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Best 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala

In January 2016, Kerala became the first Indian state to have 100% coverage of basic education.” Although the area has historically led the nation in terms of literacy, there hasn’t been much business development because there aren’t many industries or start-ups. However, the growth of microenterprises and the increased attention on tourism led to a strong need for skilled manpower, notably in the business accounting and taxation field. Business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala will help to upskill the highly qualified social resources in current business practices.


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses


You must be having many questions regarding the business accounting and taxation courses. Here, we will try to address each of those doubts.


What are BAT Courses?


Let us understand each term separately to make things easier and clear.


Business Accounting: Keeping track of all business processes is done through business accounting. In this process, the financial documents are analyzed, recorded, and interpreted. They emphasize a company’s operational efficiency, financial results, and profitability. Business accounting is therefore a crucial task for any organization.


The various sorts of accounting functions include, among others:


Taxation: Governments throughout the world use taxation as a tool. It entails assessing fees on individuals, groups of individuals, or businesses to raise money for the nation’s development efforts. Business accounting and taxation practices have changed significantly in recent years in terms of the diversification of an accountant’s portfolio who maximizes savings by abiding by the legislative structure of taxation laws and practices. A skilled accountant assists in maximizing a company’s bottom line and filing tax returns by the law.


Who All Can Enroll in the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala?


Students, graduates from any university and any branch, post-graduates from any university and any branch, working professionals, financial experts who want to add on new skills – all these people can pursue BAT courses in Kerala. There are no such mandatory criteria to get enrolment in the course, still, few institutes insist on having basic knowledge of the business accounting and taxation concept.


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The Scope of BAT Courses in Kerala


Based on on-the-job training, that is provided by the institutions, the business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala seek to develop qualified and skilled accounting professionals. An additional postgraduate degree is highly helpful in advancing one’s experience in the industry of finance and accounting because the undergraduate programs offered by institutions in Kerala are not entirely up to date with the significant changes in the way that modern organizations operate.


This gap is filled by the master business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala that are provided by various institutions and concentrate on financial modeling, budget estimation and execution, and financial decision-making strategy in the corporate sector.


The students who take these courses gain sharp insights and understanding of the technology that is now utilized in the financial industry, as well as the accounting, auditing, and payroll management procedures.


Moreover, the certification of business accounting and taxation in Kerala is usually of short duration, generally ranging from 2 to 6 months. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of all the leading institutes offering business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala.


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Top Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala


1. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala by IIM Skills 


IIM Skills is one of the famous educational technology organizations that recruits the top subject matter experts to teach professional skills and spark a wave of change among a wide audience through certification programs. Through the integration of technology, appropriate content, and subject-matter specialists from diverse fields, their programs are designed to produce results that are in line with the times.


Its courses are all thoroughly researched and designed to meet the demands of students at various phases of their professional lives. Having said that, their programs are excellent for business professionals, businessmen, recent grads, and pupils.


Course Name: Master BAT Course

Course Duration: 4 Months

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1 – Basics Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • Module 2 – GST + GST in Tally
  • Module 3 – TDS + TDS in Tally
  • Module 4 – Payroll + Payroll with Tally
  • Module 5 – income Tax with Tally
  • Module 6 – Advanced Excel with MIS Reporting



  • 120+ hours of rigorous instruction
  • Prestigious Master’s certification
  • Recording of the sessions that were taped (lifetime access)
  • Supplements are offered as add-ons to help deliver projects successfully (Tools and Software, E-Books, etc.)
  • IIM Skills LMS lifetime access and support
  • Assignments and On-time Feedback
  • The most recent study material is industry-focused, 100% placement aid, and internship programs
  • Mentoring and Guidance, as and when needed, even after completion of the course


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2. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala by Finprov


One of Kerala’s top-ranked company accounting and taxation programs, Finprov was created in 2013 by accounting professionals with more than 30 years of solid industry expertise. With a well-balanced blend of theoretical and practical learning interventions, they are committed to developing internationally acceptable guidelines in training solutions and capacity development for trainees and companies.


Finprov offers professional training for improving social skills as well as other elements of career guidance in addition to training in the finance and accounting sectors. To their participants who complete the course, they also offer placement aid in the finest MNCs throughout the world.


Course Name: Certification in Business Accounting and Taxation (CBAT)

Course Duration: 6 Months

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Practical Accounting
  • Tally Prime – Basics and Advanced
  • GST Theory
  • GST Practical
  • Income Tax Basics (Theory and Practical)
  • MS Excel
  • Corporate Law
  • ESI and PF Calculations
  • Language and Professional Skills


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • Tech-enabled learning
  • 360-degree exposure
  • Hands-on training with case studies
  • Personalized career assistance


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3. BAT Courses in Kerala by Leora International Academy


One of Kerala’s best commercial accounting and taxation courses is offered by the Academy, which was founded by professional accountants and provides extensive training in financial accounting. Entrepreneurs, working professionals looking to advance their careers, and individuals seeking careers in accounting and finance, can all benefit from taking the course.


