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Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai With Placement

Data Analytics is a booming industry in this century where technology is playing a crucial role. Advancement in technology allows us to explore more and provide us with huge job opportunities with the requisite skill set especially in data analytics. So, let’s proceed to know the best institutions for data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai


What Are the Data Analytics Courses All About?

Data Analytics is the domain that deals with the raw data for the optimization process for the analysis of business and extracting useful information to take decisions. Its relevance is in almost every industry and every aspect of life. The everyday application includes Pattern analysis, Weather forecasting, logistics and delivery, transportation, financial analysis, consumer behavior analysis, manufacturing, security, production, digital advertisement, telecommunication, banking, insurance, and healthcare, the sphere of data analytics is huge. 

The data analytics courses will teach you about descriptive, diagnostic, and prescriptive analysis. The comprehensive learning will make you job-ready to get started with data analytics as a career option.


Why Navi Mumbai Could Be a Better Choice to Start Data Analytics as a Career?

Navi Mumbai could become the next IT hub in the upcoming years. As the cities of Pune and Mumbai are crowded and have high population density, IT companies are shifting their base to the deeper areas and Navi Mumbai is the ultimate option for them as it is coming in between Pune and Mumbai city.

For educational purposes and to learn something new, it’s a great place because of the infrastructure it provides having well-built railways and highways. Less population density and the greenery make it an education hub and center point for the future workforce where companies are looking forward, especially IT companies. 

If you are a resident, a student, or someone looking forward to moving to Navi Mumbai then it’s great for you to get started as you don’t have to worry about the environment or infrastructure.


Moving on to Your Concern About Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai, We Will Be Going to Discuss Every Aspect of It:

  • Identifying different offline and online courses
  • Exploring Self-learning methods
  • How many fees will it cost you to learn data analytics?
  • Whether data analytics is for everyone or some selected one.
  • Comparison of courses so that one can decide why the courses are different from the other institute and the benefits they provide along with the course.


We will discuss the data analytics course in detail so that you can get all the perspectives of what to do next in pursuing data analytics as your career. At last, we will place you in a position where you can compare the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai and can decide which institute to join by your preferences most suitable to you.


Where and Which Data Analytics Courses Are in Navi Mumbai?

There are many institutes where you can find online courses, without going anywhere you can learn and excel in your skills. Here we will be discussing both online as well as offline institutions that provide data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai. Institutions along with their course structure and why to join the institute are described below:


Other Best Courses Available in Navi Mumbai


1. Excelr Raising Excellence Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

Excelr is an excellent option for taking a course in data analytics. They provide excellent online classes. You can join the weekly classes if you cannot learn online. The course will cover Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, and the Basics of R & Python. Apart from the theory classes, some hands-on assignments and projects help you apply the concepts that a student learns.


Road Map for Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai:

Why should one join the Data Analytics course of ExcelR?

  • The benefit of getting JUMBO PASS to excess all the batches in 365 days. And able to attend an unlimited number of classes for the course of your choice
  • If you have no experience, they will make you industry ready as it’s a new domain so prior experience is not needed to fulfill the demand and supply gap.
  • If you forget the concept or relearning required then record the lecture in all the sessions and provide access to the e-learning to the trainees for the rest of their life.
  • They start from very basic, so prior programming knowledge is not required if you have that add-on.
  • Focus on market-dominant tools such as learning R statistical tools.
  • Instructor-led online training program: participants and trainer will log in at the same time and live sessions will be done virtually, active interaction taken care of.
  • ExcelR offers a blended model of learning. Participants can attend classroom, instructor-led live online classes, and e-learning with a single enrolment. A recorded class will be provided. 
  •  multiple Instructor-led live online sessions for one year from different trainers at no additional cost to whoever has Jumbo Pass.
  • support team to ask any query you have.
  • Data Analytics course certification will be provided after the completion.
  • Provide all the modes of payment option 
  • Global presence makes them dominant in this field of data analytics.


2. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Courses provided by Coursera

  • Its a 6 months course with a 4.5 rating and a 100% self-paced course, providing you with the flexibility to learn 
  • Skills you will learn: Spreadsheet, Data Cleansing, Data Analysis, Data Visualization (DataViz), SQL, Questioning, Decision-Making, Problem Solving, Metadata, Data Collection, Data Ethics, Sample Size Determination
  • 8 courses blended. 


Why Should One Join the Course?

