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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Manchester With Placements

Creative writing is a form of artistic expression. While the painter uses canvas and the sculptor uses clay, the writer uses pen and paper -or a computer and keyboard in today’s world. And it’s very much true no can teach you how to be a writer. Moreover, no one can teach you how to be creative, only you can do it. This article lists the best creative writing courses in Manchester with certification from a different online organization with industry experts. These courses are most useful for someone who is seeking to find his or her interest in the field of creative writing.


Different Business Writing styles that need Creativity

The world of writing seems different to everyone who wants to get emerged in words. Varying scenarios require a variety of writings. However, innumerable documents can be distilled into different categories of writing. Each category has its overall goals to be achieved. Based on the objective, each of the many business documents falls within these four board segments. Content Writing course helps you to bring a makeover for your business through digital marketing.

  • Instructional Business Writing
  • Informational Business Writing
  • Persuasive Business Writing
  • Transactional Business Writing


Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

  • Be Clear and Concise
  • Know Your Audience
  • Plan your approach
  • Proofread and edit
  • Have someone else read your article
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative
  • Be accurate
  • Write more


We all know we are living in a world of media that can be designed and created by writers. Here are some of the best 5 online creative writing courses in Manchester with certification and placement assistance


Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Manchester


# Rank 1: IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the best online educational organizations providing creative writing courses. It provides professional courses that help the candidate to uplift their career opportunities in the UK. Under professional guidance, you will be able to complete the course along with other priorities. It also helps us to get a proper idea of creative writing and content creation.


Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: 4 Weeks + 3 Months Guaranteed Internship

Course Fees: 148.54 Pound sterling +GST


Course Details

  • 30 hours of Live Lectures (16 hours of Lectures + 14 hours of Internship Sessions)
  • 3 months guaranteed Internship with extra sessions
  • Free tools worth 200 Euros
  • Certification from IIM SKILLS and Preparation for Hubspot Content& Marketing certification (USA) & TOLES (Test of Legal English Centre Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • 100% placement assistance


Key Benefits for You as a Creative Writer

  • Launching your Content Writing Agency
  • Lifetime support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Portfolio Development for Job/Freelance
  • 3 months guaranteed internship
  • Publish your first E-book on Kindle, Google Books
  • Writing your first blog for platforms like Time of India
  • Publishing the first press release on an online news portal
  • Lifetime access to the LMS portal
  • Free tools worth working as a freelancer


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Word Press Web Development
  • Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Video Script, Web Pages)
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Social media writing and Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP & Business Listing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing 101
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelance Content Marketing
  • Resume Writing


Tools Covered in Syllabus

  1. WordPress
  2. Hemingway Editor
  3. Mail Chimp
  4. Accord Project
  5. Git Hub
  6. Grammarly
  7. Google Trends
  8. Google Planner
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Canva
  11. Amazon Kindle
  12. Ubersuggest


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


The Key Takeaway of the Content Writing Course are:

  • You will get on the track of writing
  • Learn to unleash your creativity in your writing
  • Helps you to plan your writing, blogging, etc
  • Distinguish between traditional writing versus writing for the web
  • Step-by-step learning of different types of content
  • Learn the significance of research and how to research on the given topic
  • Web development, web designing, management, analytics
  • Keyword research using various content writing tools
  • SEO Optimization
  • Importance of generating headlines
  • Industrial Case Study
  • SOP writing, Technical writing, product description


You can be a certified content writer and can also become a freelancer working for flexible hours and at your ease. IIM SKILLS is providing creative writing courses in Manchester along with practical assignments and projects. It’s always an advantage even if you are working a regular full-time job. Being an entrepreneur is difficult but never an impossible dream. For more information about creative writing courses in Manchester delivered by IIM SKILLS, please find below:


To know more details about the course:

Email to [email protected]

Contact Number: +91 9580 740 740


#Rank 2: Coursera

This is a certificate course offered by the University of Michigan in Good with words in Writing and Editing specialization. This has been ranked as the second-best among the creative writing courses in Manchester. The course benefits professionals who are already working in the content media industry.

Students and professionals work on improvements in their effectiveness with words. This series of course targets the different styles of writing. This skill helps you focus on arranging user-friendly content and receiving high-quality feedback.


