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Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland With Placements

An integral component of business accounting and operations is financial modeling. It is augmenting throughout the globe. Nevertheless, specialization in financial structuring is a requisite for finance professionals. Thus, the following are the prominent financial modeling courses in Auckland that may assist you in stabilizing a profession in this industry. So if you are keen to figure out various plans in this field, then go through this article that enumerates some of the fully aware courses which can be pursued in Auckland. Let’s quickly do some learning!


The top-quality online finance courses have shifted their spotlight on competence to promote their services with a better approach. Indubitably, that is the reason there is a huge demand for financial modeling courses in Auckland. Financial Modeling is a large-scale phenomenon that assists the company executive to create an outline of a company’s payments and wages in the form of a spreadsheet that can be used to analyze the impact of a future result or judgment.


A financial model has various uses for a business when it comes to marketing strategies. This industry has a surplus of opportunities to offer with no chances of career collapse as long as the individual is enthusiastic to explore. Auckland is a well-known metropolitan city in New Zealand that has plenty of accessibility. For all individuals who want to make their career start-up in this stream, let’s quickly delve into the financial modeling scenario and see what financial modeling courses in Auckland have to offer you in this field.


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Now, let’s run through the top 8 financial modeling courses in Auckland which will head-start your career.


Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Auckland


1) IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a reputable organization, founded by Vaibhav Kakkar. IIM Skills was initially designed as an educational blog. Being collaborative with 1 million people integrally, they are determined to inaugurate a fully entitled training program. So far, more than 1500 students have been educated from 35+ countries by the trusted platform. With skilled and 12+ years of expert mentors, the institute has reached a prominent position among the top financial modeling courses in Auckland and other locations throughout.


IIM Skills grabs the first spot in the list of the best financial modeling courses in Auckland because of its student-friendly teaching approach that allows the students to stretch their limits and become a professional within 3 months of training. It is a full-fledged program that covers ins and outs of financial modeling subjects that will make you ready to face real challenges and make good financial decisions using your extensive expertise.


During the course, they will teach you the different financial modeling types and techniques which will further be implemented by you during the internship program that they provide just after the course completion. The internship program they provide is a great opportunity for students who wanted to learn through practical implementation.


The internship includes 4 live projects to put you in a real-life situation so that you can grab each concept more deeply. Along with the excellent internship opportunity, you will also be provided with 100% support to crack any job interview easily and give your success wings. They have an extensive support system where the professionals welcome you with your doubts and queries.


They make sure to vanish all the doubts of the learners and mold their careers into the most successful ones. No doubt, IIM Skills is the best place for aspiring learners who have been in search of practical-oriented financial modeling courses in Auckland. To know more about what you will learn, go through the points mentioned below.


Financial Modeling Course Content:

1. Insights of financial structuring and financial statement

2. Training to create an organized, streamlined, robust financial picture

3. Aimed to structure financial model

4. Aimed to analyze historical data and forecast future projections

5. Learn to present assimilated financial statements, key ratios, and outputs

6. Familiarize the trainee with the multiple ways to compute monetary facts and parameters

7.  Guide for conducting analysis, delineating conclusions, and casting recommendations

8. Instruct to calculate company records and business possibilities

9. Basic and advanced excel module

10. Accounting concept module

11. Learn KPI analysis

12. Different types of financial models

13. Business Valuation


Key Highlights From the Course:

  1. 3-month live online course
  2. 50+ hours of lectures
  3. 100+ hours of lectures
  4. 4 live projects
  5. 5+ case studies
  6. 100% practical course
  7. 2 months guaranteed internship
  8. Mock interview preparation
  9. 40% average salary hike
  10. 87% success ratio
  11. 150+ placement partners
  12. Lifetime access to LMS and resource material
  13. Level-heading learning experiences by working on multiple assignments, projects, and case studies
  14. 24*7 online support
  15. Authorized Master Certification for completion of Master Course from IIM Skills recognized by MSME Government of India


Course Duration: 3Months

Mode: Virtual

Batch: Weekdays (Tues & Thru – 8:00 pm-9:00 pm) Weekends (Sat & Sun – 10:00pm-12:00pm)

Fees: 813.59 New Zealand Dollar + 18% GST


Eligibility: Newbies, fresh graduates, working professionals, CA/MBA/FRM/ professionals, can leverage this course.


Certification: Master certificate from IIM Skills recognized by MSME Government of India


Other Courses Offered by IIM Skills:


Contact Details:

Phone– + (91) 9911839503

Email[email protected]



Address– HB Twin tower 8th floor, Max hospital, Netaji Subash Palace, Pitampura, New Delhi, 110034


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2. Victoria University of Wellington


Victoria University of Wellington was originally referred to as Victoria College. It is one of New Zealand’s long-established and most prestigious tertiary organizations along with the proud ritual of academic excellence. Being New Zealand’s leading university for research findings, it is founded in the year 1897. Moreover, it ranks among the best universities in QS world rankings.