  • Immersive understanding of the practices and processes of junior data analytics 
  • Analytical skills (data cleaning, analysis, & visualization) and tools (spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau) provided.
  • A career transitioning guide will be provided 
  • Financial aid will be provided 
  • You get a 7-day free trial with the subscription during which you can cancel at no penalty. If you feel not joining you can have the access to get demo classes first and decide on your own.
  • It’s a complete online course and accessible at any time anywhere.
  • In India, Coursera charges INR 1147/month after the initial 7-day free trial period. It is a 6-month course with no prior knowledge required as they start from scratch.
  • Courses build systematically one after the other.
  • Prepare you for entry-level job fields like IT support, data analytics, project management, or UX design 
  • you’ll get access to interview tips, mock interviews and resume building workshops, and career coaching sessions
  • Google certificate 


3. Great Learning Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai 

They are providing free courses in Data Analytics where you can learn and can analyze your capability to go for further classes or not. They are not asking students to join at first but making you learn from free videos, after doing that if you are interested you can join their courses based on your experience.


There Are 33 Data Analytics Free Courses on Their Website, Some of Which Are Listed Below:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics 
  • Python for Data Analytics
  • Basics of EDA with Python, 
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Analytics with SQL and Python
  • Financial risk analytics 
  • Understanding logistics regression and data analytics
  • Data Analytics using Excel 
  • Great learning career kickstart test- data analytics
  • Career kickstart challenge in data analytics
  • Introduction to text mining 
  • Analytics on SAS, insurance, financing, transportation, marketing, and risk.


Why Should One Join Them?

  • Designed for working professions and others as per the flexibility.
  • Weekly online mentorship 
  • Dedicated program support 
  • You will get a Dual Certificate from UT Austin & Great Lakes for data and business analytics
  • Faculty and mentors are from top universities 
  • Job guarantee program benefit 
  • Get 10 guaranteed placement opportunities
  • Minimum starting salary of 4 to 5 Lakh Per Annum based on the skill set you acquire 
  • Also provides live classroom learning at Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune & Gurgaon centers or live online classes
  • for comprehensive learning with job opportunities and good salaries for the learners.
  • certificate of completion 
  • In the job-oriented program, you will receive interview prep sessions with experts.
  • Online and classroom programs both.
  •  associated with more than 2300+ hiring companies.
  • It provides career services like interview preparation sessions, tests, and recruitment opportunities to the learners after their successful completion.


4. Simplilearn Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

The course provided will be in collaboration with IBM and available for freshers as well as working professionals. The rating provided by the switch-up and course report is a 4.5-star rating. It is a professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics. The online boot camp is of 8 months and was awarded the best analytics boot camp by career Karma. The course is available at 54000 INR with a no-cost EMI option of 4500 per month.


Course Module 1 Contains an Introduction to data analytics course with  Learning analytics, data visualization, and data science methodologies.

Module 2 makes you learn about Business Analytics with Excel. It contains data cleaning, formatting, spotlight, and pivot tables

Module 3 deals with Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python using multi-dimensional arrays in NumPy, manipulating DataFrames in pandas, using the SciPy library of mathematical routines, and performing machine learning using scikit-learn along with this free courses also embedded in it.

Module 4 is about Tableau Training with data visualization, metadata, filters, structuring, creating charts and graphs, advanced visual analytics, etc.

Module 5 is on Data Analyst Capstone.


A few more elective courses such as Power BI, R Programming for Data Science, etc will also be provided. Tools covered in the course are Microsoft Excel, Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Power BI, Python, R, Tableau, and MY SQL.


Why Should One Join?

  • Joint Data Analytics certificate ( Simplilearn and Purdue University)
  • Career Mentorship
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Training for Resume preparation and LinkedIn profile building
  • Career accelerator webinars
  • Capstone and 14+ Data Analytics Projects with Industry datasets from Google PlayStore, Lyft, World Bank, etc. make it a wise choice to learn. Rating is good based few institutes even ranked 1 career karma.
  • Higher interactive live sessions with industry expert
  • Advantage of getting the benefit of an IBM tag on your certificate.
  • Focus on Comprehensive learning.
  • No cost EMI has been provided if you have any financial difficulty in paying one-time payments.
  • Ask Me Anything sessions with IBM leadership to clear your doubts.
  • Exclusive Hackathons will be conducted by IBM


You can also check:


5. Skillslash Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai

They provide a business analytics course with guaranteed job referrals with 9 months of training. Their focus is more on the implementation, and their support structure is good. Skills covered as per the module are an introduction to programming, python, conditional and loop, function, expectational handling, file handling, regression, Numpy in python, and pandas in python. 

Module 2 consists of applied ethics probability and statistical inference, hypothesis testing, and Exploratory data analysis 

Module 3 consists of an introduction to machine learning: Regression, classification, clustering, KNN, decision tree, Ensemble technique, BAyesian family algorithm Time series analysis  

Module 4 consists of NoSQL Database, SQL fundamental statements, refining selection, JOINS and string functions, basics and crude operations, Advanced SQL 

Module 5 consists of MongoDB and excel for business 

 Module 6 where one will learn about Excel fundamentals, worksheet customization, basics, images, shapes, excel formulae, excel charts and graphs, support vector machines, and basic macros.

Module 7 will deal with Tableau and the data types in it. 