Course Name: Corporate Accounting and Taxation  (Advanced Diploma Course)

Course Duration: 3~8 Months

Course Fee: Detail Not Available

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Basic Concept in Accounting
  •  Live Project Training and corporate accounting by skilled faculties
  • Manual and Computerized Accounting
  • Payroll Management for Indian and Foreign Companies
  • Tax Calculation and Income Tax Computation
  • GST, Tax Returns, and E Filing
  • IFRS (Fundamentals)


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • Globally accepted certificate
  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Highly skilled faculties
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Well-equipped lab and digital classroom
  • Live & interactive classes


4. BAT Courses in Kerala by Institute for Business Accounting and Taxation (IBAT)


Malappuram, Kerala-based Business Accounting & Taxation was established to educate people through success in the fields of accounting, taxation, and business. Through 100% placement and one-on-one assistance in the classes, they equip students with the information, abilities, and analytical tools required towards becoming successful and moral individuals in management, taxation, and accounting. This prepares them for the future and makes them marketable. 


Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation(BAT)

Course Duration: 4 Months

Course Fee: Detail Not Available

Eligibility: 12th Std. / Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Theory & Practical Training for Accounting
  • Theory & Practical Training for GST Tally
  • GCC Accounting and GCC VAT Training
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Finalization
  • MS Office
  • MS Excel


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • The upgrading of courses
  • 100 percent Job Suppper cent
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Small Groups for Individualized Attention


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5. BAT Courses in Kerala by Transparent Academy


Transparent Academy offers top-notch instruction in professional and career-focused courses in taxation, accounting, and finance. Through two locations, they offer coaching to students in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, a residential campus in Ram Nagar in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and Palakkad, Kerala. 


More than 20 professionally educated educators from places like Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, Coimbatore, and Palakkad make up their faculty. Their most distinguishing feature is that they consistently have classes with fewer than 50 students. They are a prestigious institution in Kerala that offers a top-notch BAT Course.


Course Name: Certified Business Accountant

Course Duration: Detail Not Available

Course Fee: Detail Not Available

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Basics of Accounting
  • ERP, MS Office, and Practical accounting
  • Tax Calculation
  • Income Tax
  • GST
  • Commercial Law
  • The Indian Contract Act
  • The Companies Act


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • A CBA will be more marketable and therefore expected to obtain employment in a lot faster time and also probably garner at least 30% more compensation than a new graduate, according to a survey performed with entrepreneurs and finance professionals.
  • Case studies and kit designs intended to mimic on-the-job training.
  • Limited batch strength, hence, more individual focus from the faculty


6. BAT Courses in Kerala by ATI Skills


In 2009, the Calicut-based Accountants Training Institute was founded with the vision of promoting excellence in the industry, accounting, and financial reporting while upholding the highest standards of academic accomplishment in the area. In Kerala, they provide a renowned BAT course.


To fill the industry demands for experienced people in a continuous manner, ATI Skills collaborates with the need for vocational education. Research findings, advanced analytics, conceptual and applied principles, and on-the-job learning initiatives are all presented to the students.


Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation Course – Advanced Diploma Course (ADBAT)

Course Duration: 450 Hours

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Accounting
  • Manual Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting Using ERP Software
  • Taxation
  • E-filing simulation training in G.S.T. and I.T


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • The program satisfies the National Skill Development Corporation’s (NSDC) requirements and the duties of the Skill Sector Councils.
  • Leading educational institutions participating in the National Rural Livelihoods Mission


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7. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala by Synergy School of Business Skills


Synergy School of Business Skills, a division of CADD Centre and part of one of the biggest groups of management training organizations, offers short-term courses in communication skills, data management, operational excellence, and other people skills for business professionals in the corporate world.


Synergy’s network spans the entire country, with SMEs and MNCs engaged in the manufacturing, service, and non-profit sectors. The institute draws its teachers from a diverse group of certified and experienced trainers, project and performance management specialists, and software engineers who use a special result-oriented methodology to give training outcomes to participants.


Course Name: Basic Course in Business Accounting and Taxation 

Course Duration: 2 Months

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Practical Accounting
  • Advanced Excel
  • Payroll management
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Income Tax


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Case study and simulation-based practical instruction 
  • Tally, GST, Advanced Excel, Payroll Management, and Income Tax Training from Industry Experts Certificate Upon Successful Completion of Training to validate your skill
  • Industry-based education
  • Long-term discussion boards


8. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala by Institute of Accounts


In 2000, the Institute of Accountants was founded with the primary goal of offering practical training in the discipline of professional accounting. It has ISO Certification, making it the first accounting institute in the entire world. They have shaped several graduates into excellent accountants who are in high demand among corporations across the world. Currently, the certification is accepted in more than 180 nations throughout the globe.