Learning Objectives of the Course:

  1. Develop an economical model that connects the theory to practice.
  2. Demonstrated programming and modeling skills using python and excel.
  3. Learn to apply to the program
  4. Apply modeling skills to a wide variety of applied financial questions
  5. Understanding in order to create own financial forms to handle a range of problems in finance


Offerings Available From the Course:

  1. 15-point course
  2. 150 hours are expected from this course
  3. 12 teaching weeks
  4. mid-trimester break
  5. 10 hours per week on average during the term
  6. Portfolio analysis
  7. Textbooks to be provided
  8. Course assessment structure is outlined during the program
  9. Assessment by test, internal assignments, and group coursework
  10. Access to marketing criteria through the blackboard page
  11. Details relating to the submission and return of work can be accessed on the blackboard
  12. Extensions will be granted at the course coordinator’s discretion
  13. 5% penalty after each late submission
  14. A class representative will provide a useful way to communicate feedback during the training


Course Duration: 1 trimester

Course Mode: Online and Campus training

Fees: $ 2066.85 NZD


Other Courses Offered by Victoria University of Wellington:

  • Communication and Engagement, Management Yourself, Leadership Content
  • Content Marketing
  • Advanced Social Media Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Strategy and Design Master Classes
  • Enterprise Sustainability and Strategy Programmer


Ways to Connect: Twitter, Facebook


Contact Details:

Phone– 0800040404

Email[email protected]



Address– Kilburn, Wellington 6012 New Zealand


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


3) Auckland Business School


Under the University of Auckland, Auckland Business School is a distinguished school famed for its excellence, innovation, learning, and research. Besides the 10+ years of experience in developing and delivering the training, their programs combine academic consideration with industry expertise in order to ensure that can immediately offer relevant and future-focused skills. On top of it, they personalize the entire journey for the trainee so that one can embrace it with confidence.


Outcomes of the Program:

  1. Prepared to increase the general excel modeling skills and efficiency
  2. Learning multiple tips and tricks in order to enhance your day-to-day modeling
  3. Capable to construct a fully functioning three-statement model using a particular framework
  4. Have knowledge of building models with or without circular references effortlessly
  5. Recognize common errors that are created in the corporate financial model for analysis for forecasting targets
  6. Grasp some core modeling rules that you will be able to implement in any excel model


Key Takeaways:

  • From the course, participants can increase their ability to structure financial models
  • Learning marketing leading methods and techniques throughout the training program
  • It provides practical and pragmatic modeling skills to the participants


Course Name: Financial Modeling- A Practical Approach

Format of Course: class & Online


Duration: 1 Day

Course Category: Finance


Eligibility: Corporate development specialist, financial analyst, asset & wealth managers, equity research analyst, management consultants, charted accountant, corporate finance professionals.


Other Courses Offered by This School:

  • Budgeting, Forecasting, and Strategic Planning
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Advanced Communication Skills
  • Portfolio and Program Management


Price: $ 1,195

Contact Details:


Location– Auckland Business School, 12 Grafton Road Owen Glenn Building, 1010, New Zealand


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4) Massey University


Massey University is a prestigious institute in Auckland. Being a part of the University of New Zealand, MU offers a wide variety of courses with extensive experience. This institute manages five different Massey colleges i.e.  Massey Business School, College of Creative Arts, College of Health, College of Humanities and Social Studies, and College of Science in three different New Zealand cities- Auckland, Wellington, and Manavati campuses in Palmerstone North.


Under the Massey Business School, financial modeling is a New Zealand center of expertise in the areas of finance and economics. Moreover, Massey turns out to be career-ready for graduates that rank in the top 5% globally. Let’s see what financial modeling courses in Auckland have to offer under Massey University-


Topics Covered:

  1. Introduction to applied finance
  2. Finance Management for business
  3. Personal management of funding such as money management
  4. Records for shares and investments
  5. Learn stock markets and day trading
  6. Learning to create spreadsheets using appropriate design elements
  7. Directions to apply valuation techniques of business assets and investment opportunities using a spreadsheet
  8. Instruction to analyze risk and return using spreadsheet functions
  9. Usage of statistical analysis and linear regression to solve investment problems


Course Highlights:

  1. Two detailed semesters for the completion of financial modeling courses.
  2. Both internal and online teachings.
  3. For online mode, Dr. Jing Liao is the email coordinator.
  4. For internal classes that are mainly held on campus, Dr. Adnan Bulloch and Dr. Harvey Nguyet are the email coordinators for semester one and semester two respectively.
  5. Getting the course guide and study resources.
  6. Class discussion.
  7. Online activities.
  8. Multiple assessment tasks.