Module 8 consists of a Power BI introduction, query editor, Power BI, Data models, time intelligence, and last will be project management.


Why Should One Join?

  • Cost-effective price of 55,000 INR (Excluding GST)
  • Job assistance, LMS Subscription 
  • Industry and capstone project 
  • Domain Training and Project management 
  • Assistance for completion of projects and providing project certification from well-known startups.
  • Tailor-made courses in which you will be able to design your course to meet your learning requirements and goals.
  • Providing guaranteed job referrals.
  • Providing multiple domain specialization


6. Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai with the Knowledge Academy

The course they are providing is the Advanced Data Analytics Certification claiming 15 years of experience with global recognition of their course. The classes they provide you as per the need of your requirement and are divided into four categories:

  • Classroom training 
  • Online Instructor-led training 
  • Online self-paced training
  • Onsite training 

Tools they are teaching in the course Module are R programming, SAS, Python, Excel, Apache Spark, Splunk, Tableau Public, Knime 


Why Join the Knowledge Academy 

  • Best price guaranteed: Claiming to be the best price value of the course and if you find any course lower than they are providing and ready to beat it.
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Having specialized trainers
  • Highly informed website to learn about data analytics 
  • They are present in 490 plus locations worldwide
  • The course fee has not been provided.


7. Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai with Upgrade Pg Course

The course is a one-year Postgraduate course in Data Science with a 50% requirement for a bachelor’s degree with a time duration of 12 months and the course cost EMI 6736 INR per month.


It’s a 5 Unique Specialization Program with Specific Degree Options Available. The Course Module Contains:

  • Programming in Python, Data Visualization in Python, Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing, and Data Analysis using SQL
  • Machine Learning: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Classification using Decision Trees, Clustering, Business Problem Solving
  • Deep Learning contains Bagging & Random Forest, Boosting, Advanced Regression, Time Series Analysis, Introduction to Neural Networks and ANN, Gesture Recognition, etc.
  • Natural Language Processing: Time Series Forecasting, Syntactic Processing, Semantic Processing
  • Specialisation in Business Analytics and Data Analytics: Visualisation using Tableau, Visualisation using Tableau, Visualisation using PowerBI, Data Storytelling, Operations Research in Excel, Data Modelling, Introduction to Big Data and Cloud, Data Structures – Sets, Dictionaries, Stacks, Queues, etc.
  • Data Engineering 


Why Join Upgrade

  • Option to join the course as per your choice and educational background
  • Dedicated career assistance will be provided 
  • Complimentary Python Programming Bootcamp
  • IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status
  • Profile builder will be AI-powered 
  • Daily doubt resolution support
  • No-cost EMI option
  • Globally recognized degree course
  • Personalized career mentorship.
  • Interview preparation with experts.
  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities provided 
  • The cost of the PG course will be 2,99.000 INR with no cost EMI option monthly available.
  • The Programme contains 22 weeks of common curriculum and 29 weeks of specialization.
  • If you choose data Analytics then it will be your specialization after 22 weeks of a common curriculum.
  • Clear refund policy and conditions are available to withdraw from the course.


FAQs About Data Analytics Courses in Navi Mumbai


Q1. What is the sequence one can learn through data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai?

As the data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai are many, one could start learning with basics like python, Excel, SQL, Tableau, R, and then Power BI if you are a beginner. If you are at the intermediate level, it is up to you based on your experience and industry preferences.


Q2. Can Navi Mumbai be a good option, or should I change the city?

Navi Mumbai is a great place and no need to change as the opportunities are more because of closeness and the shifting of IT hubs from Mumbai and Pune to the deeper areas. In the upcoming years, more opportunities and calm areas will help you learn and practice better without getting distracted. The call is your’s whatever suits you do it. 


Q3. What are the best cities to start career options other than Navi Mumbai?

Geography does not matter much today because of the penetration of the internet. If you consider Data Analytics then metropolitan cities Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Delhi have more opportunities and facilities. It is the skill that will matter the most to get hired by the company. Focus on developing skills and choose the place as per your preference to work. 


Q4. Can I learn Data Science along with Data Analytics? How much difference is there?

You can learn data science as well. Data Analytics and Data Science have very thin boundaries, yet they function in different ways. One analyzes the data whereas the other predicts the data. Data science will deal more with predicting and model building on the other hand data analyst analyze the data for business purposes to get better outcomes in different sectors.



Coming to the last segment of this discussion. I hope the information given will help you out in figuring out what to do next to get into the industry of data analytics. These listed data analytics courses in Navi Mumbai will help you further excel in your career. Data Analytics Courses are great ways to get many opportunities.

You will be able to get opportunities in the present and the upcoming years with more innovation in the industry. We have discussed courses where you can pursue Data Analytics training. Online opportunities are many as discussed. As the industry requires you to be up to date with the industry so excelling in your knowledge of current happening will be of great help. 

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