Course Name: Good with Words: Writing & Editing Specialization

Course Duration: 4 Months (Online – 4 hours/Week)

Course Fees: 95 Euro excluding Tax for each Course


Course 1: Writing and Editing: Word choice and Word Order

  • This course will teach you how to become more persuasive.
  • You learn to use creative ways to use Syntax, effective stories, and a clever method to arrange complex series of methods.
  • Adding a bit of sophistication to how you craft your work
  • Access to a wide range of books and resources you can use after you finish the course
  • Access to study material for this course from the University of Michigan & the University of Chicago
  • Two brilliant libraries of excellent writing from a diverse collection of journalists, scientists, novelists, poet
  • Social media learning helps to use our writing to connect, compete, and create sometimes all at once
  • Experience the magic of words which benefits both personal and professional by becoming “Good with words”


Course 2: Writing & Editing: Structure & Organisation

  • Helps to become an effective architect of information both with sentences and paragraphs
  • You will learn Traditional advice to “Show”, don’t tell is incomplete and skilled writers switch back and forth between showing & telling
  • Menu of time
  • Management techniques introduced in the first course of the series:

“deep work” “studio” time and “Animal farm principle”.


  • Access to both University official libraries
  • An excellent and diverse collection of art and culture that is explained by great scientists, novelists, and poets.


Course 3: Writing & Editing: Drafting

  • Learning about freewriting
  • This series of course will give you an idea about “Planning fallacy” and “temptation bundling”
  • Access to both University official libraries
  • An excellent and diverse collection of art and culture is explained by the great scientist, novelist, and poet.


Course 4: Writing and Editing: Revising

  • This course will help you master the most important step in the writing process.
  • Learning about the difference between editing & proofreading.
  • The data and statistics you use are clear and similar.
  • Framework for giving and receiving feedback that helps us to keep required and clear of the rest.
  • Access to study material for this course from the University of Michigan & the University of. Chicago.
  • Two brilliant libraries of excellent writing from a diverse collection of journalists, scientists, novelists, and poets.


Key Benefits from this Course:

  • Hands-on projects and every specialization include the project to complete the work
  • Finish the projects on time
  • Completing the course at your ease and online sessions
  • Recorded sessions available in the study portal
  • University Library access for students
  • Earn a certificate learning online
  • Courses can be opted as per the choice
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Graded Quizzes with feedback
  • Graded Programming Assignments


What You Will Learn

  • A creative way to use syntax
  • Tips to help you punctuate and paragraph like a professional
  • Techniques for adding nuance to your sentence & slogans
  • Consistency to complete both short- & long-term projects


Being one of the best and most affordable creative writing courses in Manchester, it helps budding writers get proper guidance on what they love to pen down.


Check here the best:


#Rank 3: The Writers Bureau

Becoming a successful writer requires hard work and continuous research which helps the writer to reach a destination. As a freelancer writer, you can earn an income like a full-time income. Having expert tutors and learning under them, you will learn how to sell your writing. This course helps beginners to earn while they are learning. That becomes their practical sessions. This course comes with a 15-day trial to make sure it is the right course for you.


Course Name: Comprehensive Creative Writing

Course duration: 4 weeks

Course Fees: 468 Euro including Tax


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Making a writer out of you
  • Readers’ Letters and other opportunities
  • Generating ideas for Articles
  • Market Analysis
  • How to present type script
  • Structuring Articles for different markets
  • Legal and Business Listing
  • Book reviews and Writing reviews
  • The planning & preparation of nonfiction books
  • Preparing to write a novel
  • Self-publishing
  • Marketing
  • Writing for television, stage, and radio drama
  • Supplement 1: Style, Punctuation, and spelling


Key Benefits:

  • A first-class comprehensive course designed by professional writers
  • Constructive help from experienced tutors
  • A flexible study program that helps to bring out the writer in you
  • Helps to publish your works as part of internships
  • Online access to the course once gets enrolled
  • Specialists to help you how to sell your writing
  • Three Guarantee to make your enrolment as “risk-free” as possible
  • A full refund if you have not earned back your tuition fees by the time you finish the course
  • You have the course on 15-day inspection
  • 10 Euros refund for each assignment not properly corrected


Job Prospects for Innovative Writers

  1. Copywriters
  • Working in marketing and advertisement fields
  • The product description text that highlights the benefits of a commodity or service
  • Technology-based product reviews
  • Catalogs, marketing collaterals, product infographics, circulars, marketing campaigns, and whatnot you can do.