Course Fees: NZD $ 780.95(Domestic) NZD $ 8,915(International)

Modes of Course: online, on-campus, and blending learning


Course Duration: 1 year


Contact Details:

Phone (NZ)-0800627739

Phone International- +6463505701



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5) Bright Star


Bright Star is a well-known institute in Auckland for financial modeling. It is founded by Steve Scott in 1996 with firm expertise, rooted in Aotearoa-New Zealand. Bright Star supported NZ organizations in their learning and connections through 3,000 conferences, meetings, and training courses. Along with their expert faculty, they trained people with quality education for a sustainable future.



  1. Comprehensive Guide that shows how modeling is done and used
  2. Cover the finance practice
  3. Learning of Accounting
  4. Underlining spreadsheet design skills
  5. Discover the objectives, principles, and methods of the monetary table
  6. Obtain expertise in spreadsheet functions
  7. Acquire the knowledge of tools used to build efficient and well-presented patterns
  8. Insights of techniques to make models easily extended, maintained, and adapted
  9. Develop sophisticated “what-if” and scenario analysis


Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. The course provides a high level of practical work
  2. Constant support through lectures and discussions
  3. Provide the most valuable and intensive learning
  4. Participants will be provided with their own laptops and software for use in practical exercises
  5. Provide expertise with excel


Course Duration: not available

Training Modes: In-house training


Companies They Train for Success: Auckland Courses, Brand Developers, Nexans, Pinnacle, Meridian, Water care, Weta Workshop


Fee: $ 2299+ GST


Ways to Connect With Them: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Other Training Programs Offered by Bright Star:

  • Clear & Concise Business Writing
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Effective Process Mapping
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Advance Contract Law for New Lawyers


Contact Details:


Phone– 099123616


Email[email protected]

Address– B-Hive, Small farm 72 Taharoto Road Takapuna, Auckland 0622


6) The Knowledge Hut


The Knowledge Hut is one of the renowned financial modeling courses in Auckland, set up with a network of 100+ countries, with 250+ workshops conducted every month, due to which over 350, 000 professionals have been trained. This company, with brilliant teachings for youth and skilled experts as mentors, makes sure that the training program is synchronized to build a career in this industry. Thus, it is considered one of the best financial modeling courses in Auckland.


Let’s Quickly Go Through What Exactly the Knowledge Hut Has to Offer-

  1. 24 hours of live instructor-led training
  2. Practical exercises for better retention of concepts
  3. Master excel techniques with hands-on training
  4. Training by recognized industry experts
  5. Techniques & tips to build robust financial modeling
  6. Course completion certificate from knowledge hut
  7. Hands-on training experience in excel & accounting principles
  8. Chance to learn concepts from scratch and build a strong foundation in accounting and excel


Course Modules:


1. Module 1- Accounting Boot camps

v Modeling architecture

v Sample detailed course

v Timeline structuring

v Revenue & Copex

v Depreciation


2. Module 2- Financial Structure and Accounting

v Financial Framework

v Debt schedule

v Cost Drivers

v Dividend & Tax

v Integration finance

v Valuation

v Ratio analysis


3. Module3- Extra Excel Applications

v Circularity switch & iteration

v Simple macros

v Band valuation


Modes of Training: Live interactive session


Eligibility: Financial analysts, CPOs, financial controllers, analysts, credit managers, risk managers, mergers, acquisitions, buyouts specialists, corporate finance staff, I graduates, Postgraduates, and post-doctoral professionals.


Certification: Completion Certificate from Knowledge Hut


Other Courses Offered:

  • Budget Analysis & Forecasting
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Auditing Assurance Training
  • CSM Certification
  • Leading SAFe Certification


Ways to Connect: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn


Contact Details:

Phone– +64- 36694791


Email[email protected]


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7) Leoron Professional Developmental Institute


Leoron Professional Developmental Institute provides training and development solutions in corporate operations. They put forward more than 1000 short programs annually. 15000+ professionals qualify with relevant knowledge. The following are the course details by this institute-


Key Takeaways:

  1. Learners will be able to expand their mastery of excel and VBA software
  2. The trainee will be able to apply needed tools to build models effortlessly
  3. Scholars will be able to apply best practices in modeling forecasted financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statement
  4. Learning with Power Pivot Data Mash-up and Data Exploration
  5. Instructions to build a loan amortization table using a VBA macro


Course Outline:



