere just by click because most of the courses are pre-recorded.
  • Lifetime access to a particular course


8. Coursera 


Coursera is a global online learning platform. Coursera’s creator had a vision of changing people’s lives through learning experiences. The nicest aspect about Coursera is that you can take classes from world-renowned colleges from the comfort of your own home.


Which Benefits are Provided by Coursera?

  • You will receive a high-quality education at a low cost.
  • an adaptable schedule.
  • A certificate will be provided after completing the course


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9. Upgrade


The upgrade is one of the leading online learning platforms. The upgrade is one of the best networking opportunities as well as a communication teaching platform. Some 2 million-plus learners have got benefitted from them. UpGrad is the top platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to share their knowledge and experience.


Course Name: Certificate Programme in Finance conducted by IIT DELHI.

Course Period: 150 Hours


Syllabus for Certificate Programme in Finance 

  • Basic to advanced level financial information
  • Meaning and Types of Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet Statement
  • Income Statement/Statement of Profit and Loss
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Assignment


Benefits of Upgrade Certificate program in Finance:

  • Online Student support is available 24*7
  • Weekly doubt clearing Session
  • Expert feedback
  • Q & A session
  • You will get a certificate after the course is completed.


10. Henry Harvin 


Henry Harvin is an ed-tech institute with a ninety-seven-nation academic network. Skill development programs, consultancy services, books, evaluations, college programs, corporate programs, and public programs are among the establishment’s business verticals. Henry Harvin’s online Business Accounting and taxation courses in Surat cover important accounting topics such as TDS, Income Tax, and GST, as well as the modalities of financial business procedures in India. The curriculum has been set aside for professionals interested in pursuing a successful career in accounting and taxation, according to Henry Harvin. 


Course Name: Certified Business Accounting and Taxation Course (CBP)

Course Period: 172 Hour


Henry Harvin’s Certified Business Accounting & Taxation Course (CBATP) Syllabus:

  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • GST Practitioner Course 
  • Income Tax Course
  • HR Payroll Management 
  • Soft Skills Development 
  • Resume Writing 
  • Advanced Tally ERP 9 


Benefits of Henry Harvin’s BAT Courses in Surat

  • The Tribune has ranked it first. It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of accounting and taxation.
  • Live projects and practical studies
  • Industry-graded projects provide hands-on learning.
  • A year’s gold membership at Henry Harvin’s Finance Academy
  • GST, HR Payroll, Advanced Excel, and other projects
  • Hackathons and competitions are available for free.
  • Boot camps are held regularly to refresh skills and expertise.
  • Assistance with internships
  • Complementary modules for soft skill development and resume preparation


FAQs on Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Surat


Q1. How much time is required for Business accounting and taxation courses in Surat?

BAT Courses in Surat normally take anywhere from six months to a year. It might also change depending on the student’s dedication and understanding.


Q2. Is it possible to find a job after completing the Business accounting and Taxation course?

Yes, you will. Many of the BAT Courses in Surat listed above will qualify you for a good job and will give you placement prospects when you complete the course. There are job openings in both the public and private sectors in this industry.


Q3. What is the starting salary for a newbie who has completed business accounting and taxation courses in surat?

As a fresher in India, you would receive a minimum package of 3-4 lakh.


Q4. Which industries require business accounting and taxation courses in Surat as a pre-professional?

Finance is seen as the company’s important fuel, and managing finance, business accounting, and taxation are critical. As a result, it is required in nearly all important economic sectors, such as real estate, professional and technical services, banking, healthcare, insurance, government support services, and so on.


Q5. How do I apply for Business accounting and taxation courses in Surat?

You can apply online or offline. You have to land on the website and fill out the admission form.

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