Course Name: PG Diploma in Professional Accounting and Taxation

Course Duration: 1 Year PG Diploma Certification Course + 6 Months Internship

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Manual Financial Accounting
  • Trading and Non-Trading Industry Related Concerns
  • Company Accounts
  • Management Accounts
  • Branch Accounts
  • Import Export
  • MS Excel
  • Tally 9 ERP
  • Income Tax, TDS & VAT, and GST
  • E Filing


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 6 Months Internship
  • Interactive classes and 24*7 assistance
  • Experienced and skilled faculty


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9. Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala by Cochin Institute of Accountants


For students who want to pursue careers in accounting and taxation, DTA provides access to intriguing professional options. The major objective of the diploma program is to provide comprehensive knowledge of the Indian tax system as well as a deep understanding of the fundamentals of accounting and taxation.


In addition to learning about the Indian tax system, students will also learn about international accounting policies, terminologies, standards, etc. This prepares them for careers in any of the financial sectors that deal with taxation, including both international and national tax, as well as for the development of practical skills in international accounting.


Course Name: Diploma in Taxation and Accountancy

Course Duration: 4 Months

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Basics of Accounting
  • Tally
  • GST
  • Direct Taxation
  • SAP Modules
  • Banking and Auditing
  • Gulf VAT
  • Real-Time Projects


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • Renowned franchise of IACT 
  • Authorized SAP training facility; ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization.
  • High-Speed Internet for Efficient Learning and Stress-Free Study
  • The practice of Real-Time Accounting
  • Accounting Course Integrity
  • Expertise in High-End Technology of the Faculty


10. BAT Courses in Kerala by Institute of International Accounts


The Institute of International Accounts provides a hands-on session in a setting that supports development skills by industry standards. They provide wholly employment-focused practical training, utilizing procedures, tools, and other elements that reflect the workflow of an actual office setting.


Course Name: Advanced Business Accounting and Taxation

Course Duration: 3~6 Months (Normal) / 50 Days (FastTrack)

Eligibility: Any Graduate


Course Curriculum:

  • Basic and Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Account Charts
  • Real-Time Problem-solving
  • GST and Gulf VAT
  • Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime
  • Peachtree / Sage 50
  • Quick Books
  • Source Documentation, voucher, and filling
  • Payroll
  • Financial Statement, Budgeting, and Reporting


Key Highlight of the Program:

  • Guaranteed interviews with 100 percent placement aid in Bangalore and Chennai
  • 4 places worldwide
  • 1000+ instances of success
  • 1000+ placements every year
  • Has offices in Kozhikode, Ernakulam, Tirur, Kodungallur, Bangalore, Thrissur, and Bangalore.




Q1. Can I do and business accounting and taxation courses simultaneously?

Ans. Do it now. You can add it to your list of skills on your CV. Corporate and business organizations now favor candidates with additional certifications in professional fields in addition to the standard university degree. This will increase your chances of finding employment during your academic career or after earning your degree.


Q2. I am not a commerce graduate, can I do a BAT course?

Ans. Yes, business accounting and taxation courses are open to all graduates and working professionals. It will be simpler for you if you have a background in business or work experience in the financial sector. However, you can enroll in this course if you are eager to learn and determined to get the most out of it.


Q3. What are the career options post completing the business accounting and taxation course in Kerala?

Ans. A variety of job roles are available after completing business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala, including chief accountant, payroll accountant, accounts executive, company legal assistant, finance manager, and tax consultant, to mention a few.


Q4. What are the salary packages offered after completing BAT courses in Kerala?

Ans. Depending on your expertise, the typical pay after earning a business accounting and taxation certification range between INR 2 Lakh~ INR 8Lkah Per Annum.


Q5. What is the scope of the business accounting and taxation course in India?

Ans. Because it gives candidates a thorough understanding of taxation, financing, auditing, analysis, indirect taxation, etc., the business accounting and taxation course paves the road for graduates to get a higher-paying position with excellent prospects.




For people who desire to succeed in the lucrative fields of finance and taxation—which are two sides of the same coin—business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala is the easiest way to do so. Along with the enormous self-esteem that the work brings, the training also offers a wide range of careers in the financial and taxation fields. Dealing with the finances of the federal and state governments, accounting firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, banks, educational institutions, manufacturing corporations, non-governmental organizations, etc. are all aspects of the work.


Working with business specialists is made easier by the course’s on-the-job training component. This student-industry link significantly contributes to the development of professionals’ skills and capabilities in a challenging, demanding, and yet a very engaging profession. Considering all of these elements, business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala assist in producing finance professionals who are prepared for the workplace and who contribute to the economic development and expansion of all development-related stakeholders.

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