Exercise 1- Design Principles for Good Model Building

Ø Principle of Occam’s Lazar

Ø Interrelationship within a model

Ø Logical arrangements

Ø Setting toggles

Ø Designing model

Ø Attributes of excel models


Exercise 2- Explore Excel Functions

Ø Budgeting

Ø Database and time

Ø Statistical

Ø Lookup and reference

Ø Text

Ø Reasonable Information


Exercise 3- Helpful Starting Hints

Ø Formula errors vs. User errors

Ø Warning signs

Ø Using F keys

Ø Data validation

Ø The Analysis ToolPak

Ø Using formula auditing


Exercise 4- The 40 functions you’ll work as a financial modeler


Day 2

Exercise 5- Profit-Making Functions

Ø Understanding net present value

Ø Knowing the internal rate of return

Ø Problems with the IRR calculations

Ø Multiple IRR






Ø Exercise 6- Modeling Forecasted Economic Reports

Ø Foreseeing guidelines

Ø Assumptions margin

Ø Ways to balance the balance sheet

Ø Using plugs to counterbalance the balance sheets

Ø Surplus funds

Ø Static vs. Dynamic analysis

Ø Flows in cash flow accounts (Operation, Investment, Financing)

Ø Structuring a cash sweep

Ø Smoothing techniques in predicting

Ø Simple and multiple regression analysis

Ø Sensitivity analysis in foreseeing


Exercise 7- Modeling Ratio Analysis and Key Performance Indicators

Ø Efficiency ratios

Ø Profitability ratios

Ø Leverage ratios

Ø Coverage ratios



Exercise 8- Optimization Solution With Excel Solver

Ø Installing the solver add-in

Ø Goal seek

Ø Solver parameter

Ø Decision variables and constraints

Ø Tolerance levels

Ø Solving problems with integer constraints

Ø Using a solver for an inventory policy structure


Ø Exercise 9- Pivot Tables

Ø Creating a PT report

Ø Categorizing raw data

Ø The PT wizard

Ø Percentage of the column, percentage of the row, and percentage of previous

Ø Creating formulas in PT

Ø Retrieving data from external sources

Ø Linking pivot tables to MSQL

Ø Pivot chart manipulations

Ø Power pivot extensions


Day 4

Exercise 10- Monte Carlo Simulation Using a Crystal Ball

Ø Introduction to crystal ball

Ø Stochastic vs. static model

Ø Exercise 11- Introduction to VBA

Ø Assigning a shortcut key

Ø Navigating the visual basic auditor

Ø Automating spreadsheet

Exercise 12- Loops

Ø Creating loops

Ø Set a breakpoint

Ø Make loops work

Ø Show progress in a loop


Day 5

Exercise 1- Building Custom New Function in Excel Using VBA

Ø Introduction to the project explorer

Ø Making a function volatile

Ø loan amortization code in VBA


Course Duration: 5day workshop

Training Mode: On-site training


Eligibility: The course is particularly designed for financial analysts, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, portfolio managers, credit analysts, corporate accountants, actuaries, investment bankers, strategic planners, trustees, compliance officers, and corporate finance lawyers.


Contact Details:

Phone– +971 444 75711


Email[email protected]


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8) Nexacu


The company was set up in 2013 for the sake of business development and automating Microsoft Excel. Nexacu is committed to mastering innovative technology and imparting knowledge to 9 countries among 400+ companies. To date, they have educated 55,000 students.


Course Content

  1. Validating Data
  2. Formula referencing
  3. Absolute versus Relative Referencing
  4. Logical Function
  5. Lookup Function
  6. Goal Seeking
  7. Solver
  8. Outcomes of the course
  9. Learn excel functioning
  10. 1Learn the excel feature for building a model
  11. Projects will be assigned
  12. Apply lessons learned to business scenario


Certification: Microsoft Certification will be provided



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Which financial modeling courses in Auckland are the best?

Some of the following are the best financial modeling courses in Auckland i.e. Financial Modeling Course by IIM Skills, Knowledge Hut, Massey University, Bright Star, Victoria University of Wellington, and Leoron Professional Development Institute.


2. Are financial modeling courses in Auckland useful?

Absolutely yes, financial modeling certifications are definitely worth the effort as they lead the way for money-spinning job opportunities. These include savings, banking, stock research, credit analysis, financial scheduling, monetary analysis, plan finance, etc.


3. Is financial modeling a challenging job?

It is extremely challenging. Finance indeed is a complex sector. It is complicated to figure out the connections between various financial variables closing financial statements. Nevertheless, financial modeling is one of the most laborious jobs, yet in the financial domain.




Economical Modeling represents one of the most promising careers in today’s competitive edge in finance. In order to pursue a career in this finance industry, the aforementioned leading institutes provide brilliant financial modeling courses in Auckland where one can grasp relevant information and skills. We hope the detailed article introduced you to some of the top-level financial modeling courses in Auckland.

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