  1. Article Writer
  • Writing articles in newspapers, magazines, websites, for organizations, and a variety of other publishers
  • Writing articles on topics that each writer selects as their niche
  • Some freelancers work for website ranking, SEO-optimized content, etc
  • Fashion, food, travel, health, business, education, entertainment, sports, and politics are some of the generic subjects on which writers publish their articles


  1. Book Writing (Author)
  • Fiction, non-fiction, love story, education-related, and many more topics on which book publishing
  • The target audience and their interest set the book at a high standard
  • Partnership with a publishing house
  • Royalty awards for each purchase
  • Novel publishing


  1. Script Writers
  • For television, entertainment, short stories, advertisement
  • Marketing campaign and generating taglines
  • Film script writing


Completing creative writing courses in Manchester helps you to change the niche of your professional career. This helps you to give an insight into content creation and a part of digital marketing. Professionals who want to start their freelancing work in the UK to make their dreams come true can also enroll.


# Rank 4: College of Media & Publishing

College of Media & publishing was established in 2003 and in January 2015 they rebranded and introduced new online courses with certifications. They provide quality education and consider each student as an asset. They offer each of their learners a world-class learning experience with an expert personal tutor. It is one of the best creative writing courses in Manchester, and one of the Uk’s most successful media and publishing houses emerged with young talented writers.


Course Name: Business Writing Course

Duration: Self-paced as long as you need

Course Fees: 494.50 Euros or 4 monthly payments (123.62 Euros)


Business Writing Course Overview

A business writing course is providing training for a different niche that is required for a professional to understand the growth required for the organization. From emails and reports of webpages, memos, and social content creation, every organization needs a variety of internal and external written communication.


This course is ideal for:

  • A business that wants to improve their visibility
  • It helps to improve the quality of writing content
  • People who write as part of their jobs
  • Staff training and development
  • add value to their resume


Course Benefits:

  • Write simple, effective, and error-free business content
  • Persuasive proposal writing, business listing, compelling newspaper, and winning a promotional copy
  • Produce result-driven webpages and content that attract clients and customers
  • Tailored content for Bloggs, websites, businesses, etc


Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Learn how to write simple, effective, and attractive content
  • Write with the niche


Module 2: Spelling, Punctuation, and grammar

  • Use techniques and resources to improve your spelling, dictionary of words, grammar
  • Use appropriate and adaptable English grammar


Module 3: Expressing information accurately

  • Analyze words and phrases to communicate the correct meaning
  • Apply techniques to written content to check its feasibility


Module 4: Avoiding Jargon

  • Define a jargon and how to avoid it
  • Identification of proper jargon usage
  • sentences to eliminate jargon


Module 5: Writing Collaterals

  • Email writing using mail chimp
  • Email marketing
  • Learning skills to optimize your content as per SEO
  • Creating web-relevant content focused on reach
  • Visibility of content, SEO ranking writing techniques
  • Use techniques that will make email consistent, effective and readable


Module 6: Writing Impressive Letters & Summary

  • List the main points of etiquette because it is important to point to be noted while writing business letters
  • Build the content of a letter with the proper framework
  • Writing an effective cover letter for a job application
  • Writing product summaries
  • Prepare a document for summarizing
  • Reduce the number of words and prioritize facts in summary


Module 7: Persuasive writing & Writing reports

  • Persuasive writing skills
  • Apply effective writing techniques


Module 8: Writing reports

  • Analytic report interpretations
  • Summary writing of meetings
  • Plan, structure, and write an effective report


Module 9: Writing for Sales & Promotion

  • Techniques used in promotional copy
  • Writing for businesses or consumers including:
    • Blogging
    • Brochures
    • Leaflets
    • Sale proposals
    • Point of sale material


Module 10: Using social media and blogs

  • Understanding of social media
  • Discuss the difference & similarities between social media sites
  • Discuss the business writer’s role in social marketing
  • Explain how to write social media copy
  • Explain what a blog
  • Set up, maintain, and grow your business


Executive Partners in Hiring

  • British Airways
  • John Lewis
  • NHS
  • Vodafone
  • WWF


The takeaway from this Course

  • An accredited Business Writing Course Certificate
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited tutor support
  • Placement support


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


# Rank 5: Universal Class

This creative writing course is designed to teach you the tools and mechanics of creative writing as well as provide ideas, exercise, brainstorming sessions, and strategies for thinking more creatively in your way. Creative writing courses in Manchester have been helpful for many working professionals in the field of content marketing.


You‘ll Learn:

  • Different forms of creative writing
  • The true value of creative writing
  • Reasons why you should write
  • The tools you need to write an n excellent fiction
  • The different types of nonfiction
  • How to write memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies
  • How to overcome writer’s block
  • How to write poetry
  • And how to get your book published


Course Title: Creative Writing for Beginners

Course Fees: $95.00 U S Dollars


Course Details:

  • Self-Paced, Online Classes
  • CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training.


Programme Structure

Lesson 1: Basics to creative writing

Lesson 2: Exploring creative writing

Lesson 3: Secrets of creative writing

Lesson 4: Elements of short story and Fiction writing

Lesson 5: Dialogue

Lesson 6: Point of View

Lesson 7: Writing nonfiction

Lesson 8: Writing Poetry

Lesson 9: Writing Articles, Blogging, and Journalistic pieces

Lesson 10: Importance of Editing

Lesson 11: Publishing your work


Learning Outcomes

By completing this course, students will be able to

  • Describe the creative writing process
  • Demonstrate dialogue
  • Demonstrate writing notification
  • Demonstrate writing articles, blogs, and journalist pieces
  • Recognize new ways to unlock your creativity
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher
  • Define the elements of short story and fiction writing
  • Demonstrate point of view
  • Writing poetry, script
  • Writing drama & screenplays for different purposes


The real value of creative writing lies in the enjoyment you get from it, as well as the enjoyment the people close to experience from it. How beautiful is it to be a creative writer after learning how to be a creative writer? The universal class has also designed other featured courses such as:


  • Proofreading and Copyediting
  • Office skills 101
  • Writing effective emails in the Workplace
  • Novel Writing


Creative writing courses in Manchester, United Kingdom have gained a lot of popularity after the Digital Marketing industry swept the entire market to a different level


Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Writing Courses in Manchester


1. What is the objective of creative writing?

Creative writing engages the reader through their form of work. It can be different styles to provide an emotional or thoughtful appeal. It depends on what type of writing you are delivering to your audience. Creative writing courses in Manchester have gained a lot of importance over digital media such as blogging, reels, short videos, ads, and whatnot that you can share with the world with help of the Internet.


2. Can everyone become a creative writer?

No. The bitter answer is no because the word creative has to be real. It doesn’t mean you are not creative, it is meant to be not in your writing. Rest being a part of writing, the real creativity comes into effect as it gets built on a digital platform to be visualized. The video editing and content creation part come into play with all visual and sound effects.

It changes the story effect in your writing when displayed as the same as being creative. Yes, you can be a creative content creator with the expertise of your skills. Creative writing courses in Manchester will help those writers to experience the beauty of The United Kingdom while they explore with their words.


3. What is the definition of creative writing?

Creative writing is a form of artistic writing where creativity is at the forefront of its purpose through imagination, creativity, and innovation to tell a story like in poetry writing, short story writing, novel writing, and more.


4. What are the 4 forms of creative writing?

There are mainly 4 types of writing: expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. These four writing genres have distinct aims and all require different skills & interests. This helps a creative writer to be a big communication medium.


5. How do I become a creative writer in Manchester?

A content writer doesn’t need educational qualifications, however, the industry prefers and gives chance to creative writing or communications degree. The above-mentioned Creative writing courses in Manchester with certification and placement assistance will help you to be proficient. Online institutes are also giving freelancing options, once you earn the certificate.



Creative writing is our escape from our world. It is also a way to document the things that go around us. But more than anything, the true value of creative writing is the enjoyment you get from it. Hence creative writing courses in Manchester, the United Kingdom has boosted digital content and marketing professionals along with the creative content creator.

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